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Amazing luck. He just threw it up for grabs.
I think it boils down to what kind of offensive identity you want. If you want RPO, start Johnson. If you want to air it out, start Brennan. If they had similar skill sets, the decision would be tougher. But they are very different QBs.
Did you watch our defense in those two games?
He may be injury prone, but you can't name a starter based on that. You have to believe your QB won't get hurt.
Burrow also improved through the 2018 season. Brennan hitting 60% in his first three starts, with not much help on offense, makes you wonder what he could have done over a full season.
That was a show for ESPN. So vanilla. Kind of a waste of time, really. They should snub ESPN and have a closed scrimmage, but I guess they need the money. I'm just glad no one got injured.
The most intrigue is and was how much chocolate they put on top of all that vanilla. In the case of LSU, hardly any. The good news is the secondary knew their coverages, and the defensive line performed great, as was expected for the most loaded position group on the team. The QB battle will not be settled until August, but have fun guessing.
Yeah. People saying Brennan lost the Mizzou game and Johnson won the Florida game. Florida lost that game, LSU didn't have much to do with it. To be brutally honest, Johnson's pass to Kole Taylor was well short of first down yardage and was not the best decision. But Florida gave it to us.
Should be Brennan, unless Johnson improves a lot during the offseason.
He was talking about Wade. I agree LSU should have fired Wade long ago. As for sexual assault, I doubt whether LSU has cornered the market on that, either. It's far too common in America. It becomes a full-blown scandal when it is made public, as it should be.
Antoine Sampah, backup LB who has impressed this spring and probably will get into the rotation this year.
For what it's worth, I don't like it either. I always took some amount of pride in the fact that LSU, being the only major program in the state, did not have to cheat. We were like Florida and Georgia in that respect, not like Alabama and Auburn. Now we seem to have fallen to the level of Alabama and Auburn.
Considering 8 of the 12 LSU losses were against the #2, #3 and #4 ranked teams, the record doesn't look so bad. Unfortunately, LSU still has to play #1 and #6.
I don't think this is about Orgeron, but it is about LSU. Orgeron's job is to coach the football team, not to investigate complaints. If a player is arrested, or if the police or the University bring evidence of misbehavior to Orgeron's attention, then a suspension is justified. Someone trying to extort money? I don't think Orgeron has to take action on that, except to report the extortion attempt. This is more about the culture at LSU in general, and the University needs to correct that.
Yeah, good to see some football for a change. Some of those players, especially Stingley and Maason Smith, look like they're ready for the season to start. Smith is going to be a holy terror.
The Guice-Scott thing is sounding kind of fishy. Why did some guy try to extort money from LSU on Scott's behalf? Why didn't she go through the proper channels instead of trying to extort money from LSU? I think Title IX needs to have teeth, and it needs to have greater prominence. People need to realize that you go to either the police or Title IX, not to the athletic department.
Elite matchup? Anyone who has been following LSU baseball this season could have expected Vandy to sweep LSU. I know I expected it. LSU is off to its worst start in over 50 years, and people are already calling for Mainieri to be fired. I don't know if I'd go that far, but the worst start in 50 years is going to get people thinking about it.
I'm guessing the "intel" Burrow provided on Chase could easily be misconstrued as lobbying.
Okay I did. Not bad, mainly because it's a well-written song. Her vocals are not half as good as Dolly Parton's.
I generally listen to music that gets good reviews from professional critics. That said, I don't think I've ever heard a Miley Cyrus song.
Hilarious. Leave it to Auburn to find a way to get suspended at fishing.
As an LSU fan, I don't need all this crap. If Orgeron lied to protect Guice, he should be fired. LSU needs to get their sh!t together and run a clean program.
I don't care if he smokes weed. Tyrann Mathieu smoked weed and was All-American. Just make the grades and score TDs.
That sucks. Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery. Do the rehab right, George.
I'll crack on Saban just because he's the head coach at Alabama. Not because he left LSU. I also despised Bryant, Stallings, and any other Alabama coach.
This is true. As long as I've been watching video of spring drills, the first one up is #1 at the position.
I think Johnson has work to do before he gets to that level. Burrow was a better passer, could read defenses, and so on. Johnson has the swagger, he needs the smarts.
Did you see the video clips of practice? Nussmeier looks so small compared to the others. At first I thought it must be some walk-on, until I realized it was Nussmeier.
I lean toward Brennan, because of his arm. In a full spread offense, he's going to throw the ball all over the field. But there is a question about his health and whether he is injury prone. Johnson is easily more of a threat to run, and that's key in an offense that uses a lot of RPO. Brennan's running ability is not going to win the respect of opposing defenses. I think Johnson is a popular choice because he reminds people of Burrow. Tough, always ready to tuck the ball and run. He plays with that swagger that Burrow had. It's not an easy decision. I'll get behind the QB that wins the job.