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Nah, Finley enables the run and ball control with his ability to run a believable RPO. He is competent enough to throw the ball and hit multiple players vs zone and man coverage. Brennan won’t get that much support because he is not as effective at running the scheme. LSU is not a respectable team without the true RPO threat and coordinators will simply play heavy zones against the Tigers because they can stop the run with 6/7 in the box. TJ is the future. Burrow was the past. Their raw skills are the same, this is what the spread offense requires that we have been clamoring for.
Myles doesn’t have experience. TJ was fully able to run the RPO because he is a threat to pull and run, which Myles is not. At 2-2 this is not the season to ride with a player that graduates in a year or two. It is to establish the best next three years between the two freshmen. Myles is a great kid, loyal to a fault, but he is a transfer. He won’t win the starting job again anyway. He isn’t gifted with the natural abilities that the spread offense requires.