Grow up in southern Alabama in the 70's and you will be a Bama and Raiders fan for life. I was so popular in Knoxville when I had classes with Schuler and Manning. I Rolled with the Tide then and Roll with the Tide now in ACC country.

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No, this rests squarely on Sgt., Butch Jones' shoulders.
Look, I understand you are frustrated. I would be if I was a fan of my Alma mater ( I went to UT in the 90's) , but don't make yourself look like a fool with ridiculous assertions. UT stumbled in the first game against a small school. Bama will NOT be blown out. They may lose, but when was the last time that you saw them get blown out?
Ok I have read thus far without comment but get real. Pete Carol 'trained' Lane as a coach. He is long gone. Then, Lane worked in the NFL at UT and was fired from USC before he was 'trained' by the Master. Guy, you are reaching. I don't say this arrogantly but if you line up the depth chart, your team does not stack up. It's not close. You have one good receiver, we have 8. You have a great offensive line, ours is 3 deep at every position. Our defensive line will rotate and grind your guys down. This is the premier team over the last decade. It would be like us talking crap in the mid 90's when we were on probation while you had that juggernaut. You will be great again, just not this game.
It's not petty to not want the guy who you intended to start in your defensive backfield to potentially play against you in a championships game. Thats just common sense.
Loseranna State Swamp Kittens. From Death Valley ( not location but the state of the program). Just kidding. I'm so football deprived that I am lashing out. Sorry, LSU fans.
Yea, messing with the kids stuff was unnecessary. I still feel that the kids are responsible for that. But, not letting a kid play for a team that you might have to face in a Conference Championships Game? I have no idea why this surprises anyone. It used to be an institutionalised rule at most colleges to not allow In conference championships. I guess with all of the politically correct entitlement here lately, the kid is feeling butt hurt. Why is this a story? Kirby did it to kids wanting Miami. Everyone just wants to slam 'Nick Satan' and put them 'Bammer' in their place. This is a non-story anywhere else in the country.
It's not just the once a week game. There are camps, practices, meetings, endless film, all that time away from friends and family.ImI'm not justifying bad behavior but I can see how one might need to blow off steam now and then.
Pretty spot on. I know that I will hear it for being a 'bammer' but other than that Cam /Fairley season hasn't Auburn pretty regularly underperformed over the last decade? In my defense, my father attended Auburn, I went to UT, and I currently live on the Carolina coast. Beyond that, I think this list is spot on.
Can't blame the kid for wanting to play. Good luck young man. .....of course I wished Alvin Kamara and Joshua Dobbs the same thing and now I wish their luck maybe wasn't so great.
I would agree. It's the toughest division in college football, he inherited a deficient team, and he's been steadily improving. They could have won every game last year. They were certainly competitive.
I just want the season to begin. I hate the off season. The only good news is that all of our teams are undefeated.
I am familiar with the records, and my feelings on Dye are noted above. As far as Sullivan, he was before my time. I can see a record book but I don't have a frame of reference.
I conceded that he was a GOOD coach. Was he better than Gene Stallings, or Johnny Majors? I would put them on par. All GOOD not GREAT coaches. I never denied that he had accomplished much.
I'm actually excited that the Conference Game will actually mean something this year. I have always respected my Alma mater's program, even if my heritage demands I despise it. Roll Tide! Eat a Big Orange!
Not sure if I can argue with that but Cadillac Williams name keeps coming up in my head. I don't have a recollection of Sullivan but Pat Dye wasn't that great of a coach. Good but not great. Then again, I am not an Auburn fan.
I actually understand the sentiment that Nick is portraying with second chances. Others will scoff and say he is trying to win more games and I am sure there is some truth to that even if Nick won't admit it to himself. Football is big business after all. All of that aside, The players in question should be dismissed from the team. This is a serious charge. If Alabama does not police itself in this instance then we are no better than Florida State shielding Rapist Winston, or Ohio State trying to cover up the tatts for apparel scandal, or Ole Miss paying Tusdil's mom's rent and light bill. Winning is great, winning the right way is noble. Roll Tide.
Actually, he said this in another interview about his faith. Not related except that it relates.
I stopped respecting anything UT right around the butt chug, and I got my undergraduate in Knoxville. These kids messed up......bad. That first round draft pick is a pipe dream now. As far as Bama goes, well Cam is a great player. Hard to replace. It is what it is.
I don't know how anyone else remembers the '93 tie in the 'Third Saturday in October' (or the Conference Game, don't get me started), but as a boy from Mobile enjoying my Freshman year at UT, this game took a piece of my soul. I was so happy when overtime was instituted. I refuse to go back to mind numbing ties.
Don't forget the 'Don't ask, don't tell' @ Tennesse
All I know is that the program is blessed to have both of them as head coach with the runs they have had.
The Titans just hit the jackpot. Now, all they have to do is make solid picks. You can address several needs while adding luxury depth if you see a guy on the board who is graded higher than everyone else on your board.
As a Raiders fan and Tennessee alumni, I want to gloat (and yes, I STILL haven't accepted him as OC for my Tide). As a Christian, I pray for the best for his family. As a Tide fan, I hope this doesn't affect his coaching adversely. As a football fan, I wonder how this is news.
And my feelings for Cam are due to character. One of my favorite players to watch all times was Randall Cunningham and he was a black quarterback, and its not because he is a barner, I have great respect for the hated Bo Jackson and even Cadillac. I live in Carolina and the guy is an embarrassment. He's definitely not an ambassador for the league, tearing down rival banners. Hey, the fans In the seats ultimately pay these guys salaries. But egomaniacal entitled fools who don't understand economics don't care. Respect your profession, then you will get respect.