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Agreed, but the A&M administration really botched their handling of the news. It's sad that Manziel had a better response than the AD.
The back of my ring isn't smooth yet. I don't want tu to get anything that they want until then.
Haha, all high and mighty with your one women's basketball title (no one actually counts 2020) and one equestrian title since A&M has joined the SEC? A&M has 4 in that timespan, which isn't really worth bragging about, but is somehow still double your total.
Then playing everyone else every other year seems like the best rotation. It bums me out that we've only played some East teams once or twice.
I like the idea of making the groups based on location. I know more people with ties to Mizzou, OU, and tu than most other schools (LSU and Arky are exceptions), so I'll get to talk trash and get trash talked more often if we play each other every year. That's half of the reason I care about college football anyway.
t-sips always like to think that they're the cause of A&M's football history. The world must always revolve around them.
I think that perfectly describes their entire fan base.
I think the tu fan means "we." SEC! SEC! SEC! Better get comfortable with it.
That first A&M/tu game is going to be wild. The hate has gotten even worse since we stopped playing each other.
The A&M and tu fan bases act like an old divorced couple who both think they were ab used in the marriage.
I can't find anything to back this up now, but I remember a deal that A&M, UK, USC, FU, and UGA would all veto any team joining the SEC from on of their states. On top of that, Mizzou hates tu, so I think the likelihood of the longhorns joining is pretty slim. LSU might also have an issue since they poach a lot of talent out of Texas, and keeping Austin in the Big 12 would probably help them maintain that edge, even though I'm sure they're less concerned than A&M.
I think UK and maybe UGA were included in that deal to keep other schools from the same states out of the SEC.
Man, y'all have churned out a ton articles on this already, and it's only day 1. Maybe beating a dead horse at this point.
Saying that we'll be favored is a big stretch, regardless of where the game is played. I assume Alabama will be undefeated going into it, and if that's true, wins over Ole Miss and Florida will be far more telling of their ability than any of our wins to that point. Hard to make an educated guess preseason, but my homerism has me thinking it will be a good game. Both teams will have had the opportunity to smooth any transition issues with new starters on offense, and both defenses look elite (Alabama always, and A&M is bringing back a lot of talent/experience). I'm so f***ing ready for college football to get back!!
Having another perfect year could do it. I think the award is usually given out after the SEC championship game, so 13-0 in the SEC is impressive for any coach. And to your point, replacing so many key players and coaches is a huge challenge, even for someone as great as Saban.
Kickers will rarely be rated above a 3*. That being said, I have come to trust Jimbo's scouting over 24/7 given his track record with 3* talent.
Being petty and childish is at least 50% of what it means to be a college football fan.
Agreed. Kirby is obviously a fantastic recruiter, but the weirdness of the past year is going to end with a wild few months of recruiting across the country.