Tennessee sucks, barn sucks, LSU sucks.

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I'm thinking with all the help we need at DE this kid is coming to T-town for playing time. Not the tinsel town one, but Tuscaloosa.
Bama currently has three 5-star O-linemen committed in this class. Let's hope he makes no.4. From a talent standpoint from ratings, this is probably gonna be Alabama best class ever and we have more scholarships to give out than 25 with like 6-8 players transferring this past off season and the two QB's. Gave a a couple to walk-ons but I say we sign about 28-30 players in this class. Need this kid, Marvin Wilson, LeBryan Ray, steal Shaun Wade, and the WR I can't remember his name that isn't Nixon Collins. I'd take him too, though.
I say he sticks around another year. Could've swore he's a Jr. Pretty sure of it.
LSU fans don't have bandwagon fans? That whole state that pulls for LSU are alumi? Yeah...freaking...right. Alabama has bandwagon fans cause teams that win so consistently seem to get them. Sorry your team hasn't been doing too hot. Straight Bama jellyness. Might have to send you to jelly school.
LSU players and fans have been butt hurt for so long. It's pretty entertaining. Thanks for Moses and Chris Allen. Oh, and a HUGE thanks for Landon Collins, Cam Robinson, Hootie Jones, Tim Williams, and most of all... thanks for the 2011 national championship. Alabama couldn't of done it without ya, LSU.
His cheating is evident but they'll keep I'm there until he's forced out to save face. Might not make a bowl game this year but still probably the best coach they'll ever have/can get.
I'm picking Miss St. With Shea Patterson out there it isn't a sure win like it looked like it was gonna be a few games in. Fitzgerald will be the better QB Saturday. ain't buying the Patterson hype. Especially when you lose to Vandy. NO excuse to do so. This team came off a sugar bowl win to maybe not even making a bowl.
Before I clicked I thought it would've been a higher profile high school recruit. Nice get I suppose.
I haven't a clue why Coach O let Guide break Fournette's record. FFournette did it on 16 carries and Guice should of never been out there with that lead so late in the fourth Q.
What's the head to head record there? I never watched the Iron Bowl game on t.v. or in person while it was there because of my youth.
Fantastic. Best freshman TE hands down.
Ole Miss players already make more money than this kid will. Lol
He was bright enough to know that despite getting an auburn tattoo, Alabama was obviously the better of the two schools. Possible 1st round pick and now a shot at 3 outta 4 SECCG wins and a second natty.
The o-line is finally gelling together like the fans knew they could. Jalen Hurts had all day in the pocket to throw and he shined as well. Scary scary team they're progressing into.
A few spelling errors but not as ridiculous as the delusional post above.
Alabama spanking Tennessee by 39, Ole miss spanking UGA by God knows how many while Ole Miss is last in the West, LSU probably manhandles Florida, Arkansas killed Florida. Dude, you're just delusional if you don't hint there is a HUGE difference between the west and east. East hasn't won the SEC since 08, won't win it this year either. Also, you're Mizzou Tigers were embarrassing in the SECCG's. The east has been so bad that those awful Tiger teams got there 2 years in a row.