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@Seth McLaughlin....On your next team, please find another position to play other than center, snapping the football is not your forte. Or, find a team that does not line their QB up in the shotgun. Good luck to you and thanks for leaving Bama.
It was way too apparent that MI was not happy to find out their opponent would be Bama....They had much rather play fsu even with a healthy jordan travis...the big 10 is intimidated by Bama and Georgia and with good reason.
I don't know about 3 takeaways, but one takeaway i have is...the barn will always be the barn.
Mediocre offense won 12 games including defeating the #1 team in the nation over the past 2 seasons while winning the SEC championship. Mediocre that!
Yea, i guess 27-24 was too "woke" for baffoon DP. RTR!
And some people wonder why college game day replaced baffoon (Pollack) with pat mcafee. Complete Idiot!
Both teams in the SEC championship game would beat FSU by 14 points...At Least!
Order has been officially restored in the SEC. RTR!!!
The auburn football program never cease to amaze me, no matter who thew coach is...LOL!!!!
Auburn, I know your yearly Superbowl is played every thankgiving weekend....but you forgot you had a game to play before that. LOL!!!
I'm sure josh huepel will blame the refs for cheating as they did in the bama game, missouri game, now the GA game.
Jimbo should put in the guinness book of world records for the largest heist in american history.
Now that Jimbo has been fired, he should now be arrested for the largest heist in the history of the US.
Texas A&M....Jimbo gives you excuses and losses and you give him HUGE CHECKS to cash. This guy's got it made!
Another thing to take into consideration is that while it is a fact Bama lost to good texas team, which is a strong out of conference opponent added to an already tough the SEC schedule. Some SEC teams get to play a schedule of out of conference opponents that include UT Martin, Ball St, UAB and GT. Any of those teams compare to Texas?
Great play by DT! Couldn't have been drawn up better.
As good as nabors is...still couldn't avoid a 42-28 @$$ whuppin. RTR!
Josh...Hope that makes you and your fans feel somewhat better to blame that @22 whuppin on the officials. Got to blame it on something other than the crimson and white. RTR!
I hope someone explains to this guy that Bama had 4 turnovers (3 by second string qb). Bama’s heisman winning QB DID NOT PLAY!