Tennessee sucks, 10 in a row. LSU sucks, 6 in a row. auburn sucks, 3 in a row and 5 out of 6 and soon to 100 in a row..... cause they suck. Major ass. Like, obviously they're one of the most mediocre college teams in the NCAA, consistanly average in conference play, claim two titles which in 1957 they were on probation and didn't even play a bowl game so that one gets an asterisk. The one in 2010 is fishy, Can Newton's dad (a preacher, no joke.....) was paid over 100'000$ for his son's services. The barn is also the second "dirtiest" team in NCAA history right behind Arizona St.

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Though I.personally.don't see.the.barn beating UGA its not like it' a huge surprise. the barn might be fire that day.and they Much like.Halen his.freshman.year.Fromm won't best teams if they.load the box.and auburn can shut down UHA's running game..It wouldn't be a huge surprise if the barn beat UGA. I'm.glad.the UGA fans.are.having.a great season but they're not quite the big boys yet. I actually think.the barn wins. still a 11-1.
Is this how y'all get y'alls shi** and giggles? Making fun of a veteran who's probably in his 60s? So.what if.he's.ignorant of the fact they speak english? How about this joke.. you guys.... You're not even real sports journalists. You're just ad space (selling ads to sites that lie through their teeth). Nothing is professional about the ways y'all do things. Statistics are wrong at least 30% of the time and there is absolutely no proof reading. Ya just write garbage down or info y'all take or hear from everysite. Every heard "Saturday Down South's breaking news" followed by " you heard it here first. No..... Never.... And Jon Chirst, go eff yourself. Your Seminoles got spanked and I'm so so glad they did. You're a jackas* who obviously.thinks why too highly of himself. I bet your wife hates you. And don't have one, whoever will. I'll never come back to this joke of again. Trump sucks, SDS sucks, republicans suck, Tennessee sucks, Auburn sucks, and Newton's dad took the dang money!!!!
that 3/4 of American's are idiots. It's actually not a secret and extremely obvious.
Not one fan of a S.E.C. team likes.Colin Cowherd or gives a crap.about what he say. I guess he didn't mention the S.E.C. spanking the A.C.C. in week one. Georgia, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, and.maybe Arkansas could win the Big 10. Wisconsin and Penn St aren't as great as theyre made out to be and I could 10 or 12 teams that could beat Michigan. In 2015 Iowa's division was so.bad that they went undeafeated into the Big10 title game and people still thought Ohio St. would've jumped them into the playoffs even if they had won that game. Screw this Kellen Moore, Napoleon Dynamite, Mr.Ed lookng loser. Please quit posting things relative to.this d bag.
that means Buggs and q.Williams are playing that spot pretty well.
it's because they can kick 60 yard FG's and put it in the.back of.the end zone of kickoffs all day at.practice but become mental.cases comes time. If.I'm not.mistaken I believe Alabama has had at least 2 #1 ranked kickers in classes and they ended.up being the worst ones!
so true. it's weird knowing every Alabama fans has the same feeling every time one of our kickers line up for a FG. it gets a little less worrisome inside the 30 but it's still there.
As I remember it he looked a lot better than Eason did his.first.or second game
Sumlin is gone tomorrow after losing a 34 point lead. What a pri**.
I hate when they write about crap.outside the.S.E.C. I've always been a fan dang..Most of.them can't spell or even spell check. They talked.about Florida St so.much I started thing Florida St was in the S.E.C. So Alabama destroyed them.
Also after reading your article. 3 other SEC teams could probably beat FSU. Auburn is.gonna be hell. I'll take LSU against FSU and maybe UGA.
I kinda mad Harris didn't run the ball more. Also that Hurts 19 times. BTW, Crist. FSU won' the playoff. If Alabama would've lost they.more.than likely.could've but.not FSU. Alabama's schedule is harder but FSU.will prob still lose to Miami or Clemson. FSU played all 7 points.and.probably has the second best run defense but I just don't see them getting.into playoff. Srry. 24-7, Mr. Crist.
SDS- Alabama's only regular season lose.will be to FSU...... suck on that Jon Crist and friends. Some random S.E.C. us than that mediocre FSU team. FSU has ONE great year and some great recruiting classes.but.blah blah they are the team that can stay with Bama...... If you're gonna best.Bama you need a team that has recruited top 10 for at least the past 4 years and a ridiculously good QB. FSU did not have that. We tried to Jon Crist and friends. Alabama> FreeshoesU. Maybe in the playoff???? JK. Alabama even better by then.
he'll probably be traded for a 3rd round.pick soon. He was alright at Bama during his Sr. season and as.much as.I like the young man I never thought he should've been the second or third round. At least he won a NC at Bama the.immediately won a super bowl. Can't get.much better than that.
clutch play from a kid I've criticised his.whole career. I.still say he'll never be a starter for any team.for.more than a year. He wasn't Never progressed.
also my pick.for.the top 5 sec teams by seasons end. 1.Alabama 2.UGA 3.Auburn 4.LSU and 5. who.the heck knows. I'll say Florida or a Jake.Bently.lead.S.C. team. Obvioisly the top four have rlly separated themselves from the.others. Or at least that's opinion on my predictions say.
While Alabama might've, well, until we.see.otherwise had better.pass rushers in D in the past two seasons. best secondary we'll have since 2011 and 2012. As long as we can keep.the pressure on the FSU QB and hit him a few.times our chances get better and better. Jalen will make or break this game. Is he a.better.passer this year? Will the o-line.block better for our ridiculously talented backfield? Will FSU's o-line protect better than last year? Best offensive mind in college football against the best defensive.mind. It'll be a heck.of.a game and doesn't ruin either teams season with a lose...... unless it's a bad blowout like FSU got from Louisville last year, though I still think they.can recover especially if Clemson actually beats auburn (probably not) and is.undefeated by the time.FSU.and the Clemson meet. Then.FSU has.a.redemption game against a Louisville team that also might be undefeated by the time FSU plays them. Obviously if Bama.loses we know considering the past 3.seasons it hasn't mattered when losing 1 game in the reg season still gets Bama into playoff. I ran a few simulations also season which had Alabama vs. Louisville in the NC game. That's my NC game prediction with USC and Ohio St being the.other two.teams getting in. Louisville destroys Ohio St. in semi final and Alabama has good game against USC. Lamar Jackson wins the Heisman once again.
Jalen must improve on his passing game because there's a kid right behind him that can put the ball just about anywhere. As much as I like Jalen and couldn't ask for a better season from a true freshman starting at QB he's got to be more comfortable slinging the ball cause the defense won't be as nasty.
Thug U is a bit much. Jellyness can do that to ya I guess.
Warrior was a big get for.Tennessee. He'll be a good one and.I'm gonna assume the good.punt returner y'all have the other safety spot. I wanna say Evan Berry?
First off the dude IS without a doubt a huge drunk. Seems like the goofball has a system in where he keeps points for all the different things he hits with his car while intoxicated. Second, it's you're, not your. Sorry but it isn't my cousin I'm putting the pounding on. It's YOUR mother, and I make her squeal like the piggy she is every time.
every QB looks like Deshaun Watson when you're drunk 24/7.
I can't remember a season Alabama hasn't played on CBS 5 times throughout the season.
I'd be ok with someone thinking not even a top 5 team. But never behind Oklahoma St. We'd kill them.
but in 2018 Jalen could be a Heisman contender. Ours RB's will be Josh Jacobs and Najee Harris, Jerry Juedy might as well be another Ridley and he'll be a sophmore by then. LB core will be nasty. D-line will be more experienced. Secondary.will be the big question mark but we have young talented players there, they just need to grow up a little faster. S. Carter, Nigel Knott, Jaren Mayden, Trevon Diggs, X McKinnley, D. Thompson. All top 200 players and I'm leaving out a few. They just need experience.
Oh, maybe sometime in the future. I was thinking you meant this season. No, we aren't immune to.another 3 loss season somewhere down the road even tho.the future keeps looking better and better.
Not a chance. The secondary is the most experienced unit on the defense and we had lost Rod Woodson and Robby Green in the off season of 2010. That year we had our worst secondary since Saban has been at Alabama and a lot of players were looking for that upcoming NFL money while coming off a BCSNC trophy and weren't as hungry and it showed. Still only lost one game that season by more than a TD. This team.just lost a NC and are more.hungry than ever.