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Kirby wanted control of the program and wanted to know if there were Scam Newton sanctions in the furure.
If CNS coaches til he is 80 he will coach almost all these games.
Is somebody complaining about injuries to their defense?
The last Heisman shoe in didn't fare so well against Bama. Burrow has to shine better than Fournette to get the trophy.
Groan. If we get anymore defensive injuries the program should enter the portal and transfer to the big 12 where you don't need to play defense.
Big arnge hired Pruitt because he thought it would hurt bama.har har. What a backfire. Roll over Albert Means. And yes his wife would have a big say in his coaching at UT. Saban left miami because mizT wanted to go.
Coach Saban stole Butch Jones away from yall and turned him into a top notch intern. When yall can Pruitt CNS will recycle him and put him on the road to sucess as well.
Maybe Nick plans a fake punt on 4th and 11.
So Georgia makes it to the playoffs as a two loss team and faces Oklahoma. Jalen gets injured and the backup comes in and wins the game. How cool will that be?
The competition was Spencer Rattler.
I am pulling for the gators in this one. And i am glad they didn't unveil the ugly gator skin look again.
Fbaum has some good commentators and i listen to them. His callers are often vulgar. That is not entertainment.
With the iron constitution and high motor of coach Saban the question should be will clemson try to get him when dabo retires.
That is ok. The more of them that leave our state makes the pro life a stronger voting block.
Bama fans are disappointed every year our team is not undefeated and national champs.
CNS would still be younger than Bill Snyder.
In his highlights he lines up as a back and catches a td pass near the goal line. No toe tap like DP but good hands.
From a school with Bruce Pearl as coach? He would give used car salesmen a bad look.
Joe Pa was 84 or 85 when he retired. He was 8-1 or 9-1 that last season. Only loss to Bama by the way. If CNS goes that long there are babies born today who will be recruited by him. They will be on his championship teams and when interviewed they will talk about how they need to work harder and improve to play to the standard. Instead of the Saban Retirement Watch you might as well look for the second coming of Jesus. It is more sure.
Mathematics: (CNS u ESPN300 recruits) > (ǂCNS u ESPN100) Reason: CNS= 100% coaching ǂCNS= greater than < less than CNS would win even with lesser players. He makes brilliant coaching decisions (i.e. onside vs Clemson) not bad ones (i.e 4th and 11 fake punt configuration by Kirby)