I have no bias, I just only see orange.
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That game was hot fire and both teams played well. If KY kept Travis out of trouble they probably would have won but thank goodness we pulled it out. I'm going to see us in the championship baby whoooooooooo!!!!!
The guy has moxie, grit, and skill. You really can't ask for more in a QB. I respect the heck out of of him.
A player actually swallows his pride and says that he didn't prepare like he should have to live up to the expectations surrounding him. And y'all are caught up on not being able to comprehend his vernacular like some simpletons.
Good to get the win. I'm not looking forward to us playing them a third time if it comes to it though. We sure clamped down on defense however. I hope we bring that intensity to the tournament.
I see Peyton running for office before he does anything football related at this point. Maybe when he is done he will go back to football, but I'd bet money he will run for an elected position in the next five years.
I thought the same thing. I mean Florida pulled off a huge turn around last year but I'm not holding my breath on us doing the same.
Have to admit it's impressive how he is able to reload not only with players but with staff. I'd say that's a quality hire if he can stick around more than a year.
TN probably whined so much after Peyton didn't win that we may never see that again. Charles Woodson was a hell of a football player though.
If the rules are changed so that the students can transfer without restrictions, I'd say that the schools should only grant a full scholarship to those students that sign a contract to stay through graduation. Partial scholarships to those that don't. In any business deal somebody is getting the short end of the stick, but unless we take schools out and just start a minor league the schools offer the platform, facilities, and coaching staff on top of an education while the student offers their ability to play a sport. If we want to give the athletes the leverage to bargain with schools we may as well just give them a league and take the schools out of it. They would have all the freedoms and liberties of anyone else in a work environment and just a contract with monetary consequences tied to it. Plus they wouldn't have to get paid under the table anymore speaking of money. They want to be treated as professionals and not as students then that's the way to go. I would prefer it didn't get to that, but I don't see a fairer option for all parties.
Well, it sucks to suck but here we are. I honestly don't have any hard feelings at Odom for feeling salty he is being poached. I also feel no shame Pruitt and staff tried to poach. It is what it is. Other than that go Vols and everybody else can suck a fat one.
I completely forgot about him after his academic in eligibility last year. Just did a quick read and he was able to redshirt because he only played a few games. Hopefully we can have a stacked LB room, it'd go a long ways in keeping us in games.
I know that about their D line. They may have three first rounders on it that are leaving for sure this year. My point was that simply stating their QBs won those games is a gross over exaggeration about a well coached and honestly talented team.
Him and Quay Walker should become a deadly duo soon enough.
So Trevor Lawrence and Deshaun Watson singlehandedly beat Bama? None of the other players held their own or outcompeted their Bama counterparts? That's remarkable!
That taking out the trash highlight was special. As a TN fan I think every sporting event could use a little more trash cans in it.
I think you might need medical help. I don't know what else to think when you are talking to yourself like this.
I didn't like Sony when he played for Georgia for obvious reasons, but his grit and modesty have quickly turned him into one of my favorite pros. He lived in the shadow of Chubb and Gurley and came out as a first round pick. I can't help but root for the "underdawg."
Glad to see Schofield back to his normal self after that two game slump. Love these basketball articles to keep us busy till next fall.
Our team didn't handle being number one very well, and our fan base is handling it even worse. We didn't play better than them and that's the truth. Grant Williams was a monster but other than that we didn't handle business. I hope Barnes tears them a new one in practice this week. We can't expect to stay on top long if that's how we are playing.
BamaTime, no matter who it is, they are dumber than a box of rocks and you shouldn't waste your time.
What's sad is I used to like Memphis for college basketball because my brother went there back when they had that nasty squad headlined by D Rose. I hope Penny gets a grip soon.