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Ohhhh…..Let's not jump to conclusions here. Please don't forget...Tua only played 1/2 games up until Clemson. After halftime it was usually the Jalen Hurts show
If you use the word "hilariously" in another headline, I will never visit this page again
"Jadon" seems to think he is already in the NFL Hall of Fame. I'm sorry Jadon, but given the fact you decommitted before Chaney left, doesn't that mean that you are the used car salesman? And, should Cahney have said "Yes, Georgia is great, we want you to come, but there might be the possibility that I might take a different job at some point in the future." ??
It was 20-7 in the second HALF, third quarter
That's about as spot on an impression as I've ever heard too. In fact, its the only one I've ever heard
Do you use the word "hilarious" or "hilariously" in all of your headlines? Get more vocabulary
If he spent half as much time recruiting or coaching, as he does at strip clubs, he might be successful
The ratings should be through the roof on this. Gus's keen insight on someone else's problems should be hilarious. "Georgia is not running the ball well and stuff" Keen insight Gus
The LSU call should never have been called. I actually question whether the helmet made contact. Before it is even considered, the receiver of the hit head should turn or snap back in a very obvious way. That said, Jaylen Waddle was HAMMERED in the head from the side on a hit by Tennessee, and nary a flag was thrown. Totally inconsistent. After watching the replay on LSU, the refs should never have let that be targeting.
I'm just glad our receivers are "unrecoverable"
Well did you watch the Alabama Tennessee game last year? He threaded the needle several times in that one. YouTube the highlights to that game.
Watch him during a CBS broadcast. Continuously you can hear Gary Daniels in the background when he makes a throw quietly saying "Oh my God....did you see that??"
Fisher did you happen to watch last year's NC game? He threaded the needle, he was pressured, he won the game in one half and an overtime. He is that good. He presently has the highest QB efficiency rating OF ALL TIME, and 30 points above the next guy. Maybe you should watch. He is no Jalen Hurts. He is Drew Brees
He actually came into the season with zero career starts under his belt.
Likely first round draft pick? Ha! For what? Women's pro basketball?
The level of writing here sometimes correlates to paying much attention to detail. My kids would have picked up on that photo being used
Butch Jones sits in the Alabama meeting room on the side with the players like a grad assistant. Learning how to really coach watching the experts.
It will never cease to amaze me the things someone who just got their ass handed to them in one half will say after it happens. And it will only happen worse this time, if they get to play Alabama.
You are about to find out. He will make Georgia QBs look like mediocre high school kids.
Not until you learn to play a basic cover 2. did you see the second half of that NC game like I did? Get ready to be beaten harshly this year.