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@Class of 98: Such as when a bad unranked South Carolina team beat UGA in Athen?
@UGAGrad417: Two things...1. South Carolina 2. 1980 RTR!
@Class of 98: Just be glad georgia doesn't have to play South Carolina again this season.
@bayou tiger: And if Vandy can drop 38 on lsu i'm sure Tua and company are good for at least 58.
Just from reading all the comments it is apparent that everybody hates the King. LOL! RTR!!!
@ bayou tiger: And LSU gave up 38 points to Vandy. Not exaxtly the 85 Bears defense..
Somebody tell swinney to quit living in that past and be thankful clemson is not in the SEC. In the mean time enjoy dominating those 2A high school teams in the ACC. Clemson hasn't had one big-time game this year and you know why....No Competition on their schedule!
@Sweepthleg: Dude if I were you I would be more concerned about playing South Carolina next year.
I start it off now....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@ Tim Rupert: Go for it my friend. History says you will win big.
@DoubleOsevn: Also married your mom. How do you think you got here?
@kcsunshine58: This is The University of Alabama Football program which means no chance to win against ANY program DOES NOT EVER APPLY! You must have Bama confused with the likes of Georgia or Auburn. RTR!
@King Negan; Duuuude, you could have summed up your entire article with 8 short words.....Georgia never wants to play SC ever again! RTR!
@Pitre1970: LSU had these same receivers last year....What happened when they played Bama.....AT NIGHT IN DEATH VALLEY.....29-Zippo! LOL! RTR!!
@KTiger: Let me break it down to you...Texas a Bust, Auburn a Bust (good D though), Florida OK and factor in Bama has kicked lsu's @&& 8 times straight not to mention the game this year is in T-Town makes Bama the obvious favorite as usual. Understood? RTR!
@King Negan: Dude, whatever you been drinking or smoking STOP immediately!!!
@rickywyatt1960: You mean the same as the last 8 times in a row LSU beat Bama?
@UGARMYRet: Mark 1980 on your calendar Georgia. It was the beginning of the end for the Bulldogs. Thirty Nine years and counting. RTR!!!
When your entire schedule is comprised of non-ranked teams and to compound the issue you almost loose to one of those non-ranked teams(see NC game)....The AP loose all respect for you. Clemson does not have one single opponent on their schedule worthy of being televised in a prime time setting. Nobody watches clemson games but clemson fans.
@Pinebarrens: And clempsin certainly don't want to end up playing NC again. Very close call to an unranked team.
@Mountain Dog: Instead of worrying about Tua if I were you I would worry about any team with more talent than South Carolina.
I'm saying Bama has better players and a MUCH better head coach than lsu. Not to mention the last 8 years of beating lsu....45-24 BAMA!
Now, if you really want to scout good college talent at the QB position there is no better person to ask than a KICKER! LOLOLO!!!
Just sit tight UF fans... the clock will strike 12, the carriage will turn into a pumpkin and this team will be brought back down to earth on 11/9. Bookit!
Maybe because Bama is 8-0 in the lest 8 games with lsu has something to do with it. Not to mention 29-zip score last year.