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Wallace to the Bills! No longer bummed.
I'm bummed that Levi Wallace didn't get picked up. What a story he is. Hopefully, he'll sign with someone soon. Danny Etling struck gold; didn't see that one coming. What an opportunity! The next Tom Brady?
And we still don’t care that, “I still don't believe Alabama belonged in these playoffs.” Worst show on the radio. I’ll bet that Steven A was happy to be rid of him.
The SEC championship was a bigger joke (choke). Admit it, we broke you just like we broke FSU. Payback for that cheap shot on Hootie.
As A Bama fan, I’m torn on this one. Kirby Smart is a huge part of Bama’s success in the last 10 years. But, Bama needs Auburn to win this game to take the sting out of our loss and make us look better to the committee. As a college football fan and a genuine Gumper, I would really like to see Kirby kick the h3ll out of the Tigers. Bitter sweet. RTR
I agree, Finebaum is an ESPN puppet. Has he ever had any real football knowledge? The Finebaum show is the most dysfunctional sports show on the air. That said, Bama should be at 5 or 6, not 4. Auburn deserves to be in the top 4, but not #1. Especially when Clemson is still in the conversation. The spin cycle starts next Saturday, I'll wait to see what comes out of the wash machine.
If we’re gonna die, then we’ll die with our boots on! RTR!
Bama played like they got into some rat poison Saturday. The 12th man brand of rat poison!That TA&M team was pretty good, and CNS said so. Kellen Mond, like Tua Tagovailoa, is a special kind of player. TA&M's fans are strategically loud all game long. Much respect to them! OU finally found their LA Monroe. No sympathy here! Go go Iowa State's brand of rat poison! Michigan ate the rat poison too! I'm complete!