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WOW!!.....1 week from kicking off the 2019 season and clemson still talking about 2018. I guess this happens when you are not use to winning championships. Also, to all GA fans, please do not respond to any of my post until your bulldogs break the 39 year drought (1980).
I honestly think it would be a much more even comparison to compare Auburn's 1st string offense to Bama's 2nd string offense and i'm not trying to be funny or sarcastic. Auburn's offense in no way shape form or fashion is comparable to Bama's offense.
I agree K Snart. Although Lawrence is a very good qb it is very easy to look very good playing an acc schedule. Will someone name me another good team in the acc other than Clemson? Miami is probably the closest and they are probably on par with Miss St or Tex A&M in the SEC ( mid pack). If Clemson played Georgia, LSU, Florida, Miss St, Tex A&M and they would be lucky to go 2-3 in those games. Remember Clemson almost lost to Tx A&M and Syracuse last year. Good QB in a cheese cake conference.
@ SevenT: I predict Ky go 4-8 which is about the norm for this program.
How do have a serious football conversation with a KY fan? Last season was the first time KY has been on the SEC radar screen in the history of their program.
@LSUSMC I'm guaranteeing Bama gets it's 9th straight win against lsu this year.
WOOOOOW!!! A Georgia Bulldog fan talking about excuses?!?!?!? Georgia has more excuses than panama city beach has grains of sand.
@ LSUSMC . Yep, about as DUMB as an LSU fan having anything to say about Bama which literally owns LSU. LSU is not taken seriously anymore. CBS decided not to pick up the Bama vs LSU game this year and you want to know why because LSU is not seen as a threat to Bama anymore. For this reason the smart LSU fan would stick to LSU blogs and avoid Bama blogs because like your team you are now IRRELEVANT! RollTide!!!
Dude just keep in mind 8-0 in the last 8 games against LSU. Until LSU can even be competitive against Bama it’s difficult to take comments from LSU fans seriously
Clomson winning the natty is like the guy that wins the lottery and instead of first getting a financial advisor they go out and buy a 350K Ferrari. In other words he (clemson) is totally not use to have money(winning) and do not know how to handle it. This is what happens when your program has been mediocre for a long time and you finally strike gold.
I agree accept this year we have a real defensive coord instead of a recruiter trying to be a D coord (Tosh Lupoi). You can bet the farm that Saban recognize that clemson's fresh out of high school QB was successful due to little to no pressure and was very comfortable in the pocket. This happen due to having an extremely inept D Coord that was incapable of a defensive game plan that would pressure clemson qb. If these two teams meet again expect a polar opposite score in Bama's favor. There will be pressure on the qb this time around. Book-it!
@KING NOLA: That was a very entertaining comment. And the last paragraph was complete comedy at it's best...LOL!!
And add to that Bama will have a REAL defensive coordinator this year instead of a recruiter posing as a D Coordinator. Tosh Lupoi was a complete BUST last season.
I would hope you do respect CoachO because he kicked georgia's ass last year...LOL!! RTR!
There are probably something like maybe 2000 HS safety's nationwide?? The number 18 safety IN THE NATION is really good!!! With your type of logic I see why georgia hasn't won a Natty since 1980. Welcome to Bama #18 safety in the nation!
As for the low achieving georgia bulldogs......Home of moral victories, we won 3 quarters, we had more yards, penalty excuses, blaming refs, Bama cheated, we had more fans at the game, we are a party school....No where in this can you find a national championship unless you look back THIRTY NINE YEARS TO 1980 AND YOU HAVE THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GEORGIA BULLDOGS! Roll Tide!!!
To auburn and tennessee fans, please have fun and enjoy the ncaa basketball tournament because this is about as close as either of these schools will come to winning a meaningful championship (baseball and swimming hardly count for anything). Please try really hard guys because the clock will eventually strike 12 and it will be all over and I guarantee neither school will win the tournament but at least have fun while you are relevant because come September both schools are about as relevant as a 1982 yellow pages phone book. Roll Tide!
Its not a matter of trying to make sure the best player sits out, its a matter of a major rule violation! They performed 2 test and both came back positive. If those players are allowed to play under some appeal that would set an horrible precedent. Swinney is simply trying a last ditch effort to circumvent the NCAA rule on banned substances. There are 2 positive test. What is left to appeal?
Georgia was a 2 loss team... so what was there to be cocky about? Two losses at Bama is a complete and total disastrous season. A total BUST!
Uninterested or Texas just flat out kicked you @$$??
Classic example of what happens when a team puts more thought into where they THINK they should be rather than concerning themselves with the bowl they were chosen for based on a 2 loss season. You end up with 3 losses.
Reply to RollTide_N_Colorado: Does your theory include Notre Dame?
Yep, or maybe he also dreams of being in the CFP's every year and don't want to be on a team that has 2 losses and still feel they should be in the playoffs...LOL! RTR!