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Is that why the Pac-12 usually looses when they play the SEC? How many modern National Championships does the Pac-12 have again?
1st, BOO HOO! Plan better! Either pick another city, or another weekend!! 2nd, Cyndi's husband needs to grow a pair and be a MAN!! Watch as much football as possible next season. Every televised game, if possible!! #snowflake
Who is Carville? Never heard of him before yesterday. Sounds like a spoiled brat to me.
Good, hard, legal hit! Now, Mack Wilson, SHUT UP! Stop being a jerk about it. "Act like you've been there before."
I say if anyone thinks Coach Saban is overrated, consistently beat him. Not occasionally, consistently! Then talk to me!
This article makes them both sound like 2 snowflakes that didn't get their way, so now they're crying! If I were a NFL scout, and I'm not, they would both be low on my recruiting list. If either were even on the list!
Can't move past losing to Bama! Exactly why most teams season tank afterwords!