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Apparently Logan is coming back, or we would have heard otherwise by now. Today's the deadline to declare. So it should be a solid DLine with Logan, Farrell, and Shelvin/Ika. Good depth, too. Secondary should be good again. Clark and Baskerville have experience at LB, and Brooks looks like a good edge. Brennan has a good arm, and the receivers will help him out. His QBR last year would have put him 6th in the SEC, and he should improve with more reps. The losses in the OLine concern me a bit.
More than Brady. It was a perfect storm of scheme, talent, experience, and practice. 16 returning starters. A lot of offseason work by the players to improve. All those workouts Burrow and the receivers put in, getting the timing down. The offensive line. It was a confluence of many things.
Something that stands out about the 2019 team is that some of the stars on the team were not highly rated recruits. Burrow, CEH, and Justin Jefferson were recruits that nobody wanted. LSU signed Jefferson as an afterthought, because they had a vacant spot. Burrow had to scratch and claw just to get a scholarship, then he sat the bench for 3 years. CEH was too small. Just saying, you never know. It was a strange mix of misfits.
We still have a shot at Evans, if we want him. We have a shot at Devontre Bradford, a 4 star RB. We have 3 decent RBs, so it's not an emergency situation.
Yeah. Brennan has been around Burrow for 2 years and around Brady for a year. Hopefully some of it rubbed off. He has a good arm, so that's a starting point.
Joe Burrow (6-4, 200)--4 star recruit, #8 pro-style, .9003 grade Myles Brennan (6-3, 180)--4 star recruit, #6 pro-style, .9347 grade Max Johnson (6-4, 216)--4 star recruit, #10 pro-style, .9097 grade Burrow sat on the bench for 3 years going into 2018. Brennan has sat on the bench for 3 years going into 2020. Johnson is on campus this spring. I don't expect either of them to light up defenses the way Burrow did, but, as Burrow showed us, you never know.
Yes. This is the first one of these I've read. I wish I hadn't.
Getting boring here now. Not much going on until Signing Day. And I don't give a crap about basketball.
I know. I just like getting in shots at Bama now and then. I don't think Burrow realizes the full significance of what he just did, but he gets a B for trying. He just wanted a natty. LSU fans wanted a natty and to rub Bama's nose in it. Some Bama fans on here have been very decent about it, but a few of them have been nasty. It's the nasty ones that are fun.
Uh-oh, some Bammers are mad. Too much attention given to LSU. We should hold a parade for Saban for being so kind to LSU to last year. I mean, he must have let LSU win, right? No way LSU could be better than Bama.
Works for me. It's not like they have a lot of choices. Give Stevens #18, and give Chase or Stingley #7.
Last year, I had LSU ranked above Georgia in preseason, because LSU had more starters coming back. I got that part right, although I had LSU going 11-1 with a loss to Bama. No one saw LSU going 15-0, not even our fans. This year, the media is ranking LSU too high. I'd have Bama and Florida above LSU. But I understand the media jumping on the bandwagon, they do it every year. As for Georgia, I'm not expecting much. But, of course, I could be mistaken. That's why they play the games.
I'm thinking losses to Bama and Florida, with likely contested games with Auburn, A&M and Texas. So I think 10-2 at best, 7-5 at worst. Hard to be confident about a top 10 finish, but that's where they will start the season.
It's an interesting situation for LSU. As the only SEC team to have posted a winning record in the last 20 consecutive seasons (and counting), you would think they are in line for another one in 2020. But the NFL is hitting LSU hard, with 14 starters set to join its ranks. It will be a challenge for Orgeron, replacing those players plus his top two assistant coaches. But Orgeron weathered the 2017 season, which included a blowout loss to Miss State and a home loss to Troy, so he probably can weather these personnel losses. A rebuilding (not reloading) year has begun, and it will be interesting to see what Orgeron does with it. The new coaching hires are eagerly awaited. The team has experienced backups who will move into starting roles. Talented players. But to expect LSU to repeat 2019 is asking too much in 2020. Beyond that, who knows?
No, he hasn't declared, but if he took money they might have to kick him off the team.
By my count, that's 9 junior starters leaving early, along with 5 senior starters. That will leave LSU with 8 returning starters, assuming Glen Logan comes back. Talk about starting over. At least there are plenty of backups coming back, who played several snaps last year.
I think he gave some to Jontre Kirklin, who is a junior but probably didn't get much of a draft grade. I was looking forward to Kirklin coming back next season.
Odell handing out cash is as forgettable as Georgia's season. LSU's season will be remembered, not Odell.
Ole Miss will take anyone. From Hugh Freeze to DJ Durkin and now the 5-star RB no one wants to deal with. Sad.
Call me crazy, but I still say Brady is more easily replaced than Burrow. A good scheme is not as rare as a generational QB.