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@nottTrudawg: Although Cochran was good at what he did his departure will not slow Bama's success in the least. Cochran did not call 1 single play offensively or defensively. Cochran did not help devise any game plans. Probably some help in recruiting but thats about it. Now be truthful with much of a difference will Cochran's absence really will make at Bama? Cochran leaving Bama is equivalent to taking a bucket of sand from Gulf Shores.
And that's best case scenario...and by then Bama will probably have another 5 star hotshot QB there.
I don't blame him one bit because his future at Bama for at least the next three years would have been a clip board and a hat turned backwards. At this point even Mack Jones future is in question.
@TJW13: Are you seriously that interested in Bama's D coor situation? I guess I ask because I never even visit Georgia football blogs period.
Keep making excuses while Bama's defense consistently gives up more than 400 yards a game to teams with mediocre offenses and making QB's like Bo Nix look like Heisman candidates. Again, Saban already knows Golding isn't the answer and finally hired a REAL D coord...C Strong.
I didn't think there could be a worse D coord than Tosh Lupoi after Bama's D was torched in the 2019 championship game. But I do agree that Golding is also hot garbage as a D coord and Saban knows it. Thats why C Strong was hired.
@UGADAWG78: Lets continue this conversation when georgia has won a NC without having to look back 4 decades. Or at least win a game against Bama within a decade. Until then, not much to debate dude.
@Weagle99...Name calling is not necessary when discussing auburn. The program itself says it all. Did auburn go out and buy themselves a NC trophy for winning the IB last year? Just wondering...LOL!
I have one thing to say to a georgia fan when it comes to conversations like this.....1980.
Yea, you can tell from win lost records against Georgia and LSU that they have passed Bama... LOL!!!
You never hear this young guy mention a NC he only mentions beating Alabama. After Malzhan is eventually fired may just maybe auburn will hire a HC that will change the culture of this mediocre program. As everyone already know auburn‘a goal year in and year out is to beat Bama which is in their mind is the National Championship. Bama’s goal is winning the NC or bust! Beating auburn really is equivalent to beating Miss St or Kentucky nothing really special anymore. This young guy’s statement confirms how shallow the goals are at auburn which I guess coincides with a mediocre at best program.
Georgia hasn't won a NC in 40 pucking years!!! As far as winning football NC's georgia is about as competitive with Bama at Vanderbilt...Or less! Georgia's program is completely inferior to Bama's. Don't take my word for it just look up the history... and to help georgia out make sure to look back 40 years (1980). What is there to debate????
And georgia STILL will not win a natty....Hail to 1980! RTR!
Kirby, I hear Bama disposed of some a lot of old athletic socks and jock straps if you are interested. Check the dumpster on the west side of the campus. This should really help in your goal of trying to turn georgia into Bama.
Let me get this straight...A strength and conditioning coach is the answer to georgia's curse of 1980....Good luck with that...LOL!
Scott, hope you are happy in mediocre land. And the Tide locomotive continues on down the track as usual. RTR!
With all the copy cat bull Smart does...sad thing is I bet a dollar to a dime georgia still does not win a natty NO TIME SOON! Stuck on 1980!
I wonder does kirby smart google what type underwear nick saban wears, what toothpaste does he use, does he cut his toenails. Smart has no phucking identity!! He wants to turn georgia into Bama so freaking bad! I have an idea for you...why don't you take the G off georgia helmets and put the players number on their helmet or start saying "aight" at press conferences.
Rarely do I agree with an Auburn fan but I agree with wde0012. Texas A&M has proven themselves as a mediocre program. I also believe Jimbo Fisher is a slightly above mediocre coach. As the old saying goes a blind squirrel will eventually find a nut. Meaning you are not great just because you won 1 Natty (see Gene Chizik, Coach O, J Fisher).It means the stars aligned for you on a given season. I think Texas A&M will always be.....well, Texas A&M.
Pete, please read the writing on the wall and start applying at any division II program which coincides with your talent as a D coord.
Question....Would you rather be the one time presumed GOAT, Or a 5 time natty winner in the last 10 years? Give me the 5 Natty's. That GOAT BS still equals 1 natty.
@ GOAT: Dude I can tell you are an lsu fan and not use to winning championships. Whether you realize it or not the 2019 season is in the books and in the past. LSU had a good team and they won the natty but guess what....It's over dude. Spring practice will be starting soon for the 2020 season. Again, I know lsu fans are not use to winning championships but try not to live in the past or at least not too long. If Bama kept bringing up past championships they would never accomplish anything because they have so many. Keep harping on your 1 though if it floats your boat.
Help Pete? How about REPLACE Pete! Bama's defense was weaker than spring water last year...and yes I am aware of all the injuries and freshman playing. I just don't think Golding is the answer to bringing Bama's defense back to the days of dominance and I think Saban knows this. Theres a reason Saban is hiring a solid experienced D coord and it's not just to be an analyst.
Ok, maybe Bama should chip off a millimeter of their natty trophy and give it to georgia. However, georgia has to engrave on it "if that call had went our way and 100% of everything else in the game went our way for the rest of the game.... maybe, just maybe we would have ended the 40 yr drought". LOL!
I’ve seen tougher pee wee football schedules! Another cake walk awaits Clemson until the playoffs.
Sorry lsu, you actually have 2 SEC championships in the last 10 years so... LSU: 2 Bama: 6 6>2? Use scratch paper if needed