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I agree. You will wake him up. But as the old saying goes, don't poke a sleeping bear. Now you two have awaken a mild mannered guy and have brought forth Superman. And guess what? You ain't Kryptonite.
Careful, Amigos. There are seven furst rounders on rhis Bama squad, so don't flippantly write them off.
Tie games should be like the old Texas high school playoff. Flip a coin. Winner gets choice of possession or defense. Ball starts at 50 yard line. Offense goes until they are stopped or score. Opposing team gets ball at 50 yard line if score resulted, or begins possession at point defense stopped opponent. If second team moves ball over 50 yard line or scores, if defense was scored on, then second team wins, if the second team fails to cross 50 yard line, they loose. Lots of drama, but harder to score, still get excitement, more chances to stop opponent from scoring.
Hey war eagle, he was speaking of Arkansas ending with seven straight SEC games. That does occur over seven weeks, but still a tough row to hoe, don't you think?
I think Bama plays all three of the others as well. Two of them on the road. That is quiet a load. If Bama runs the table, and I believe they will, they are a lick for the playoffs.