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I'm not going to argue with Aranda, but this guy is built more like a true LB than an edge rusher.
I'm a bit surprised at LSU's ranking, although it may turn out to be right. Eight returning starters on offense, losing only LG, TE, and RB. RB should be an upgrade, even though it's a true freshman replacing a senior. We're also looking for some improvement in Burrow, the receivers, and the line. TE is the main question.
We're expecting a better team in 2019 than we had in 2018, which means very few teams will be capable of beating LSU. Bold statement, I know. But I think LSU will be very tough. I don't think Texas can match LSU, even in Austin.
Charles or anyone on the LSU offensive line has a lot of work to do. Chaisson probably will be good, but we won't know until he gets into some scrimmages. I would have named Kristian Fulton, who is our next lockdown CB. He should make All-SEC in 2019.
Good point. LSU needs more wins against Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. Those are the three SEC teams that have winning records against us.
They usually are looking up at us in the polls. That's nothing new to them.
I agree that players should have the right to transfer at any time without restrictions. After all, they are supposedly students first, athletes second. Students can transfer whenever they wish.
I'm glad Aranda was not mentioned. I was worried when I saw the headline.
It's a very good class. #5 nationally is nothing to complain about. The "but" to that, of course, is that Alabama, Georgia, and A&M all did better. LSU has won at least 8 games every year so far this century. I think it's the only team to have done that. But we want championships. Alabama has been in the way, and now Georgia is in the way. Soon A&M might be in the way. The goal is 12-0 or 11-1, not 10-2 or 9-3.
That's a weak attempt at rationalization there, Nicky.
I'm thinking 8-4. Losses to Clemson, Alabama, Georgia and LSU. Jimbo's a good coach, but this ain't the ACC.
"No one expected the LSU Tigers to reach 10 wins". That's a hell of a statement. I expected LSU to reach 10 wins. I'm sure a lot of LSU fans expected it, because no one knows a team better than its fans. We knew.
I don't see it. Miami was crap last year and should be even worse this year. Florida State? Auburn might be better, but it's doubtful.
This is more like it. With 16 starters returning, LSU figures to have a better team in 2019. Hard to understand those pundits who have LSU ranked in the teens in preseason.
Also, the A&M game inflated the points per game and made the defense look worse than it really was.
Those numbers are not good enough. The 400 total offense was 10th in the SEC. The 32 points was 7th. Granted, it was an improvement. But LSU expects to challenge for championships. They can't do that with an offense that's average at best. And I question whether they had such a tough schedule. Preseason, yeah, everyone thought those teams would be better than they turned out to be. I'm just saying the offense is still lagging behind. It has to be better, and Orgeron would be the first to admit that. I give him credit for realizing what's expected.
The offense at the end of the season was The Joe Burrow Show, and that was against Rice, A&M's sorry pass defense, and UCF. I agree that Burrow should be better in 2019. Hopefully the line can give him time to throw. LSU was last in the SEC in sacks allowed. LSU was 10th in the SEC in yards per rushing attempt. Only Arkansas and Tennessee were worse. At least under Miles they could run the ball.
The offense is still anemic. Orgeron needs to make some adjustments, or else get his nose out of the offense. He's supposed to be delegating to his coordinators, but in a way it's like Miles never left. The main difference with the 2018 team was that Aranda was able to do more with the defense. I still say Aranda is LSU's most valuable coach.
I agree that Roquan Smith should be first on the list, easily.
Grant Delpit, definitely. Too early to put any other LSU players on the list, but Kristian Fulton might make it by season's end.
Best wishes and thanks for all you did for LSU.
Sunday night and still no word from Devin White. I was sure he would opt for the NFL, which is what he should do. But waiting til the last minute is strange.
Great. Fulton, Stingley, Delpit, Stevens, Phillips, Divinity, Lawrence, Fehoko, Chaisson, and Logan. All we need now is White.