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I agree the calls were awful but A&M didn't make the bad calls or cheat. Nobody to blame but the refs
What goes around comes around. Florida got what they deserved. Looks like ol horse face coach not so jolly now, and won't be any happier Saturday when he gets throttled by Bama.
He should have given Bama and Coach Saban their due credit. C'mon Coach
Well said. If you win as a team and lose as a team then don't throw your team under the bus. Love ya coach O but you gotta work on that
Great 3 quarters. Bama NFL D line just wore us down and dominated the 4th. Well done Tide. Run the table.
Dawg fan gonna run the mouth after a fluke win. Classic.
As an LSU fan, nobody cared for what he did. He just made a dumb mistake. Hopefully he can just learn and put it behind him. As for an Arkansas fan accusing a program of mediocrity ??? Now thats funny and so ironic coming from the model program for mediocrity.
Great game. Congrats to the dawgs on a well played game
If the situation had been reversed, and bama won 9-6 ,with LSU missing 4 field goals, do you think bama fans would be saying they really didn't win because LSU missed 4 field goals ??? Hell no, they would be running their mouths about how we couldn't get it done. So, bama folks, just like you told us on Nov 5 when we went to tuscalooser, Save Your Gas coming to New Orleans. Tigers are #1 for a reason.
History ?? Stats ?? Over analysis ?? who cares ?? Those things are for bama bubbas who run their mouth about this crap 24/7 We're #1 Tigers 41-16