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Go ahead and take the top 4 non SEC teams in the 12 team playoff each year and put them in a wildcard SEC pod for the next year.
The linebacker room is really really good and will be for a long time.
Actually and factually regarding Pete Golding, there is a man named Saban that has evaluated and selected him for his DC position. CNS knows more about who should be in the position than anyone else.
Wow. Lane Kiffen using a trick play? Who wudda thought?
When Bama has a problem with the starting QB and the backup is really impressive it usually bodes well for the tide.
Coach Bryant and coach Saban speak: "We aren't very good and need to work harder." Other coaches: "We will be better than last year"
The O line is the most difficult position group to build. Game experience is more beneficial to them than any other group.
FBI agents descend on LSU campus. Coach O seen fleeing.
Their son will grow up to play QB for Nick Saban at Alabama.
With the proliferation of high powered offense I think the edge rusher will become the most important player on defense. An effective ER can blow up a play before it has a chance to develop. An effective ER can mask blown coverage or yards after catch with his rush yielding a sack or a incomplete pass. His speed will blow up the QB read on the option. A really valuable guy.
With the transfer portal even the signing on the line doesn't mean a lot.
If you count Bear Bryant winning a Natty at Kentucky that gives him 7 and he is tied with Saban for the overall number. Saban realizes it so that is why he came back for another season.
I think Heupel will get things right on rocky top. It may take 3 or 4 seasons.
I would not trust anyone in "human health" or a pointy headed national advisor.
You have it backwards. Saban is the greatest talent evaluator of all time. Evidence. Josh Jacob. 3*. Overlooked by everyone. Except the GOAT. Should have been 5*. Mac Jones 3*. The NFL is filled with former 3* D line from Saban. The evaluation by CNS is far superior to that of the supposed pros.
Bama is loaded on the dline. He probably wants a little easier road.
Go bullies! I still wonder why the bulldog wears a cowbell?
As a bulldog it should disturb you that the starting QB for Bama has so many weaknesses and that the backup (and I don't mean Tyson) is insanely talented and can carry the team on his back. Maybe the name Jalen will give you nightmares.
I predict he will lose his position at UT, be hired by Nick Saban as the oatmeal pie manager. After 2 seasons of intense personal training and rehab he will obtain an off the field football analyst in charge of player shoe size evaluation. 1 season later he is picked up by the Vols baseball program again. He rises to excellence and bring a Natty home to Knoxville.
Look at the film. Bulldogs holding on the Oline all game long and never got called. Same in the secondary. Kirby didn't learn that from Saban. Kirby was working the refs from the pregame warmups to make sure he got preferential treatment.
The d line, Ray,Dale,Matthis, etc are not great pass rushers. Barmore was the dude last year. This season it will be Tim Smith. The back end of this group is better than we have had in a loooong time. If there is a weakness it will be the front.
I thought the 5* subs for Georgia were better than the starters anywhere else.
He doesn't keep at it because he is chasing some number. Accolades, rings and all the things that accompany winning are not his reward. He simply enjoys what he does. And he will continue to do it as long as he enjoys it. If the Bama haters really want him to go they have to take way his joy. The solution is obvious. It is not to beat him. If you accomplish that he only comes back better next time. The solution is to throw in the towel. Hire the worst coach you can find. Lose against him in horrid fashion. After 3 or 4 seasons he will find no joy in the game and leave.
It will be an accomplishment for us if we don't lose in 7 innings. Roll Tide anyway.
This is just a placeholder until fall football practice begins. Then Danny K. will whine about how bad Bama football is, Saban can't do this or that and he is leaving after the season .....