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Braves... Arky is now a NC contender since they lost to UGA...
The thing is at season end it’s based on the entire body of work..
You must not have watched much of his games then.. He will sub just about every starter if he needs to, trying to not make the score look crazy.
It was 35-3 four minutes into the 3rd quarter... You tell me, do you think Bama started “holding back”?
SC wasn’t going to beat you at home either...
LSU is going to have some growing pains this year.. That majority seemed to recognize that outside of a few delusional homers...
So Based on the performance against Vandy TAMU doesn’t deserve a shot at the CFP no matter how they finish right?
You may want to just focus on worrying about Florida... There was nothing impressive in the win over Ole Miss.
If it’s show me season then you should shut up because Missouri got shown to be hot garbage again..
Embarrassing is watching a Missouri fan brag about a 19 point loss..
You’re part of the reason I love watching Missouri miss the postseason at the end of the year...
Bama played mercy ball against Missouri the majority of the second half... They could have named the score of that game if they wanted.
They have to get playing time to get better... The game was well in hand and the perfect time to get the younger guys in.
Good showing by the Tide. They phones it in late in the second half but Jones looked good and Waddle is in mid season form..
Fu(k off you POS... You’re a waste of oxygen...
Waddle is pure excitement... Was a scary moment when he hit the wall..
There is no bigger POS on SDS than you... Keep talking, you’re an embarrassment to the UGA fans that aren’t actually trash... You won’t be missed..
You think talking about someone’s dead family member is something to be proud of? You’re trash...
Is your family legacy talking about people’s dead mother? You’re a POS that won’t be missed..
Hey look the UGA POS crawled out from under his rock...
So sensitive.. Did him pointing out the score and spread hurt your feeling?
So are you... “Our offense looks as bad as Florida’s defense”
Luckily all their QBs are Heisman contenders..