I have no bias, I just only see orange.
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BamaTime, no matter who it is, they are dumber than a box of rocks and you shouldn't waste your time.
What's sad is I used to like Memphis for college basketball because my brother went there back when they had that nasty squad headlined by D Rose. I hope Penny gets a grip soon.
All of y'all can keep feeding that stray dog. He will keep coming back to you...
Politics is so polarized we can't even poke fun at the players being served fast food in the white house. I'm positive that they could have catered food from nicer places for them. It's not political to laugh at a president serving them McDonald's. Everyone should chill out with the overreactions and save your political commentary for Fox or MSNBC or wherever you turds go to shout at each other and solve nothing.
I get that by taking the scholarship and donning the uniform he now represents the entire University on and off the field, but it's a shame that a mistake that he should be able to have expunged and move on from gets him national media attention. It's certainly attrition to their depth chart, so it is news worthy especially for a sports website. It just will be a harder lesson for him because of his platform. One hopes he learns from this and moves on.
Not to side with the UGA troll that has a TN logo, but I'd argue that D'andre Swift and Najee Harris are at least comparable if not better in the eyes of most. It's impressive what Vaughn has done at Vandy, but I bet you next year come draft time those aforementioned two go off the board before him.
I've seen this same old song and dance too many times. I believe there will be progress but idk how much. For me I won't speculate until we start our conference schedule. Also UAB and BYU are two toss up games for me at this point. Sure we could win, but I could just as easily see us lose.
Wasn't Tate Martell the one that had the cryptic tweet about Fields not coming if he couldn't win his job at UGA?
I like how they mentioned how close the game was and that they had their backup QB, but no mention at all about LSU having pretty much all backups in on defense.
So, 2015 was the second lowest price on tickets. Also your complaints about last year's venue are certainly valid, but I didn't hear anything about the halftime show being 46 miles out last year. Was it?
Can't, Baylor beat Vanderbilt already. But a sweep of the upper tier teams for sure.
Gonna have to agree with LSUSMC here. Obviously his choice has paid off for him, but it is weird to hear that from a guy who turned them from dominant to practically unbeatable.
Yeah, it's kind of a head scratcher he has LSU on his list. They've had a ton of great receivers, but uh the QB play though leaves something to be desired. Who knows, by then maybe they'll have a stud qb show up too.
You created a Vol profile just to trash us? We aren't even worth that effort these days and yet here you are going above and beyond. How did we hurt you so? What could we have done to warrant this childish backlash of yours?
One thing I haven't heard anybody speak on with the 8 team playoff is the change it would have on recruiting. If you win your division in a power five conference, you have a chance for a playoff spot. That would be a great sell for a lot of coaches in good but not elite programs. Teams like USC or Texas would have a higher chance to keep recruits home instead of losing them to Bama or OSU and you would start to see more parity at least from a talent level. I may be way off on my take, but I do think this is a perspective that could be explored in the reasoning for an 8 team playoff.
If it were up to me I'd put UCF and Notre Dame in a bowl together to reward them for their seasons. Put Oklahoma at #3 and Ohio State would play Alabama. The tide could avenge that 2014 loss which would generate a lot of buzz. And it also would have probably the four best qbs from around the nation in the playoff.
Did "fat Phil" sleep with your significant other or just your mother? You know, projecting your feelings on here won't turn them into reality no matter how much you wish it to be true.
I'm not going to say that y'all should fire Gus, but that Dabo comparison is not exactly informative. Dabo had a few years as a learning curve to be sure, but after being the full time head coach in 2009 he had two bad seasons. From 2011 forward he has won at least ten games. Point is he learned and improved and hasn't shown signs of regression. Gus has been all over the place with his seasons and is way less consistent. I'm not saying he is a bad coach, I'm just saying that is a bad comparison.
After his career at UT there should be a Jarrett Guarantano award in college football. Each year it will go to the student athlete who got the snot beat out of them the most all season long. They will receive a complimentary session with a chiropractor and some crutches for their troubles.
I think UGA has a punchers chance and agree with his reasoning sort of, but Joel Klatt has had such terrible takes on football all season long. Honestly him saying this gives me doubt for the dogs just because the dude has been wrong all year long.
I know I've got to sound like a homer here but if you put JG at LSU or A&M or one of the teams in this league that doesn't let their qb get abused like a red headed step child, he would have some eye popping stats. Heck Shurmur would too. It's hard to separate the qb and the team they are with though. Still, if Nathan Peterman can get drafted and last almost two seasons in the NFL I feel even Terry Wilson has a shot, shoot.
I really think Jeremy Pruitt will pan out but Mike Leach is hilarious and I would have been happy to have him as the coach as well. I guess that's a no brainier after Butch but still.
If you're going to troll at least read what he said. He never actually said he thought it was a fumble. SevenT, you are lazy and that was a poor attempt. Go back to the drawing board and try again.
If only, if only the woodpecker sighs, the bark on the tree were as soft as the skies.... I'm so jaded I'm expecting Auburn to somehow make an incredible run starting with a complete destruction of us. I'm going to be all orange and white and cheering, but I don't expect too much.
I guess it's a sign of the times but I'm actually happy with our performance today. Not completely, but hey, we played our tails off in an intense environment. We beat the spread and we showed we aren't as incompetent as last week made it seem.
Seatonda is just a troll. He never has anything positive to contribute. The Urban Meyer suggestion is the give away this time. No TN fan wants Urban on our sideline.
I'm thankful for your service, but you sound like a shallow snob.
I'm not saying Jake Bentley is bad, but an important stat that was left out was his INT number last year. 24-7 is way more preferable to 18-12.