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Obviously I'm a Bama fan...But...As bad as I hate the Vols, it's ignorant to put them behind Bama...They beat us by 20 points...It is what it is
Of course Georgia will beat Bama...It's pretty obvious that UGA has their number... Oh wait...My bad
UGAplaysD...Thanks for clearing that up...Your "sources" are what you read on the internet...Because,as we all know, EVERYTHING on the internet is True...Can I supply you my email?...I've got some Beach Property in Idaho I'd like to sell ya.
This coming from two teams that got their asses kicked by Bama...Might wanna try winning on the field before you start taking shots...UGA 1-6 vs Bama...Vols 1-16...Yep...Tough off season huh?...?
Hopefully he will be able to sign with a team that is a Super Bowl contender...As we all know, Father Time is undefeated & in "Running Back Years" he is getting on up there in age...I'd love to see him with a team that hopefully has another solid RB where he can share carries & squeeze out another few years on his, in my opinion, first-ballot Hall-of-Fame career...The Ravens, Cowboys, & the Chiefs have all three been rumored as possible landing spots (even though Kansas City has a fantastic young RB Isaac Pacheco)...Very proud of Derrick Henry
Maybe when UGA can do a little better than 1-5 against Coach Saban under Kirby you can talk...Until then, worry about the mass exodus going on in Athens right now as we speak...Thanks
So everyone should now simply play the easiest schedule possible I suppose?
Did his sister turn him in?...She likely did turn him in...Because in Lee County they just call it a Honeymoon...4th & 31 still hurts huh?...At least Coach Steele used a "spy" huh?
I hate to step in here after all this time...But since you decided to take a little jab at my beloved Crimson Tide, I just thought I would agree with ya on "a win is a win"...And oh what a win it was.. bwahaha
Funniest thing about this entire situation is how Danny-boy and the FSU fans have cried & complained about how FSU was screwed because they were undefeated... Yet they seemed to have absolutely no problem at all when he led a 1 loss FSU team to a Natl Title even though West Virginia finished undefeated... As the old saying goes "hypocrisy knows no bounds" huh Seminoles fans?...Just a theory.
Funniest thing about this entire situation is how Danny-boy and the FSU fans have cried & complained about how FSU was screwed because they were undefeated... Yet he seemed to have absolutely no problem at all when he led a 1 loss FSU team to a Natl Title over a West Virginia team that was undefeated... As the old saying goes "hypocrisy knows no bounds" huh Seminoles fans?...Just a theory ?
An AU fan agreeing with something from ACC country...Obviously the ONLY reason is to bring more hate against Bama (which we Bama fans LOVE to be hated)...But this is actually a great thing...I've never been one to "toe the SEC line" because I hope EVERY SEC team other than Bama gets their ass kicked in the bowls...The University of Alabama is very well used to carrying the SEC on its back...Especially the last 17 years (with a sprinkling of help from UGA & a lesser bit from Lsu)...Top 4...27-24...4th & 31...Don't make any plans for New Year's Day...We need you asshats cheering for Michigan...I hope Coach Saban has sent them a cheat sheet on the signs we use...Maybe then they can stay within 30 points of Bama
Bama would be a double digit favorite over FSU...The Noles are not even a Top 10 team...Bama & Texas both get in...FSU goes home
Bama don't need FSU to lose...They are taking the four BEST TEAMS...Not the 4 best records...If u think FSU is a Top 4 team you are outta your mind
Not trying to be argumentative, but you act as if UGA clearly has the best offense...Offensive numbers can be skewed due to schedule strength...It's no secret that UGA's schedule this year leaves alot to be desired...We will see in about 10 hours which team is superior...I think I have a good idea who it is...I'm sure you feel that you know the answer as well...We don't have very long before we find out.
After last night I think it's up in the air...It would almost be a sin for Jayden Daniels not to win it...Kudos to Bo Nix on a great season, but let's be real, in the Pac 12 defense is optional...Just my opinion, but Daniels is clearly the most deserving...Sadly, being the most deserving doesn't always equate into a win.
Much respect to UGA...The run they've been on has been extremely impressive & they deserve all the accolades that comes with playing so consistently at a high level... But I was on a Bama related YouTube channel yesterday that was asking for score predictions...For the most part folks picked Bama in a close game...But their were a couple of UGA fans there that became extremely irritated, acting as if Bama was supposed to just lie down & roll over...That's not gonna happen...I kept thinking how pathetic it was that they were even on a channel created for Bama fans to enjoy Bama highlights...I realize that Bama fans likely do the exact same things, and they are just as much losers as those two UGA fans are... I've got Bama winning this game 35-24...No idea what the committee will do when it's over, but after starting off so horrific this year, this will be one of my favorite teams ever...We are very obviously flawed in several areas...Areas that after the Texas & USF games I doubted that Bama could get to double digit wins...When the season began, I felt like Bama was a year away from being back to where we would have a big chance to win it all again (and YES, the Bama team of 2024 will be LOADED!!!)...But I still knew we were talented enough to give ourselves a shot...Well here we are...Sadly I think the SECCG is an "elimination game"...I think the winner makes the Playoffs & the loser doesn't (sorry FSU...if Bama wins I think yall get left out even if ya go undefeated)...Regardless, I think both UGA & Bama are two of the the 4 best teams in CFB...But will the committee do what they're supposed to do?...Or will they do "what they think is right"?...We all know they'll cave AGAIN, just like with TCU last year.
Desmond Howard is the one that picked Pitt & Arizona State to be in the college football playoffs last year...He should be in the unemployment line with Pollack...No way in hell UGA goes over Bama if they lose...NONE!!!
Meh...It's literally all he has to make himself feel good...I'm guessing he doesn't have a family or friends, otherwise he wouldn't be here 24/7/365...If he does have family, I feel sorry for them because he clearly neglects them so that he can come here & trying to rile up people he doesn't know...Poor bastard
I wondered the same thing...Chadwell is a great coach,& would be a big time hire for Miss State...But it wouldn't shock me if he wanted to see if any bigger jobs come open...Lots of talk about Jim Harbaugh going back to the NFL & a few rumblings of Lincoln Riley going to the NFL (Not sure why any pro team would hire him...He's under-achieved big time at USC)
Lol...let's not sit here and act like Uga has ran roughshod over everyone this year...Yall barely beat AU for God's sake
But...If Bama finishes their schedule with only one loss, plus win the SEC Tourney over UGA, I'll bet anyone in here that they'll be in the NCAACFP
Ummm...Okay Greg...But please try to stop going overboard about Bama...I think you've made it perfectly clear how you feel about things pertaining to Bama... You do a great job, but you could do so much better if you'd stop trying so hard to show everyone that you are "non-biased"...We get it!!!("in case you're wondering"
Ummm...Do you really have to write a friggin novel to prove a point?...If both Bama & UGA win out & play in the SECCG, the winner will go to the Playoffs & the loser to the Cotton Bowl...Also, you guarantee that Milroe won't run on yall like he did Lsu...I can accept that...But Uga doesn't have anywhere near as good of an offense as Lsu's...Meaning Milroe won't have to put up those big numbers...If you feel the need to respond, do us ALL a favor & give us your "cliff notes" version, rather than boring us all to sleep...Thanks Chief
Eli had his chance to cement COY honors this past Saturday...He didn't get it done in a game that was right there for the taking against an average UGA team.
He was tossed out of the game...He got his punishment & its time to move on.
We hear this same story EVERY year from the Vols, only for it to crumble like normal.
Can you just imagine how different the offenses are for both teamn...Night & day