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Hate all you want but the truth is Bama won 10 of its games by halftime and scored over 40/45 points at will in most every game. Hate is not a very honorable characteristic, truth is. Bama is better than Oregon, Utah, Baylor, Penn State, Wisconsin and yes, Auburn.
This committee is so tilted that it is pathetic. It has so many lousy Big 10 teams ranked way to0 high and two Pac 12 teams that are weaklings. Oregon proved the committee's incompetence last night. Back to the BCS Top 4. At least the computers are not biased with personal agendas..
Smoked? LMAO Lost by 5 to #2 team and by 3 to a flunky 3 loss team (always a 3 loss team, forever a 3 loss team). You trying to redefine the word "smoked"? Smoked is when you lose to an inferior Florida team or get beat by UCF....
Hillary did win, by 2.2 million votes. Pay attention.
If Kiffin jumps ship on Alabama, in the midst of a national championship run, he will confirm his status as football's biggest jerk and will additionally confirm all the horrible things said and felt by Tennessee fans when he unceremoniously dumped them..
I think we lose 2 or 3 games with a freshman QB, including a loss to USC..
I sure hope my Bama boys see this. Coker, Henry, the entire defensive front 7, Jackson and Cyrus and Minkah, Drake and Ridley, Coach Kiffin, Coach Smart and Coach Saban, etc., etc. These folks are picking the SEC Champs and the best defense in college football in decades, to lose to the ACC champs because of one player, Watson apparently, because that is about 50% of their team. Prove all these high priced, so-called analysts, to be 100% wrong and clueless. Roll Tide!
I hope I do not live long enough to see Dabo Swinney at Alabama...
Comparing Frank Howard and Bear Bryant is like comparing roast beef to filet mignon...
Why on earth are Mississippi State and Auburn so much higher than Georgia and Alabama?