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Well, in SDS's defense(which is remarkable coming from me), the title does say "in SEC history". And in case you didn't pick it up, they are ranked by the number of interceptions they had in their sophomore season. So I don't really know what your "before integration" comment has to do with anything. Should Ingram's int record be abolished, because it was prior to integration ?
I can understand how it feels different. A Life Championship will make it feel different, I'm sure.
Disrespectful ? How is conjecture disrespectful ? Hayden is being a pussy.
There is no way that Bama, or any other college team would beat the Browns. That being said, the Browns are singled out for these type discussions because they are winless. Try winning some games before you start feeling "disrespected" by talk of a college team beating you.Perhaps Hayden should spend more time worried about his team, and less time concerning himself with meaningless chatter.
Tim Williams reminds me more of DT than does Foster.
I wouldn't compare him to DT. DT was the best pass rusher I have ever seen. Foster is more of a run stopping, coverage LB than a pass rusher.
Other than being the 2016 Champions of Life, you mean.
It's my understanding that the NCAA does not recognize the CFP Champion. Therefore, I surmise that the CFP is NOT an NCAA-sanctioned event. If the playoffs are expanded, most coaches will in favor of reducing the number of regular season games. The schools play the number of games mandated by the NCAA. Something would have to give...
I thought I remembered this guy tearfully hanging up doing his video rants ? If he did, he should have stuck to it. If he didn't, he should have.
"Put on notice" ? That's bold talk for a fan of a team that squeaked by a team fresh out of FCS. Beat an established team, and come back and talk.
Kevin Steele ? Rhett Lashlee ? You honestly believe that Steele is a better DC than Pruitt ? And Lashlee ? Lashlee is a glorified QB coach. Gustav is the OC there, and everyone know it. And it IS Rhett, not Brett. Since you are an Auburn Grad (because everyone knows that Auburn has no "sidewalk" fans), I would expect you to actually know your OC's first name, lol.
John Bond wasn't drafted ? Preposterous !
And Barners accuse Bama fans of being critical of Cam Newton, simply because he went to the Barn ? Pot, meet kettle.
Good luck with that. You aren't perusing a bastion of accuracy and well-researched reporting.
SDS never let a little thing like facts get in the way of an article.
The answer to question 8 is certainly not Kenyan Drake, since he is a graduating senior. SMH at the lack of research in some of these articles.
Chattanooga is a trap game ? Seriously ? I realize that they made the FCS playoffs, but somehow they are going to upset Bama ?
!. Kevin Steele will bolster Auburn's defense. The same thing was said about Will Muschamp, and Ellis Johnson before him.
No, you cannot. You might do it correctly.
There is no under, and I cannot count high enough to set the over.
IU robbed ? Using the word robbed implies they were somehow cheated. The kick looked to me as if it went over the upright, which would make it no good. If the kick was that close, how could they have been robbed ?
It was an eight bowl game streak that they broke, dating back to 1987. The article should have made that clear but, of course, didn't.
This is the worst article I have ever read on this site. I'm sure it was supposed to be humorous, but it missed the mark, badly. Please try to stick to articles that have some substance to them, and not senseless stretches used in an attempt at humor.
That's a promotion for Thompson, but not an upgrade for Auburn.
I wondered that same thing myself.