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Nick Saban lost to La Monroe his first year at bama. coach needs some time to get his players and system in. probably would not have mattered with Chad Morris, but to be fair to him he should have had at least three years.
Bama played one team this year ranked in the top 20 and lost to them. Didn't even cover the spread by nearly 12. Kinda like OU
had the chance to give that "long overdue a$$ whooping" back in Jan this year. what happened???
says the team had to buy the refs against USC and got "throttle" by LSU themselves.
Pruitt gave a little tug on a players face mask. Big freaking deal. I'm guessing all the ones crying about it are the same ones that give out participation trophies to their kids?
tulane would beat every team Bama has played this year. And Bama gives up 30 plus points, nearly 300 yards rushing and over 100 yards rushing to a qb to what may be the worse team in the SEC? lol
Had Franks not got hurt Florida would have lost to Kentucky. Neither Florida or Alabama have played anyone. And Oregon and A&M both would have beaten Florida. Especially on the road.
Saban knows that playing UAB or Troy or South Alabama is nothing more than a trap game. It's a no win situation. Bama plays Troy and beats them its like, thats nothing. You were supposed to win that game its Troy. But what if they loose??? Bama or Auburn neither one have anything to gain by beating Troy and everything to loose by loosing to them. Troy like any team under the right situation and if all the planets and stars line up can beat any other team no matter who they are. Don't believe it? Ask LSU.
Pruitt isn't paid to speak proper grammar, he is paid to coach. Right now he is struggling with both, but does his grammar and choice of words really matter?????
that is BS. Wrong is wrong. what the student assisstant coach did was wrong. had nothing to do with the team or players. it was one guy. who i am sure will pay for his dumb ass actions. georgia tech has had a hard on against the SEC every since the 60's when an Alabama player gave one of their players a cheap shot and busted his face and knocked his teeth out and bear bryant would say he was sorry. lol FSU has the biggest thug in college football. yall are the ones that need to get over it.