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Dumb comment. Arkansas not dodging anyone, any more than any other team that’s had to postpone/reschedule this season. Jeeze, between you and wolfman, I have trouble deciding which one of you makes Mizzou fans look worse
Don’t judge Mizzou fans too harshly based on wolfman and booches. I cringe every time I read their comments, too. I’ll root for the Hogs any day they aren’t playing Mizzou. Ozarks gotta stick together. Sam Pittman is awesome and Barry Odom is a great guy, just makes for a much better DC than HC.
Hate to say it, but I think Arky gonna beat Mizzou next week, especially if we can’t get any better production out of our offense than we have the last three games. Razorbacks are down, but certainly not out. Vandy and MSST are winnable, but I’ve been a Missouri fan long enough to know there’s a good chance we’ll snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in at least one or two of the next three
This is always a good game, and no matter the record, SC always plays Mizzou tough, with the all-time series tied up. Drink better not overlook the Gamecocks in the battle of Columbias
Bazelak looked great in the one game, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Mizzou fans are jumping on the hype train a little too prematurely after one win, albeit a decent win.
Arkansas was absolutely robbed on that call and should be 2-1 right now.
I was pretty vocal on social media that this post was in poor taste. We’re still 1-2. Yes, we beat a good team with a lot of talent on their roster, but LSU’s coaching, especially on D, has the team in disarray (not to mention a last minute venue change). Take the W and move on, Mizzou; there’s still 7 tough games yet to play. Gloating never seems to end well in college football...
As a Missouri fan, I was pulling hard for Arkansas to pull another upset on what’s been a crazy Saturday. Feel like they got robbed on that backward spike/fumble. Arkansas should be happy with the job Sam Pittman is doing; he’s the right man for the job. I’m pretty nervous about our game against Arky, gonna be tough!
Yeah, still don’t think East is better than West. SEC gonna tear itself apart before the year is done, but I betcha West still ends up on top.
Happy for my Tigers, but don’t get too excited yet. Great win, but still a lot of tough season to play.
MIZ!!! What a fun game all around. We need every win we can get. Good game, gotta clean up some big mistakes, hope LSU can bounce back next week
You’re right, but hey, I’m just thankful we’re playing at all this season after the sh*t show 2020 has become.
No doubt this was a tough start for Drinkwitz - only two spring practices, COVID related issues, etc. etc. Mizzou not looking to be elite this year obviously, but one thing I really liked was how few penalties were committed - 3 for 20 yards total for the game. Seems like a minor issue when you get beaten by 19 (really score differential could’ve and should’ve been much higher if not for AL taking foot off the gas), but if this team had been under Odom or Pinkel, penalties would’ve dogged the Missouri team the entire game. Drink has a long way to go to build this program. But I think he’s going to do the right things over the next couple of years to get Missouri back in competitive form.