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I think they go after Saban. After all, the dynasty IS over for Bama. Looking at you Bama trolls.
Saban could put the team on auto pilot and all the coaches could leave and he would still win 12 games a year for the next 3 years
Georgia front 7 is awesome. They are playing their best football and I don't think there is much room to improve. Bama OL has been a work in progress. They are beginning to come together. If those units played 100 snaps at the seasons beginning the dogs probably win 95 of them. Each week as the OL improves that gap narrows. If they meet in Hotlanta what will that number be?
There was something fishy about the game last year. Bama defensive players said it was like OM knew the defensive plays being called. I suspect CNS has that anomaly analyzed, assessed and assigned and applied the algorithm for correction.
Bama's O line is not rock solid. Right tackle is a work in progress. Tommy Brown started against Florida. 4 year guy who plays mostly mop up. Then Chris Owen again. If Latham does what he is capable of the question will be answered. Until then,no,not rock solid.
I live in Bama. Maybe I request a mail in ballot and make some copies and vote for Herschel. That seems to be the American way lately.
Like in the past auburn is riding their RB1 hard and long. By seasons end tank will be near empty.
For the first 15-20 minutes of the game Bama was unbeatable. They didn't sustain their effort. If they had continued playing like that it was a blow out. So. They only way they lose a game this season is if they lose focus and the opponent brings their A game. Even at that Bama still may win it all.
Crowd noise was a big factor. IF there is a rematch in Atlanta Florida will not have that helping them. Bama still with issues at RG. Started Tommy Brown. Back up tight guard. 4 year guy who is usually a mop up player.JC Latham will be the answer by mid year.
I thought the two improvements he would want would be 1. New Nike super trac with orange racing stripe 2. Better concession choices.
Wow. Different playbooks? So the whole team switches to a different playbook when they swap QBs. Must be,really confusing. RT: Montana left means a jet sweep to the slot receiver. CENTER: No dude. That is with QB1. With QB2 it means a screen pass to the tight end.
Why come gators refer to their player as a rapid fire 22 caliber weapon. Don't they have anything to take down big game? Elephant gun or 30.30 etc....
John Stokes is an athlete at UT. Why is his story not told on SDS?
Nix is a different QB on the road. Look for 3 turnovers and 2 critical bad decisions
When negan warns the post is long..... Can't even get half way through.
An infamous Bama hater said this recently regarding Bama injuries: Y’all had 4 backs and you need 4 for a whole SEC season. If your down to 3 this quickly. You know about Murphy’s law right??? You don’t want to be down to 3 this early. Because then it can become 2 in a hurry. Then you probably know where I’m going. Because once you get down to just 2 backs. It changes the way you call plays. Then your nerves are wrecked as a fan or a coach every time one of your last 2 just gets up slowly or limps a little. It’s always more reassuring to everyone if you have 4 or 5 guys you trust and keep that number!!! Because getting down to just 2 in the SEC. You might as well just have 1!!!! At that point you have practice squad walk on backs taking snaps to rest your starter. It makes you one dimensional.
SDS headline: Saban reveals former 5 star *was* a good player.
I would like to ask Dabo how it feels being on the ROY bus.
Lady sports writers keep asking about the emotional health of the team.
I believe Bailey is the best option long term. How long will it take for the coach to recognize my 'expert" opinion and make the switch.
Does this mean Bowling Green is out of the playoff picture?
This dude needs to return to troll school. At least King Negan has posts that have some degree of humor.
I thought there would be a trick play with Tyson and Hall. Maybe Hall takes a snap behind center as #17 then throws himself a pass.
So the Canes will wear Bama out with their depth? Someone please tell coach Saban not to lose interest in the 4th qtr just because he has a narrow lead.