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The PAC12 is slowly but surely backing out of the big time sports business. There are just too many pitfalls and not enough return in relation to what it requires. The fan base shrinks annually as the oldsters die off. The kids don't care. The whole NIL situation could very well be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I found it interesting that no one on the search committee is from a CA school. Prepare for a slow fade. ...and the migration of the top high school talent to the SEC and ACC are just speeding up the inevitable...
Carol Folts equals Donde Plowman. I think "being elite" for many big time programs administrations is starting to be viewed as a liability not an asset for the school overall. An earlier poster implied the same thing. Between the impending NIL changes, concussions, and the shady recruitment dealings that go on at virtually every school, they don't need it. I think we see another winnowing of schools and see a "super division" of 10-20 schools who are the elite. At some point between schools questioning the very reason they are in D1 football, and realizing they are just cannon fodder for the top dogs something is gonna give.