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Florida gave up 35 points to Arkansas and were able to win because they were able to score at will, had Odem not had to assume the role of HC and been able to focus solely on the defense it could have went the other way. Florida has zero chance of putting up that many points against Bama and their inept defense will allow Bama to score more than enough points to put a beat down on the Gators in the SEC championship game!
Dirty south you've got stones to talk sh#t about any other team after your team got out played and out coached by a lesser talented team. Georgia is the only team with comparable talent to Bama in the SEC and get beat whenever they play a slightly above average team. Nobody expects Tennessee to win against the bottom SEC teams. Smart will never win the games against good teams. Smart is worse than pruitt because he has the roster that any decent coach could compete with elite teams with and instead Georgia consistently gets their arses handed to them! Enjoy watching them beat up on lesser teams cause that's all they'll ever do with Smart as coach!
Florida is proving that Georgia is just an ovrrhyped, average sec team with elite talent and a mediocre coaching staff. Looks like Florida will be the SEC East champs after they put 60+ on the new champions of life! LMAO!
I don't think that would be considered a gruesome injury to most people!
Georgia's got the players,to bad that when it comes to their coach, smart is just his last name! The less talented team with the better coach takes this one! GO Gators!!
Smart gets out smarted again by a better coach! GO Gators!!
All that 4 and 5 star talent on Georgia and Georgia fans will blame losing another game to a worthy opponent on a couple of starters being out instead of facing the fact that Kirby gets outcoached by good coaches with less talented teams. Barney Rubble will never win a NC as a head coach, he's got the talent stacked deep,but it's not enough to overcome his poor game time coaching. Richt was a better coach, and it was his players that were responsible for smarts 2017 success. Must suck winning the 2017 SEC championship only to lose to Bama in the NC game because of Smarts incompetence!
Bama proves once again that Georgia is only good at beating average and below average teams! All that talent and Kirby can’t do anything with it, even when he finally wins the SEC a couple of years ago Bama beats him in the NC game proving that Bama was not only the best team in the country but they were also the real champions of the SEC that year!! Kirby is mark richt part 2!