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If FSU had a team that could complete, and playing this game could possibly get them to a high bowl with recruiting enhancements. They would have played. Instead, this game only offered embarrassment and ridicule. Along with the likely loss of recruiting candidates. Good safe call by FSU. Cowardly. But smart
Hate and vindictiveness is easy, and clouds the full assessment of reality. Blame is a temporary balm, that mask the real issue. Those that go down that path seldom find peace, but excerate finding more real or supposed thorns directed at them.
Tim Tebow. For the simple reason..... His style, actually binds the present college football system with the old system in a truer fashion than probably any of the others mentioned. Schemes changes, style changes, strength changes, but the human spirit pretty much is there for those that embrace it. So while we judge the present, based on the solid foundation of the present. The past is illustrioary and slippery, with its own time and place. Tim I'm sure, could have been excelled in both era's, on any team. Due to the recognition of Spirit or call it Game, by the fans of whatever era the fans exist.
Confidence and good judgement, means not dwelling on one's rival. Most Georgia fans are decent, and love their school like us Gator fans love ours. Or like those other SEC schools, and their love for their's. Unfortunately, the worst and lowest of Georgia fans reside on our site. Losers MUST tear down those they feel are so above them, and their not so secrets envy.
Most sports fans don't or rarely comment on sport sites. I actually have always liked the bulldogs, and they are in my top three or four of my SEC teams. So I don't hold dog pup fans responsible for the consistent bad behavior and misplaced comments of those dog commenters on this and other SEC team sites. It's apparent that those dog fans that rarely visit these sites have a real life and a job, thus little incentive to spend so much time on silly name calling of other sister SEC teams. It does get tiresome when the majority of negative comments come from one team, regardless of the team site or broad sports site. Go Gators. Go SEC East. Go SEC SEC SEC SEC
Regional bias must be entertained when discussing "opinions" polls done by writers and coaches. Man is a failed creature. Motivations can and are often flawed. Personal achievement at the risk of fairness, is often victorious. Which gets me to my bias point. Most of the major journalism schools were located in the Midwest and including the D.C. and New York areas. The major newspapers located in the Metropolitan areas were leaders of commerce, poltics and culture. Which surely had an impact on all things related to opinions. Or dare say polls. Bias is a natural process of being human. Polls too. Kettle signing off.
It appears that Dan can sure coach with all those 3 stars. Kirby, while a great coach, apparently underperforms with all that talent in the kennel. It surely must hurt, to miss the crown year after year. While watching your neighbors such as Florida, Alabama, LSU, Tennessee and Auburn lift that beautiful Championship Trophy up high. Then you have the puddle conference, with FSU, Miami and your neighbor to the north, Clemson going to the big dance, and leaving with the cute cheerleader. Ouch! But you are the recruiting champion. Hail Pups!
I try not to take LeghumperU too seriously. It has to be humiliating, working under Georgia Tech supervisors and managers all week long. His only respite, SATURDAYS in the fall. But then comes the first Saturday in December, and their only delusion is revealed to be just a dream once again. Oh, to be back in 1980 for those long suffering dogs.
The 2020 season will play out, and we'll see the results. Hopefully the 3rd year drop will not affect what looks to be a promising gator season. Congratulations to the dawgs on their recent run of success over my gators. It must be a relief after the dawgs had such an extended drought of losses and disappointments against whom they so wish to be compared with. Besides, 1980 is such a long time ago.
Auphinphan, it couldn't just be the volume of LSU's play on the field during the regular season. Along with few marquee victories during Clemson's regular season. Just a thought. Don't feel rejected. I still root for Auburn when they play out of conference. That's what the extra large box of Morton Salt is for, setting next to my recliner on game days.
If we are truly only interested at the end of the season, in determining which team IS the BEST team for that year. A four team playoff of what is perceived as the four best teams will likely be the result 9 times out of 10. The only issue being the number 5 team that is left out being a true issue maybe every other year. But the number 6 team deserving to be in the playoff mix....really! Number 4 is usually dispatched handily in the first round. By chance they make it to final and win it....they were still determined to be one of the four best, so good for them. An 8 team playoff dilutes not enhances, a method to truly determine which team should be designated National Champions.
My first reaction to this story, was how sad it must be to place so much gee to a halftime score. I thought that we have 4 quarters to determine a winner. 9 innings for baseball. Second, unless it's head to head competition. I root for my fellow SEC teams when they play out of conference. Which includes Auburn with a large box of Morton Salt to make it palpable. Go LSU. See you next year in the swamp.
I suppose. Haven't seen a new National Championship Trophy in the Bulldogs case since nearly the 70's. With all those top 10 recruiting classes, still goose eggs.