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The problem for him if he goes to UGA is a Coach that has no discipline and can't win. With the talent Coach Richt has every year and still hasn't been able to win the big ones. Nor can he keep his stars out of jail. What is it now, 6 that have been arrested so far over the summer. It's sad, you always hear what a GOOD MAN he is, and I agree. But what do you want, a good man or a Coach. Just look at what Jimbo Fisher has done at FSWHO in what, 3 years, and what Gus did in ONE year at Auburn. Yea Jonathan, go ahead and de-commit from BAMA for UGA. Then over the next 3 or 4 you think what could have been.
All of you pretenders act like you hate Coach Saban, because your team can't consistently beat him. But, you would ALL be ready to kiss his arse to have him as your Coach. And you're lying if you deny it. And EVERYONE knows you're lying!
what does the Agent have to do with anything Volsjake. He doesn't control what Coach Saban wants to do. He just represents whatever decision he makes.
BRING BACK THE OLD FORMAT! Why the change? Seems like every time we get used to something somebody thinks it needs a change. Hard to find the articles on this new format. If it stays this difficult to find, I'm gone. I know I'm just 1 guy and it means nothing to Y'all, but there are probably many others who will just leave without posting anything.
UGA is NOT irrelevant, just not living up to expectations with the talent available.
Sorry Thomas, but have to go with Bill here. We always hear what a GREAT MAN Coach Richt is, a good Christian Man. What we want is a great Football Coach that can win National Championships AND send players to the NFL. With the same talent that UGA has had, if Coach Saban were the Coach, GA would have the same number of National Championships as we've had at BAMA.
Are tickets needed and if so, how can we get them?
Easy to say now that he wanted BAMA. Awbarn had their ass beat but then, Criminole QB, who, by the way would have been suspended at either Alabama, or Auburn, had a lucky play. If they had played BAMA, and if BAMA showed up, they would have had their ASS spanked, and Jimbo knows it. Now, since that game, Jameis the Thug stole crab legs from Publix, and STILL does not get arrested. Takes a lot of character to win the Heisman, right.
And now you say my comment is awaiting "moderation" I thought we have freedom of speech. I was neither disrespectful, nor profane, and you want to "moderate" my comment. Just sounds to me like a lot more of what my comment was about.
I believe A.J. will prove himself in the NFL to be the quality QB that he is. It surprises me that some teams thought he was "Cocky". With Manziel spouting off about how he's gonna take his team to the Super Bowl his first year and all the stupid crap he's done you call A.J. cocky. A QB and a Man that decides to live his life as an honorable person on, and off the field, and he's called "Cocky". Easy to see what the world, and the NFL has come to.
Athletes should be aware of how stupid their crimes sound! How about if they just behave and not commit crimes. Wouldn't that be better for everyone involved.
This THUG should be in Prison. We have multiple incidents with law enforcement, including this latest crime of taking without paying. In other words, Stealing. Anyone other than this punk would be in jail for doing the same thing. And this is besides his charge of rape that was swept under the carpet. Fisher should be ashamed to have not suspended him when he was charged. I lost a lot of respect for Fisher after that and will no longer call him Coach. I guess after Jameis commits murder maybe FSWHO will do something, but not until that day will he be made to pay for his actions. At least until he can no longer throw touchdowns, so sad.
Coach Saban would dump him, Awbarn will welcome him with open arms. Same stuff, different day.
Now after listening to all the BS back and forth. Admit it, the only reason teams run the fast offense is because they have to run the play before the other team is ready because they know if the other team is ready they will get beat. That's just how simple this whole thing is. And if you think Coach Saban or any other good coach won't adjust to this and still win, you must be stoopid. It's a FAD for inferior teams that are afraid to line up and play smash mouth football.
It's because the HUNH coaches know that if they allow the defense to get ready and get set, they can't beat them. They can only win if the defense is tired and not set. Now to me, that's Chicken Shit football. Let them line up on both sides of the ball, go at it, and see who wins.
Do any of you really think that if player safety was NOT Coach Saban's concern that he wouldn't be able to recruit and coach the players he would need to stop the HUNH offense. He's a defensive Guru, and gets the players he wants, even from out from under Awbarn's nose. The offensive coaches that run the HUNH know they can't beat a good defense unless they attack them before they are ready. So which side is right? Who knows?
Bran Fart. I'm also laughing at my Dumbass! I would normally say "ROLL TIDE", but in my state of stupor, I my even say "War Eagle", but not out loud. I'm so STOOPID.
So Jon, you delete my posts, what, no response because know I'm correct or just no guts. If you can't accept our criticism don't write the articles. You must be a Mizzou fan. So many no names from there and none from BAMA, are you kidding me?
An SEC "Expert", Ex means "has been", and a pert is a small drop of water. In the future when I see your name as the author of an article I'll know just to skip on to the next one.
So you don't mention McCarron, the only QB to win 1 BCS Championship, much less 2. And you don't mention Mosley. To me, this is a worthless article where you've wasted your time writing it and certainly my time reading it. Must be a slow info day.
The ACC thinks they can compete with the SEC obviously because of what just happened with FSWHO winning the BCS against Auburn. Now lets just think back to: after Scam left Auburn, within 2 years the HC was fired because Scam was the team. Although, Auburn is doing well now because of their HC. Let's see what Texas A&M does without Manziel, I think not so great. I have great respect for Jimbo, but let's see what happens after Winston leaves. Year after year, the ACC can NOT compete with the SEC, as could any other conference.
Another 3 idiots thinking they can do what they want to, and can possibly wind up being convicted felons and not even have the right to vote, much less be top MNFL players. Just stoopid, no matter what school you go to.
"SO STOOPID", send his Dumb Ass packing. He had his big chance and has blown it, probably by thinking he's above the law. Guess he found out the hard way.
To NOT have A.J. on the top tier is just STOOPID!!!! What in Hell do you want from a QB that he didn't give us? Back to back National Championships and he's not Top Tier. Your rankings mean NOTHING to me anymore, just like the Heisman, means nothing anymore.