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Wow. Are some people brainwashed or not keeping up with latest news. Didn't realize how stupid Florida fans are.
It doesn't matter if he put the info out first because nobody cannot understand coach O. Need a translator to understand him.
You definitely live in dark age. Piss on you. BTW stop the () PLEASE. It's show your ignorance.
Arkansas please. Who wants to live in the woods and make moonshine. Also, the women in Arkansas. Anybody will pass.
Memphis and a ranked team California was tough. Arkansas was the easiest team of all. Get your fact right. Missouri couldn't beat Memphis or California. You are brainwashed.
Come on ol'Mizzou, only hard team ya'll played is south Carolina and lost to a high school team. You really think you're the best team. With or without Bryant, it's doesn't matter. Missouri going to lose.
Wow! What a POS that you are and a waste of earth air. Unbelievable!
Typical Bulldogs response. Just like they wanted the targeting on helicopter quarterback.
Yikes said a Florida fan that almost lost. Congratulations
This is pitiful. Lol. Who are you? Oh wait, a fail state fan that hasn't played anybody yet and still lost.
Looks like he can fly in future. Lol. Ms state suck and hasn't played anybody good yet.
Yep. Every school self report minor violations. Lol. Seems like Alabama is the only one. Paying players at it's best. are brainwashed and have a filthy mouth.
Here we go again with paying players comments. Getting old and show your stupidity.
Dan Mullen is a better coach than Moorehead aka idiot. He need to go. Irenaus is a grammar turd. Please go away. You are an embarrassment.
Already signed dummy. Typical fail state. Enjoy your yankee coach. Oh, make sure you get your championship ring fitted.
Sorry sour biscuit. That's not Morehead team that beat ole miss. That's Mullen team with a very good defense. We should see Morehead team in a couple years. How about them msu baseball team. They are the best. Not.