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I think the big ten goes after the PAC 12 honestly. The PAC 12 has good basketball and some teams that could be ripe for the picking at the top of the division. I don't like it, but I could see there being two power leagues, the southeast and the northwest. Divide America like two big pizza slices. A twelve team playoff with that would be NFL jr.
HB is a game time player from what I've seen. It surprised me to hear a lot of reports that Milton or Hooker are leading him. One even said Maurer was ahead of him. I hope he gets the start though. I think he would do well given the chance.
That is a solid point boxster. Players will be paid to stay not necessarily just to play. Although at some point some jack wagon player will take the money to stay and then transfer anyway. I don't think it will be the trend, but it will happen at least once.
I would almost put money down that Brian Maurer goes to Memphis after or during the season as well.
The PAC 12 is USC, Oregon, Washington, and cal. Sometimes the Arizona schools. My thought is the big ten is heading there next if they want to add schools. Notre Dame and BYU do present some problems for super leagues. The idea of super leagues right after an expanded playoff sounds unfortunate to me though. Part of the fun of football is speculation. Georgia being preseason champs, who can knock off Alabama this year, UT(pick one) being back, would 04 Auburn have been better than Oklahoma against USC, ect.... With bigger conferences and all the major contenders playing each other so often, the postseason will be full of rematches. That just doesn't sound as appealing to me.
If it's an infraction being enforced by the big 12, would an SEC player get in trouble if they did it? It's maybe a dumb question, but I'm genuinely curious.
The UT fan base is on another level. Any story involving us immediately pops up as the most viewed on the recent list. Starved for some wins or even any news.
"Bring six teams, eight teams, sixty three teams, it won't matter because the SEC will take home the hardware. On my momma y'all don't want these problems with us." -Greg Sankey
I think it's either Oklahoma or Georgia this year. Both have quite a lot of pieces in place to have a magical season. Only, Georgia has a much more difficult road to get there and may suffer a fair amount of attrition just getting to the playoff. Meanwhile OU will probably be able to bench starters and work on depth in the second half of most of their games. Whoever is freshest might have a lot to do with it.
Trey is a high character kid with a bright future at Kansas City I'm sure. His next contract once he gets past his rookie one will be big. I normally don't agree with gators but I respect your input. Dawgie style, I hope you're just a young kid who has some growing up to do. If you are an adult, I'm embarrassed for you and your whole family.
Kind of wild that Josh Palmer went before Trey Smith. I understand the blood clots have a lot of GM's worried, but Trey is a mauler on the line.
It's a shame to lose the talent, but it's nice to see the standards he is setting in place. They probably wanted to have playing time sooner than he would let them after making that boneheaded decision. This tells me he isn't soft on discipline.
If this were a drinking game, like take a shot each time bad news comes out of Knoxville, all of East TN might be deceased.
All I can do is say wow like Owen Wilson over and over
I will absolutely catch all the flak for this. But I grew up in a household with an alcoholic, and I'd much rather somebody smoke a little pot now and again. Two ounces is either subject to him going in on a good deal or trying to be a petty dealer. Neither of which is a major offense IMO. Being southern I do believe that discretion was lost in this young man. But does it make him a bad person? I for one don't believe so. I hope he lives up to his potential and supercedes this with excellence on and off the field.
I still get hot around the collar when I hear the name Bob Shoop. Swear we would have been more competitive with John Janceck in 2016. What gets me is he had success every where else too. Excuse me while I go burn mattresses.
A fellow can dream, but dreaming of a good candidate for TN only ends in waking up to another bad hire.
Happy for the young man. That is a heck of an accomplishment. Now, everyone make sure and not bring up that supposed Heisman curse. You know, the one where the Heisman winner's team normally loses a bowl game. That Heisman curse. Anyways don't mention it..... Heisman curse...
Finally one tiny speck of good news related to the vols here lately.
Yeah, Emory has rode the pine for a while no doubt. But as much as it pains me to say, Mullen is at the least a consistent enough qb whisperer to have Emory competitive next year.
God forgive these kids for celebrating a new years six bowl victory and probably a top five final ranking too enthusiastically. Let people have their moments, it costs you nothing to do so.
I'd say Florida would be ideal for him if he stays in the SEC. He could replace Pitts to some extent, he knows they definitely use tight ends as a prominent feature of the offense. I would love to have him aboard though.
I think we should try and come out and throwing deep. Not that UGA's secondary is a weakness, but I'm sure the expectation is that we will try to run it with our beefy o line. Plus Lecounte will be back in the second half so that secondary will become extra scary. Cimaglia will be our leading scorer on Saturday. The question is if our linebackers can clean up on coverage because so far they have shown no ability to do so outside of big Henry.
It will be nice to see how TN competes with UGA. That defense of theirs sure does look nasty though. Hopefully our O line can negate some of that.
SC should have a nasty D line in the coming years. My hope is that it's not that already. Their secondary and our lack of proven receivers is concerning. I think they will load the box expecting us to lean on our run game. If JG can't make some throws to convert downs it could be a long day for us. I'm seeing like a 23-21 kind of game with the Vols edging it. Could be that I'm a homer though. What a nail biter to start the season though. We always play them close these days.
I think it will be a long day on defense for Auburn. But you guys have enough offensive weapons to score points on anybody. If that Schwartz fellow gets his route running down, that speed will kill secondaries.
I knew it would be brutal, and everyone else has just as brutal a schedule. But yowza, seeing it laid out like this is eye opening about our year ahead.