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Its like a guy that hasn't had anything his whole life and suddenly he hits the power ball lottery for 800 millon dollars. On the very first day he gets his money he goes out and purchases 2 Mercedes, 2 BMW's, 1 Bentley, 2 Boats, 1 Chevy Silverado, 2 Range Rover's, 1 GMC Denali and 2 Mansions. In other words.....This is a guy that is not use to having anything...ditto LSU.
Jake should easily be the best clipboard holder in the NFL.
Jake should easily be the best clipboard holder in the NFL.
It's starting to get around that time of the year when there's not much football left to talk about and you're left with worthless articles like this.
Does anyone want Bama's defensive coord ??? Just thought I'd ask, can't blame a guy for trying.
@whitedesigns: And what about your mom's single wide that you really live in??? LOL!!!
@AUforever: Just for the record...How many times has Auburn made it to the college football playoffs? I'm waiting...
@AUforever: Dude, dont get mad because auburn couldn't beat the Mighty Golden Goophers. Remember mission was accomplished for the season when you slipped by the team you look up to as GOD...BAMA!
Yea, right!!! Dude you live with your mom still....LOL!!!
This is what happens when a program like auburn put all their dreams and goals into a single game...The Iron Bowl! Bama's goal every year is to win the national championship. Auburn's is to win the Iron Bowl. When auburn won the IB this year mission accomplished was declared and the season deemed a complete success. Nothing left for the Golden Gophers....LOL!
Georgia got their brains beat in by 27 points and drop 1 single spot??? WOOOOOW!!!
@IH8BAMA : Congratulations to the undercover georgia bulldog fan of the year IH8BAMA!!! Five national championships in ten years and you are phucking complaining!!!!! Then go ahead and be a georgia fan and enjoy 1 natty in 40 years! IH8BAMA ....The official spokeperson of the Georgia Bulldogs.
Slight difference between Fromm and Fields. Fields is undefeated, won his conference championship and is headed to the playoffs. Fromm, well... lost to SC, lost his conference championship game by 27 points and is out of the playoffs for the second straight year. Fromm is a game manager on his best day.....I'm sure Fields is glad he left georgia for a playoff team.
@Xtreme454: You mean like the embarrassing 37-10 woodshed shellacking georgia just took in the SEC championship game?
I agree that a 10-2 record is sub par for Bama. However, Georgia has been on the "down slide" since 1981.
The only difference is Bama has won 5 Natty's in the last 10 years. Georgia is stuck on 1 Natty 40 years ago.
Georgia fans, first let me say I am not trolling you, i am so serious about what I am going to say. I really don't think it's in the cards for your program to EVER win a national championship. Ever in life!!! NEVER! Not trolling you guys, just stating an obvious fact.
To all georgia fans, instead of being on a Bama blog....shouldn't you be more concerned about the ass whuppin that awaits you tomorrow??? You guys are completely obsessed with Bama! Even on a 10-2 completely busted season for Bama you guys are still obsessed! I see why your program hasn't won a championship in freakin 30 plus years and probably never will!! Roll Tide!
@Class of 98: Such as when a bad unranked South Carolina team beat UGA in Athen?
@UGAGrad417: Two things...1. South Carolina 2. 1980 RTR!
@Class of 98: Just be glad georgia doesn't have to play South Carolina again this season.
@bayou tiger: And if Vandy can drop 38 on lsu i'm sure Tua and company are good for at least 58.
Just from reading all the comments it is apparent that everybody hates the King. LOL! RTR!!!
@ bayou tiger: And LSU gave up 38 points to Vandy. Not exaxtly the 85 Bears defense..
Somebody tell swinney to quit living in that past and be thankful clemson is not in the SEC. In the mean time enjoy dominating those 2A high school teams in the ACC. Clemson hasn't had one big-time game this year and you know why....No Competition on their schedule!
@Sweepthleg: Dude if I were you I would be more concerned about playing South Carolina next year.
I start it off now....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!