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I didn’t say Bama would win the NC. I just pointed out they have done it with a lose multiple times... I also trust Saban knows what needs to be done to get this team right. That still doesn’t mean they win the NC.. You’re just making up $h!t to disagree about.
Bamabryan.... You’re dealing with a big crying b!t$h UGA fan here. He got his feeling hurt because of some comments about UGA’s offense and now he is feeling big and bad behind a keyboard... He does nothing but troll Florida but if you don’t hype up UGA he starts crying... Typical UGA loser...
LMAO... I’ve been on this site since it’s started in 2010.. You think I’m the reason the comments got shutdown? That’s just sad that I bother you that much with some comments about UGA’s offense... It will be ok.
Disappeared? WTF are you talking about? Also winning a NC isn’t something UGA fans know anything about... Congratulations on not winning a single one for the last 40 plus years... That’s Vandy level accomplishments..
LMAO.. So you’re just crying. Figures... Your teams last NC was in 1980... Not a single player on the team was a live the last time UGA won a NC.... That’s sad...
I made comments about it during the UGA/Auburn game and just like now UGA fans cried... The UGA/Auburn game is over so why would I still need to be talking about it? Are you going to cry like a b!&ch for the rest of the season?
You may want to stick to trolling Florida... That’s at-least a team Kirby has beaten.
It’s just not correct... The players were and are Saban’s... Notice Bama recruits just as well without Kirby or Pruitt... You tried though....
So what do you disagree from my post?
No they don’t.. Bama needs to win out and win the Conference... What TAMU does from here out means nothing for Bama.
In still not sold on UGA’s offense. Bama losing a game doesn’t change what I thought about UGA... I’m a Bama fan talking about Bama but hey congratulations on 1980.
So much doom and gloom… Bama has won 4 NCs under Saban with 1 loss. They have won two NCs without Kirby. I’ll trust Saban knows what he needs to do and let UGA continue to hang on to 1980… This post is supposed to be here. No idea how it to put on the AP poll article.
So much doom and gloom... Bama has won 4 NCs under Saban with 1 loss. They have won two NCs without Kirby. I’ll trust Saban knows what he needs to do and let UGA continue to hang on to 1980...
Bama has won the NC with a loss before. Bama has plenty of time to get right.
Bama is going to have to work on consistency between playing at home and away this season. I’m not sure if it’s because they are young but they do not perform well outside T-town. They always talk about communication but it just seems as though there is more to it.
Bama seems to be two different teams this year... They struggle away from home. They got to get that fixed.
Congratulations TAMU Fans! Those boys were playing their tails off. Hats off to ya and good luck going forward. Bama has to regroup and see what they’re made of . On to next week.
Heck of a game. TAMU played ball and kept up the intensity the entire game . Congratulations on the win TAMU fans! Bama is like night and day at home and away.. Maybe it because they’re young but they are not the same team on the road this year..
Ugagrad 1 HOUR AGO Drunk already i see. What was the score against Florida again? That was your orignal reply to my post... That’s a compliment for Bama? LMaO do you need a tissue still?
Nix made a few mistakes but it wasn’t him. The WRs stalled a lot of drives dropping passes that hit them in the hands...
LMaO.. A UGA fan told you to drink bleach. That’s pure comedy.
Take a deep breath Negan... You can’t tell us you were hacked..
Do you need a tissue? You seem really bothered? Did your mom pop the t!t out to early?
Oh know are you going to follow me around crying on all my posts now? LMAO