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@BuiltByBama_24: I'm sure the team along with Saban will really miss you...LOL!
I like everything I read here. One problem...Pete Golding is still the D Coordinator. However, Charlie Strong is a D analyst and thats a big plus.
@whitedesigns: Thats because the bar is set extremely low at auburn.
WOW 2014! I guess theres something to be said for living in the past.
When it comes to georgia fans i have only one thing to say...1980! End of story.
Correction: I don’t see auburn beating any of the top 4 ranked sec schools
Kentucky at Auburn??? I don't think either one of these programs will factor much into who reaches the SEC champ game. I don't see auburn beating any of the top 5 ranked sec schools. As for kentucky....enough said.
@youngbammer: And he will probably also decommit by 2022.
This kid decided he would rather play for national championships than playing in the red river showdown which would be by far the biggest game he would play in at Tx.
@kodyaufan2: As the Aerosmith song says...Dream On!
As long as Pete Golding is Bama's DC there is no way in hell Bama will have the second best defense in the SEC. No FREAKIN WAY!!!
Please let us know when The University of Alabama calls you to ask for a donation to support their spending habits.
I agree. A blind dog will eventually find a bone if he tries long enough. LSU finally found a bone last season, aubrun found a bone in 2010, georgia 1980. The difference is being able to sustain success.
Yep...Saban loves to raid the state of LA for their players. He has gotten some great ones from over there!
@King Nola: And loose to Bama 9 out of 10 times if he played that long there.
@UGAARMYRet...In the mean time another 100,000 lives are lost. Yep, your theory makes a lot of phuckin sense.
@bayuo buford: I agree Bama had a horrible season last year going 11-2, thats a bust by Bama standards....LSU has been broken for close to a decade. Remember, a blind squirrel will eventually find a nut and that is what happen with lsu last season.....You're that squirrel that FINALLY found a nut. Too bad ALL of your coaches left along with a ton of talent....Now back to being the lsu of old.
I'm sure you did "want Bama" young man. Thats what they all say until they actually experience The Process.
Bama's best defensive coor by far was Pruitt!
@AFan: Keep dreaming dude! Kevin Steele is mediocre on his best day. No way Bama's D should have been as soft and confused as they were last year... and yes even with the two freshman linebackers. I totally agree with Steele being ranked 11th or maybe 12th in this poll.
This is for all that are against the NCAA on this ruling....The NCAA has spoken! All the opinions listed on this blog are just opinions which are worthless to any real meaning or change. Either Mississippi can graduate from 1960 into 2020 or suffer dire consequences. PERIOD! Now continue giving your opinions, i'm sure the NCAA will give them serious consideration.
Are my eye failing me, did I read the name Bo Nix??????????? LTFOL!!!! Oh, I forgot....Pete Golding's inept defense made Nix look like a pretty good QB in the IB.
In my humble opinion the SEC team year in and year out that has just as much talent as Bama and sometimes maybe even more but can't seem to win a national championship for whatever reasons are the Georgia Bulldogs! Based on talent and expectations Georgia has got to be the biggest disappointment for at least the last 20 years. Facts!
Ranking Ed Orgeron ahead of Nick Saban is like ranking Andy Reid ahead of Bill Belichick. Many head coaches have won 1 national championship (see Gene Chizic, Jimbo Fischer, Philip Fulmer). The measure of greatness is when you can sustain winning championships. I don't have to mention Saban's record on winning championships. There is an old saying that says ; Even a blind squirrel will find a nut....eventually! Ed found a nut last season. Question is can he sustain this success. I agree the jury is still out on Orgeron but I have a strong feeling Ole Ed will eventually be added to the list of coaches above.
@UsmaDawg: At least Finebaum's pick is a helluva lot safer than picking GA.....1980.