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Prince Negan, Poor sad disillusioned fanatic supporter of a perennial also-ran sports team. So you think Bama has three qbs who would all be backups elsewhere. You think young inexperienced wide outs are ineffective. You think Bama is young and inexperienced. Here are some names for your nightmare this coming season: C. Anderson, T. Smith, C. Harris, M. Moore, B. Branch and one named "koolaid". That is on defense. On offense start with the OL. Three experienced veterans to build on. Behind them are years of stockpiled talent. The depth and talent at RB are awesome. If you note the new starter at QB I refer you to the previous season when Bama had a new unproven player at the position. You overlook the passing threat at your own peril. The new OC used dual TEs very effectively at New England. Learn the names Latu and Billingsly. Watch WR #5 wind his way to the endzone. You should know by now CNS takes 3 star players and develops them. An obscure high school player Marcel Darius has made over $100 million dollars after being molded by the GOAT.
The big forward coming from juco asked to be released from his LOI with bama. I **think** when a player goes into the portal the school doesn't get the scholly back.
That would be almost as impressive as a life size marble rendering of last season's offensive line.
Neither harris or biden are president. Everyone knows it. The title they carry is resident.
It was an overthrow to the running back who looked like he tried a move on the route. The old man who works at the saw mill can count on his finger how many time Mac overthrows in a game.
I thought it was "if you want to be the man you have to beat the man". I guess you have to start sonewhere.
Smart money has the 49ers taking sunshine #3. Big Mac goes home to Jacksonville.
Fyi, The national education "standings" are based purely on spending per student. It is used by Yankees to convince themselves of their superiority. If you feel inclined to join them please do so. Bama is Natty U. Roll tide.
After Bama beat USC 55-6 Saban said he was looking for some players who wanted to play winning football.
Hmmm. He said the week was solid. The previous administration used that word to describe the season.
I think we know the top 6 or 7 among the DL, the DB's and the top 3 LB's. I wonder who will rise up to be the other ILB. A lot of talent on the OL. I wonder what the new position coach does with them. BRob has become a workout freak. Does he add route running and receiving like Najee did? Billingsly will continue to impress at TE. There is room in the WE room for one of the new guys. I think it is Leary. Speedy with good route running.
The other coach at Bama says every year he is not leaving despite the rumors about NFL, Tejas, etc. So far he has not left. Maybe the dogs wish Kirby would say he is not leaving?
Bama us playing with house money. Picked to be middle of the pack in the conference. It is all gravy for Saint Nate however long the ride last. The headlines have been about the treys but Bama wins with defense and hustle.
Dude flashed some high potential before going down. Sometimes when you have to really work for something it turns you into a premier person. Trey has been knocked down. Once. Twice. Maybe more times we don't know about. He keeps getting up. Make room in the trophy case.
The dudes at Bama are not there because they are ace recruiters. They are ace recruiters because they are at bama.
I don't think the game has changed as much as the skill players have improved. Coaching and schemes have changed in the High School programs. You still need a hard nosed running game to complement the pass. Each facet improves the other. Dependence on either one is a weakness. When you consider a RB rooms performance you should consider what they have around them. Again a good OL makes the back look better. And viceaversa. Bamas OL will look great blocking for the great backs? Or do the backs look great behind the OL?
Bama needs their bigs back healthy and productive. Bruner will improve now with more playing time. Gary may play against Arkansas. He will probably be limited but any game action will help prepare him for the tourney.
So UCF is some sleeping giant waiting to be awakened by the kiss of a handsome prince. Such a quaint fairy tale.
Gus has a bag of trick plays and voodoo incantations. Not much else. Evaluations? Jeremy was a Heisman lock in preseason based on the word from closed spring practices. Scam had a ton of raw talent and potential. He didn't start until the 3rd game of the season. Development? Stidham was worse after go there. UCF has trended downward. The trend will continue or increase with the dipsy do trickero coming to town.
IMO Saban beats his former underlings for numerous reasons, one being the knowledge about them he gains watching them at work. If Saban had a book on Meyers then Saban has an additional advantage.
I am worried about next year. Bama lacks a proven long snapper. Also weak at inside linebacker.