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Hes had top runs of the season going back to freshman year. He might have had them in 3rd quarter but we were left wondering why isnt he playing more. The depth is crazy. There was some respect given to seniors mainly was the thing. Hes the best RB I have seen in awhile reminds me of alvin kamara.
UGA flipping Auburn player who wasnt even thinking about Alabama. Clay Webb was but hes just 1 person. Out of Georgia..... Bama signing: Justin Eboigbe Kevin Harris King Mwikuta
You say excuses but they are reality. There are so so so many reasons that lead to the loss. Im only left looking forward to next year and being proud of this year but go ahead and be a hater it says a lot about you as a person.
Dont look at the bs win vs texas am and piss poor performance vs south carolina... Clemson is lucky to play in the hands down worst conference in football. Good luck rebuilding that defensive line and the only players on the oline that grew up... 1st round draft pick mitch hyatt and ceneter Justin Falcinelli both of whom are LEAVING. Clemson will lose 1 regular season game probably to an SEC team and then lose in the playoffs.
we can add to your list for you of reasons why things happen in the world? Where to start how about knowing notre dame was a bye week and not having to prepare for a mobile qb then a passing qb... spending an entire month preparing compared to 1 week.... How about losing a star defender in christian miller a week before the game who allows and/or is your entire pass rush. The backup was the entire depth and often helped rest players at 2 positions followed by 0 rep freshman. How about turnovers affecting the outcome of the game. Yes they can happen either way. But they especially when they also have points attached are more bama's mistakes then clemson's successes. A qb playing poor let alone not 100 percent healthy can affect a game? How about 2 drive ending missed obvious pass interfence calls on 3rd down to end drives..... Feeling pretty good about next year. A young team that will get BETTTER. Clemson losing entire defensive line and the secondary was giving up 500 yards to south carolina. These arent excuses these are facts of what happened in the game and lead to the result.
This take is absolutely awful 1. swift isnt very good so his stats dont matter he shouldnt have got the carries he did. hes all pass catching 2. uga is last years auburn lack of motivation lost them this game 3. Deandre smith was clearly missed and his sitting out probably didnt help motivation. he also took all the practice reps cuz hes an idiot and hurt his team further from what i hear 4. lots of mistakes and only a 7 point game.
UCF would score 2 TDs in the 2nd half vs bama.... When 3rd string defense goes in because bama is up 42-0 at half. 59-14 final
Clemson lost to syracuse lol. Ironically you can look at florida state even beating syracuse for their 2nd win of the season THIS week. But overall I'm pretty sure Danny is 1 of the paid "sports analysts" to say stupid bs to stir up attention. Paid to say dumb things or actually dumb and shouldn't have a job. You pick.
so kentucky has 20+ players that would be penalized and tenn has less. Seems like kentucky got a call in their favor by far with this.... Shame.
Interesting to see the buyouts that ALL these schools have. I guess its a standard that when contract is over to include a buyout in any and all new contracts? I view this as straight incompetence.... Unless you go to the playoffs or are hiring a coach for a 3 year contract that you are excited about why is there a buyout added. I guess we dont have all the info but I cant imagine that these coaches walk when only offered a 1 year contract while they are "figuring things out" These coaches also show incompetence like butch not being able to run the ball from the 1 and get plays called in and losing games by not knowing standard game strat/play calling....
Remove this writer from this site... My god. Definition of stupidity if he's republishing something AND the believing the fat idiot Rob Buska for more fluff articles with no point or substance.
Not sure people remember how recruits are supposed to be used. Sure he might can start at some schools but.... Alabama typically wants a sophomore or junior QB. Hurts will be gone by time he is even a sophomore and Tua will probably leave after the following junior year and its always possible he develops and beats out Tua who hasn't played a game. Its about being on a team that's in the spotlight and gets you to NFL. See AJ McCarron. Seeing the field Sooner also isnt great because if you start bad at a middle of pack school then you will be blamed for alot of the failures. Even hurt's inexperience is blamed for not winning the natty where what lost bama the natty was losing RB bo scarbrough who was unstoppable and would have ran out time getting first downs almost at will.
Their defense is pretty awful..... and they struggle alot... Their ole miss win meant very little. They beat miami 20-19.... LOST to UNC 37-35 Beat nc state 24-20 Beat Wake Forest 17-6... USF scored 35 on them. Bama will just run the ball all over them and put enough pressure on a QB that hasnt dealt with pressure well and had an awful spring. Their RB is not going to do anything like all other years.
Not sure how you see that.... Horrible game vs bama. Horrible game vs LSU. Horrible game vs Auburn. The top 3 teams Miss st played.... Rest of stats are vs subpar competition even when SEC. Also the bowl game vs miami ohio..... shows how little team is around him.... The games vs ole miss and Arkansas were nice.
Because Hurts had better talent around him in every single other offensive position. All of them.
So tired of hearing about money in regards to the LSU job. That has zero influence on it. It was the dumbest quote I ever read because he gets bonuses for natty and the difference is like 100k in what lsu was going to offering him and hes making 1.4 pre raise. If he stays he will get matched with whatever the LSU offer was AND THEN STILL PLAY FOR NATTY BONUSES. He would only go to LSU to run 100 percent his own offense... that said... if he goes to LSU and slumps he throws away HC opportunity. Alotta risk..... If he goes and succeeds he will get a better then Houston job if he stays he will get a better then houston job. Seems simple.
Go ask your dad again. You are talking about something you know NOTHING about.
The first team that actually does want Bama. Well Played
All that matters is does fisher want easy or a challenge. There is a good chance he will fail at LSU. But he's got plenty of money to not care if he does get fired and will make plenty in the few years he is there. I dont think he's a good enough coach anyway. He's recruiting in Florida and has only been relevant one year and he was lucky to get to play auburn
I really don't know why this was hyped up as a possibility..... 6 of 20 for 27 yds.... Auburn doesn't have a passing game and a ground game doesn't work against bama. Auburns defense is just ok. Chubb ran for 100. Jalen will run for 100 our RBs will also hit 100-200. Kiffin will run up the score
How come none of the white guys joined in for juju on that beat?
Take a pay cut and try to bring back a down in the dumps program up from the bottom. He probably even told them no/left them with no answer.
Lol at nebraska getting respect for losing to a 2 loss Wisc. Texas AM is definately better then this young bad ohio state team.
washington state over houston and maybe utah.
I would fire Jim Chaney for sure. Past his prime and isn't the right OC for UGA. There's a reason he left Arkansas and he didn't help dooley keep his job at Tenn. Bring in Lonnie Galloway from louisville or Mario Cristobal from bama.
Debord hasnt been hired because butch jones would be admitting he was wrong to hire him. Hes a glorified Tight End Coach. He cannot run an offense. Jones doesnt own up in this game. He doesn't own up to his bad hire. He's the problem.
ok st should be above boise state. No doubt they beat them and 1 of the 2 losses of ok st shouldn't have been a loss.
He wants to go to an arizona school for sure. Asu 5-3 finding plenty of success likely winning vs oregon this week before losing 2 straight then beating in state rival AU for a 7-5 finish. While Arizona rich rod has a just shy of 9 million buyout coupled with this statement "Greg Byrne has said that the idea of firing Rodriguez right now is “ridiculous”" That's way too much money for a soft conference with semi low expectations. |ASU would be most likely but if they are making bowl games and beating their in state main rival. I find it unlikely they change things much.