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No! Mississippi state program is trash! They did the same thing in a bowl game with Iowa.
Facts. Fact check it. Might learn something. Your not my bud.
Only need 11 players to play. Where the skeleton? Not your bud weirdo.
Actually the egg trophy was nasty but don't worry, we will clean it up. Sorry, not going back as long Leach is coaching.
Didn't look like a skeleton crew to me. There no next time as long as Lane is on the train. Excuses Excuses.
This is for the idiot state fan that posted he enjoyed watching Ole Miss lose. I enjoyed the fail state shutout.
Bullturd will go 2-10 in 2021 with all these 3 stars.
Don't waste your breath on him. He known to act like a 4 year old. Even though he said he like being with 4 year old. Guess that make him a pervert.
It's more like "We party like it's 1999 with fine ass women!"
Nope. They are good. Thanks for your concerned. 2021 is a long time.
Guess you don't understand what I'm trying to say and not expecting you to understand. BTW you are trash! Go sing along with Vince Gill. 13th now but probably 4th or 5th later.
Nope. You are like talking to a 4 year old and pretty much wasting my valuable time. BTW Ole Miss has 4 players in 2021 class. Way to early to start ranking IMO.
State turd are quite. Love it. This dude is bad. Great get. The country singer can't coach or recruit. Where the kibble man which sounds like my three years old. Aka open the wallet.
BTW. What does kibbels mean? Kind of childlike talk.
Hate to be your wife, husband, friend, or whatever because you are so negative all the time. Grow up please.
Wow. Are some people brainwashed or not keeping up with latest news. Didn't realize how stupid Florida fans are.
It doesn't matter if he put the info out first because nobody cannot understand coach O. Need a translator to understand him.
You definitely live in dark age. Piss on you. BTW stop the () PLEASE. It's show your ignorance.
Arkansas please. Who wants to live in the woods and make moonshine. Also, the women in Arkansas. Anybody will pass.
Memphis and a ranked team California was tough. Arkansas was the easiest team of all. Get your fact right. Missouri couldn't beat Memphis or California. You are brainwashed.
Come on ol'Mizzou, only hard team ya'll played is south Carolina and lost to a high school team. You really think you're the best team. With or without Bryant, it's doesn't matter. Missouri going to lose.
Wow! What a POS that you are and a waste of earth air. Unbelievable!
Typical Bulldogs response. Just like they wanted the targeting on helicopter quarterback.