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Cowterd is an idiot by blaming Bama for low ratings. Did he not realize that Clemson was shooting for an undefeated season and national championship? That plus the fact that Bama was going for 4 NCs in 7 years made the game extremely compelling. The low rating is due entirely to the media and the ridiculous schedule that the powers that be put the playoffs in. 2 playoff games on NYE and then only 11 days later the championship? But if he thinks Bama is boring he better get used to it because they're not going away anytime soon.
Whiny ass Bama fans? The only whiny ass I see is you.
Big difference in excuses and reasons, Coach Saban gave reasons.
It's not excuses it's reasons, big difference.
Ole Miss scored easy points that put Bama behind the eight ball early. Like I said y'all are not as good as you think and will lose at least 2 SEC games once again putting Bama in the Championship game. That's just the way it is y'all are Ole Miss and we are Alabama.
Don't get carried away Ole Miss. You scored on an illegal play and a fluke bounce of the ball. Bama almost won despite FIVE turnovers. You're not as good as you think and Bama is better than you think. At the end of the season Bama will still be in Atlanta and Ole Miss will still be watching the game on TV.