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For 75 million Jimbo's 2021 results...8-4...PC.667...CONF 4-4 SEC champ game...Oh, but he beat Bama so i guess it was money well spent. Don't worry though, a lot of sec programs use this same logic...see auburn university, AKA The Barn.
Take note Tex A& this is how you recruit a player without writing a check.
I guess if you consider loosing 4 games and finishing 5th in the sec west a "monster" then yep...thats Tex a&m!
@BillCosbyAndFriends...I wonder what lsu should be ranked? LOL!
This has to be the dumbest assessment by herbstreit I have ever heard. Anybody who knows anything about sec football knows georgia would rather beat Bama than win powerball twice in a week. Hell yea georgia was motivated!!....georgia just got taken to the woodshed by Bama as usual...End of story.
@UGAsince80...."UGA was not motivated or ready to play"??? Thats the spin you're using? No dude, the problem for georgia is they were not playing auburn, SC, FL, TN, Ark, vandy....Last night they played ALABAMA! HUGE difference! Also, be glad most of Bama's running backs either didn't play of played injured.
The more things change, the more they stay the same...And that was with a very injured tea....Roll Tide!
@kirkm1976: 1980…Take it to the bank
@kirkm1976...And the ass whuppin you get on the field doesn't help much either...Oh, I guess it doesn't make a difference since Bama kicked ga's ass in athens and atlanta also.
@Tim Rupert...IF,would've,if,would've,IF, IF.....Dude what is REALITY? Reality is they still LOST THE GAME!! I think Florida and georgia fans are really big into moral victories and not actual wins.
Please tell homer chris doering to keep predicting Bama losses. Also tell him to at least try to hide his hatred for Bama on the SEC's so obvious! RTR!
@Tim Rupert: Every team Bama plays put forth their very best effort and 99.9% of the time still falls short(see 2018 national championship game). This doesn't mean that team is as good as Bama. It just means they played outside of themselves but still lost the game. RTR!
Hey Gator fans....just look at it the same way you guys treated the loss to Bama...meaning a moral victory because you ALMOST won. But I guess it doesn't carry nearly as much weight this time because the loss came from Ky...LOL! RTR!
Well gator fans, you have another game to talk about that you almost won. But since it's Ky and not Bama I guess you guys will finally realize that ALMOST WON = LOST! LOL! RTR!
Spent just a little too much time dwelling on how close you played Bama but still lost...LOL! RTR!
Chris Doering also predicted florida would beat Bama this year. Keep trying homer, you'll get a prediction right sooner or later.
I'm surprised he would even acknowledge those idiots!
I wonder how many potential buyers from SC have contacted spurrier....Just curious
@TDOWTheGreat: Did you mean kudos to Bama for the top OVERALL class?
@ THELSU.... Did jamar chase play in the sec and if so what year?
@ 57939names / Joe F.....Frunk lost the election...GET OVER IT! New sheriff running the US 1/20....Don't miss the celebration! RTR!