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That seems a tad optimistic. I have Auburn as a sure win and Mizzou as a probable win. Most of the others could go either way.
You got the top 4 right, but then you just went off on a tangent and lost me. There shouldn't be any first-year coaches on this list.
The team needed a wake-up call. The blowout loss to Miss State should have done it, but it was the loss to Troy that did it. A couple of things. After easy wins over BYU (4-9) and Chattanooga (3-8), the team, in particular the freshmen, got big heads and figured they didn't have to work very hard to win. The second thing was that bonehead Orgeron telling Matt Canada to simplify his offense. Canada simplified the offense for the first half of the Troy game, and LSU was shut out in the first half. In the second half, he went back to his offense, and the team scored 3 TDs in the second half. Which wasn't enough.
You may be right. It's just that when 3-star talent overachieves, it's usually because they have a good coaching staff. But I'm sure Moorhead and Shoop are just as good as Mullen and Grantham. All they have to do is prove it.
Not sure about LSU. The competition was weaker this year, which makes LSU look better.
Orgeron loves the big ones. Ed Alexander is good. Not sure Tyler Shelvin will make the grades. Can't hurt to have another one. It's a position that takes a beating.
Let's hope so. Weathersby and Clapp are both better than Malone, and both will be drafted if they declare early. I agree Malone won't be missed, but the team needs offensive linemen anyway.
I agree that Mullen should be first on this list. After that, I'm not sure. Fisher has to deal with A&M's defense. Moorhead inherits a decent team and a program in better shape than it was 10 years ago. Pruitt will have some talent to work with. I agree that Morris has his work cut out for him.
I think LSU's biggest needs are in the trenches and at RB. They lose most of the 2-deep in the defensive line. The offensive line is thin already, and they will lose 1, 2, maybe 3 starters there. And they lose the 1 and 2 RBs. They could use some help at LB. At WR, they could always use more depth, but it's not a major position of need.
For me, it's a tough choice at the top, but I'd go with Mullen at #1. Fisher a close second. Morris third. Pruitt has never been a HC, so how can I rank him ahead of Morris?
Yeah, well, nice guys don't win football games. Ask Nick Saban.
Great. I was hoping for this and kind of expecting it, but it's good to see it in print.
Players should honor their commitments to some extent, if there are no major changes in the relationship. In some cases, as when the coaching staff turns over or the program is hammered by the NCAA, the players should be allowed to transfer without restriction.
I agree that Arden Key has no place on an All-SEC team this year. LaCouture and Gilmore were more valuable. Gilmore had several sacks and TFLs, which is impressive for a NT who is almost always double teamed.
Considering the attrition at Ole Miss, I think Arkansas will win at least one SEC West game next year.
Will Clapp is a junior. Just a small correction to your All-SEC team. You may think it doesn't matter, but there's a good chance he'll be back next year.
"Notre Dame’s ground attack is probably a little too much for LSU"In their last 3 games--vs. Miami, Navy, Stanford--Notre Dame averaged 142 yards rushing and 3.8 yards per rush. Miami's run defense ranks 48th, Navy's ranks 58th, and Stanford's ranks 72nd. LSU's run defense ranks 23rd. But their ground attack is too much for LSU.Notre Dame averaged 17 points scored in their last 3 games. Miami ranks 15th in scoring defense, Stanford ranks 29th, and Navy ranks 85th. LSU ranks 17th in scoring defense. But Notre Dame is going to put up 45 points on LSU.Joe, are you feeling okay?
Congrats to Georgia and Alabama. How ironic that Auburn beat both of them in the last month, and Auburn is out and both of them are in.
Ohio State does have better credentials than Alabama. They have the advantage in quality wins, and they have a conference championship. I've heard repeatedly that the committee doesn't look at the quality of losses on a schedule, they only look at the quality of wins. Besides, Alabama lost to a 10-3 Auburn team that will now get kicked out of the top 10. Wisconsin probably will be ranked higher than Auburn.
I realize that, but when a program is penalized for the duration of a player's career, that player should be free to transfer anywhere anytime.
It's a damn shame. I understand the reasons for it, but in cases like this it should be unrestricted. We just watched Fisher jump to A&M and Mullen jump to Florida, moves that are ultimately paid for on the backs of football players. Ironic that Ole Miss breaks the rules and still can dictate transfer terms.
I think there's a good chance that Bama gets in. The potential for upsets is pretty high, with 4 games between highly ranked teams. The way this season has played out, it would be more surprising if all the favorites won.
There's no question it's a good hire. No doubt that he will recruit and develop, at least on the offensive side. The challenge will be on defense, where A&M has struggled. After three years with Chavis, the defense should have been better than it is. We'll see whether he can bring in enough top-level defensive players to turn A&M into a good SEC defense.
No need to contact Shea Patterson. He knows he would be welcome at virtually any other program.