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Lateral move, but he may have reasons to consider it. Could be money, or maybe he doesn't like Harsin.
Started 40 consecutive games at ETSU. Two-time FCS All-American with 70 knockdowns last season. No one offered him a scholarship out of high school. He was a walk-on.
Is Jones coming back? I haven't heard anything about him or Gaye. I assume Jones will be back. Gaye is the one I worry about.
Forgot Greg Brooks, who should be good enough to earn a starting job at CB.
Don't think so. But a little competition doesn't hurt.
While I do think LSU has a better coaching staff now, the roster needs help. I think some of the forecasts I've read for LSU are a tad optimistic, including this one. I wouldn't rank LSU in the top half of the SEC right now. Too many questions. Defensive line and receivers look good. Beyond that, there is plenty of doubt. QB looks good if Brennan stays healthy, but that's what we're going to be hearing all offseason, unfortunately. "A healthy Myles Brennan" or "If Myles Brennan is healthy" will be a lead line for any talk about LSU. Meanwhile, even if he stays healthy, the questions surrounding the offensive line, linebackers, and secondary are hard to ignore. I'll err on the side of optimism and say 8-5, but it could just as easily be 5-7.
No mention of the most important and most needy position group? The offensive line has been gutted, and that is the primary concern for Kelly's offense. To his credit, he is working on it, but there are no good OL recruits remaining and he will have to hope for more transfers.
It will be interesting to see what Kiffin can do at Ole Miss without Corral. We got a small taste of it in the Baylor game. Until Kiffin finds a QB as good as Corral, I'm not sure Ole Miss should be ranked at all.
Seems like a reach to add a 3-star LB, but that's where LSU is at this point. Looking at his stats, it looks like he was on an upward trajectory until he was injured. At least he adds depth, and he could be a good investment.
Why doesn't SDS report on how many former SEC players, by school, are on NFL playoff rosters? Hint: LSU has 23, which is more than any other SEC school.
I don't think it's about coaching deficiencies. Otherwise, he would have kept Corey Raymond. I think his intent is to clean house of anyone who was here when the Title IX mess was happening, regardless of whether they were involved. He's building the program almost from scratch.
He's a good player, and LSU needs the depth. I could see him scoring a couple TDs. This transfer portal stuff is crazy. Nothing to do but wait until the dust clears and see who you have left.
I would argue that the top FCS teams play more games, but they don't. The only argument is that the top players may as well get used to it. The NFL is up to 17 regular season games, and that's with a 53-man roster.
Do you mean Hillary Clinton? She's 74. Better to get one who will be there a while. Condoleezza Rice is 67 and probably would be more suited to the job.
That's not gonna happen. Schools not in the playoffs need the regular season for revenue.
Good one. Hopefully he'll have a decent OLine to block for him.
LSU #8 reminds me of the time they had Auburn as a top 5 team, despite the fact Auburn had about 5 returning starters. LSU 2022 will have about 6-7 returning starters. Crazy to put them #8.
All these people ranking LSU must be looking at the brand and not at the actual product. LSU is not going to reload in 2022. This is clearly a rebuilding job. I'm not expecting more than 8-5. If they win 9 games, Kelly should be up for COY.
@Gator...Ricks and Orgeron go way back to when Orgeron was at USC. He came to LSU because of Orgeron. So it was not a big surprise that he left after Orgeron was fired.
I would rule out Baylor and maybe add Florida to that list.
I almost put Auburn 2004. I consider them champions for that year, because USC had to vacate. But it's not official.
Yeah, but then I'd have to add more for Alabama and Florida, and it's a question of a cut off point. So I put the cutoff at the turn of the century.
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