I have no bias, I just only see orange.

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If this were a drinking game, like take a shot each time bad news comes out of Knoxville, all of East TN might be deceased.
All I can do is say wow like Owen Wilson over and over
I will absolutely catch all the flak for this. But I grew up in a household with an alcoholic, and I'd much rather somebody smoke a little pot now and again. Two ounces is either subject to him going in on a good deal or trying to be a petty dealer. Neither of which is a major offense IMO. Being southern I do believe that discretion was lost in this young man. But does it make him a bad person? I for one don't believe so. I hope he lives up to his potential and supercedes this with excellence on and off the field.
I still get hot around the collar when I hear the name Bob Shoop. Swear we would have been more competitive with John Janceck in 2016. What gets me is he had success every where else too. Excuse me while I go burn mattresses.
A fellow can dream, but dreaming of a good candidate for TN only ends in waking up to another bad hire.
Happy for the young man. That is a heck of an accomplishment. Now, everyone make sure and not bring up that supposed Heisman curse. You know, the one where the Heisman winner's team normally loses a bowl game. That Heisman curse. Anyways don't mention it..... Heisman curse...
Finally one tiny speck of good news related to the vols here lately.
Yeah, Emory has rode the pine for a while no doubt. But as much as it pains me to say, Mullen is at the least a consistent enough qb whisperer to have Emory competitive next year.
God forgive these kids for celebrating a new years six bowl victory and probably a top five final ranking too enthusiastically. Let people have their moments, it costs you nothing to do so.
I'd say Florida would be ideal for him if he stays in the SEC. He could replace Pitts to some extent, he knows they definitely use tight ends as a prominent feature of the offense. I would love to have him aboard though.
I think we should try and come out and throwing deep. Not that UGA's secondary is a weakness, but I'm sure the expectation is that we will try to run it with our beefy o line. Plus Lecounte will be back in the second half so that secondary will become extra scary. Cimaglia will be our leading scorer on Saturday. The question is if our linebackers can clean up on coverage because so far they have shown no ability to do so outside of big Henry.
It will be nice to see how TN competes with UGA. That defense of theirs sure does look nasty though. Hopefully our O line can negate some of that.
SC should have a nasty D line in the coming years. My hope is that it's not that already. Their secondary and our lack of proven receivers is concerning. I think they will load the box expecting us to lean on our run game. If JG can't make some throws to convert downs it could be a long day for us. I'm seeing like a 23-21 kind of game with the Vols edging it. Could be that I'm a homer though. What a nail biter to start the season though. We always play them close these days.
I think it will be a long day on defense for Auburn. But you guys have enough offensive weapons to score points on anybody. If that Schwartz fellow gets his route running down, that speed will kill secondaries.
I knew it would be brutal, and everyone else has just as brutal a schedule. But yowza, seeing it laid out like this is eye opening about our year ahead.
The South Carolina game is always hard fought the past five years so I'm personally excited for that. But I'm also excited to see Kentucky match up against Auburn for some big boy football which is odd to say about Kentucky. They deserve it though with how they have played the past few years.
That's a shame, he has a motor like no other. I think he is a big time run stopper, however that's not exactly the mold of LB that the NFL is looking for anymore.
All my family lives in Georgia and I never will ever hear the end of it.
I'm glad that Jennings was able to rebound and make plays after, but yeah that was very impressive because Jennings typically eats everybody's lunch.
Isn't Nick Bolton the LB that almost killed Juan Jennings on that tackle near the end zone? I thought I saw a man die on live TV.
This is a game between two HBCU's, so I highly doubt anybody is waving around the stars and bars at their games.
That 2010 game was so wild. Didn't the rules change because of that game? Derek Dooley meant well but good Lord.
I know it was probably originally an ounce and they were selling petty amounts of personals to people. So there really isn't much profit to be had. If he finished his degree he could be making much better and safer money. Looking at some serious consequences over probably $100 of profit. I hope down the road he gets it together.
I've been saying for a while that Connor Shaw is my favorite SEC player to not wear Orange. Followed closely by Sony Michel. This is a great list of players. I was trying to think of there were any defenders who were stellar and didn't get enough credit, but in this league the defensive players can sometimes be the biggest stars on the team.
KJ and BS are both some big time bruisers at rb. Swift will be a good change of pace. The lions front office loves them some SEC running backs.