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He's supposedly a recruiting machine, yet he keeps offering 3-star recruits. That's the concern I have right now. If he sees something in those 3-star recruits that will pan out later, okay. If his recruiting so far is the best he can do, it may come back to bite him.
I still don't like it. All those 3-stars last year. And so far this year 7 of the 12 commits are 3-star recruits. What's Orgeron doing? This program is turning into Miss State.
If there was ever a lock for LSU, it's Kardell Thomas. He has been busy recruiting other players to LSU. Doubt some of the other commits, but don't doubt this one.
Anything less than 8 wins is unacceptable. Miles managed 8 wins with his worst teams, and without a decent QB. If Orgeron is a step down from Miles, he won't last long.
Kind of a ridiculous article. Devin White is not Arden Key. Arden Key's problems last year were Arden Key's problems.
I'd be pleasantly surprised if LSU gets there in 2018. By my count, LSU has a total of 10 returning starters and a first-time starter at QB. Uphill battle.
Down year for Louisiana talent. 2019 will be better.
"Just before National Signing Day, LSU coach Ed Orgeron’s 2018 recruiting class took a hit on Tuesday night." You're kidding, right? This kid is a 3-star DB. I think the reason LSU offered him was that he seemed to be part of a package deal at the time. When his teammates committed, LSU didn't need him anymore.
From what I've seen, the major issue with that team is the offensive line.
For what it's worth, Greedy Williams was a red shirt freshman in 2017, not a true freshman. He was at LSU in 2016, he just didn't play. But I realize SDS is not interested in accuracy.
Gurley was 2 years before Fournette. It would have been Gurley and Jeremy Hill in the same backfield. Both turned out pretty good. Hill was from Baton Rouge, and LSU went with the hometown kid.
Peveto is a decent recruiter, but as a coach he's a freeloader. If you think your LBs suck now, imagine the same LBs without coaching.
LSU has numerous position battles to sort out, and it's hard to say which one will be the most heated. QB is quite a bit more important than RB, and although Myles Brennan is generally considered the front runner, we can't be sure he will win the job. So I'd put QB at the top of the list. Another heated battle will be the CB spot opposite Greedy Williams. The competition to start in LSU's secondary is always brutal.
LSU's standard hasn't changed. They remain a QB away from beating your favorite team, whoever that team is. Is Myles Brennan that QB? Who knows? I know that LSU needs a coaching staff that can attract good QBs. With 51 players on NFL rosters, most of them starters, 2 players on the latest NFL All-Rookie team, and a current streak of 17 years with at least one LSU player in the Super Bowl, the talent pipeline hasn't dried up yet. They need decent coaching, and they need to start attracting decent QBs.
51 players in the NFL, and most of them in starting line-ups. If they don't get drafted as early as they want, it'll just make them hungry.
Some of both. Mizzou gets credit for not quitting on the season, but the SEC was weak this year.
Someone should tell them LSU has maybe 9 starters coming back. 14th is very optimistic.
Thanks for the publicity, Kornheiser. Hope it helps.
"However, they are starting to fill out the staff" News flash... McMahon is the 10th coach. The staff is full.
You guys really need proof readers. It's Rashard Lawrence, not Rashard Alexander. And Clapp is going pro.
I realize LSU is an expressway to the NFL, but... Damn, LSU is going to have about 8 or 9 returning starters this year.
This one's kind of surprising, because the so-called draft experts have been saying Clapp is not the best center in the draft and he could be a 6th rounder. But I guess he wanted to go. I'm sure he'll do well. Good luck to him.
I agree. It's too bad we couldn't have found a way to keep Canada and lose Orgeron.
No, I don't want Orgeron doing anything. I want him to be gone. But I'm not getting what I want. Meanwhile, if the boosters are good with what they are paying Aranda, that's fine.
Given time, LSU could have found a replacement for Aranda. Not only did Wilcox and Leonhard both do just as well at Wisconsin, but Chavis did just as well at LSU. Good DCs are not that hard to find. Football players win football games, but you need decent coaching as well.
Aranda is worth more than a lot of head coaches, including a few on that list.