Hate me cause you aint in the West bitches

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All theses lowers talking shat with no Natty in hand. The East is G'League anywho bruh.
He won a natty, you haven't won shat. It was hard surpassing K-State and Miss. St as the only scholarship offers. Dum-ass
They should be so lucky after Mark Richt pulls in his 15th top ten class in row. The Doggies are front runners to the pack leaders in the SEC Least.
They had a terrible seasons both years they played in the natty. They have a good team last year just a terrible QB and play calling. They have recruited well in the trenches and their defense has come around. So yes, a top QB prospect gets them some love from the pollsters.
Fayetteville is the butt hole of SEC football. Thank god you guys have track and field. Please continue not cheating (cause there nothing to recruit) and hiring retread coaches that are gonna jump to more fertile ground at first sight. Bert is joke. Dont hate, congratulate.
Wolfman, for years I read your homer post. Missouri is not a feared or respectable SEC foe in football and never will. You got brought in for basketball and you fail at that. If you gus came to the west, the Mississippi schools would be happy.
You can't win at Georgia, the fan base will never admit they under achievers. You don't belong in football royalty. Kirby has not changed anything. Always thUGA. Win a weak division and then we will talk.
Dear Georgia fan, Your win a couple games you are not supposed to, and lose more that you are not. Recruiting and Natty's show you are full of shat. The east is the least.
Chad Morris is already a head coach, nothing else to prove. Chip and Mark are not on the table. Mario isnt coming back. Saban is difficult to work with, high turnover. Let's be realistic, not over optimistic.
And thUGA has won absolutely nothing in the same period of time. Talk a lot of smack with no trophies on the shelf. "We beat Hawaii in the Sugar bowl!" is your decade long achievement. Always stacked but never developed. KYS
Hahaha, when is the last time Georgia won anything? You kids suck. So does the whole SEC least!
There were more than 3 missed calls. They went both ways. Move on. It was a great game.
Those stats would be impressive if they translated into wins on the field and half of Raleigh yards were against non-conference opponents.
It's Georgia dude, the SEC Least, nobody cares regardless.
They play in the SEC least. Apples and Oranges my friend. One could only wish to have Georgia, Vandy, Kentucky, S.C., Mizzou, and Tennessee on its schedule every year. National stats are irrelevant.
Red Elephant Club----Trunks Up! It's how we roll.
"I'd stick my nutz on her head while passed out and poison it." ----Bama fans
Says the tree Killing and tea bagging inbreds of the Gump nation. Kill yourself please.
Your diddy touches you where you pee, troll. you might be 15, find a new hobby, like not your sister.
You a are pathetic troll, just keep giving me head. Freshman QB''s always pan out, or do they always have that one game that screws the pooch. Your mom's gonna cut off your Internet time if you keep on acting like a bammer.
He was so cute on MTV during Hoover 2 A-Days. His defense isn't going to score 14 points every game..
The SEC east is very mediocre but produces so much NFL talent, how does Georgia struggle so much against pure sh!t.
Tackling was awful tonight. Some of the worst I've seen. Soooo many yards after contact. Recycled head coaches as position coaches is not the answer.
Winning 10 games in the east is not really an accolade. Especially without a trophy case full of SEC championships. Tennessee has had some great wins, but they are not world beaters by any means. Bama hangs 50 on them easy. They go back into a free fall.
Always bringing the heat Wiffman. Next year is Mizzou''s year.
Graduate transfers are different dumbass. "Scholarship" means to earn a degree. He finished what he started at Alabama and cashed all his "process" checks and had the right to move on a start another degree where ever he chooses.