I have no bias, I just only see orange.

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I know it was probably originally an ounce and they were selling petty amounts of personals to people. So there really isn't much profit to be had. If he finished his degree he could be making much better and safer money. Looking at some serious consequences over probably $100 of profit. I hope down the road he gets it together.
I've been saying for a while that Connor Shaw is my favorite SEC player to not wear Orange. Followed closely by Sony Michel. This is a great list of players. I was trying to think of there were any defenders who were stellar and didn't get enough credit, but in this league the defensive players can sometimes be the biggest stars on the team.
KJ and BS are both some big time bruisers at rb. Swift will be a good change of pace. The lions front office loves them some SEC running backs.
I work in the hospitality industry so you really are barking up the wrong tree bud. I fully know. They also have said they are opening classes this fall which I know. I guess you didn't?
To be honest I sort of figured TN would be one of the first schools to make a stance about Covid. However I never in a million years thought Phillip Fulmer would be on board with the safety precautions. I saw this going the opposite direction. I ain't mad at it, just baffled. To me, I can't justify somebody getting sick and possibly dying for entertainments sake so this hits. It's just way out of the blue for a Tennessean to hear we are being cautious during a pandemic. Not the norm in our state honestly.
I wish the Def Jam fighting game series never got botched up so bad. Those were super fun and I think would make a great comeback.
Yeah, I'm excited for this class don't get me wrong. I've seen some of Pruitt's recruits, even the overlooked ones, making an impact on the field and in the game. I just get annoyed with folks acting like UT hasn't averaged a
The amount of Hugh Freeze comments is baffling. If you look at the class and see the average recruiting ranking and can do math you'll realize we are on an almost identical pace as last year's class. The attention being given is really only because other teams haven't started recruiting in full swing yet and there isn't anything else news worthy in sports. I don't expect much out of the trolls on this site, but even you lazy losers can do better.
Definitely excited, although he is also the fourth running back in this class. I figure with his build I guess he could replace crouch as our short yardage back and leave crouch to defense.
I'm a let you finish, but I just wanted to say Beyonce had the best music video of all time.
Who did he say? Mond? I hate saying it but it would have to be Trask if I had to choose a QB. How he played against LSU and Auburn was telling.
Unless Todd Monken is a miracle worker I think it's time for Georgia to take a step back this year. I do think they will be the team to beat in 2021 barring Bryce Young at Alabama becoming a big thing. This year is I think unfortunately the year Florida will win the east. They have too much returning talent and Mullen is a good coach. As for the west, if Bama can get back to playing defense I think they can take home hardware this year. Steve Sarkisian is a good OC and that team will put up enough points to be in any game.
Trey Smith won't be drafted? Wanya Morris, Cade Mays and Darnell Wright too?
By that time we would have a few of our players drafted and he would have a chance to start immediately. Still too far out for me to put any stock into him commiting.
I was thinking the same thing. Clemson may just win it all next year. And as much as it pains me to say it, I've been rewatching last year's big games and I think Florida will win the SEC if Alabama doesn't get serious on defense.
#1 Would be UT beating Florida in 01 to come up short to a good but not elite LSU squad. I don't know that we really wanted to bark up that 01 Miami teams tree but it would be a BCS appearance for the second time in four years. #2 UGA and Oklahoma playing in the Rose bowl was the best game I've seen live. Right behind it are the 2012 SECC and this year's Fiesta bowl between Ohio State and Clemson. #3 I don't want to sound like a hater but I never saw Alabama collapsing so monumentally to Clemson in the 2019 Natty. I knew Clemson was capable of winning but never like that. It's almost a testament to Alabama's success that this will stick with me. It was like seeing Superman get the snot beat out of him for the world to see.
Nice article, just another reminder this season was a wild one.
I believe that South Carolina will be good enough to beat any team in the division next year. It's a matter of if the new coordinators and Muschamp can all get on the same page. I mean they beat Georgia and played Florida tight until the 4th last year. They were very competitive against Bama too.
Love to see them have a good senior bowl outting.
I am not really a fan of his but if I were him I'd try and get Oregon's interest. He has a big arm and they are returning most of their O line in a league with no real defense.
Just out here hollering whooo like my name is The Nature Boy.
I think UF pressures the QB well and controls this game start to finish. And then Dan Mullen puts Emory Jones in and he shines just to put some fear in folks for the future.
If they keep dropping the ball maybe more top recruits from out West will seek a better school out East.
This never would have happened if Barry Odom was coach. Can't poach his O-linemen.
You aint lying. I've heard that we might have to play Iowa from other projections too. But who knows, Pruitt seems to have the boys headed in the right direction.
I was hoping for Memphis sake they would get a better match up, but they played themselves into the big league it seems. May God have mercy on their souls if they do draw Bama. Florida would be just as bad but they have less of a chip on their shoulder and would likely hand the game over to Emory Jones for the second half and work their two deep.
I wasn't impressed by Mac Jones when we played him. Granted, it's different preparing to back up the starting qb than preparing for a game knowing you're the starting qb. Still, that difference is more than made up for considering the difference in our front seven to Auburn's.