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With a few exceptions, like 2017 Bama, the two finalists already play 15 games.
Expanding the playoffs will give Bama and UGA the ability to lose 2 games a season and still have a shot at the title. If anything, I think expansion will lead to more all SEC NC games. If we still had the BCS, neither Bama or UGA would have made it in 2017, and UGA wouldn't have made it this year.
Auburn paid $21.5M to get rid of Gus and $31.5M for Harsin for 6 years. That's $53M. In that same time, A&M will pay Jimbo $53.7M. Looks like Auburn is spending just as much for even worse results.
Everyone talked about "1980" for when UGA won their last NC, but the Sugar Bowl was in 1981.
If it was high scoring, people would claim the SEC doesn't play defense anymore.
Even in the era of high scoring offenses, it looks like defense can still win championships.
" 'There are holdouts for 4, there are holdouts for 8, there are holdouts for 12,' Bowlsby said." No one is specified, but it looks like at least 1 person wants 4.
4 seems high with the turnover we'll see on defense. Offense should be better across the board though. Maybe less production out of TE, but hopefully that will be because our WR step up.
He's an idiot. I would stop expecting anything more than garbage from him.
Agreed. Going from 2 teams in the BCS Championship to a 4 team playoff has allowed for 2 all SEC finals so far. Expanding will just make it more frequent.
We ain't done ever. Always building, never perfect.
I wouldn't expect a huge turnaround next year because they'll all be freshmen, but 2023 and 2024 should be big.
I would love this to be an option, even if it meant we got blown out. It would be a great story!
In their defense, it's not like the people making this decision had nearly 2 years to come up with a better option.
Elijah Robinson has made our DL scary good. He's already coached 4 DL draft picks since he's come to A&M, and he'll add to that total this year.
I don't know. I'm surprised that Johnson transferred to A&M. It's great for us, but no guarantee that he'll win the job. He'll be on the same team as his brother, but that doesn't seem like the best reason to make a decision like this.
His system seems to put a lot of pressure on QBs to really run the offense with pre-snap reads, which isn't something a lot of high school guys have experience with. Mond eventually figured it out in year 3, and we had the 4th best offense (points/game) in the SEC. Now, we have higher rated QB, RBs, WRs, and TEs as well as much more depth at OL. And while it will be tough to replace Elko, all of the defensive assistants are staying. The real key might be Elijah Robinson, who is the DL coach (strength of the team) and is credited with recruiting a lot of the talent the past couple of years. I'm optimistic about how we'll do over the next couple of years, especially if we can continue to add depth across the board.
Next year should be a good season (10 or 11 wins), but 2023 and 2024 will be key seasons because the talent of this class will have had time to develop.
I'd be a little surprised if Weigman gets any starts next year, especially with Johnson on the team now. Jimbo's system has a steep learning curve for QBs.
Jimbo's first two 5* recruits are AP All-Americans this year. Now, he has a chance to bring in more in this class than A&M has ever had on its roster at one time.
I think for RBs, it's best to get to the league with as few touches as possible while still producing enough to be draftable. The position averages the shortest career length in the NFL because of injuries and even the elite prospects aren't drafted as high as a result.
I suspect Elko's departure played a role in this. Hopefully we announce a new (and very good) DC soon.