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No need to warn us. We are quite aware of that fact.
I agree. Tucker and Aranda both haven't demonstrated much success as head coaches. Brady has no experience as a head coach. I doubt whether Brady is even on Woodward's list. Woodward has always gone after proven head coaches.
Joe Brady doesn't like recruiting. He's much more comfortable drawing up X's and O's. If he is interested, he would have to hire someone who can recruit for him. Dave Aranda is much the same way. Both of them are the cerebral X's and O's type, but Aranda seems to be doing okay as a HC, which is kind of surprising to me. My first choice probably would be Kiffin, second choice maybe Jimbo, but what do I know? That's Woodward's job.
They should remove the entire item from the list, as if it never happened.
But Stacey, I thought Tucker was the top candidate? I wish you people would make up your mind.
LSU wanted Fisher before Woodward hired him at A&M. It's not sudden.
Kind of an ignorant take, in my opinion. Coaches move up and down the ladder regularly, like musical chairs. The things a successful coach looks for are all here at LSU. Salary, facilities, recruiting base, the challenge of competing for championships. Good coaches welcome that challenge, and any good coach can see the advantages presented by LSU. LSU is routinely listed among the top 5 coaching jobs in the nation.
Stacey, do you get paid per article? If so, I could give you several names of possible coaches for LSU, and we could split the money.
Yeah, he knew he was out long before the Florida game.
It's kind of like all those Miles years when people kept saying, "Man, if LSU only had a QB..." Well, we found a QB and went 15-0. Now the question is what could LSU do with a good head coach.
Such is life. But, ask yourself, if coaches like Miles and Orgeron can win natties at LSU, what could a competent head coach do at LSU?
This is all guesswork. I realize it's their job as football journalists to do this, but they don't know.
That often happens with a coaching change. Wouldn't be surprising.
The quick trigger finger is only in this case. Name another one besides Orgeron.
Why Brian Johnson? I can understand the other three.
They could do worse. But it's all hearsay at this point. Speculation is all over the place, as you might expect. No one knows.
You may be right. Woodward seems to know what he's doing, unlike Alleva. He made two good hires already for baseball and women's basketball. I'm looking forward to this one.
Yesterday? A new blocking scheme, suggested by Jack Marucci, caught Florida by surprise and enabled TDP to have a record day. Sad when your trainer knows more than your coaches. And it helped that Florida's QBs threw 4 picks.
Well, not the whole team, just the ones who are already NFL draft picks, no matter what.
He was losing the team. I think that's the main thing.
He earned it. That 15-0 season is priceless.
No clue, but there is no shortage of names out there.
*Marucci. (Always get Mariucci and Marucci confused.)
TDP says Mariucci suggested the blocking scheme. Made Peetz look like a genius, but all Peetz did was stick with what was working.
On the bright side, UEFA fans make Tennessee fans look like angels. At least we haven't sunk to that level. Yet.
That's a sorry looking top 8. No wonder this is Georgia's year, with competition like that. Enjoy it, Georgia.