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If Miles can do it, any moron can do it. You just need to have the pieces in place, whether that's by accident or by design. LSU is the only big-time program in a state loaded with talent. A couple of bumper crops of recruits, and 2011 happens.
US News & World Report ranks Baton Rouge the 109th best city in the country. College Station was not ranked.
They're bound to be better in 2019, unless they get riddled with injuries like the baseball team.
Alexander next? We can hope. Good riddance to Alleva.
If you want to throw it where Stingley can't get it, you might have to throw it where your receiver can't get it.
He makes football look like child's play, like there's nothing to it. Most talented DB I've seen come to LSU. That includes Patrick Peterson.
Nice. I'm all for adding fuel to the LSU-Florida rivalry. My two favorite SEC teams, and it's always a good game.
I think the NFL should revoke the 3-year rule so the really good players won't have to do what Clowney did.
I wouldn't expect any friction between Ensminger and Brady. Ensminger is a reluctant OC, anyway. He was happy to coach TEs and recruit, until Orgeron promoted him.
I agree 100% with these comments. Arkansas, South Carolina, Mizzou, and A&M are all welcome members of the SEC. UCF is a glorified HS team that thinks it's a national contender.
Jamal Pettigrew is supposedly fully recovered, which makes him the favorite at TE. K'Lavon Chaisson is supposedly fully recovered (hopefully). I wouldn't expect Stingley to start right away, but it wouldn't surprise me. Remember, PP7 had to wait a few weeks to get a starting job. I'm counting on Emery to win a starting job in August. I haven't seen enough from the veteran RBs to convince me. I'm counting on improvement from JaMarr Chase and Terrace Marshall at WR. I'm a bit concerned about Rashard Lawrence. I'm not concerned about the LBs. Phillips, Divinity, and Queen will do just fine, especially with Aranda coaching them up. The secondary? Are you kidding? The main question remains the offensive line. I think they may not be good enough.
Cool video. Special player. This was a no brainer. Unanimous All-American as a sophomore.
It's Tiger Stadium. Death Valley. The place that usually tops the lists of the best college football venues. It's just an attractive place for thrill seekers.
I realize that. But LSU has shuffled linemen in the past, and they didn't perform as poorly as last year. LSU has always had decent offensive lines in years past, injuries or not. The 2017 line was better than last year's line, and it had true freshman starters. No, there's no excuse for an LSU line finishing last in the SEC in sacks allowed. There's no excuse for LSU finishing 13th in the SEC in yards per rush attempt. When your line is that bad, you are Vanderbilt.
I agree that kicker is a question mark, but the biggest question mark is the offensive line. No excuses. The starters played, for the most part, even if they were shuffled. Cregg came in with some hype, but he has yet to prove himself.
I'm not going to argue with Aranda, but this guy is built more like a true LB than an edge rusher.
I'm a bit surprised at LSU's ranking, although it may turn out to be right. Eight returning starters on offense, losing only LG, TE, and RB. RB should be an upgrade, even though it's a true freshman replacing a senior. We're also looking for some improvement in Burrow, the receivers, and the line. TE is the main question.
We're expecting a better team in 2019 than we had in 2018, which means very few teams will be capable of beating LSU. Bold statement, I know. But I think LSU will be very tough. I don't think Texas can match LSU, even in Austin.
Charles or anyone on the LSU offensive line has a lot of work to do. Chaisson probably will be good, but we won't know until he gets into some scrimmages. I would have named Kristian Fulton, who is our next lockdown CB. He should make All-SEC in 2019.
Good point. LSU needs more wins against Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. Those are the three SEC teams that have winning records against us.
They usually are looking up at us in the polls. That's nothing new to them.
I agree that players should have the right to transfer at any time without restrictions. After all, they are supposedly students first, athletes second. Students can transfer whenever they wish.
I'm glad Aranda was not mentioned. I was worried when I saw the headline.
It's a very good class. #5 nationally is nothing to complain about. The "but" to that, of course, is that Alabama, Georgia, and A&M all did better. LSU has won at least 8 games every year so far this century. I think it's the only team to have done that. But we want championships. Alabama has been in the way, and now Georgia is in the way. Soon A&M might be in the way. The goal is 12-0 or 11-1, not 10-2 or 9-3.