I have no bias, I just only see orange.

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Oh no, there was a typo in the headline so now all of the information in this article is meaningless to me. How will I ever recover from having to read a typo? Connor pushes out endless material via articles here and through the podcast, y'all are uppity and ungrateful. The Facebook page is mainly more civil than this comment section. I imagine it has a lot to do with the lack of anonymity there as opposed to here.
Hate it for the cats. But help is on the way. I actually was at the game since it was in my city and tickets were $20. Iowa fans were weirdly doing the gator chomp so I automatically hoped they would get walloped. On a side note, I saw a KY fan with a thin blue line shirt and thought it was hilarious. I get the actual sentiment is supporting police and all that, but with what Iowa was doing to their o-line it seemed like a fitting nickname for that game at least.
I normally would think the committee would want to rank TN and UGA in a way to keep a rematch from happening first round, but with two all SEC championship games already, I imagine they want to eliminate at least one team in the semifinals. Of course, that's if two SEC teams make it. TN has to hope that either Ohio State or Michigan gets blown out when they play each other. If it's close, I could see the media and playoff committee putting those two ahead of us.
He would be top of my list if I were an AD looking. But a solid D coordinator would have to tag along too so as not to waste a good offense. Seeing Dan Mullen scheme up unstoppable teams and let Grantham screw it up was a waste of a championship offense. The reverse of UGA before todd monken came.
I'd try for pat narduzi or hell even hugh freeze at this point if I were Auburn
That could be a dangerous combo for sure. I fully expect them to make a new years six or two before he maybe takes another swing at power five.
I believe the playoffs expanding is being sold as opportunity. The selling point is that it will even the playing field and allow for more coaches to pitch a shot at a championship. The real reason in my opinion, is to make more bowls relevant. There is money to be made in bowl games, but when high profile players on teams who lost one game too many skip them, viewers say meh. If more bowls are added to the playoffs, then some of the major ones that are losing money due to the four team playoff will profit again. Them selling it as a chance for more teams to win is them trying to beef up non playoff new years six bowls. In any given year, probably only four teams can make it all the way anyhow. And in some years, like this one, the top two are clearly head and shoulders over the rest.
One thing though, this team is talented and has weapons. I hope Kiffin doesn't end up there. Him with AR-15 would be an absolute nightmare for everyone who isn't rocking jorts and doing the gator chomp.
I'd be pretty excited to see us against Purdue. And also I think the only way bama gets in is by beating Georgia. Cinci isn't losing any games left on their schedule, neither is Ohio state. If Oklahoma st or Oklahoma win out they are in. That's three, and Notre Dame is a committee favorite too. I just don't see a two loss bama making it. Good read though.
Oh for sure you guys did, and we for sure had one last defensive stand. But it seemed to throw off the drive. I'm still happy with the dub and think the vols deserve it. Just you hate to see refs insert themselves in a good game right at the end.
Hell of a game for both teams. But that missed facemask call has me feeling bad for Kentucky. That might have robbed them of a win.
No it doesn't sound like a way to beat every team in today's era of high octane offense. Or against any team with the defensive acumen to stack the box and play good man coverage. And there are plenty of teams who can. To Gwhite and mapjock I hear you on the whole take the foot off the gas explanation. I just also feel that our lack of depth will show against teams who are well prepared enough to not get blown out in the first quarter. Four of our last six opponents either won't get blown out in the first quarter, or can hang just as many points(ole miss).
This game was fun to watch. But SC showed the blueprint for how to beat us. If you have a good defensive line that has plenty of depth. You can get stops if you come out with the right plan. And if you have offensive line depth and some good running backs, I don't think we can outright stop that kind of rushing attack. Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia can run that type of offense and Kentucky and Georgia specifically run that type. Alabama just is good at everything. Ole miss might be winnable, but we have so many injuries on an already thin roster.
Bill, I haven't been on in a while and hadn't seen you post as of yet since I came back. My favorite SC poster on here. This should be a close, tough game. I'd say this is a toss up game if there ever was one. Albeit we have the home advantage and the crowd should be wild after we drubbed Mizzou like we did last week.
2019 was a pleasant surprise. But last year's dog fight is more of what I expect when we play South Carolina. For some reason, despite who the coach has been,this series has been one of the most competitive we have had recently. Both teams will play all four quarters. I expect our defense to come out strong like they have been. I think the first quarter maybe ends 10-7 with the vols up. Go into half 24-10. But that's when our defense and lack of depth will catch up to us. I see us escaping 38-31 after they start figuring things out and making plays against a tired defense. Their defense will keep them in it, until we score one last time for the win.
I think Bailey goes to the west coast to play in the pac 12 or he transfers to ole miss after this season. I don't know if he will wait that long after being the guy already for a little while to end last season. Just my two cents.
I think once some of their wr's start coming back this Georgia offense will look better. Also as the game progressed JT started finding a rhythm with who was on the field. They couldn't complete a drive, but they found something to work with moving forward. A few tune up games and I'd be worried. Already expect Joe Milton to get eaten alive as long as it takes him on reads.
Either our receivers aren't getting open or it takes him entirely too long to find an open wr. He looked like a statue back there in the pocket. Better teams will tee off on him.
I think the big ten goes after the PAC 12 honestly. The PAC 12 has good basketball and some teams that could be ripe for the picking at the top of the division. I don't like it, but I could see there being two power leagues, the southeast and the northwest. Divide America like two big pizza slices. A twelve team playoff with that would be NFL jr.
HB is a game time player from what I've seen. It surprised me to hear a lot of reports that Milton or Hooker are leading him. One even said Maurer was ahead of him. I hope he gets the start though. I think he would do well given the chance.
That is a solid point boxster. Players will be paid to stay not necessarily just to play. Although at some point some jack wagon player will take the money to stay and then transfer anyway. I don't think it will be the trend, but it will happen at least once.
I would almost put money down that Brian Maurer goes to Memphis after or during the season as well.
The PAC 12 is USC, Oregon, Washington, and cal. Sometimes the Arizona schools. My thought is the big ten is heading there next if they want to add schools. Notre Dame and BYU do present some problems for super leagues. The idea of super leagues right after an expanded playoff sounds unfortunate to me though. Part of the fun of football is speculation. Georgia being preseason champs, who can knock off Alabama this year, UT(pick one) being back, would 04 Auburn have been better than Oklahoma against USC, ect.... With bigger conferences and all the major contenders playing each other so often, the postseason will be full of rematches. That just doesn't sound as appealing to me.
If it's an infraction being enforced by the big 12, would an SEC player get in trouble if they did it? It's maybe a dumb question, but I'm genuinely curious.
The UT fan base is on another level. Any story involving us immediately pops up as the most viewed on the recent list. Starved for some wins or even any news.
"Bring six teams, eight teams, sixty three teams, it won't matter because the SEC will take home the hardware. On my momma y'all don't want these problems with us." -Greg Sankey
I think it's either Oklahoma or Georgia this year. Both have quite a lot of pieces in place to have a magical season. Only, Georgia has a much more difficult road to get there and may suffer a fair amount of attrition just getting to the playoff. Meanwhile OU will probably be able to bench starters and work on depth in the second half of most of their games. Whoever is freshest might have a lot to do with it.