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From what I heard, his fund raising talents are a program's dream. A lot of coaches will look past NCAA issues and a bad image for enough money.
Jimbo has managed to have really good recruiting classes despite not having amazing results on the field. Now that we've shown flashes of our potential, it'll be interesting to see if he'll be able to challenge LSU and Georgia in recruiting. So far, so good for 2022!
Well, every conference is paying coaches millions at this point. All schools that want to have sustained success have incredibly high buyout clauses now. Even Utah State and Illinois paid over $2M to fire their coaches.
Well, good coaches keep getting paid, keep getting raises, and eventually get into top tier jobs. There's definitely an upside to winning, but the downside isn't too bad once they make it to a top tier job.
Bring it back. I miss hating a team. I work with a bunch of t-sips, and I'd love to trash talk about more than just hypotheticals. Plus, if Jimbo continues to make progress at A&M and Sark is able to make similar changes at tu, it could turn into a game that really matters.
Can't believe that tu isn't number 1 with their 3 quality losses.
Masters in Construction with a focus on Wrecking Crew?
Another round of blowouts would have been great TV.
I don't know how you can force kids to go to specific schools. Let's force Harvard and Stanford to share their wealth too. Make sure we're all equal on academics.
I don't really think of this as a 9 win season, but instead as a 1 loss season. We might take a step back, but to me, that means a 2 or 3 loss season (including a bowl game), especially considering our non-conference games.
I think the floor should be 10 wins next year. All 4 non-conference games should be wins. Our SEC East games are Mizzou and SC, which should be wins. Finally, we have the 6 SEC West teams. Arkansas, Auburn, and Miss State should be wins. Ole Miss and LSU are toss ups because I really don't have a solid guess about how those teams will look next year. Even if we split them, that's 10 wins. Alabama is expected to always be Alabama as long a King Nick rules. We need to beat them to take the next step forward, but I'm not sure that next year is the year given the young talent we'll be working with. Plus a bowl game, which Jimbo seems to always do well in.
I think this is the biggest decision we were waiting on. It seems like the right call for the team, but I don't know how he'll do in the draft with so many good and elite QBs this year. I'm hoping that a middle round pick would be to a good team that can continue his development as a backup. I would love to see him start one day.
That's like saying Cincinnati or Iowa State were the best teams this year because they managed to "accomplish more with less."
It isn't about the bowl win. This is the best season for the Aggies since the 90s--even better than what Manziel did in 2012. We're excited about what we've accomplished this year, and the fact that you've spent so much time on this thread shows how sad your life has been in 2020. I pray for you.
I don't think there's a question about "good." The question is if A&M is great/elite. That's yet to be proven, but I'm really liking what Jimbo has been doing.
Definitely weird, but I did far worse in college, and I wasn't even celebrating an Orange Bowl win!
I'll go into BAS recovery with another great season in 2021. I know it *feels* different than 2012, but I want to *know* that it isn't another flash in the pan.
That's probably why no one was saying that we made it last year. Not very relevant for the 2020 season though. The point AggieRider was making was that no one expected us to be a championship level team in 2019, and even if we were close, it would have been tough to continually prove with the schedule that we had.
As always, your input is invaluable.
While this year has been exciting, I'm still waiting to see how 2021 looks. All Aggies know what high expectations mean for us. I want to believe it's changed, it looks like it has, but let's be patient.
That's the same problem every elite team faces. Not calling us elite yet, but convincing talented young guys to be patient is a necessity to sustain dominance. We better learn sooner or later.
It's crazy that 2020 might be the best thing to happen to Aggie football. We have a lot to gain with the eligibility waivers!
I'm not completely sure about that (although I'm obviously biased). We've won like this all year--wear the other team down and impose our will late in the game.
As an die hard Aggie who started paying attention to college football during the Fran days, I've never been happier. The 2012 season was special, but it almost didn't seem real. This feels like the next step forward, not the end. Very happy to watch our future seasons!