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I'm surprised he would even acknowledge those idiots!
I wonder how many potential buyers from SC have contacted spurrier....Just curious
@TDOWTheGreat: Did you mean kudos to Bama for the top OVERALL class?
@ THELSU.... Did jamar chase play in the sec and if so what year?
@ 57939names / Joe F.....Frunk lost the election...GET OVER IT! New sheriff running the US 1/20....Don't miss the celebration! RTR!
@ The Scribe....Its still a loss. Don't be like a Ga bulldog fan and glorify a loss or try to spin it to being something positive.
@BLSINSC: Exactly....Great programs/organizations have always been hated... whether it be the Lakers, Yankees, Patriots or Bama. Greatness = Envy and Hate. RTR!
Let me get this straight....Lost to a mediocre Tx a&m team, lost the sec championship game, got blown out in the bowl game and incited a riot in a regular season game...and you win coach of the year?!?!?!?? OOOOOK... I guess it goes hand in hand with 2020. LOL!!! Roll Tide!
What a looser tweet to try to claim ANY type credit from Bama's success.....Losers will always loose (Tx LH's).
@Fantasyfootballgod....Maybe something like 55-17? Think about that score for a moment....LOL!
@Wadeless....Youtube highlights of #22 for Bama. You might just change your mind about RB's.
@Balkwyll.....Clemson also has one thing Bama will never have and that a cocky ass, arrogant and foolish HC that shoots his mouth off every chance he gets. And to make it worse he gave Ohio St motivation by ranking them so low.
Why is kirby smart even relevant at this point in Bama's season?!?
I like OU over UF and Cinn over Ga.
@mrtruth...Not sure if he can do any dances...just need him to help us not loose home games to mediocre teams like lsu and and win sec championships like Bama did Sat night and go on to the CFP rather than play a mediocre meaningless bowl game against Oklahoma. ...Thats all he needs to do. RTR!
Ufgatorfan....Those two guys are somewhere celebrating dude...Roll Tide!
@GatorRay77...But florida couldn't beat a 3-5 lsu team on their home field. LOL!
Sorry about those 2 players we had to take. Had to have those two.
@NCgator07: The kid recognized a sinking ship and decided not to board. Smart decision!