Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

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Understanding that this is likely just nothing more than a frustrated kid hoping to see the field, I do wonder how much we'll see of this because of NIL rules. If a hot-shot freshman isn't on the field, he isn't getting any sponsor deals.
I think the game will be decided by which team refrains from throwing a shoe.
Calzada joins the list of QBs (w/ Stephen Garcia as the captain of the group) with near perfect games that played their heart out to beat Bama. Impressed by his poise and guts to come out and make the plays after taking a shot to the knee. On to MSU!
Coach Shaw already helping to recruit for Bama... Should serve as valuable experience when he comes to join Saban's Coaches Rehab.
My only gripe about the whole thing is the opportunity that was GIVEN to him because of his name. Anybody who saw his tryout knew he was an average player at best with little chance for development. I'm a former college baseball player who saw so many players with better skills get overlooked or flat out told "no" due to team constraints, etc. If this was all a publicity stunt, then Tim took AT LEAST one roster spot from some other kid who also had dreams.
One of the best parts of the game... Insignificant in the stats sheet, but HUGE for the rest of his life.
Enlighten me on how a player for Tampa Bay "leaps over Tampa Bay defense to make incredible TD catch"... Is there even a step for editorial review before these throwaway articles are posted?
My immediate reaction is that most of the people that are eligible wouldn't want this recognition... They are competitors. They didn't win in their respective years, and so be it.
How silly of you to assume Bama wouldn't get the bye week and have to play in the Wild Card round.
"With as many as nine games remaining still if Alabama runs the table"... Nine? Isn't it six? Miss ST, Citadel, Auburn, SECCG, Playoff Round 1, and Nat. Championship.
The lack of updates on Tua's knee kind of scares me.
Jonah is a junior... Didn't take a redshirt. He will be smart to take his 1st round slot and leave, but mayyyyyyybe he comes back for a senior season.
The thing about being #1 is that you're guaranteed to get every opponent's best effort. Sometimes, that leads to upsets (Here's looking at you Stephen Garcia & the Gamecocks in 2010). It sure seems like it would take a fluke night to beat this Bama team... But I love the idea that *if* they are able to run the table, we're potentially talking about the greatest Bama team ever, if not the greatest college football team ever.
So kids should only ever play for their home states? So Snell (OH) is gone, Wilson (OK), Allen (NJ), and Bowden (OH) are all traitors... Shall I keep going?
He looks to be Minkah Fitzpatrick 2.0 and that is very exciting to see.
One of the single best beatdowns of a QB in recent history... The Dawgs had Colt scared for his life that night.
I think the Patriots are too good of a team for Bama to spot them 26 points! ;)
Uhh, yes - 911? I'd like to report a murder.
I actually agree with all of these... At all units other than QB, if they perform within +/- 1 I like our chances for an SECCG and playoff berth. At some point, we will need Jalen to be special, and he has shown glimpses, but we need sustained dominance game after game.
I think Bama's bigger concern is the kicking game at this point... Trust Saban and company enough to know what they are doing offensively, and they have handled offensive coordinator turnover well in the past. When you try to end every possession with a kick (extra point, field goal, or punt), you'd at least want someone reliable to handle those field goal attempts.
So I agree with most of you about the TOTAL length of the games (the dang commercials), but I'm pretty sure Danielson is talking about the actual time playing the game. College players play more snaps per game than pro players because of the offense and clock rules, etc. That's what he is referring to.