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Yeah. With what LSU already has in the backfield I would think the OL would be the priority this year.
You never know with recruits..
Alabama players drug test wasn’t for PEDs...
Wolfman... you’re a proven dumba$$....
No worries... Bama fans laughed at the score of the game last year so your joke is just fine...
It’s easy to laugh at UGA and Missouri fans on SDS... Just look at you. You’re a UGA fan that’s worthy of a laugh each time you post..
LMAO... Bama is 4-2 against the hunger strikers... You probably haven’t witnessed Missouri beat Bama in your lifetime.
I see you have no idea what you’re talking about as usual...
He didn’t insult the troops or first responders....Are you serving now or have ever served in the military?
LMAO... Who is UAT? Also how many teams have been punished for cheating by the NCAA at some point? If we’re just going to go back in time and point at a spot a school got in trouble as proof it’s happening now then the NCAA might as well sanction every school.... Pointing fingers at someone else because you got caught just makes you look like a bit$h..
The “We want Bama” signs have nothing to do with the Bama fans and the ones I know just laugh at it... I doubt it will upset many people if they held up a we want Clemson sign..
You just posted as if we care about your opinion... See how that works?
But what do we use to determine the rankings? The last two seasons are the entire body of work for the coach?... The answer is different for everyone I imagine..
You have become xxilovemydawgsxx....
If Bama has 3 players banned for PEDs it would have came out by now as someone would have already did the open records request like the Media tends to do... These players are also not tested multiple times prior to the bowl game. The NCAA does one test prior to the CFP and it’s only for a certain percentage of the team. It’s that way every year...
Unless you’re the one hating something there is no hate..
And again the article is about him visiting Bama and is on a Bama page... If he wants to suck up to a recruit on a Bama article when the recruit isn’t reading this then I will laugh at him.. If he wants to get pat on the back for his post he needs to take it to a UGA article.
It’s all good. It’s just a opinion and you’re welcome to it.
I don’t dislike UGA at all... UGA fans on SDS have done nothing but troll since they made the playoff once. Premature celebrations must be a UGA fan thing.
You waving on your way to your job at Burger King?