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I like to think that Mond has the potential to eventually start, but starting as a rookie on a struggling team is rarely a key to a successful career.
5* anything is [almost] always a great recruit, but only one 5* receiver since 2010 has won the Biletnikoff. Three were 3*, including Justin Blackmon, who won the award twice. Again, wouldn't be upset with picking up a 5* recruit, but I don't know if it's necessarily a need.
I wouldn't be surprised if this is our last season with Elko, but I would be stunned if he went to KU. Very few well run programs are ever looking for a new coach, but KU is another level of dumpsterfire that I would personally avoid.
Very happy with this! WR depth is my biggest concern on the offensive side.
It amazes me that he's able to keep his name in the news, even if it's mainly during the off-season. I guess that could also be a result of targeted advertising.
Agreed. Outside of recruiting updates, there isn't much football to talk about...and the other sports are making me sad.
I always wish the best for him, but personally, I don't care about every football decision he makes.
With money like the Yankees, we might as well dress like them too. I do like the look though!
I absolutely love the image Jimbo is creating. Has created! I think it suits our school's personality much better than what we were before, even in 2012.
We are fortunate that we have some easy non-conference games to start the year to hopefully gain enough experience and confidence to not have a repeat of 2018 and 2019. Also returning arguably our best lineman and bringing in some older guys will help prevent regressing too much. Not a bold prediction, but I think we'll see a team very similar to what we had in the 90s--great defense and a strong run game. Another NY6 bowl seems realistic to me and should be the expectation. Losing to anyone other than Alabama and LSU (depending on how they rebound from 2020) would be disappointing to me.
He has very few perfect seasons, so there's always a chance!
It takes time to convince kids that you're not just a flash in the pan. A&M does not have a great football history, especially over the past 20 years. It's a great class, and I'm very happy about having a top 10 class three years in a row (first time for us). We're not Alabama (or even Georgia), so this is a win. Hopefully this is considered a failure in the future, but for now, this is very good.
What I've seen most often suggested for an 8 team playoff includes an auto-bid for all P5 Champs and the top ranked G5 team. I'd be more willing to accept 8 teams if there were no auto-bids. I think there's no reason an 8-5 Wisconsin or an 8-4 tu should be considered playoff teams.
You can have the #1, #2, #3, and #6 teams make the playoffs. You still include the best team. Also, expand the concept to 8 teams. Would the new goal be to include the 8 best teams? How can we guarantee that if we can't do it with 4? I am just hesitant about any expansion because it can't be undone. I would advocate for a change in the ranking system first. A 13 person poll is going to be biased.
I don't understand why people seem to have written King off. It's not just this article, but most sites that talk about Aggie football act as if Stowers is significantly better.
But the point should be to find the best team, not to worry about #4. Expand and you'll have the same issues with the 8th spot. The difference is that there are a lot more teams that could have an argument to be #8, especially if 6 spots are taken by auto-bids.
His scenario isn't that wild. Wisconsin won the Big 10 in 2012 with an 8-5 record, but I haven't seen all P5 conferences have an undefeated champion.
Well, this century. Most seem to have hit the mark before 2010. It really surprised me though! Even more eye popping if you count Nebraska's and Missouri's rankings. I just realized that I forgot to call out Colorado too.
There are several teams that have been top 5 since 2000 that really surprised me. 2007 helped a lot of programs, like Kansas, hit new highs.
ACC - 6 out of 14, not counting ND Big 10 - 7 out of 14, Nebraska's ranking came while in the Big 12 Big 12 - 9 out of 10, West Virginia's ranking came while in the Big East Pac 12 - 9 out of 12 SEC - 12 out of 14, Missouri's ranking came while in the Big 12
Still ranked #5 even after going 13-0.
Seems like we're the only conference to have a girl actually play too.
There's a reason only 3 WRs have gone #1 and none since the mid 90s--they don't make a big enough impact. A QB, especially one like what Lawrence is predicted to be, can completely change a team. Look at Larry Fitzgerald. A truly elite WR for over a decade and still no rings, only 1 Super Bowl appearance, and only in the playoffs 4 times. Your argument would basically be that you're predicting Smith to have considerably more impact that Fitzgerald.
Of course he stuck to what he said. It would be a PR nightmare if he changed his mind just because he left the school. Dumb question to ask, and dumb "article" to write. This is probably the worst part of the off season--nothing but filler pieces in an effort to remain relevant.
Yeah, only 2 spots to fill on defense, and I think he got both wrong.