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Maybe what they should do is form a massive superconference, all of them vs. the SEC. But they would still lose.
If the SEC gets only two teams in a playoff, there is a good chance of an SEC vs. SEC final. And that's what really worries them. We could have SEC vs. SEC championship games on a regular basis. I'm not sure what they expect. They want guarantees that their conferences will be represented, but they know they're going to lose. It's a conundrum.
What's even more tiring than Bob's whining is the whining of some SEC fans, especially from A&M and Mizzou, who are worried that Texas will ruin the SEC. This is not the Big 12. There are some major heavyweights in this league. It's laughable to think that Texas could push them around. Ludicrous.
Old Bob's determined. One thing I'd like to know. He is the representative of the schools in the conference. He shouldn't be able to do this without their backing. So I wonder which schools are trying to hang on. Think about this. His cease and desist letter included the poaching attempts by the AAC. So he must be worried about Big 12 schools showing interest in the AAC, right? And there was talk of Kansas reaching out to the B1G. I just wonder how many schools, and which schools, are looking around and how many are still fighting.
Yeah. Bowden lifted them up, and even before he left they started going downhill again. Jimbo had some good years, but he couldn't keep it going.
Agreed. And if they don't do it themselves, ESPN will help.
Good article. A few of the comments are still off the wall, but I think SEC fans are coming around. Main concern is what dominoes this will set in motion. But then, it's not as if fans are going to lose interest. Whatever this leads to, it will still sell tickets (and cars, furniture, movies, etc). It's football.
Probably will happen in 2022, especially if the Big 12 dissolves. Sometimes I think they won't last through 2021, but I guess they have to.
It is interesting and wouldn't surprise me at all. I'm not sure the Big 12 would be willing to wind up in endless litigation when win or lose, they still lose. If every school leaves the conference, what can the conference do? I mean, the schools ARE the conference.
The Big 12 is going to fold like a cheap suit.
If the Big 12 doesn't fold before the season starts.
If OSU, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech, etc., are reduced to mid-major level, of course recruits are going to prefer the SEC. Could be a bonanza for Arkansas, and could help LSU as well.
More ammo for people who believe the SEC is ruining college football. With 11 of the last 15 national championships, and more to come, the SEC's recent success is unprecedented in the modern era. You'd have to go back to the Ivy League, more than 100 years ago, to find a more complete dominance of the sport by one conference.
LSU's RBs will only be as successful as their offensive line. We can only hope the offensive line improves. Emery has been a disappointment so far. He could break out, but I'm not holding my breath.
So they've deliberately tied academics to conference affiliation, when they could just as easily have done it without tying it to conference affiliation. The Big Ten Conference is, by definition, an athletics conference. Any revenues from non-athletics sources would be there, regardless of conference affiliation.
Some would argue that the B1G did the right thing in standing pat, while the SEC is changing college football for the worse. One writer said (kind of overreacting, I think) that there are no conferences anymore. I guess there's something to be said for stability as opposed to taking money-grabbing risks. Time will tell how this experiment works out.
True. But apparently it bothers you. That makes it worthwhile.
Alabama and Texas are 1A and 1B on my sh!t list. Never pull for either one of them. Sorry.
Could be, but he'll still have to answer to the SEC presidents.
I've been around Texans. Had several relatives in Texas. Been there many times. They are an obnoxious bunch.
LMAO. "Just Say No!" "Texas will destroy the SEC!" As if they could. I have my own reasons for detesting Texas, but I'm not buying all this crap. I guess you people don't realize that the SEC is much bigger than Texas. The presidents will vote them in because it adds to the SEC's leverage in TV deals. More money. If Texas tries to do something the other schools don't like, Texas will hear about it. The Big 12 went along with Texas because they needed Texas. Texas needs the SEC more than the SEC needs Texas. Stop whining.
UCF is a rising star that should be the first G5 school to be courted by a P5 conference. They probably can choose their destination, so I think they should wait for the ACC.
He could do worse than Ole Miss. That's provided Kiffin sticks around a while.
Is it true that the Flaming Lips have the official rock song of Oklahoma? I think there's bongs everywhere.