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There you go talking about fitness again. Guy, these are D1, FBS football players. This is not 1962 when Art Donovan drank beer after the game and worked part time down at the docka. They are elite athletes that work out more before 9:00 than we do all day. You may say that the current S&C coach doesn’t have as good a program as Ivey did, but the kids are DEFINITELY getting the cardio in.
Wolf, That. Was. Epic. Thank you for your crumbs of knowledge.
Haymakers to the jugular? Hahaha. Who punches someone in the jugular?
Currie: I just want you to know it’s over between us. Davenport: Well...bye Fulmer: you smell that Chancellor? Smells like someone died
I can’t tell if you are trying to out-sarcasm me or if you really think I’m claiming to be hinting at being Phil Jackson hiding behind the Barnlizard pseudonym. Either way, it’s pretty funny. Yeah, definitely taking a shot at people who act like they know more than the average fan. Not just Wolfie. He’s the most fun to read and gets wound up the easiest, but his club certainly isn’t exclusive. Much love for you though wolfman!
I used to be the head coach of the Bulls in the late 90’s and that’s exactly how I drew up Pippin’s and Rodman’s contract. I was the assistant coach at Houston before that and was very involved in NEGOTIATING the Phi Slamma Jamma contracts. We said that if Hakeem didn’t score 30 a night, that he wouldn’t get paid a red cent. The union loved it. It’s these idiot sports reporters and uneducated fans that don’t know what they’re talking about.
I think he was expecting to start in Philly. I think if he was close to getting an offer to start somewhere, we’d know about it. Someone’s going to have to get hurt for him to get a shot. Surprising after this much time it hasn’t happened for him.
Hard to argue the starters. I guess I would have expected to see Rush and/or Dooling in the honorable mentions. And what about Monty Harge!?!? Lol. Nice to take a walk down memory lane. Good article.
...or if he got drafted, but yeah. I agree 100%. Good luck. Wish you the best but you can’t be a True Son wearing another jersey.
I am a fan of the Antlers, and the Cameron Crazies, and the 11th man, and Stanford’s weird nerdy obnoxious fans, and LSUs really great fans and Nebraska’s delusional fans and yeah, SCs fans. They all cross the line from time to time. What happened to the whole “sticks and stones” maxim? Sure, spitting is over the line. But we all agree there. So just identify the spitter and punish that person. This idea of projecting one fan’s ignorance on a whole fanbase is ridiculous. And mean words should not be punished. Because America.
Derek Dooley just cemented himself as the greatest coach in college football history. 1 Dooley 2 Saban 3 Bear If he keeps making comments like that, he could move ahead of Wooden, Lombardi, and Phil Jackson on the all time coaching GOAT list. To think I didn’t like this hire. Hey, I can admit when I was wrong.
Chad Bailey is bigger but Nick Bolton’s tape gets me more excited.
Dude, you’ve become that guy that tells a joke that gets a couple of courtesy chuckles and then just keeps looking around saying, “am I right?!? Am I right?!?!” Meanwhile everyone avoids eye contact and goes back to their conversation. I can’t imagine someone who is a fan of a team that has as many Nattys as Alabama being as insecure as you are. Rub a little class on it and get back in the game.
Go back where we came from? Like, y’all invited us. You remember right? Wipe the drool off your bottom lip (I sincerely hope that’s drool) and try to focus, okay gimp? You asked us to join your conference. We liked your conference and said yes. It was kinda mutual. We don’t do the football as good and basketball has been down for a while, but hey, we do bring the collective IQ up a couple of points and most of us can read our own posts without having to come out of the basement to ask momma for help, bless our hearts!
Stars mean something. Not everything, but something. Most of the 5-stars have better odds than 2 stars. Will there be some 4-stars like Brandon Lee that never really get there? Yeah. Will there be some 2-stars like Harold Brantley that overachieve? Yep. But most of the time Terry Becker is really good and the two star guy that never sees the field isn’t. Most of the time it’s not dumb fiction.
I’m with you on the fundamentally sound stuff. Discipline, no penalties, gap responsibility. And I’m fine with the scheme—in fact I really don’t care about scheme. You have to either recruit the horses or develop them. Or be Bama and do both. But to think that your WRs can look and act the same today that they did two and three years ago and that you’ll be successful is nuts. To think that guys like Lee and Beisel never became household names and a walk on from Kearney can be your defensive leader—I mean great story, but he should have been a great story as a role player not your star LB. To think that Beckner might be the last D-Line-Zou’er, we need to build a solid coaching staff and recruit better. Not trying to be doomsday, but I’m just saying adding one or two of those Saint Louisians would have been nice.
Then let’s just not use that kind of language, okay? I don’t talk about your family and you don’t call me that word, deal? Yeah, so I’ll admit “shut down the border” is overused and inaccurate, but the point is that we were landing the J-macs, DGBs, T-Becks, Drew Locks, etc. from Missouri (or across the rivers in E St Lou and Johnson County), and now we’re not getting those kids. There was a bumper crop in St Lou and we didn’t land one of them. Remember that day we were chanting all across the country MIZ-DGB? We haven’t had a day like that in a while. I am psyched that Drew is coming back, but what’s next?
Well, not the decision I would have made, but..... DREW LOCK FOR HEISMAN! Let’s go baby!!! Hope springs eternal!
I don’t think they need any encouragement in that department today.
Hey! Wolf! We agree on something! This is a problem. He is the director of recruiting and can’t even shut the borders down. Forget shutting them down, he can’t even close the screen door. He couldn’t even shut the borders of his own living room down. SMH.
As a Mizzou fan with plenty of experience with what you are feeling right now (flea kicker, fifth down, Tyus Edney, etc, etc) I can honestly say the feeling about this game never goes away, but it does make the wins taste a little just have to wait 7 months to get one.
You know you can only spell “or” phonetically if you know that “or” is only one syllable, right? Right Mississippi??
Yeah, I don’t have a problem with “the blacks”. In fact, I’m not aware of “ blacks crying wolf” as you so eloquently put it. I have a problem when the university I love comes under scrutiny because a politically paid for group called BLM drums up negative publicity and casts a pall over our program in the name of social justice. Missouri is no more racist than any other state in the nation—I know, I’ve lived in most of them—but our program is tarnished by these hired goons. And yeah, I think it is affecting who wants to come here. That’s why we just overpaid for Dooley.