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I'm not defending club. He is clearly over the top as I have stated before.... The poster above named me specifically which is what my reply was about... Next time you should read the post before commenting.. Better yet you should just probably avoid replying if you're not part of the conversation to avoid looking like a dumba$% again..
That's stupid. He is on the Bama staff and it's tradition... The Bama players wanted him to be part of the celebration as well... He was fired from UT. There is no reason for him not to celebrate.
I'm not sure LSU fans should call others "mouthy"....
Missouri can't actually beat a good team so now you want to beat your chest for purdue's win?.... LMAO
I was referring to the DUI... I imagine your book is missing a lot of pages....
They should at least give him a shot.... Fitz can't pass and makes MSU one dimensional. What could go wrong a loss? That's already happening..
I guess he should have just tried to break his ankle...
You post dumba$$ $hit all the time.. It would be easier if SDS just banned you from posting...
The NCAA rule book actually reads.... "No player shall target and make forcible contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, hand, fist, elbow or shoulder" I wouldn't expect you to know the rule..
I completely agree with this. The conference should be able to make that determination.
You guys are a sensitive bunch tonight... I comment about LSU fans talking about it being a conspiracy on ATVS and you guys start talking about trailers... My comment was actually about the topic, the reply I got wasn't...... Fans of all teams visit and comment on numerous fan pages on SDS. That doesn't make someone a troll. Being upset about a bad call is one thing but talking conspiracy is crazy... That's some wolfman level craziness.
Ranked at the time doesn't mean a whole lot. Look at FSU last year.... That UGA win looks good though.
Because it's a public forum talking football?... You have been to the state of Louisiana right?. They have more "trailers" than any other state in the nation.... Continue to be a dumba$$..
I'm surprised LSU fans aren't crying conspiracy.... oh never mind, they are on andthevalleyshook....LMAO
Fitz is terrible.... He is a RB at best. When he does throw a decent pass it catches his receivers off guard and they drop it...
Lock reminds me of UCF... His fans scream disrespect as he beats up on garbage opponents...
I seen vol fans saying Bama wouldn't cover and definitely wouldn't score 21 in the 1st quarter..... On to the bye week..
Seems like that was a bold (aka stupid) comment fuzzy
So you tell me of two teams that dropped them but that's not what I asked.... Who is turning them down? How do you know?..... That is what the OP insinuated.
He seemed fine running on the field to celebrate Hurts TD. .
Even ark state beat one of UCFs conference opponents...
Why?... Bama plays in the SEC. The fact Louisville is better than anyone UCF plays just shows how garbage the UCF schedule is. Their conference and OOC is garbage.... UCF is doing exactly what they want. They don't want to improve their schedule. They want to cry that nobody will play them and continue to best up on garbage opponents. They know if they improve their schedule they will fade away like BSU.... It's a good strategy by UCF, but nobody is going to take them seriously..
Oh man he kicked some painted grass... These teams are so out of control.... wtf ever..
Paul doesn't hype up teams that haven't won a NC since 1980...
Louisville is better than Any team UCF plays and that's not saying much..