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"led to 10 of Texas A&M’s 21 points" Weird math there. A&M didn't score any field goals.
Well, that's one way to live your life, I guess.
I'm hoping we handle the rest of the season like we did after the Florida game last year. Ideally, the veterans can use their experience from 2020 to keep the rest of the team focused.
Jimbo found out that if everyone is turning against you, beating the #1 team suddenly changes that narrative. Coach O should try that strategy.
Agreed. I don't pay much attention Herbstreit's opinions or those of any media personality (outside of Josh Pate). He's entertaining, but the term "analyst" is extremely misleading. Very little (if any) analysis and just reacting.
To the recruiting point, I hope Jimbo took the chance to say something like, "Look at the turnout and energy of the 12th Man expecting a bloodbath of a loss."
I feel that. OU fan for 3 hours every year.
Y'all are VERY young. The next 2 years are going to be brutal in the West.
I will never understand why we play our best when everyone expects our worst. That was an amazing game.
Where's that "article" saying Kyle Field isn't intimidating?!
Calzada was a different guy tonight. I wonder if King being out for the year takes pressure off of Calzada. Now he doesn't feel like he has to win the job.
I remember Manziel wasn't allowed to do interviews during his Heisman winning season because he was a freshman. I agree with both of y'all that this isn't something new. The reporter should know that.
Jimbo isn't leaving College Station for many years.
Name starts with K? Come be starting QB at A&M! Haynes King Kellen Mond Trevor Knight Kyler Murray Kyle Allen Kenny Hill
I came into this year thinking that 10 wins would have been a good step for the program after losing key guys on offense. I didn't expect that to be our ceiling 2 weeks into SEC play though.
He was 3rd string last year and backup to start this year. I'm guessing he'll be back to 3rd string (maybe 4th) next year if he doesn't end up transferring.
He is. I don't know how it started, but all of his brothers went to A&M too.
What's your point? I have never seen a crowd score a TD, does that mean they don't have an impact?
I remember Mullen throwing a fit because of our crowd last year. I don't think the environment is the problem, it's the offense. We are not deep enough to replace 4 starters on OL (mainly with freshmen) and a QB with a 2nd string guy. It's a rebuilding year, and those are never fun. I'm amazed how quickly some Aggies have turned on Jimbo. It's like we're that school in Austin, and it's sad.
I don't know if it mattered if y'all got the ball on Ole Miss's 31 or your own.
Just like with Arkansas, it comes down to the A&M OL. I think we get some guys back from injury and I don't know much about the MSU defensive front, but Calzada needs to believe he's not under pressure every snap. Our run blocking was bad last week too. Spiller and Achane averaged 3.25 yards (excluding the 67 yard TD run), which put even more pressure on Calzada. Fortunately, our pass defense is our strength this year with 2 plays really burning us. MSU's lack of run game is going to hurt them, so I don't think they have a shot at 35 points.
I think that says more about how bad LSU was last year.
And when he does throw, it's as hard and fast as he can possibly muster each time. That makes his slightly off target passes incredibly difficult to catch. "You can throw it a mile, but you can't pitch it 3 yards."
Is this my sign to start drinking at 11am on a Monday?
I'd argue that OL and RB is significantly more important in Jimbo's scheme. He can have success with average QB play when there's good protection and a strong run game. Just look at 2020 with Mond. Idk why anyone calls him a QB guru. If anything, he's turned into an RB guru. Achane, Spiller, and Williams at A&M and Akers, Cook, and Freeman at FSU. Those kinds of guys in the backfield help take pressure off of the QB. Then you give the QB a clean pocket, they can get the job done. Just like everyone predicted in the off season, the OL is the main point of concern, and the injuries up front have not helped.
Missed/bad calls happen every game. We just got beat today. It seemed like Calzada refused to throw past 5 yards, and our OL drew flags at the worst times.
Arkansas was just better. We have no offense with Calzada and that OL. The season isn't over, but it looks pretty bleak right now.