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We probably have a 50/50 shot of winning each of the next four games. But we have to have some sort of balanced attack. Entering the fourth quarter with 6 pass attempts is pathetic.
It can't get that bad. Freeze is recruiting his butt off. Something Coach Idaho never did.
We don't need a dynamic passer. Do that hook with #13 randomly mixed with runs and screens. But getting into the 4th quarter with only 6 pass attempts need to end. And my vote is start using #9 as a RB or slot receiver. Dynamic with his legs but too predictable from the QB position.
An F is Jeremy Johnson starting off the 2015 season. 5 picks in the first two games with at least one so bad the color commentator wondered if he'd had his eyes checked recently. Our QBs this year are protecting the ball so they should get credit for that at least.
Most of us know Coach Potato ran the roster talent off the team. It'll take at least another recruiting year to get the talent on the plains to be any SEC team other than Vandy. When Smart took over from Richt, he had SEC talent on the roster. Apples to Oranges comparision.
Yeah I have a hunch they aren't actually putting their money at risk on these picks.
We could beat A&M or Ole Miss or MSST to go 6-6. I like where we are headed. And thankful Mike Bobo is the OC at UGA and whatever is going on with Alabama. Heck we might steal one of those games.
No favors? Everything he did set us in the wrong direction. Sounds like we got better players. And since he didn't play when we had worse players, he elected to go play somewhere else. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.
Yeah I'm convinced the last yahoo was trying to get fired mid-season since that generated the lump sum payout vs. the paid over time bit if he'd made it through the season. I wouldn't be surprised if we see all 3 QBs somewhere this season. I'd sure put Ashford in the slot for some quick tosses. He's a dynamic athlete.
Good greif. whatever happened until innocent until proven guilty? Have a pair and hold off until the facts say he needed to go.
I don't see an eight win team either, but at least I'm looking forward to the football season this year. Last year I dreaded to watch a game and kept waiting for the start of basketball. This year I'd be happy if we were competitive every week. Whatever the record is que sera sera!
I don't understand why these kids seem to want to "go live" with this kind of stuff. Just don't click the button!
I'm good with competitive this year. My attitude toward Auburn football is 180 degrees out from this time last year. Bowl eligible would be spectacular.
I'm just thankful our previous coach is out of the picutre. This time last year I was more looking forward to watching the volleyball team while waiting for basketball to start. This fall I'll watch football too! And I'll be happy if we are bowl eligible.
Did I miss something. O-Line help yes please!
It'll be kind of sad watching the last SEC West games this fall. Who knows who we'll be playing with whatever new scheme they come up with for 2024.
Now if we can get those kids that left after Flannigan left back we'll be cooking with gas!
I wonder if he can salvage the two recruits who decommited when Coach Flannagan left.
I don't know why they needed a portal window in the Spring anyway. There should be one portal window open from 12 Dec through 28 Feb and that is it. At some point, these folks need to practice and play for a school for a cycle. If they want to shop around, do so after the season ends. Bowl games are a joke anyway and will become more so once the playoff goes to 12 teams.
What staff changes were made? I must have missed that article.
I wish the talking heads would explain the data/whatever they are using to talk up somebody like Richardson and let Hooker slide into late R1/early R2. Heck, Dwayne Haskins (RIP) was the next big deal until he suited up and proved he was not. I bet Hooker starting somewhere it the NFL in 3 years. I'm curious if Richardson or Levis will.
He could have at least put a "now you know the rest of the story" someplace. Good luck to Nitro.
It'll take a couple of recruiting cycles though. Or one plus some portal adds. Looks like we need depth at more or less every position.
You keep saying that over an over again. Just because you win at JSU doen't translate to winning at Auburn. Let's see how the Sanders do at Colorado before second guessing the Freeze hire. At least Freeze has a history of winning SEC West games.
7-5 at best. Maybe better if he can find a way to get better at QB via the portal in May. That said, it'll be a bittersweet last season against the SEC West before we move to whatever the new schedules will be in 2024. I do think the team will be overall more competitive than last year. So you never know.
Ain't that the truth. Don't they practice these? they are called free throws for a reason!
Pearl seems to recruit highly athletic players. I just wish he'd add one or two not so athletic players that can actually shoot the ball. If we'd convert half the wild drives into the paint into made shots we would have been a much better team this year.
As long as we were playing physical we were winning. And we did less of that when we got in foul trouble. And as folks fouled out, it got away from us. I do wonder if the WGreen thing jacked up the rate at which they called fouls to "keep the game under control". Makes me wonder how it would have played out if that didn't happen.