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BTW What EXACTLY Qualifies Gary Danielson to be the Lead College Football broadcaster for CBS?? His college resume was that he was the QB at Purdue form around 1968-1970. His Pro Career was playing a few years in The World League of American Football for a few years. When that folded around 1974, he was a back up QB in Detroit, where he was "the inside man" of the Lions locker room for a local affiliate. That's unfortunately what started his path down the broadcast booth.
Not for Nothing Al Blanton, but Georgia's 1st Heisman winner was 1942's Frank Sankwich, not NFL HOFer and teammate Charlie Trippi. Also, since that time, Georgia was "down" in the 90's. While Tennessee and Florida flourished under Phil Fulmer and Steve Spurrier respectively, Georgia languished under Ray Goff and Jim Donnan. For all you Tennessee fans, with Georgia's SEC titles, Bowl Appearances, Bowl Wins, Total Wins, and Wins vs SEC teams, while Tennessee has languished for the last 15 years makes Georgia case a lot stronger than you believe.
Two HUGE errors in this article. Although, Alabama fans have not rushed the field at Bryant-Denny Stadium, nor the Florida fans in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium; they have in fact rushed the field in their history. Alabama fans stormed Legion Field a couple of times in the 80's and 90's. While Florida fans stormed the field in Jacksonville, FL in 1984, when they got their first win over Georgia since 1977. I believe this incident inspired Georgia fans to follow suit against Florida in 1985 (also in Jacksonville), at Auburn in 1986, and finally at Sanford Stadium in 2000 over the Tennesee win. Although, Georgia generally does not make it a habit (like Auburn or Kentucky), I believe Florida can claim to never have rushed the field in their home stadium.