I have no bias, I just only see orange.
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He is, but Saban is the type to hype up every opponent to keep his team on edge and prepared.
So a program that's been around since 1891 should base it's outlook on the past decade? Don't be so salty with TN, instead be happy your team finally made a bowl get last year. Also for the past decade TN has gone 9-1 against you guys, during a historical low for the program. Just don't say anything and you'll seem more intelligent.
I was literally about to post the same thing and when the page refreshed there was your comment. For real though Matt ain't lying.
But don't really want talent like this kid at UT until we figure out what in the heck we are doing.
I see Eason probably leaving after this season but who knows. This kid seems like a contender. Fromm will pass the torch to him when the time comes. I'm orange with envyvbut
I am wondering if we won't see Eason transfer out and get a redshirt for this year.
So, there is absolutely no excuse for this. The season is still young but today Butch just showed why he will never take us to Atlanta. I will personally volunteer to help him pack up his stuff and go. I have experience moving furniture so it should go fairly quickly.
We have a great amount of talent on the field but I agree with riff raff here. Our coaching and defense won't get us to Atlanta. We could drop games to SC UGA LSU and UK in toss up games. We will lose to bama. A team with that many SEC losses isn't making it to Atlanta.
That's what I'm saying, Albert was sorry in Kansas City sure. But he put on for UT and the Titans to boot. He is a player who has had a ton of success, if he feels a certain way about the program's direction he has more than earned the right to say something. Shoops has had a history of success so I'll extend him a little rope but I think Albert is right.
Regardless of if they have those five star hearts in place, Butch will take this problem on brick by brick. brick.
I guess no game is meaningless, but can anybody refute his point? The point being that if either team loses, but then runs the table the rest of the season, they won't be left out of the playoff. I see the big 12 being left in the cold come playoff time.
Agreed on the Shaq thing, either we recruited really well or the dude is a slight bum. I'm hoping we recruited well.
Honestly I hope he is right. I doubt it, but it'd be nice to have a strong showing out of conference.
When I saw him come off the bench against ole Miss I knew he was a gamer. He wanted that win really bad and it was tangible. I honestly think his tenacity at the qb position would have been a big help in 14 too.
I hate to say it but you are right about muschamp. I never took him as a top tier coach, but he always makes Butch Jones look silly every time. Also, if not for a fumble in 15 it would be two years running y'all beat us. I tend to agree with your predictions, my reasoning for why I think UT could win is just as basic as John's reason. Butch needs to win certain games this year to avoid being canned sometime in 2018, south carolina, vandy, and Kentucky are those games. Regardless of the fact they all now have pretty competitive squads.
I'm with Willybob here, I'm surprised he didn't count us as a win for the gamecocks. I'd say that's more likely than Clemson at least. But honestly I think the predictions are on point except a win against N.C. state and a loss to Clemson.
Absolutely the best part of this article
I didn't say injuries didn't kill us. Honestly that's the premise of Shoops still having good will with me. If we played like we did with all our starters healthy all season I would be worried. As for now I'm waiting on this season to see where we stand with Shoops.
I can honestly say the 2015 lost leads where worse. I really, really, really don't like Bob Stoops. And now that he has retired there is no hope of a bowl game rematch some day down the road.
I was just curious watching an old game what happened to him, to a look to google and it brought me back here. Damn it, he knows how to coach. That 2015 team was great except for play calling on offense stalled our drives and kept the defense on the field way too many snaps to be effective. Bob Shoops still has this season to prove he is worth the switch, but Jancek was a known commodity IMO. Kentucky is making a great hire.
So it's times like these I realize how unique Tennessee's scheduling of a power five opponent to start the year each year is. It may not always be in our favor, ie Oklahoma in 14-15, but it's still respectable.
The Tennessee homer in me would've liked to have seen Casey Clausen on the list. Ryan Mallet out of Arkansas had one really good year but idk about if he had multiple or not.
I'm excited to see talented QBs come to the east, but dadgumit not Florida. They're like the LSU of the east, all they need is a QB to be SECCG ready.
Bill is referencing Esec who used to rock a power T logo but now uses the gamecock logo. I'm not sure the reasoning but I noticed it as well. Fairly certain at least.
It's part of Butch Jones mantra that each new year is a new team. That each new year represents another opportunity to be great. I can't speak to how helpful it really is, but that's CBJ's mantra.
I was thinking the same thing. I'd take Quincy Wilson over Jalen Tabor 10/10 times. Do y'all still have Alex anzelone? I probably butchered his name but he made his presence felt in Knoxville last year.
I guess it's because I never watch anything more than just the games, but I didn't realize ESPN had gone left on us. With all the political opinion shows like fox,cnn, MSNBC,etc you'd think that market is pretty well cornered.
I feel like if it's between those three he will end up in Gainesville. Georgia has Eason and Fromm moving forward. Alabama has Hurts and Tau, Florida has Franks and a bunch of transfers. He would see the field in Florida sooner is my thoughts.