I have no bias, I just only see orange.

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I see you don't care about people taking late and unnecessary hits. Congrats. If the big boy was so tough to dish it out and he wasn't ejected, I absolutely approve of his teammates getting extracurricular. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Pretty simple honestly.
Good to see that Ben Jones stood up for him when the refs wouldn't.
Hate to say it but you're right about that. It was a big moment, and especially the fall out of Grier after the fact too.
It's a sign of the times, but even still, ouch.
What an insecure response to a valid suggestion. You would think your programs current success would give you thicker skin there red n black.
I'm definitely going to sound like a homer, but I'd say Dobbs hail Mary at Georgia was bigger than the one Felipe threw against us. Also I feel like the game against VT in Bristol is an honorable mention for having the largest attendance of any football game ever.
Hopefully we can develop a Nast linebacker corps with all these high level recruits Pruitt has pulled in at the position. But this is a good sign of how Pruitt is respected by recruits.
Lol no love for Bentley? I agree that I would have had him in at least the top 25. But the rest of the list is pretty solid outside of fields who I just sort of hope pulls a Blake Barnett. I get his decision to leave but eh the guy just gives off a sucky vibe.
I hope you're right and LSU makes some noise in the western division this year. I have a soft spot for LSU despite our history against y'all in SECC games because your fan base hates Florida as much as ours does.
I thought the same thing. I hope TN keeps Harrison Bailey the way he has been recruiting for us. This guy is good but I want us to show some loyalty to Harrison.
Sure won't be so funny to you October 26th.
The only power five conference them flipping to that would kind of make sense would be the big 12. And that's still too far in my opinion.
Yeah, Bama or Georgia would hate to have the No. 3 safety in the nation committed to their team.
I agree that their schedule is really tough but I don't think a tech team that went 7-6 is a big threat to them.
Let's go Daniel! I still remember him as a little kid though from when his brother and I used to wrestle for Bellevue middle lol. They both got so much bigger since then.
I was waiting to see a gator fan throw it back to the Dawgs lol. Neither team's coach has lost control, but with all the UGA comments on Florida articles it seems like just desserts.
Of course I do, I was mentioning games we didn't win last year that I believe we will pick up this year. Although I'm 50/50 on our game against state. I think we drop games to Florida, Bama, uga and Mizzou this year. Every other game I expect a win or at least believe we have a good chance to win.
Man I hope he recovers quickly and thoroughly. He has been one of my favorite players on the team ever since he destroyed Teez Tabor all game long in 2016.
I like us to win all our non-conference games this year and maybe pick up a win against SC or candy, and hopefully both. I don't have any concrete reasons other than just having a feeling though.
I would reply directly to y'all if I wanted to do so. But I just see it all the time with his articles since he is one of the handful with Michael Bratton and one other fellow I can't remember right now that cover us. It's not that I don't see where y'all come from, it's just that in his being overly critical he actually put together a more complete article than the rest in this series in my opinion. I do believe we have a big season of improvement ahead of us and even said I am higher on us than he is though.
Also I'm on here often enough to know he has a history of being harsh on the Vols but I don't really care about a reporter being harsh on us. The rest of the league is harsh on us. Opinions are just that and there is no reason to get bent out of shape because of them.
As much as everyone is talking about how overly critical Hooker was in this article, this is the first article in this series that went as in depth about the O-line as it did. It's almost like this is a line of scrimmage league and that information is vital to how successful a team will be. I think this team has a chance to perform really well considering the circumstances. I'd say better than Hooker expects, but I won't down the guy for being skeptical after this past decade.
I'm just being honest. We play them late in the season so maybe we will be looking better and I'll be feeling silly by then, but I don't like the match up this year.
We made a massive jump in rushing defense from 2017 to 2018, but I don't like our odds against mizzou's offense this year. They look like a physical and experienced unit on the line and have a stable of capable backs highlighted by Rountree. Throw in Kelly Bryant and I don't like our chances in how we match up. We lost folks on our D line and haven't really developed a linebacking corps for the most part. I think they will run all over us this year.
Excited to see the o line progression with Wright in campus now. I know it's way too hopeful of me, but I want to see both of our 5 star linemen make impacts similar to Trey Smith who was a complete mauler.