Hate me cause you aint in the West bitches

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I own several bakeries, it is a light hearted joke. Insult me while everyone insults your class. Look at your star average. Look at your entire roster star average. Not deep enough or talented enough to make an impact this season. Your wife likes my bananna bread:)
The Barn is in it because of the Travis Williams relationship but you know how Bama reels in those top linebackers. Florida is outside looking in.
Coaches stock goes way down and often keeps them from finding high level employment after they get canned at a Power 5. Buyouts are in place to protect the coach for that reason. Bert or Butch were never going to find another job to significantly mitigate the buyout. Arky is going to payout.
STFU. Arky is gonna pay him just like Tennessee had to pay Butch. Stop with your tantrum.
Which is the biggest hoax? Tennessee recruiting class or Covid 19? When all is said and done, it will be the #7 in the SEC.
Darrell yall can't even compete for Covid in the SEC. All 14 years of your life have been as a loser.
Darrell yall can't even compete for Covid in the SEC. All 14 years of your life have been as a loser.
14 year old MSU troll, he's not good at life.
Chizik did it to you Barner. He hung around for a year in the Barn to raise his kid before being an analyst.
You do what it takes to get your foot back in the door after that tenure. Pay the man,you have plenty of money. Not a good look.
What is the point of having a contract if you are not going to honor it. You have plenty of $$$. Pay the man and move on. Not a good look.
Clemson got the good Central Phenix City kids. LSU and Bama washed out of the program.
Darrell....a 14 year old State fan with nothing to do
Swift is not a 3 down NFL back, but they will be a great combo. Lions should have gotten a QB.
Once again Wolf, you bring nothing to the table. Nobody cares about Kansas recruiting.
Scott had nothing to do with those injuries nor could have done anything to prevent it. He is a strength coach, he had a really long tenure for the profession and moved on. Big deal, I wish everybody would move on.
Pickens hasn't been going to class. His momma runs her mouth a lot around Hoover.....too much.
yea, ask George Pickens how quick his momma cashed that checj to flip. 1980 fockboy, never forget.
Florida hasn't won anything yet, lets hold on the praise. Easier gig at UF with Tennessee and Florida State being down.Gonna have to best Georgia,LSU, and then Bama in the SEC championship consistently to call a success. He is not there yet, but great job to the media for spinning it.
Their offense is trash. I like the Tigers in that game. Gonna be tough for Bo in the Swamp. Defense is gonna win that one.
The meth epidemic is real is Mizzouri. Put it down Wolfe.
Google football RPI 2019. Alabama's first 4 opponents are all ranked below Tulane. Great stat, I see what you did there. Doesn't mean crap till the end of the year.
Tulane is a better win than any Mizzou has. They have votes in both polls.