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You would think so. I don't know why, except that Orgeron thinks safety is the natural position for Paris. What's surprising is all these rising freshmen. Delpit and Vincent could both be starters this year.
Ed Paris is FS. He's not replacing Adams. And it's not a certainty that Paris will start. He's being pushed. So I wouldn't have him on this list. If he does elevate his game, great.
Yes, he can be better, if he works at it. As a freshman at LSU, Robinson was more advanced than Peterson was as a freshman.
"A lot of mediocrity" is right. The SEC in general has been on a downward spiral the last two years.
These are all valid points. I'm thinking it will be Brennan's team eventually. He has the arm. He has the ability. As for this season, it's probably Etling. Fortunately, Canada is more qualified to make these decisions than I am. I'm glad I don't have to decide. I believe in Aranda, and I'm probably going to believe in Canada. LSU seems to have a pair of good ones there.
LSU has so many challenges, it's hard to pick any single game and say that's the one. I just want to see what they have, with so many freshmen contributing this year. And I want Orgeron to stay out of the way and let Canada and Aranda do their thing.
Clapp is spelled "Clapp", not "Clap". Weathersby and Malone were back in the line-up for the second scrimmage yesterday.
I was with him until he flashed the Florida State logo while saying LSU had to play at Florida. Don't you just love professionalism in sports broadcasting?
True. Hoping Brennan can learn the offense in the next two weeks. It's a tough decision. Do you throw Brennan out there early? He's still less than 200 pounds. Looks like a beanpole.
To be fair, Etling was going against the #1 defense, Brennan mostly against the #2 defense. But it's a good point. Brennan looks like the QB of the future. Why not play him now, if he can learn the offense in time. But there's also a lot to be said for experience. Could be a tough decision if Brennan outperforms Etling in practices from here on out.
When you consider the level of competition for starting jobs in LSU's secondary, it's easy to see why they don't lack confidence. Saivion Smith, the #5 CB in the 2016 class, couldn't win a starting job, so he transferred out. Kristian Fulton, the #2 CB in the 2016 class, is a backup. JaCoby Stevens, the #1 safety in the 2017 class, has moved to WR because there are 4 or 5 safeties in front of him. This secondary is loaded. I wish LSU could recruit all positions like they recruit DBs.
I don't expect LSU to win the West. Some Georgia fans are taking the East for granted and putting Georgia in the top three SEC teams. Georgia has to get past Florida first. Georgia looks good on paper, but we've heard that song before.
Should be a good game. Football season is barely three weeks away.
I realize this is hypothetical stuff, but it's hard to imagine some of these disaster scenarios. LSU's defense is Dave Aranda, not Arden Key. The offense returns enough experience that it's hard to see it doing any worse. And your idea of Guice not being up to the heavier load is kind of silly. For one thing, he is up to it. For another thing, he has capable backups, so he'll have his share of breathers. But go ahead and hypothesize all you want.
Until I see Georgia take the next step, I don't see what's stopping Florida from winning the East again. So, come on Dawgs, seeing is believing.
No, not Les. Someone else, maybe, but not Les.
Miss State at Georgia is a game we don't get to see very often, and it could be a good one. The top 7 games listed look very interesting. After #7, there's quite a drop off.
Don't know what their record will be, but they will be good. They are my pick to win the East. I knew they hired a good one in McElwain.
Saban cuts players every year. He even puts it in their scholarship letter. Something to the effect that Alabama will honor this scholarship for the duration of your career, pending scholarship limits, which is the NCAA's fault and not mine. What a crock. So if it's okay for him to cut players, he should not have a problem with players choosing to transfer out. Players transfer. It's a fact of life in college football. Coaches have to deal with it.
The competition in LSU's secondary is brutal right now. We have 4-star DBs riding the bench every year. I hope Joseph signs with LSU, but I can understand him wanting to look at other programs.
Sumlin will be out, too, if they're right.
Doesn't seem right. Georgia's toughest opponents are Auburn and Florida, yet they have the toughest SOS? LSU plays both of those teams, plus Alabama. Seems to me this list should be top-loaded with SEC West teams, at least until the SEC East shows that it can compete with the West.
It wouldn't be SDS without at least one mistake. JaCoby Stevens at LSU was a 5-star recruit, last time I checked.
Texas A&M, apparently. I don't agree. Ole Miss finishes last.
They have a solid grasp on the SEC West cellar. Who do you have finishing 7th?
Not sure Jamal Adams is the player LSU will miss the most. LSU is fairly loaded in the secondary. Considering the offensive line is a bit thin, maybe Ethan Pocic? They are also a bit thin at ILB, so maybe Kendell Beckwith or Duke Riley? Think about it. This team is so stacked in the secondary that they moved JaCoby Stevens to offense.
I doubt whether they beat LSU in Baton Rouge. But, that's why they play the games. You never know.
No reason to panic. I realize LSU is thin in the line, but the difference between 11 and 10 is not that great. As for being a lock at NFL guard, I can't remember the last time an LSU offensive lineman didn't move on to the NFL. Yes, it's next man up.