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About as embarrassing as a couple of disrespectful Bama trolls on this site. Gives our great university such an embarrassing perception! Oh well. Moving right along, it’s game day in Tuscaloosa! Looking forward to attending a great game at BD today! Bama 42-31! RTR
Not a big proponent of likeness pay, that being said you make an excellent point in this case.
We are going to see how he goes day by day, if that doesn’t sound like it was taken straight out of Coach Saban’s media speech. Gives me an uncomfortable feeling about Tua being ready. I hope I am wrong. RTR
I am so excited that the Bama football season is FINALLY about to start! I’m actually excited about the drive over to Tuscaloosa this weekend! I do hope LSU can keep our stadium full past halftime! RTR
According to Tennessee fans it’s an incomplete pass and a mysterious roughing penalty flag thrown by our coach’s nephew doubling as the back judge!
Very true. And even more apparent is the inability to seal blocks by your tight ends. Nauta was a bigger loss than expected it seems. Nowhere near the same team I watched last year but if there’s a plus, they certainly don’t quit fighting. Coach Smart did a good job instilling that must have attitude. Good luck the rest of the year.
As an outsider looking in I believe the biggest difference in Georgia this year versus the past two years is the downfield blocking by the receiving corp. I like many others wondered if their inexperienced talent would overcome the hurdle of jelling quickly and it clearly has not. Curious, what is the longest run or even run after a catch by any Uga player against a decent defensive team this year? I recognize you lost your OC and DC, was there turnover at WR coach this past year also?
You are welcome humper, lol, so sorry! One man’s nightmares another man’s dreams! What’s that old saying in golf, every shot makes someone happy, unless of course you’re playing alone!
An absolutely incredible stat, wow that’s almost 12 seasons! Easy to take Coach Saban for granted. The man is amazing in his approach and mental preparation. Thankful to have him coaching in Tuscaloosa!
Coach Grantham has a history of said mistakes. 2012 SECCG against my beloved Tide comes to mind. Different school, same Todd I’m afraid.
I hear you leghumper. Easy to get distracted by the trolls, what in the hecks a peckergnat by the way, lol? If it’s what I think it is, talk about a fitting name for my Tide brother troll, lol. You have a good one as well and good luck to your Dawgs the rest of the year. Hopefully it was the wake up call your team needed, however historically speaking its not completely unexpected. NextyearU? Perfect!
Which a$$ did you laugh off my Bama brother, hopefully not the one you want me to kiss, tough guy.
You got the easy part over with my Tide brother...which a$$ should I start with troll child, I’m thinking the one you speak out of, prick.
I’m somewhat surprised the article leaves out the fact that Georgia was the only team facing an aggressive defensive minded coach who had two weeks to prepare his game plan. That being said, having frontline talent scheming to stop the run is probably easier than having enough elite backline talent to scheme 4 great receivers and a deadly accurate QB for 4 quarters. Georgia’s lack of experienced depth in their receiver corp finally showed it’s ugly face. Great game plan Will. LSU and my Tide will go as far as their receivers take them. I like our chances!
Hard to believe our fpi chances are higher against LSU versus Auburn, I guess because one is home and one away but I still see LSU the bigger threat based on bidy of work to date. RTR
BamaTime, don’t you ever let up with your obnoxious attacks? Give it a break. I’ve read some very good posts from Georgia fans since their upset loss and most are courteous and objective. Perhaps you should try that approach once in a while my tide brother. RTR
I would imagine a huge letdown by Gamecocks next week. Florida by 17
Not following you, they both lost and they both failed to cover the spread. Florida finally played an elite offense and got rung up for 42. Georgia’s defense gave up 1 TD to an offense that scored 30 plus against us. Not buying the Florida hype train just yet.
And yet as bad as Jake played if his receiver, was it Simmons or Jackson, had caught the ball instead of deflecting it off his hands directly into the DB then Georgia still wins in OT. Fromm put the ball on the kid’s numbers with a wide open slant to the end zone and he muffs it. College football, ain’t it grand.
The line was 13 when I picked my weekly football pool, I won picking LSU minus the points. I’m proud of your Gators too.
What does what page it is have to do with anything?
Good luck with that! From experience let me tell you, the only thing that will quiet a crowd in Death Valley is running out of cigarettes and liquor!
Not disputing you guy. Miami defense appears respectable but allowing TDs after each turnover isn’t very good, perhaps just good. Curious, What is the ranking of the top offenses Miami has faced to date?
You are kidding right? 42 points to Va Tech at home. I recognize 4 ints but giving up 7s vs 3s every time is not an indication of a very good defense. In their one true road game UF gave up 21 to a weak UK and close to home neutral 20 to the U. Going to be interesting to see how things shake out away this weekend far away from home. I am not quite a believer just yet. RTR
In retrospect Florida has looked much more formidable since the QB change. Just a shame it was a gruesome injury and not an intelligent coaching decision that made it happen. Sure eliminates any controversy and second guessing by the coach. Win win for Coach M. Feel bad for Franks however.
But we really haven’t played anybody yet. What a boring season for we Bama fans so far this year. Horrendous early season schedule. November can’t get here fast enough!
Sorry. Don’t see this one remotely close, not in Death Valley. LSU by 17. Revenge factor from last year’s stunning loss in the swamp will be huge. Drunk crazy cajuns partying all day even
SDS has trolls representing and misrepresenting many schools, as do other sites. Returning the favor does no one any good and makes one look quite petty as well. I’ve had some great exchanges with quite a few on this site simply by treating them as I wish to be treated and not taking the ribbing personally. Try it. RTR