I have no bias, I just only see orange.

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I believe that South Carolina will be good enough to beat any team in the division next year. It's a matter of if the new coordinators and Muschamp can all get on the same page. I mean they beat Georgia and played Florida tight until the 4th last year. They were very competitive against Bama too.
Love to see them have a good senior bowl outting.
I am not really a fan of his but if I were him I'd try and get Oregon's interest. He has a big arm and they are returning most of their O line in a league with no real defense.
Just out here hollering whooo like my name is The Nature Boy.
I think UF pressures the QB well and controls this game start to finish. And then Dan Mullen puts Emory Jones in and he shines just to put some fear in folks for the future.
If they keep dropping the ball maybe more top recruits from out West will seek a better school out East.
This never would have happened if Barry Odom was coach. Can't poach his O-linemen.
You aint lying. I've heard that we might have to play Iowa from other projections too. But who knows, Pruitt seems to have the boys headed in the right direction.
I was hoping for Memphis sake they would get a better match up, but they played themselves into the big league it seems. May God have mercy on their souls if they do draw Bama. Florida would be just as bad but they have less of a chip on their shoulder and would likely hand the game over to Emory Jones for the second half and work their two deep.
I wasn't impressed by Mac Jones when we played him. Granted, it's different preparing to back up the starting qb than preparing for a game knowing you're the starting qb. Still, that difference is more than made up for considering the difference in our front seven to Auburn's.
So it literally took me until this SEC shorts to realize Josh Snead was not Chris Marler. I listen to the podcast all the time and never thought about how different they sound until I watched this video. I googled it so I now know, but wow I feel dumb.
I've been saying this to anybody that will listen. Jennings is a dog.
Maybe it's just me, but I believe Auburn will win the iron bowl. And I think they will win by at least ten.
Kirby hit the nail on the head here. There's an old southern adage that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
I would pay some big money for that autograph. I'd have a signed picture of when he burned Jalen Tabor, one from when he snagged that hail Mary, and one from his first touchdown against SC this weekend. Dude is a monster and I really hope an NFL team sees that.
I know it wouldn't be a good thing for TN but I really want to see UGA get a good OC. It's just sort of a shame to have all that talent be mishandled.
Agreed, 2015 was a great game. I was in Talladega for that game watching it at a campsite of some gracious bama fans. I didn't cheer too loudly when we made plays just to be sure, but they were very friendly and everybody watching agreed it was a hell of a game. Of course that only made 2016 that much worse in retrospect.
They give up 27 a game on average in SEC play so far. They will improve I grant you that. But the reason the defense is being criticized currently is because you guys used to reload and field a top five defense year after year. The last time the Tide had just a top ten or fifteen defense was 2014. The years they have won a national title since Saban arrived they had a top two defense. So it may not be an issue this year, but historically it's not the recipe y'all have used to win big.
I am looking forward to watching this one. Should be a physical game. It'll be interesting to see if Florida can score enough to win this. I'm giving it to Auburn, but I wouldn't be surprised if Florida wins.
Yeah, Tennessee taking such a huge step back, even from last year, has snatched the soul out of me. I'd give my left nut to get Mike Leach or even Les Miles. We have the facilities, we can get the recruits, we have a fan base that would sell out the stadium week after week and travels very well to bowls, there is a history of championships, but this school went from being a top twenty destination job to a job nobody will take. Times are tough. But naw, we will burn mattresses and tweet to the gods above until we get a coach that will take us 2-10. I don't even really like college football as much anymore. Phook. Just phook.
Unfortunately you just have to let it run for like 30 seconds and then you can close out of it.
Whose first born needs to be thrown into a volcano to get us Mike Leach?
There's a strong chance that TN's o line resembles Miami's. Down to the fact we may start two freshmen tackles. I mean, ours were much better recruits, but the fact remains that our o line isn't about to push too many teams around. Mizzou with all their returning upper class men and running backs would be a good example though.
I hope he gets some discipline and pops up somewhere else. He needs to realize he can be replaced and that his value isn't completely tied to football but how he is as a man. If he can get his stuff together it would be better than him losing his potential and falling off into worse things. I hate to think being upset one night and cussing and fussing will derail his future. If he can get a handle on that temper hopefully he can change.
Call me crazy, but I think that Miami team will surprise some people this season. That being said this is a funny article and I won't take the Gators lightly until I see us beat them about fifty years in a row.