Tennessee sucks, 10 in a row. LSU sucks, 6 in a row. auburn sucks, 3 in a row and 5 out of 6 and soon to 100 in a row..... cause they suck. Major ass. Like, obviously they're one of the most mediocre college teams in the NCAA, consistanly average in conference play, claim two titles which in 1957 they were on probation and didn't even play a bowl game so that one gets an asterisk. The one in 2010 is fishy, Can Newton's dad (a preacher, no joke.....) was paid over 100'000$ for his son's services. The barn is also the second "dirtiest" team in NCAA history right behind Arizona St.
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Christians used the bible to make slavery an o.k. thing to do. A lot of Christians think poorly of atheists for one reason, we don't believe in god, while a large amount of them are, like you said, racist, prejudice, and the.most judgmental. Throughout history one of the most brutal and inhumane establisments was the catholic church. If we go back 3 or 400 years there wasn't a difference between the Muslim religion or the Christian one. Both greedy and bloodthirsty. I know a lot of good Christians tho, and tho I'll never get why they believe in what they do even tho I was raised in a Christian environment, they're good people and I just view it as the majority make the minority look bad, which is usually the case.
Even though the stories say it was for personal use.I seriously doubt Freeze needs to call hookers. They're probably just trying to protect some kid which find somewhat noble.
It's usually the most religious that are the most evil. I also can't stand the spouting of fairytales but I also get it. Though it's EXTREMELY condescending. Most coaches are more than likely Christians considering the U.S. is one of the most religious free countries in the world. Anyways, I can't help but to think of when college coaches are so outspoken with their faith it's because they know a lot of these kids come from strong religious backgrounds because religion is mainly sold to the poor. Coach Freeze seems like he just took the Catholics churches idea and ran with it.
funny coming from a fan of the S.E.C.'s most notorious cheaters. also weren't there rumors of coaches having "escorts" for recruits when visiting auburn during the Chiznik days?
it was obviously his decision. he might've been 2nd on the depth chart at LSU but he was 5th at Alabama. Yeah, it is part of the process to continuously land no.1 recruiting classes so we can beat our third biggest rival 6 times in a row. Good point.
He'd be the best pick considering Patterson is more than likely gonna stay so the offensive is somewhat already taken care of. I just think Les sits back and waits on another job to open up cause it already isn't easy coaching in the S.E.C. West and who knows now what the NCAA has in store for Ole Miss. They could get a penalty so harsh theyd never finish best than 5th. Hell last season they werent in trouble yet and still finished last.
I know Tex AM hasn't been in the S.E.C. for long but I'm sure you've noticed its already hard enough to win in this conference. So when a team is caught cheating they're gonna hear about it from rival teams for a long long time. Why do you think no one else outside of Opelika cares for auburn?
this is fantastic. if you're gonna sell your soul and cheat like no other at least do it at a school you could've won a N.C. at. I wonder if two decent seasons were worth it. haha haha. hypocritical d-ba*
Fantastic idea. Hopefully Alabama and others will create some of these for the fans. Tho being an Alabama fan we get talked about basically all the time but still for us hardcore fans itd be great.
Stewart really balled out for us the past 2 seasons for us. I hope he has a long an increible career in the NFL.
Never even thought of him but he's was way more valuable than Clowney. He lead S.C. to 3 eleven win seasons. Cause wasn't Stephen Garcia eventually benched and Shaw took over for the first eleven win season?
He's been the best in the pros but Amari Cooper had a better season while at Bama than JJ ever did.
Derrick Barnett? He broke Reggie Whites rack record.
Oh no. You shouldn't of brought up those Tex AM hits from Mack Wilson. Theyll cry for the next week on every article. Noil lost a tooth. hahahahaha
I can't be the only one that notices FSU gets a lot of coverage on an SEC site. Which is weird considering traditionally they're lower in tradition than Miami, which has an ex SEC coach, and maybe neck and neck with Florida when it comes to tradition but yet I keep seeing FSU articles. If it's because Bama plays them first game of the year don't be fooled because us Bama fans couldn't care less about what their undereducated football team says or does. Playing USC last year and Penn St awhile ago as first big games of season were more appealing and IMO had way better tradition.
Never thought of him doing that but if he could lead an CFL team to the playoffs and show he's not as rusty as one would think than NFL teams might start rlly showing some interest. I think his ego might be too big to settle.for a year or two in the CFL which is silly. I'd kill to play any football again.
I lov<3 Little Rock. What stadium is there and who are they playing?
Damien Harris should've made this. He only had the most rushing yards for Alabama last year tho it was while having the least TDs of the offensive stars for Bama.
They're all pretty bad. Miss St. IMO has the best.just because the background has the Vegas sign with "Starkvegas" on it. I can't complain about Bama's. Don't know what 2/3 of the tigers were thinking(excluding LSU).
I'd assume it's because he gets good recruiting classes. Has he had a under 8 win team since he's been there? I actually think he's done decent considering...
If UGA gets him it will.rlly show.recruits and fans that it's a different UGA football.program than when Richt was running it and.losing a lot of the HUGE recruits (like Cam Newton and Watson) but still getting great players and top.classes.I think UGA and Kirby NEED this.kid. With that being said, hopefully he ends up at Bama, red shirts and wins us another 2 titles. The possibilities with this.kid behind center for Alabama are.endless. IMO it's gonna be FSU or surprise people and next year at USC with Darnold about to be drafted more than likely after this season.
There's no way you really think MSU's helmets are better looking than Alabama's without being unbiased. MSU's is soooooooooooooo plain. I do agree that Ole Miss has a.great looking helmet. MSU.and Florida... worst helmets hands down. Best helmet is LSU's white ones and Ole Miss' baby blues hands down.
People talk crap about it only being a crimson helmet with a number but if you've been watch college football.the past couple of years a crap load of teams have won helmets with only numbers as an alternative. Ohio St. Oregon St. Hell I think Michigan tried it too with little numbers on each side. I don't see why people.get so.upset over one writers opinion. So silly. Good article , Micheal.
If.they made most iconic theyd have to reach outside of the S.E.C. and I hate when they do that.
Just jelly and heart broke cause Florida isn't the best team in Florida like it was just 5 years ago and Alabama has also spanked that *** 6 whole times in a row. Just completely drubbing too. I remember 2 games being close between Alabama and Florida since 2005 and y'all won those. The others were complete dominance over Florida by Alabama. Just good 'ole beatings like that of a red headed step child. Look up Alabama's record vs. Florida. My point is if Alabama were still like the 2000-2004 teams you wouldn't care about this one journalists opinion. IMO Florida is a bottom dweller when it comes to unis in the SEC. The one time Florida wore a cool.uni they got beat in the 2009 S.E.C. champ game.