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Well if they want to take a deuce during the game, they will have to pay Bama to use that same setup LOL!
We dont care about Number 1 classes.. Yall idiots happy over that? We only want something Georgia havent seen in over 2 decades. National Championships... Dude, don't talk noise when we had a field of freshmen in the second half kick yall sorry asses.. LOL Thats why we were strategic in our recruiting, so what a couple kids was flipped, oh well Next man up... hint hint, Georgia trying to act like Bama dont make them Bama, because we have all the Ships... 5 in 9 years... LOL.. Roll Tide... Now everyone watch this idiot say something stupid... 3...2..1.. LOL
Poor Georgia, can only talk about stupid stuff since you can't win any national Championships.. You don't know what it feels like to win a Natty!!! LOL.... Everyone watch this azzhole stupid comment.. LOL.. 3...2....1... LOL
Florida? You better be thinking about South Carolina... They are a sleeper team now...
LOL... you still won't beat Bama, by that time Kirby will be fired or moved on... LOL... How many Nattys do Georgia have the last 10 years? LOL.. freaking idiot
You do know you don't get trophies for getting recruiting classes right? LOL.. If you look in the second half of the national championship game we had 70% freshmen playing on the field. So tell me why we care about that when we about to win back to back Nattys? LOL..