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I would not be surprised to see Ole Miss and SC win their matchups..
Bill Clark will land at a Power 5 school during the offseason... He is doing a great job. If MSU wants him they will need to pull the trigger.
You still talking about food? HungerstrikeU...
If State beats LSU is will reset part of the perception overnight... While anything is possible I don’t expect this game to be close based on the way the two teams have played so far.
My feathers aren’t ruffled. I just point out you were wrong. I’m sure you would point it out when you know something is wrong.
I agree. The defense has a lot to prove and a B is very generous up to this point...
It may work out for both parties.. He may want out and MSU probably wants him gone.
Well it’s hard to say never when it has happened...
Mississippi State is playing very badly this season... I doubt LSU has anything to worry about.
My point is use the correct information in the article... That doesn’t seem like a moot point.
UGA fans rushed the field after beating the Vols in 2000...
You’re Still missing the point...
But that’s not QBR.. They publish a passer efficiency rating... Unless I’m missing something?
Except they don’t which I why I’m asking. Tua is 1 and Burrow is 4 using QBR...
What QBR are you referencing?
It will be nice to get him back and give him a few opportunities to build some confidence..
Some guy just trolling. I imagine it’s a UGA fan that has finally lost it with the loss to SC... I just ignore him. It’s his time he is wasting...
Curious but what offense has the Vols found?
Some of these results seems to be a little close based on how the teams have played.
True but Saban hasn’t fielded a offense like this before either..
My post was just about everyone always calling my bias if anything favored Bama... There is a LSU fan that posted it just a few posts up... You said it wasn’t a LSU fan or site, I said it must be based on everything positive is just because of bias based on a LSU fans logic... It was tongue and cheek..
Anything that favors LSU must be bias... I mean that’s obviously why Bama gets high ranked recruits, and the Bama players get any awards... Let use the LSU fans logic from above.. Its obviously all bias ..