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Auburn does it because Bama does it. Not saying Auburn is likeable. I hate Auburn almost as much as Bama.
That works both ways. WVU wouldn't have made near as much money this season without Grier.
Chill. These guys all believe in misplaced loyalty and indentured servitude.
How does Elko get an A for letting LSU score 72 on him?
The NCAA has nothing to do with establishing national championships at the FBS level. They simply recognize national championship selections. If the Colley Matrix wants to go against the other 12 major selectors and name UCF national champions, that's fine with the NCAA.
Bowl games are great, even when it's a couple of 6-6 teams. Not to mention the fun the kids have. It's the high draft picks who turn it into a business. I don't blame them for their business decisions, but it's supposed to be fun.
Oh well, S&P had LSU losing to several teams this year.
Hopefully the players won't underestimate Texas. I enjoy seeing Texas lose. And remember, Georgia got pasted by a 9-3 team this year.
If he really wants to play, that's fine. No problem with it. It's just that there's always this flow of players in and out of LSU's program, and the draft picks are on their way out.
Yes, I know he is playing. Just saying, the 2019 team needs all the reps they can get. Bowl games were meant to be rewards for winning seasons. I see them as 15 bonus practices and a bonus game for the next season's team.
I think White should sit the game out. He has nothing to prove. Highly unlikely that he will get hurt, but he could give all those practice and game reps to his replacement. Those are valuable reps. I'm on the players' side of this argument. If you're a high draft pick, you don't need to be playing in the bowl game. Let a younger player get experience.
Seems appropriate that LSU ends the season by taking down a top 10 team that doesn't belong in the top 10.
Nice. Congrats, Devin White. They've been handing out this award for 34 years, and Devin White is the first LSU player to win it.
It's surprising how many SEC fans comment on UCF. Are they worth all this aggravation?
I thought the plan was to pick the four best teams. Almost everyone seems to think Georgia is one of the four best teams. If they are going to give so much weight to conference champions, they should expand to 8 teams and let all the conference champions in plus three at large teams. Georgia might be capable of beating Alabama in a rematch, and they might be the only team that could beat Alabama.
Williams will not play in the Fiesta Bowl. With Fulton out due to injury, that leaves Kary Vincent, Kelvin Joseph, Terrence Alexander and Jontre Kirklin to man the corners.
I saw LSU as a 4-point favorite at opening, then that quickly went up to 6-point favorite and 7.5-point favorite, due to heavy betting on LSU. Not sure where the 10 is coming from. About two-thirds of all bets so far are on LSU.
I think Georgia's one of the four best teams, I think the committee will agree, and I think Georgia will be in. This committee has shown that it disregards all other arguments except which are the four best teams. I don't think Oklahoma would have a chance against Georgia.
Okay, someone remind me, which of these teams is The Greatest Team of All-Time?
I don't think Aranda is head coaching material, at least not in college football. The NFL might suit him better, but he would have to work his way up.