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bayou tiger

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I agree, but it is what it is. But LSU doesn't lose much with White sidelined. Patrick Queen is almost as good.
I'm glad LSU is done with those uniforms.
I hope you don't put money on that.
So many good Cajun cooks around here, some of them are working at convenience stores. And some of our convenience stores have some of the best food.
Yeah, I thought it was Bowden who made them a juggernaut. Then Jimbo took over, had a couple of good years with Winston, then split.
Spurrier was a much better coach than Saban. Spurrier always wanted to do it "the right way", meaning no cheating. College football needs a lot more coaches like Spurrier.
Again, LSU made adjustments to those draw plays and stopped them. Georgia had to pass.
You're right about that. Drop in the bucket for the TAF. This guy is just campaigning for voters.
Bama gets up for LSU every year, doesn't matter if we run our mouths. Doesn't matter if we circle the game on the calendar. Doesn't matter if the players talk sh!t. It's the same thing every year.
I think Georgia is still better than Mizzou. I could be mistaken.
2017: Did Auburn abandon the run against LSU? 2018: Did Georgia abandon the run against LSU? Do people in the media realize that sometimes defenses make adjustments?
Nice piece on Jim Taylor. I'm old enough to remember the Green Bay power sweep.
I laughed so hard at the first one, no point in reading the rest.
I think Notre Dame is probably better than Clemson this year. For that matter, I think LSU is probably better than Clemson, but LSU's not going to the playoff. Clemson will go to the playoff because the ACC sucks so much this year and because everyone would get pissed off if 2 or 3 SEC teams were selected.
I don't have a problem with LSU fans saying they want Bama. The LSU players can say it, too. It's no secret that the Bama game is always circled on LSU's schedule, so why hide it? Certainly comes as no surprise to Bama. LSU is going after Bama, year after year. Bama has been the better team, that's all.
I saw LSU against Florida and Georgia in the last 2 weeks. Florida was much more impressive. It's not just a home or away thing. It's X's and O's and the players executing them. Last night I told a Georgia fan his team will lose to Florida. Well, I don't know that. I'm just saying Georgia was a lot easier for LSU.
The difference is the Ole Miss defense, which will make Stidham look like a Hall of Fame QB.
I knew they were better than the preseason rankings. All those people who had them 5th in the West and a 6.5 win over/under. I felt that those people were not really looking at the team. They were looking at the returning starters, which is lazy journalism. I thought a more realistic expectation was 9-3 with a ceiling of 11-1.
Hate to tell you, but Georgia is kind of sorry. You guys are going to lose to Florida. You need to fire your OC, for one thing. Florida's defense is going to make him look really bad.
I'd call that a blowout. Nice job, Tigers.
Would you rather the Sun Belt?
Keeps going down. Down to 7 now.
Nothing against Stovall, but there's gotta be politics behind this. If you retire his jersey, there's a whole bunch of other LSU All-Americans waiting in line. Retire all the LSU All-Americans' jerseys and you won't have enough jerseys to field a team.
Yeah, sort of. Start out with the 29th, then move forward to the 1st, then backward to the 27th. They should just list them in order of payout.