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All part of the plan. Saban sent Pruitt there with directive to get the Vols in hot water and probation. Mission accomplished.
He is the coach in waiting. And he ain't waiting long.
How often did Coach Saban chew out Sark? Not much. If he does his job it is clean. If not he will hear about it.
Wow. The chart shows Saban with 6 appearances in the playoffs and 7 wins. Dude is absolutely greatest of all times!
I think Fields turned out better that Sunshine. The Clemson schedule was/is littered with light weight scheduling. Lawrence was only pushed in post season games and was 3-2 I think. The buck i's at least play tough games during the season.
I thought it was a mistake to fire Butch Jones. He had good recruiting classes and the teams were mostly competitive. The Vols sent 10-12 players to the pros while he was coach. Pruitt had one big win, at the barn but overall I think he is a downgrade. If they want to turn things around they should can Fulmer and give Pruitt a free hand without booster interference for a couple of years. That's just me. They will probably bring in Fisher and handcuff him instead.
ND won the line of scrimmage? Bama had more sacks, more yards per play rushing and passing.
You left out X. C Scott, Wallace Wade, Frank Thomas,Red Drew and Otto Wagonhurst.
When I need a chuckle I can also count on KN to contribute. Does he actually live in KNoxville and is a vol fan? Is he really Phil Fulmer using an alias?
The official on the sideline seemed to be about to signal the play dead. They #22 goes rocket. It would be a cool interview to ask the ref about the play.
If you ever wondered about the many differences in Coach Saban and the person quoted in the article, one person relishes a challenge while the other person not so much.
The coach at Florida is going to Jacksonville. The coach at Georgia is going to the Jets. Both teams will have to recover from the shock. The Vols win the sec east next season.
Negan, the truth is fields called CNS and begged to let him come to Bama. Fields even said he would come without a scholarship. Z Saban said no. The Georgia boosters admitted to paying the refs to make anti Bama statements after the game. In the 1980 season a Georgia grad assistant Mark leift bragged he spiked the Gatorade on the south Carolina bench to give the dogs an advantage. Their championship was illegitimate in 1980.
I wouldn't call the passes by Fields dimes. Most were underthrown. The receivers were able to stop or slow down and adjust. Deep passes by Mac are caught in stride by the Bama rideouts. Bama and Notre Dame both have better OL than Ohio state. Mac may not be Michael Vick but he does move in the pocket nicely. Bama got pressure on ND's pocket with 4 rushers.
Bama has improved a lot since the Georgia game. Past rush? True freshman #31 leads the sec in sacks and he had zero sack going into game #7. Something clicked for him. Also #58 has finally learned to throttle himself. True freshman #50 gets better with each game also.
What goes through the mind of a QB or RB when they think of being behind an Oline like that? Visions of Heisman finalists and national championship?
Offensive stats for Boise .... Rushing offensive stats around #100 nationwide including average of 3.4 yards per carry. Passing stats around #50 nationwide. This with top recruiting classes in his conference. Why is everyone excited for this hire?
Fact is Bama was winning SEC and National Championships before bear ever came to coach there. Blue blood? How about Crimson blood!
JG is a redshirt senior. He graduated in 2019 per this article. Yet due to the China virus he retains his last year of eligibility even though he is not a student.
Who is dancing there? Cornbread is 6' 4" and 350 lbs. That is not him. Looks like Kyle Pitts to me.
No reason the guy can't improve if he gets a good OC and better Oline.
Truth about Saban leaving Miami? Mrs. Terry thought the place was a h*'ll hole with all the depravity there. She didn't want her daughters there any longer.
The Gus bus leaves town and the Lane train rolls in. He goes 9-3 and leaves for USC again.
Bama loses the most electric player in college football in Halen Waddle. Tide rolls on. Others lose player x, y or z and down they go.