I have no bias, I just only see orange.
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Yeah Schwartz is unreal. There's a ton of talented receivers in the SEC this year.
Hate that he lit us up, but I wish him well in the NFL.
He probably should have just answered those tweets by retweeting the picture with 38-10 and maybe send it to Hugh Freeze for good measure.
I'm not arguing that y'all's roster wasn't depleted or that Clemson's defense will be on the same level as last year, I'm just saying y'all got their attention last year and I'd expect them to have their game with y'all circled on their calendar. It's a rivalry game already, but I'd bet they want to bring the heat against the cocks this year. Also to answer for Arkansas vol a bit, we have been adding depth to our roster so attrition will play less of a role hopefully than it has in years past. Not to mention I believe we finally have a coach who can develop talent. We shaved off close to a hundred yards a game allowed on our defense last year compared to 2017. We made some serious improvements although the win column may not have shown it. I'm not predicting a win per say, but it wouldn't surprise me either if we did.
I'm not trying to be mean, but Michael Lombardi is a trusted professional within the industry and has decades of experience within the NFL. His take on QBs I would trust more than the average person behind a computer screen. To disagree with his take is one thing, but to dismiss him as some dope is a bit naive.
Bill I normally see where you're coming from, but A&M and Clemson I think are sure losses. I know y'all out up numbers against Clemson last year, but I wouldn't expect the game to be that close again. I think you guys are capable of blowing the doors off TN but the last three games have been very very close. I've respected SC since Connor Shaw was undefeated at home, even maybe rooted for y'all a hand full of times. But take the shades off a little buddy. I see a good season but not a possibly beat Clemson season.
So it's been a long off season, and I've been watching some of our rivals games again just to get an idea about the returning players at least. Georgia played a scary number of true freshman and sophomores last year. From the #3 and #1 classes they pulled here recently, not to mention they pulled another #1 class in 2019. If they can develop talent then this year's team may take a giant leap from last year's. I believe in our coach, but it's a shame it took so long to get somebody like Pruitt. Florida and Georgia are about to be at full steam and we are just taking off. I'd like to take a second to blame Obama and Trump and whoever the next president is too....
I think Kirby Smart is going to continue to improve as a head coach. Last year was a great learning year for him. He had a less veteran lead team and he still could have made the playoffs. The SEC championship game showed he is close. The LSU and Texas games showed what he can learn from. He is still new at that position when compared to Mullen. Mullen is a proven commodity at this point. If anybody can't see the writing on the walls that he will bring Florida back, they are purposefully looking the other direction. All that said, Florida's O line may be poopy this year. They may get mauled in Jacksonville this year.
Dang, y'all came to snatch Kirby's soul with the quickness for that joke.
I think we have a mix of the right ingredients for him to have a good jump in production this year.
I know he is projected to go to the Knicks, but I would kill to see him play for the grizzlies. He would be like Zebo but mo betta at least to me.
They would have had to throw like 7-8 for him. East TN is very pretty, and the cost of living is insanely cheap in comparison. LA is dry and flat and hours away from anything worthwhile as far as nature is concerned. It's more expensive and crowded as far as the city goes. Sure you rub shoulders with more acclaimed individuals out there, and there certainly is a more high end lifestyle, but you get waaaaayyy more bang for your buck taking a raise and staying in Knoxville. Not to mention the expectations are way different for men's basketball. I can't say an LA lifestyle isn't more fun, but it's way less practical for a man his age.
I wish they would only plan out maybe five to six years in advance. These will both be blue blood programs when they meet, but who knows if it would generate as much revenue as if they were to meet sooner(no pun intended). Heck, who knows of the AD will be the same at that point? I'm sure they have their reasons, but hearing about matchups over a decade from now doesn't really get my blood flowing. And it makes less sense the more I think about it.
I'm sure we will bump up his pay if we are able to keep him. I guess it bears mentioning that 3 million in East TN goes a whole lot further than 5 million in LA however. He's a heck of a coach though and has earned his paycheck wherever he chooses to take it.
I'm all for it, but two one day camps and then a three day camp? How much can they teach these kids in such a short time frame about life and football? If they turned it into a five day camp held in middle TN it would make more sense. Still not much time but it would seem like a legitimate setup comparatively.
While I completely agree with what you're saying, a lot of these young bucks getting recruited couldn't tell the difference between a dogwood and a hackberry.
I gotta admit, Bruce Pearl has this team rolling right now. I think they could cut down the nets if they keep this up.
They ask him why must he feel this way, hey, must be the money.
I love the enthusiasm and hope he is right, but all I can see in my head is Jared Harper raining threes on us. We will see in the game. As always go Vols, let's cut down some nets.
That game was hot fire and both teams played well. If KY kept Travis out of trouble they probably would have won but thank goodness we pulled it out. I'm going to see us in the championship baby whoooooooooo!!!!!
The guy has moxie, grit, and skill. You really can't ask for more in a QB. I respect the heck out of of him.
A player actually swallows his pride and says that he didn't prepare like he should have to live up to the expectations surrounding him. And y'all are caught up on not being able to comprehend his vernacular like some simpletons.
Good to get the win. I'm not looking forward to us playing them a third time if it comes to it though. We sure clamped down on defense however. I hope we bring that intensity to the tournament.
I see Peyton running for office before he does anything football related at this point. Maybe when he is done he will go back to football, but I'd bet money he will run for an elected position in the next five years.
I thought the same thing. I mean Florida pulled off a huge turn around last year but I'm not holding my breath on us doing the same.
Have to admit it's impressive how he is able to reload not only with players but with staff. I'd say that's a quality hire if he can stick around more than a year.