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To whoever made the comment about Bama people being so stupid and that is the reason they use the shortened version of Tuscaloosa and say "T-Town", instead of writing out the city's name and their insinuation was that Bama people were too dumb to spell "Tuscaloosa", so they shortened it to "T-Town". That would be a nice "story" and a false one at that; if that is what "T-Town" stood for. But every devoted Bama fan and devout citizen of the wonderful state knows that after the Crimson Tide became so well known for being National Champions, year after year, and gave them the nickname "T-Town" which stands for "Title Town". If they did not win the SEC Championship one year, they probably won the National Championship or in many cases, BOTH! So, "Title-Town" is a very appropriate nickname for this brilliant football team! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!
It’s spelled ‘Northwestern’ State. Geez, don’t tell me you graduated from college?!
It's spelled 'Northwestern' State. Geez, don't tell me you graduated from college?!