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Bama's best defensive coor by far was Pruitt!
@AFan: Keep dreaming dude! Kevin Steele is mediocre on his best day. No way Bama's D should have been as soft and confused as they were last year... and yes even with the two freshman linebackers. I totally agree with Steele being ranked 11th or maybe 12th in this poll.
This is for all that are against the NCAA on this ruling....The NCAA has spoken! All the opinions listed on this blog are just opinions which are worthless to any real meaning or change. Either Mississippi can graduate from 1960 into 2020 or suffer dire consequences. PERIOD! Now continue giving your opinions, i'm sure the NCAA will give them serious consideration.
Are my eye failing me, did I read the name Bo Nix??????????? LTFOL!!!! Oh, I forgot....Pete Golding's inept defense made Nix look like a pretty good QB in the IB.
In my humble opinion the SEC team year in and year out that has just as much talent as Bama and sometimes maybe even more but can't seem to win a national championship for whatever reasons are the Georgia Bulldogs! Based on talent and expectations Georgia has got to be the biggest disappointment for at least the last 20 years. Facts!
Ranking Ed Orgeron ahead of Nick Saban is like ranking Andy Reid ahead of Bill Belichick. Many head coaches have won 1 national championship (see Gene Chizic, Jimbo Fischer, Philip Fulmer). The measure of greatness is when you can sustain winning championships. I don't have to mention Saban's record on winning championships. There is an old saying that says ; Even a blind squirrel will find a nut....eventually! Ed found a nut last season. Question is can he sustain this success. I agree the jury is still out on Orgeron but I have a strong feeling Ole Ed will eventually be added to the list of coaches above.
@UsmaDawg: At least Finebaum's pick is a helluva lot safer than picking GA.....1980.
@LeghumperU: Who will georgia have to pay in order to win a championship in the next 40 years. The last 40 was a BUST!
UT recruiting is starting to look very similar to Ole Miss under Hugh Freeze when they miraculously went on a spell of signing multiple 5 and 4 star recruits out of the blue. We all know how that ended....the program was basically wiped from the map for recruiting violations. Now, all of a sudden blue chip players find UT a very attractive destination. I will hold back judgement for now but usually if something appears too good to be usually is. RTR!
Whether Mizzou joined the SEC or not, fact remains georgia still has not won a NC in over 40 years. So what difference does it make one way or the other.
@nottTrudawg: Although Cochran was good at what he did his departure will not slow Bama's success in the least. Cochran did not call 1 single play offensively or defensively. Cochran did not help devise any game plans. Probably some help in recruiting but thats about it. Now be truthful with much of a difference will Cochran's absence really will make at Bama? Cochran leaving Bama is equivalent to taking a bucket of sand from Gulf Shores.
And that's best case scenario...and by then Bama will probably have another 5 star hotshot QB there.
I don't blame him one bit because his future at Bama for at least the next three years would have been a clip board and a hat turned backwards. At this point even Mack Jones future is in question.
@TJW13: Are you seriously that interested in Bama's D coor situation? I guess I ask because I never even visit Georgia football blogs period.
Keep making excuses while Bama's defense consistently gives up more than 400 yards a game to teams with mediocre offenses and making QB's like Bo Nix look like Heisman candidates. Again, Saban already knows Golding isn't the answer and finally hired a REAL D coord...C Strong.
I didn't think there could be a worse D coord than Tosh Lupoi after Bama's D was torched in the 2019 championship game. But I do agree that Golding is also hot garbage as a D coord and Saban knows it. Thats why C Strong was hired.
@UGADAWG78: Lets continue this conversation when georgia has won a NC without having to look back 4 decades. Or at least win a game against Bama within a decade. Until then, not much to debate dude.
@Weagle99...Name calling is not necessary when discussing auburn. The program itself says it all. Did auburn go out and buy themselves a NC trophy for winning the IB last year? Just wondering...LOL!
I have one thing to say to a georgia fan when it comes to conversations like this.....1980.
Yea, you can tell from win lost records against Georgia and LSU that they have passed Bama... LOL!!!
You never hear this young guy mention a NC he only mentions beating Alabama. After Malzhan is eventually fired may just maybe auburn will hire a HC that will change the culture of this mediocre program. As everyone already know auburn‘a goal year in and year out is to beat Bama which is in their mind is the National Championship. Bama’s goal is winning the NC or bust! Beating auburn really is equivalent to beating Miss St or Kentucky nothing really special anymore. This young guy’s statement confirms how shallow the goals are at auburn which I guess coincides with a mediocre at best program.
Georgia hasn't won a NC in 40 pucking years!!! As far as winning football NC's georgia is about as competitive with Bama at Vanderbilt...Or less! Georgia's program is completely inferior to Bama's. Don't take my word for it just look up the history... and to help georgia out make sure to look back 40 years (1980). What is there to debate????
And georgia STILL will not win a natty....Hail to 1980! RTR!