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I'm sure robocoach can get us a solid 3-9 season this fall. He's going to use the heavy protein gatorade for a real boost.
We'd probably have a better W-L numbers with Gus, but the crazy ups and downs in terms of playing consistently drove me crazy at times. Maybe the BoT is OK with Robocoach going 6-6 every year so they can focus on BBall and gymnastics. And the baseball team did great! I'm not a fan of buying out Harsin either. In fact we should never buy out a coach again. If the BoT/AD hires somebody they ought to live with that choice for a while. Maybe they'll make better choices in the future.
ESPN's FPI projects we'll win 7 or 8? They need to fix their math. That is much too optimistic. If our O-line is worst than last year it'll be more like 3 or 4 tops.
Well we are still 13+ weeks from the season and a few weeks to go for Media Days. I guess Paul still has to eat too!
I'd align into four pods as follows: West: Texas, TA&M, LSU, Oklahoma East: UGA, UF, SCar, TN Central: Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, Miss St. North: MO, Vandy, Ark, KY Then you play the others in your pod, plus rivals from other pods and 1 random team from other pods each year. So you'd go no more than 3 years to play every SEC team.
Whether he wins 14 or not isn't the point. Given their track record of NFL production plus whatever NIL consortium exists, it seems inevitable they will get the top folks year after year. Let's hope the NCAA (or whomever) puts some limitations on the portal and NIL. Or else we'll end up with two competitive teams and everyone else will be so so when it comes time for the playoffs.
I bet he can still bench press obth McConnell and Schumer!
I don't know but BBall, SBall and gymnastics are going great. So there is talent there. Auburn football has always had way too many cooks in the kitchen. Which is probably how we ended up with Harsin (i.e. nobody with any sense would take it). We need to give it to one person to manage. Not some group who can never agree on anything.
I do think Gus ran an undisciplined program and all the departures to the portal could be because of Harsin's take on discipline. I guess the $64K question is can you retain talent to win also? Probably better for them as young men for sure. But that won't matter to the BoT or the AD if he goes 3-9 and ends up last in the West. I guess we could become the Vandy of the west? Great young mean getting a great education but the football is a hobby.
I hope we'll win the 3 cupcake games. Which SEC team do you think we'll beat, Missouri? I keep going through our schedule and think/hope we should be able to beat a SEC team at home. Just can't rationalize which one it will be based on rosters alone.
Sadly, I agree. We have more talent than the 3 cupcake teams we play in the fall. The others, including Missouri, we probably don't. I sure hope we fare better than 3-9. But if we don't, I'm betting the numbers lost to the portal compared to the numbers coming in from the portal will be part of the reasons why.
If memory serves, its once every four years for any NCAA team. I think Harbaugh took Michigan football to Africa a couple years ago. But its costly and the ROI probably isn't good for much. So not a lot of them occur. Its usually when the head coach is passionate about it and begs/pleads until the University funds it.
Pederson was a far better hire than Urban. I guess we'll see how it looks on the field.
Man I wish I could have seen those two play at the Jungle in person last year.
What's all this talk of Top 5? We'll be lucky to win 5 this year!
Let's either give it to the winner of the SEC championship game or expand to 12. Is a PAC-12 team every going to be competitive? Maybe once every 20 years. But it would add something to watch when the NFL teams are either tanking for the #1 pick or resting starters for the playoffs.
I've got one. They'll hold Auburn to under 100 yards of total offense.
I thought Harsin was purging all the "cancer". Not bringing in new ones? For the first time in years, I'm really looking forward to basketball this year. Football not so much.
I can see conferences like ACC doing this. I'd rather see the best two teams play than Clemson and whatever patty cake team survives the other division play. For SEC, we'll generally have two good teams in the conference championship regardless.
We'll be lucky to win 4 games next year.
If we keep him, he's likely dragging us to the cellar anyway. I'm OK with that provided we take the time (however long it takes) to actually hire someone good. Not just be among the pack at the end of the season trying to lure someone over. We'll never get a Nick Saban, but I'd be happy with someone like Pat Dye that just put out good football consistently
Way too hopeful as I'm sure a few more players will jump. I'm just hoping he can keep whatever coaches he has onboard!
I don't know if it was a factor or not, but why do we play the SEC tournament again? It doesn't seem to factor into seeding. Might be a good time to rest, heal and get in some extra practice before the big tourney. And why do it in Tampa of all places? That had to feel more like a vacation than a business trip?
For the first time in a very long time, I'm more excited about Auburn basketball than football. If we win 5 it'll be a miracle. It's almost like they are tired of paying coaches to leave so let the dumpster fire burn all the way down over another season or two. Then see what options are out there. One thing is for sure with Robo Coach. Winning seasons are a stretch goal!
Auburn has been to the NCCAA eight times in the history of the program. And Pearl is responsible for three of those. So we are better off with him as coach. My biggest frustration is so many Flanagan minutes. He probably has more turnovers than anything else in the stat book. Second is nobody wins scoring 20 to 25 points in a half. He needs to sit whoever is cold and play anybody else that can make a shot.
Really, two sides of the campus have tall walls with wire on top. Might have been a great location 100 years ago. Better wear your flak jacket now.
Hey, a couple more years of losses to the portal and recruiting classes barely breaking into the Top 20 and we ought to be able to low ball a salary for somebody new. Let him ride the place into the ground. At least we have basketball and gymnastics to look forward to!