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The school system my kids are / were in quit teaching cursive a while back when Common Core started, guess us old ppl will be the only ones that can read/write it
He is part owner of Two (2) Mercedes Dealerships in Birmingham
Pushpop, that is funny, I used to love those when I was younger. you do have to admit the Grey Uniforms look pretty good though
I don’t remember anyone else going after Kirby either, not too bad so far...only time will tell, but I’m hopeful
Ok, so I think I will quit looking on SDS until Christmas and have my surprise then, good, bad, who knows but this is getting old quick
Agree, there were a few plays I thought he could have pulled it in and run, rather than force the pass. He started to look a little more comfortable as he played Dormady needs to quit stairing down his receivers, Florida will jump the routes if he does it against them
your comment shows why Alabama is behind everyone they play every year if you lose to a team MORE than you beat them they are a TOUGHER opponent than a team you beat regularly, that is why the other teams Strength of Schedule moves up and Bama's moved down, its not a slam against Bama
and that's the problem, they should have won 3 and won 1 doesn't matter if you have the fastest car in the race, if the driver cant keep it out of the wall
Nice run, now let's toss the ball to the official at the back of the end zone, don't start this drop it at the line stuff
I would love to see berry get involved with the offense a little, maybe a screen pass, he is so elusive, you never know could be the next Kent or Nash
ok I look at it like a fishing tourney, catch your limit, then start culling when the bigger fish come in
He got dismissed from the team in early October, violation of team rules
I think CBJ and staff are learning how to play in the SEC. at Cincinnati he may have been able to get a 14 point lead and hit cruise control, but in this league you better hammer down for 60 min. there is not a team in the league that cant beat the other team if they get complacent and think they don't have to play for 60 min. I am hoping they learn a lot from this season, with the painful losses and take that into next season and hopefully live up to the hype
I agree about Sutton, besides being a great returner, his pass coverage has been pretty impressive the last couple games
Don't forget BERRY and SUTTON, they can change a game quick
I was hoping he would try to return the last kick after Bama retook the lead, Bama did a good job keeping it out of his hand since they don't have great kick coverage
If I am laying on the ground reaching up and grabbing your Jersey or whatever that close to your frankenberries, you are welcome to stomp on my head (with a helmet on ofcourse)
"...uncharacteristic turnovers. Ole Miss gets credit for capitalizing on them, but those are not mistakes that Bama usually makes and it doesn’t have all that much to do with Ole Miss..." so you are saying that if OM's D would have just stood there, Bama would have still fumbled or thrown an Int. It had nothing to do with the play of the Defense, got it