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This is just an observation, not an indictment or a complaint.College football feels to me like NASCAR before it broke nationally. It's become regional, and as that has happened college football loses viewers who are fans of "their team", and not college football as a whole. As we see the SEC continue to outpace the pack, one has to wonder that if you are not a fan of a team in the conference if you just live for the regular season and whatever bowl game your team lands in? Strange days indeed.
..whoever comes out west, he's gonna cost USC a boatload of money, probably double what it would cost in almost any other state. Between the cost of living and the tax situation, USC is will be forced to break the bank for what they want,,,
.That coaching gig is a dead end. Uconn has to commit to having a football program to stay in the league to allow their basketball team to stay in the conference. It's painfully obvious the administration really cares not a whit how the football team fares. I don;t think they want the negative PR, but I don't think it's enough to make a positive change Time will tell.
My guess is this sort of comment is the beginning of Frost's farewell tour. I think Frost has realized he is coaching at a school that is on the way out in the new, hyper competitive, hyper monetized world of college football. Nebraska fans are at the stage where they have expectations based on the teams from the 90s, but don't realize the ship has left the dock, and their not alone. I see him dropping to a FCS school, or maybe doing game commentary, which might look like a great gig after coaching.
The stadium is decaying, the parking is miserable and the only team anyone cares about here (if you're not an alum) is USC, and even that fan base is shrinking. SDSU plays this coming Saturday here in LA (they are without a stadium in San Diego for a couple of years), and tickets can be had for as little as 8 bucks. For that they might get some takers!
The PAC12 is slowly but surely backing out of the big time sports business. There are just too many pitfalls and not enough return in relation to what it requires. The fan base shrinks annually as the oldsters die off. The kids don't care. The whole NIL situation could very well be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I found it interesting that no one on the search committee is from a CA school. Prepare for a slow fade. ...and the migration of the top high school talent to the SEC and ACC are just speeding up the inevitable...
Carol Folts equals Donde Plowman. I think "being elite" for many big time programs administrations is starting to be viewed as a liability not an asset for the school overall. An earlier poster implied the same thing. Between the impending NIL changes, concussions, and the shady recruitment dealings that go on at virtually every school, they don't need it. I think we see another winnowing of schools and see a "super division" of 10-20 schools who are the elite. At some point between schools questioning the very reason they are in D1 football, and realizing they are just cannon fodder for the top dogs something is gonna give.