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Well, that was a good old fashioned country butt whopping. But, it was a great year. Roll Tide!!!
You are right, not mentioned, but I think we're supposed to assume that he's picking Bama since he says they are more comfortable with the pressure. What I'm going with anyway. Roll Tide. :)
Miss Kanell always has an argument. She just never has a well reasoned one.
You need to work on that bot script. It cut off part of the post you were copying.
Great job Tigers. Thanks for taking care of business unlike that cow college in the southern part of my state that failed all of us last year.
Neither did Joe Montana. But like that Heisman commercial he participated in, he had 5 rings that none of the Heisman winners in that commercial with him had. Same can be said for Peyton and Baker at the moment.
The only thing an 8 game playoff would have changed this year is that the championship game would be a repeat of last year's game instead of the year before. In other words, instead of Bama-Clemson, we'd have Bama-Georgia. Expanding the playoff only means the top tier teams (like Bama) beat down more opponents.
Hmmmmm, little insurance ain't never hurt nobody. Well played, Kyler. :)
Them Tigers won't allow themselves to suffer the ignominy of such a defeat. I have more faith in the Tigers than that.
If this is true, then that could be a problem for these players if they shot him after taking his gun. Unless he had another gun. Too much unknown here to make a judgment though.
Personally, I give Kirby the benefit of the doubt. Given his intimate knowledge of Bama, I think he saw something he thought he could exploit but was too slow to take advantage. With that said though, last year gave us 2nd and 26 for the whole year. We just need a catchy term for this one and it will hang all year too.
The fact Smith felt it necessary to tell Urban to stay out of the hiring process says volumes.
And here we go with laying the groundwork.
They will need a bigger classroom to get the whole OSU football team in this class. 100% chance of an A+ if you're on the team. Irony at it's best.
Forget about this flipping. Crap happens. How does one recruit for Michigan? Come here to get rolled by Ohio State every year? It can't be the weather.
He doesn't. But this in on his annual list of things to do and he has to check it off.
Personally, I think the risk of injury is the biggest argument against expansion. With few exceptions, even in the current system, it's rare to send 4 legitimate contenders to the playoffs. In a 6 or 8 or god forbid greater number, there would be a majority of teams that have no chance of winning it but every real contender still faces the risk of injury to its star players and then it's more of a crap shoot than anything else.
Everyone gets a participation trophy? That is the new way, right?
I think the Bama defense is going to be highly motivated to show the committee they got it wrong.
Actually, if you want to step into the Twilight Zone, go to some of those Ohio State message boards to peruse. They believe everything Meyer says. In fact, a lot of them think he's Christ personified and the world is persecuting him.
I think there is a good argument that this Jalen isn't January's Jalen. As good as he was then he's better now.