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Do i have to list the 3 star players from bama now in the NFL?
When Georgia plays Florida the dogs will pick up the China virus from the gators. Kirby and half the starters miss the Missouri game. Tigers win 24-21. Georgia misses out on the championship game.
CBS doesn't drink coke. He is a water dude most of the time though he does wash the little Debbie down with a cup of coffee heated to 1 minute 11 seconds. The 111 entry on the microwave panel saves valuable seconds so he can do extra film study.
Like everyone had said, including honest libs, no one could have seen this coming. It has evolved and exploded. The President has taken proper action which has been criticized by his opponents. Maybe you would like jokester Joe to run things?
When Saban finally retires Dabo will be old and washed up. We go for someone younger and better.
The President made the move to limit the virus early. The left blasted him. They blast him for everything he does yet he continues to win. Covid-19 will be far less deadly than the H1N1 Obama gave us. Roll Trump Roll.
Riding the bench at Georgia is dangerous. Might get your pinkie hung.
The dynasty takes a short vacation. For you haters I reference the experts former claims in 1970 following a 6 win season by Bear. "On the way down" they said. Bear won a few nattys afterwards before he was finished. Roll Tide Roll.
Let's see how many teams from the ACC are in the top 40. Clemson, Virginia......mmmm
Tua is left handed. His blindside protection is from the right tackle.
He was performing the secret pregame hoodoo incantations. It only works in the barn.
Harbaugh has a depressing influence on the sale of khaki slacks.
If Jalen hangs around Bama wins it all again this year. Since he went to Oklahoma he/they are our surrogate representative in the playoffs. Roll Tide Roll.
Missing qb Tua, lb Moses, McMillon, dl Ray, kicker rickard, rb Sanders. Coach does not hide injury news like some.
Kirby wanted control of the program and wanted to know if there were Scam Newton sanctions in the furure.
If CNS coaches til he is 80 he will coach almost all these games.
Is somebody complaining about injuries to their defense?
The last Heisman shoe in didn't fare so well against Bama. Burrow has to shine better than Fournette to get the trophy.
Groan. If we get anymore defensive injuries the program should enter the portal and transfer to the big 12 where you don't need to play defense.
Big arnge hired Pruitt because he thought it would hurt bama.har har. What a backfire. Roll over Albert Means. And yes his wife would have a big say in his coaching at UT. Saban left miami because mizT wanted to go.
Coach Saban stole Butch Jones away from yall and turned him into a top notch intern. When yall can Pruitt CNS will recycle him and put him on the road to sucess as well.
Maybe Nick plans a fake punt on 4th and 11.
So Georgia makes it to the playoffs as a two loss team and faces Oklahoma. Jalen gets injured and the backup comes in and wins the game. How cool will that be?
The competition was Spencer Rattler.
I am pulling for the gators in this one. And i am glad they didn't unveil the ugly gator skin look again.
Fbaum has some good commentators and i listen to them. His callers are often vulgar. That is not entertainment.