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They should just call off the rest of the tournament right now and declare UMBC the national champions. That was a fun game to watch last night!
Those boots look broken in. He and Sumlin must wear the same size.
Well said 96 Gator! Well almost. Unless that school is The F Gators ;-) Dan Mullen....We Ain't Skeered!
Aaron Murray, are you taking notes?
I think it's brilliant! And there seems to be no advantage or problem at all with alums helping out their programs this way. I don't know of a single team that doesn't have former players. What we DON'T need is another NCAA rule getting in the way.
They should have played on Sunday, like LSU offered. No, 5 other teams and hundreds of thousands of fans should not rearrange their schedules just to accommodate Florida's decision to not accept ANY offer. We'll just beat the F Gators in Jacksonville on October 29 and solve the problem for everyone.
Maybe start a new tradition. Night game in Sanford Stadium, wear black jerseys. Everyone would automatically know to wear black in the stands. No gimmicks.
SDS, could you please squeeze just one or two more video ads on this page so my screen will completely freeze up instead of just uncontrollably jerk around?
1a. Steve Spurrier’s gutsy decision to resign mid-season. GUTSY - LMAO!
Someone overheard this while riding on the Gus Bus: "Hey, I'll trade you a Duke for that Pig over there."
How could you be ranked a #3 team and ever allow 52 points?
Even if they're not playing!
This the very first time that I have ever posted an "L O L" !!
My guess is that Green will be a temporary replacement for what we've missed from Sony Michel in what I like to call our 'Feral Dog' formation.