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You two "guys" didn't think you didn't have something in common? Lol, there's a lot more on this site just like you two.
I said the same thing about Smart a few years back Mark Richt 2.0.
Maybe he has a part time job working for the site......Lol.
I've never been to "Death Valley" but, I've heard their fans are the worst.
If anyone would like to know what's going on they should read the know all comments.
I refer ND as the Dallas Cowboys of college football. Every year a bunch of hype and nothing at the end of the season.
You do know why HBCU's were formed right? of course you know, I'm not going to insult you intelligence.
Yeah,He's 14 and my fat is grown man fat.
I seen this guy at the Sweet16 game on tv and my other games also.