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I agree. Having your secondary running with the receivers was a mistake. Should have played zone with all eyes on the QB.
I'll be disappointed if Kelly doesn't make staff changes on defense. If it was only the secondary, I could understand. But when the whole defense sucks, you look at coaching.
"5. LSU: Now they wait." No. I agree it would be good for recruiting if Daniels wins the Heisman. But the 1 big thing is the failure of the defense and what to do about it, and that can't wait.
Sure, State, go hire another coordinator to try his luck as a head coach. This is the SEC, not the Sun Belt.
He should do well in something besides football. Good luck to him.
Good question. I guess when in doubt, throw in another SEC team.
I agree, but they can still beat Louisville. If you want to talk about deserving, as opposed to the four best teams, FSU will deserve to be in with a win over Louisville. And the committee still values W-L record over all other considerations.
Yes, probably. Even without Travis, they look better than Louisville. Louisville managed to lose at home to Kentucky, while FSU went into the Swamp and beat Florida.
Georgia will beat Alabama and end all this talk about Alabama's playoff hopes. The four playoff teams are: Georgia Michigan FSU Pac-12 champion
Hard to believe. I wonder how many coaches turned them down.
I agree. I only mentioned it because it's so unusual for him to miss. Every time he throws the ball I expect a completion. He did enough, 4 TDs passing and over 100 yards rushing. He should win the Heisman.
I was thinking they looked like a Sun Belt defense, but maybe they're not that good.
That was a good win against an elite defense. Daniels missed a few passes, but he did enough.
Congrats, Cats. Missed the game but glad y'all won.
This is an interesting development. I'm sure LSU wants him.
I'm sure there were words leading up to all that. Looks like the teams don't like each other, then Arkansas just got frustrated and WTF their season is over anyway.
If Tulane makes it to a NY6 bowl, I'll be happy for them, even if Ole Miss deserves it more. Congrats to Ole Miss on their win and reaching 10-2 again. I've always thought Kiffin is underrated. He was my first choice for the LSU job.
"And there are still 2 games for LSU to play." But only one game before the Heisman is decided. And that probably will be the last time we see Daniels in an LSU uniform. He has one game, against Texas A&M, to win over any voters not already won over.
I'm not a Tennessee fan at all, but I cringe when I watch Joe Milton throw the ball. I can only imagine what it's like for Tennessee fans.
Yeah, well, we know the SEC and B1G are going to dominate the field. Of the top 12 teams right now, 8 will be SEC or B1G next year.
I would expect a few players to opt out of the bowl game. Bowl games, unless they are in the playoff, are opportunities for younger players to get a head start on next season.
Texas A&M at LSU -8 Strange. On ESPN early this morning it was 9.5. I just checked and it's up to 11.0. I think 8 is kind of high. That young QB might do some damage to our secondary.