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Who cares. A team with all the best players going to win. Hint all 5 stars. Boring as usual. Money at it best.
Like I said, you are weird. I've watched the game last night and they (state defense) are horrible. Not sure what to saw.
You are weird. Tell me what's right?
I'm crying. You hurt my feelings. Lol
Damn. MS State sucks. Worst defense ever and making ole miss terrible defense looking even better. Should have pulled Fitzgerald out and put Thompson in.
You have no idea what you are talking about. Read the allegations and come back. Please don't tell me no school paid their players because I will laugh.
Where is #18 #18 16 HOURS AGO Everyone knows Saban says the team that is up next is the best on all sides of the ball. It doesn’t mean Saban or anyone else really believes it.
Better than Nick? Nick the overthrow. Love it when he pluck his lip up when they lost to the Rebels.
No he doesn't. Please get your head out of your ass. Both teams played high school teams. Ole Miss defense looks horrible as of now.
You might as well laugh at Saban because he said the same thing.
"Learn from it, move on and keep working on it." LOL. He has been overthrowing it since day one.
Here we go again with the bought theory. SMH. Are you jealous that Ole Miss beat Bama twice and MS State last year? yep. Ole Miss has the best offense in the nation. Last year Ole Miss had Shea Patterson and he could not get it done.
You are dense and spinning it. Apparently jealous. Straight from 247sports news. "Haynes is a three-star prospect rated as the nation's No. 3 junior college safety by 247Sports."
When they are cocky, they lose. Just like the egg bowl. Cheater not welcome. Karma
Dude, how much did they paid for him or he got moreheads. Dude
He gone through legal system. Lol. All he got was a simple assault and fine for $500 which probably been paid by msu boosters. Serve no jail time. Nkemdiche is no comparison. He done stupid things to himself which we all do when we are young but nothing like beating a woman. Hate to tell you but your turf is not squeaky clean. Lol
I don't know of any om player lied to NCAA or rival school. You're just making stuff up and that why you are pathetic.
Who cares? Ole Miss let him go but what sad is he hired a dumbass lawyer to fight for nothing.
TA&A win big. Lol. Why. Because they got Fisher. Please.
This has nothing to do with ole miss. Ole miss has granted him permission to leave, but has no say so if he can play this year per ncaa rules. NCAA will judge if he will play or not. Not sure why this idiot shady lawyer keep coming after ole miss. Sure don't respect any lawyer that name call other lawyers.
Hate to tell you everyone on clarion Ledger is a state grad. Keep talking and enjoy. BTW there no sticken.
Nope but you go right ahead. Probably the best thing if you did because you are obtuse.