BlueTickBengalTiger barely remembers the Doug Dickey years and came of age in Knoxville during the era of Bill Battle??? Then attended Vandy for 2 years yet never attended a game. Finally got hooked into SEC football while selling advertising for a Vol Network affiliate and especially in 1985 while listening to John Ward during The Year of the Volunteers... when a Heisman hopeful went down with a knee injury and a bunch of no name players stepped up to win the SEC Championship and knock off National Championship bound Miami in the Sugar bowl... Went on to sell advertising for LSU network affilate in 1986 when again a group of no name players took the Bengal Tigers past the Aggies, Bama, Gators, and the Fighting Irish to the SEC Championship and the Sugar Bowl. His favorite SEC coach is The Chief John Chavis.

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I’m just hoping Fuzzy Vol is young and would appreciate a cool history lesson... and hasn’t lost his mind ...and orange matter hasn’t spewed all over his room? “What is a 1 second seat?”... Look up Saban 2013 Iron Bowl, Kick Six. “$10m table dance”... In 2003 Mike Price had just landed a $10m contract to coach Bama (huge $ then). Look it up and see how he lost it all one night in Pensacola Florida, you will laugh hard... And don’t forget, there is another team/coach that hired both Lame Kitten and Butchie Boy too. Yes, Bama can be Bad ...And stupid too, Very stooopid!
I really like how Dave Hooker describes both the preseason Vols and the East here. However, I hope he is wrong... Why?, Because The Crimson Tide has the same weakness as The Vols have... Their biggest problem is between their big fat elephant ears. And while Alabama seems to be clicking on all brain cells right now, their history proves they can go through as many years of insanity as their Tennessee 2nd Cousins... But this article is about Jeremy Pruitt, an Alabama product who given a meteoric rise in Knoxville would be sitting in 1 second Nick's retirement seat in a millisecond. I really really really like Jeremy Pruitt. However, I hope his turn around plan in Knoxville takes 3-4 years instead of 1-2... I would hate to see That Orange Brain explode again... only to lose him to Bama... And I would love to see The Crimson Admin and Alums pass on him because he isn't flashy enough for a $10 million table dance.
Thanks Al, What a Wonderful Walk down the Hall of the Last 40 years in SEC Football! However, you forgot to mention Spurrier's Visor, Fun N Gun, or his best quips like... “Will be the 14th time I’ve coached in Neyland Stadium. … I’ve coached there more than some of their head coaches.”
Never forget that The Vols had a "Brick by Brick Wind Up Doll" for a coach that left Jeremy Pruitt their worst 0-8 SEC team ever... As bad as the Worst Vandy teams to walk on a field... and by the way Butchie Boy is still working a graduate assistant's job in Tuscaloosa.