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I think the big question is if the University will be able to bounce back from that $5,000 fine?...Does this have to be paid in one lump sum?...Or did the NCAA allow them to pay monthly over the period of 2-3 years?
Meanwhile,Danny Kanell is busy trying to some way spin this as all Coach Saban's fault.
Ummm, hey Matt, that was 17 years ago...I highly doubt that Coach Saban dislikes ya, I think its probably more like he's moved on...Carrying a grudge for 17 years sounds like more your problem than his...Personally I liked you as a QB...Congrats on all your success, but perhaps its time for you and the rest of the LSU nation to let go of the hate & resentment and move on...Yall are defending National champions, but still are talking about Bama & Coach Saban...Thanks for the free publicity, but we do just fine without the extra help.
Lmao!!!...You really think this will change the constant thing UGA is so great at?...Choking in the big game?...You guys are like Texas Longhorn fans...You boast and beat your chest just hoping that people around doesn't realize that yall have not been on top of the mountain since Herschel Walker...You Georgia yards are always great for a laugh...The same team that let Justin Fields get away because the head coach didn't have the guts to remove Jake Fromm...A new special teams coach will never change the fact that yall are the biggest underachiever in the SEC every single year...sorry
Same here...Having him in the SEC is gonna make things interesting...Home-run hire for MSU...Their fanbase seems excited, and they should be...Defenses in the SEC better tighten their chin straps, because the ball is gonna be tossed all around the field in Starkville for a good while to come was a harmless joke when the Bama fan tea-bagged one of yall's boys a few years back...I used to downgrade the ole boy that did it...Now I'm gonna buy him a beer
Lmao...One of them must be the one that got "tea bagged" by a Bama fan a few years back...From the looks of both of them, they likely enjoyed it.
One thing interesting that he took from Coach Saban is not allowing his assistant coaches to be interviewed...One team...One voice...Love it
You are just taking cheap shots because you dont like Tennessee...I dont like them either, but it doesn't take an idiot to see that this is nothing other than excuse making for a kid, and a former trainer that was sour grapes...Nothing to see here
Exactly...its amazing how these "journalists" only present half of what was said...he was talking about the defense of auburn's and hes correct...Even the few intelligent LSU fans would agree that the au defense is much better than the LSU defense...And Desmond Howard running off at the mouth that Saban is doing "politics" with the BCS is not shockingly another ignorant statement from him...What is Coach Saban supposed to say?....That he dont think we deserve to go?...It seems like Desmond would be much more concerned with the dumpster fire his alma mater is producing at Michigan...Year after year it's the same ole same ole, "Michigan is back", yet it's the same results...Texas and Notre Dame are two others in the same boat
Opposing fans can pile on Vandy all they want, and make jokes about it, but this is sad for the Seniors especially...Vandy is having a rough year, but everytime I watch them play, the effort is there...They are outmanned at most positions yet they still play 4 full quarters and that alone deserves appreciation and respect...its usually the fans that sit on their ass at home, rather than going to watch them play that wonder why they cant recruit better...I'm sure they had plenty of recruits at the game this past weekend seeing all those empty seats, and wondering if this is what it'll be like if they choose to attend Vandy...Good luck to the Commodores
Our defense was pathetic that game...any defense that gives up over 40 points in any game obviously has issues...Almost as bad as letting the Ole Miss QB run up and down the field making your defenders look like high schoolers
Good Lord...I hope we make the playoffs...I hope we play LSU immediately...Their defense is getting worse every week...their idiot fans seem to think they are invincible, but they are prime for an upset...Bring their ass on
We couldn't stop your offense, but dont act like yall dont have problems defensively as well...You LSU fans win one game over us in 8 years and yall act like yall are invincible...idiots
This kid is a beast... More in the same mold of Mark Ingram & Trent Richardson...Shorter than 6 foot, but very stocky with powerful leg drive and great instincts...I'm a Bama fan obviously, but I also enjoy watching great players, and this kid is fantastic...Above average receiver out of the backfield as well
Whether it's in the NFL or if it's back in Tuscaloosa I'll always be cheering for him no matter what...Any team that passes on drafting this young man will regret it...The kid is special
Lol at "his wife is finally happy"...Do you always make things up and print them as facts?...He is divorced...So your comment about his wife being happy at FAU basically just showed you are lying...So it's hard to take any of your other posts seriously
UGA fans delusional?...after dropping 8 games in a row to Bama LSU fans were here last week stating that they now suddenly "own" Bama...Might wanna check your own fanbase before taking shots at someone else's
Closer to winning than Bama?...We were an onside kick from winning the game
Just when I thought the writers on this putrid website couldn't look more ignorant than normal, they go and outdo themselves...I understand "Bama Fatigue", because I grew up feeling the same in the 80's & 90's with Miami...But dropping Bama like you have here (and stating you would have OU above Bama as well) is just RIDICULOUS...Did you even watch the 2nd half of our game with Miss State?...Yes we just scored 3 points, but we ran such a vanilla offense trying to run out the clock that it wasn't very surprising at all...Again, I understand people disliking Bama, but when it interferes with doing your job correctly then it becomes a problem...No offense to Pac 12 fans, but Oregon got beat by a mediocre AU team (great defense but terrible offense), and Utah got whipped by USC (the same USC that is so bad that they are about to fire their coach)...Bama lost to the team YOU & everyone else claim is the No 1 team in the land by 5 points...Its amazing that every time Bama loses ( and its extremely rare) how the mediots start "dynasty is over", "game has passed Saban by" etc.
According to Matt its basically time for Bama to just roll over and play dead
Let me get this straight...You start the article claiming you dont want to get on a soapbox, yet that's exactly what the whole article was...And you, just like the rest of the media, are the first to claim "kinks in the armor", "the dynasty is dead", "the game has passed Saban by", etc every time Bama loses a game...It dont happen very much at all...But yall act like Bama is simply supposed to win every single game they play, every single year...That's just ignorant, because its impossible...This team has lost twice in the last two years, and have had to deal with more injuries this year than most teams deal with in a decade...Get over yourself and start tipping your hats to the teams that beat us...LSU was phenomenal two weeks ago against us...That team they have is fantastic...Yet they still won by 5 points...If they are the best team in the country (like most people deservedly think they are), than how does that mean that we are not at least deserving of a playoff spot?...If Bama goes into Auburn and wins convincingly at Jordan-Hare stadium, I guarantee ya they get in as the 4 seed (if LSU wins out)
Not surprising at all coming from Jalen...Kid is a class act and OU is lucky to have such a great young man leading their team...I wish him nothing but the best, and I would absolutely love for him to finish out strong and win the Heisman...And if we (Bama) get left out of the playoffs, I want him to win the Natl Championship as well...He deserves everything great that comes his way.
I'm actually gonna agree with kodyayfan2 on this...Tua does sometimes bring that Brett Favre win or die attitude with him,and i love it...but in this case I hope he can picks and chooses his spots wisely...sometimes just a throw outta bounds, or a quick check down will do just fine...The kid is a winner though, and I feel very confident about this game
Last I checked, his fat ass dont have to cover those WR's...I hope we exploit Delpit like we did the "Honey badger"...I remember AJ McCarron flat out owning his ass...LSU fans get fired up about this game EVERY year...I remember last year they were saying Death Valley was alive like never before...Yet, once again, we took them to the woodshed...sadly they never learn
Just curious, was Big Kat Bryant being held on the play that he dropped and faked an injury?...Funny they fail to mention that
Satisfied with giving LSU a close game?...Thank God I'm not an AU fan if this is what Malzahn has reduced yall to...I expect a close game, and wouldn't be shocked if an upset happens...LSU is playing great, & deserves all the credit they are getting...But their defense has holes (just like ours at Bama), and I think Auburn will be able to run the ball on them...I'll say 31-27 LSU wins in a close one...but once again I wouldn't be shocked if Au won by that score...Best case scenario is a massive sinkhole open in the earth & swallow both teams and fanbases
The great part of these comments is the Colorado Buffaloes fan (unaffiliated) talking trash to Bama fans...Hell, for that matter, a Colorado fan talking trash to 99% of the college football world is great comedy...What a sad like the poor bastard has.