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Good grief dude...Are you drunk, trolling, or really that desperate for attention?...Either way it's sad & pathetic...So back away from the keyboard for a little while, go take a long look in the mirror, and tell the person looking back at you that he's a loser...Thanks
Thankfully we are educated enough to win football games...And all of these obese players on the Bama football team seem to be in much better shape than the guys wearing orange...Jus sayin
Now that Gus finally figured out that Bo Nix will only ever be an average QB, he started giving the football to the beast of a true Freshman he has (Tank Bigsby), and things have turned around...No idea why he is so into Nix as his QB (I imagine Pat Nix is the biggest ass kisser down on the plains)...Look at what the AU transfer is doing at Liberty...Albeit, against lesser competition, but watching that young man throw the football is really nice...AU wins this game 38-14
I agree to a point...But I think nowadays thats starting to change...Look at Ryan Day at OSU...If the cupboard is not left bare, any coach with even an ounce of confidence in his abilities is more up to the challenge now than in previous times.
Good for CC...Very happy for them...Nothing wrong with some harmless fun...Their fans have a right to be proud...Teams like them and Liberty both are having such great years.
Dont get your hopes up...Remember that we emptied the bench against Texas A&M...I understand that comparing games doesn't mean a whole lot, but, just my opinion, Kyle Trask tends to get reckless with the ball sometimes
The QB is not the problem at Clemson...Their defense is weak...This is the same Notre Dame that scored 13 points at home against 1-4 Louisville (a 13-7 Irish win)...The backup QB threw for over 400 yards (the most passing yards ever given up by Notre Dame)...The defense at Clemson is what will keep them from winning a Natl Championship
After watching Notre Dame slop around with a terrible Louisville team a couple weeks back, I have no doubt that Clemson will destroy them (even with their backup QB)...Soon after Trevor Lawrence will come back and Clemson will go undefeated, which will assure the mediots will crown them as better than the KC Chiefs, and Lawrence a better QB than Patrick Mahomes...That's perfectly ok though...I hope to play Ohio State first in the playoffs, followed by Clemson...Dear Lord please let this happen.
Trent Richardson is a good guy...I'm sure alot of opposing Bama fans will come in here talking about him being a bust in the NFL, and that's fair...But he is one of the greatest RB's in SEC history...A fantastic college football player, and a great representative of the University of Alabama...Very good and well mannered guy...I can almost guarantee ya that this was nothing more than the store managers hot-headed wife over reacting about someone not being satisfied with their service...Saying she was protecting the store and her 7 year old son huh?...Nice job mom...Showing your son the correct way to solve a problem is simply pulling out a gun and threatening to kill...Mom of the year award on the way.
I think Leach is gonna be fine...This is not very unusual for when his first year with new teams...Lots of players are looking for a coach/friend, and Leach is never gonna be the guy that pets them and coddles them...He is extremely blunt & to the point...And he will recruit players that can handle that type of atmosphere...Next year will be much better in my opinion, but by 2022 MSU will be a game that opposing coaches dread every year.
So he's not allowed an opinion on his favorite team, unless its pumping sunshine?...His concerns are both justified and correct...I hate fans that think only the rah-rah cheerleader type fans are the only "true team fans"...Kirby Smart makes too much money to continuously keep coming up short...And absolutely NO upper tier college football team should have the troubles finding an efficient QB that UGA is having...Its unacceptable and someone needs to be held accountable
Jesse said the same BS the last several times we beat UGA...Hes one of those guys that continuously throws sh!t up against the wall, and after it FINALLY sticks, he says "I told ya so"...No disrespect at all to the UGA fans here, but Kirby Smart will never beat Coach Saban...He had his window, and he blew it...He is a good recruiter, and a GREAT defensive coordinator, but being a head coach is not gonna work out...People keep saying that our last game was close at halftime, and they were correct...Bama played lousy in the first half, and they played mediocre in the 2nd half, which was good enough to win by 17 (and the whole country knows that we took the air out of the ball on our last drive, and didnt score because he didn't want to embarrass Kirby)...I've heard both Jesse Palmer & David Pollick claim that losing Waddle basically destroys Bama's chance of winning a Championship...Jaylen is a FANTASTIC player, but simply stating we have no chance now without him (David Pollack) is ignorance...Last time I checked, we have recruited fairly well over the years, so it's more like "next man up"...So stick it where the sun dont shine Jesse Palmer,because IF uga got lucky enough to beat Bama, it's not gonna be simply because Waddle got injured, itll be because they earned it.
If I have a player that is making freshman mistakes, then you can bet it will BE a Freshman- Gene Stallings....And I agree 100% with him when he made that statement...Dang Coach Pruitt, Guarantano makes tons of "freshman miscues"...If that's the case, go ahead and give the job to your hot-shot young freshman QB...Its not like the Vols are gonna win a Natl Title this year, so give Bailey the reps and experience he needs.
So Luginbill thinks Leach needs to adapt his offense to the types of defense played in the SEC?...Fascinating stuff...He really went out on a limb there...Kind of reminds me of former Jefferson Pilot commentator Dave (big man on big man) Rowe, always reminding us that scoring Touchdowns was much better than losing fumbles...How many years of collegiate studies does it take to learn this mind-blowing stuff?
Best of luck to the kid...Tough decision to have to make at such a young age...Hell of a RB that will do well in the NFL in my opinion...And kudos to Coach Leach on how he's handled this situation...I wish him nothing but the best.
There is a name that I haven't heard in quite awhile...As a teenager he was one of my favorite Braves players...I actually ran into him at Six Flags when I was 15 years old...The dude was built like a Greek God...He shook my hand and actually spent a few minutes talking to me (we were in line for the Scream Machine)...Great memory
Extremely happy to hear that this young man is ok...From the description of what happened it seems like he had an angel looking out for him...I hope he makes a swift recovery and I wish him nothing but the very best...Godspeed
I care bro...I actually love the direction that Missouri is headed in...Obviously the new coach is gonna need a year or two to implement his system and to recruit the type of players he needs, but the Tigers play hard-nosed and it's all gonna come together sooner than later...Dont listen to some idiots talking down about your team, especially when their own team hasnt done much to brag about recently...Outside of my beloved Crimson Tide, I have adopted Mizzou as my
Top 25 coach...But one of the best in college football?...Are you trolling?...If so, I'll stand and applaud, because that was classic
The SEC refs have obviously proved how ignorant they are this year...Even to the point of costing teams from winning games...But your Head Coach cant act like this...Everyone outside of Tuscaloosa would be calling for Saban's job if he did this
You want this reckless behavior from your coach?...The team will start playing recklessly because they take on the form of its leader...Terrible look for the Gators here
Agreed...He says A&M drops because they got "outgained"?...Good grief, who cares if they got outgained...Winning is what matters and the Aggies won comfortably
Lol...Yall one at home against a terrible LSU team...Great RB in Bigsby, but this is the only complete game AU has played...And if not for a couple of "questionable" calls, at best yall would have already lost 3 games...Cmon dude.
Dang dude...That's BS right there...Dogging someone's health problems make you feel more like a man?
Ok Gators fans...I respect yalls team, and im very impressed with how much yall have improved...But IF Bama head coach Nick Saban acted the same as Dan Mullen here, the entire country would be calling for Saban's head on a platter...Mullen knows better than to act like that...He's the one thats supposed to keep them even keeled and disciplined...Now his actions possibly will cost some UF players to be suspended for the most important game for the Gators in decades...Not a good look.
Justin Fields has been so consistent...He's been fantastic in all ONE of his games this season...If he's third after one whole game against a Nebraska defense that hasn't stopped anyone in the last decade, we could of saved a hell of alot of time by just giving it to him when the Big 10 finally decided to play.
I sent my last $5 to his family on behalf of the Bama Deep Pockets Recruiting fund...Let's hope that gives us the extra momentum to get over the top...I'll be all kinds of pissed off if it dont...That would have been gas money for at least a week on my scooter.
Yall get a win once every 3 years...Ummm, congrats I guess
Exactly...People just love nitpicking his every word...Congrats to you Missouri fans on what obviously was a great hire...I knew after we played yall the first game that Mizzou was gonna be MUCH better than most originally thought.
Just knowing that we Bama fans have likely watched him wear a Crimson Tide Jersey is brutally sad...Talk about a great young man...Obviously he is an outstanding player, but he is even better away from the field...I wish him nothing but the best, and I guarantee he will be back better than ever.