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Hard to lose to OU twice, but knocking out tu and ND was a good consolation prize. This season turned into something no one expected, and that gives me hope for the future. Still a good chance of an SEC West champ, and I'm rooting for whoever wins the other bracket.
Not sure they'll even sell at 50% off. Teasips are bandwagon fans--they don't show support when their teams lose.
Ron, football is the game in the fall with pads and the brown egg.
A&M is so low because we switched to straight whiskey midway through the 2nd inning yesterday.
If we don't win the whole thing, knocking tu out would be the next best.
The several comeback wins are good examples. It's also just kind of an A&M mindset, primarily driven by football. Our best years seem to be when everyone expects the worst.
There is a huge disconnect between what the media is saying and what CFB fans believe (including Aggies). That being said, anything less than 10 wins will be a disappointment to me.
Loving the SEC dominance this year! I'm hoping for an all SEC final, with A&M winning it all, of course.
That's because SDS puts 3 "articles" about TU tying their series on the main page, but just slips in that A&M is the first team to make it to Omaha.
Of the 11 early enrollees, 4 are 5* and 7 are 4* and seem to be some of the most likely to get NIL deals as freshmen. I think all of the other schools that these kids could have signed with have the ability to take advantage of NIL to a similar degree as A&M, so I don't know how much of an advantage we have there. Some of the boost from this year's class came from the coaching turnover at LSU, OU, TCU, and Texas Tech plus a lackluster first year with Sark at tu. 16 of the kids are from Texas, including 4 of the 5*. Less competition in a year with a lot of home state talent. Very biased, but aren't we all? However, I do agree that Jimbo should respond with a version of "I've covered that enough" at this point. Let the story run its course.
Not sure if he was trying to show Saban being worried or just annoyed.
...doesn't put us in the best setup. Bama might be able to handle that turnover like it's nothing, but I'm not sure if any other team in the country can. The only real callout here is to ignore RJ Young when it comes to college football. The guy just makes outrageous claims for clickbait.
A&M is way too high on every list. New DC, new QB (counting King as new with only 1.5 games played), and a lot of turn over on defense doesn
Having good recruits hasn't really helped tu this past decade. Not sure if moving to the SEC will change that.
It is a new level, but it's been building since Jimbo was hired. Additionally, this past year, we brought in 10 of the top 19 in Texas, all ranked in the top 105 nationally. All 5 for the 2023 class are from Texas so far too. A lot of it is about trying to lock down the home state, especially with tu down and OU and LSU going through coaching changes.
It was a lazy take. If a blogger doesn't want to watch A&M football, that's fine. Just don't act like you know what you're talking about when all you do is share tweets.
Or maybe just base selection on performance?
Imagine recruiting all year instead of just during the off season.
With a few exceptions, like 2017 Bama, the two finalists already play 15 games.
Expanding the playoffs will give Bama and UGA the ability to lose 2 games a season and still have a shot at the title. If anything, I think expansion will lead to more all SEC NC games. If we still had the BCS, neither Bama or UGA would have made it in 2017, and UGA wouldn't have made it this year.
Auburn paid $21.5M to get rid of Gus and $31.5M for Harsin for 6 years. That's $53M. In that same time, A&M will pay Jimbo $53.7M. Looks like Auburn is spending just as much for even worse results.