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I'm thinking 10 wins minimum, and another playoff berth wouldn't surprise me at all.
Burrow has a decent arm, but his success last year is attributable to several factors, including a lot of intangibles. Burrow had the intangibles in spades. Brennan is generally considered the better pro prospect because of the physical gifts. I've seen Brennan make throws that I'm not sure Burrow could make. Accuracy doesn't always translate to success on the field. Burrow's intangibles made him the obvious choice to lead LSU last year. Hopefully Brennan learned a few things from him.
Hopefully, what he learned from Burrow is how to remain cool and focused in the pocket. Beyond that, there are not many similarities. Brennan has the stronger arm and throws more accurate passes. He throws more ropes than rainbows. He probably won't run as much, because of the lack of depth. The receivers have to get accustomed to his style of passes. He won't throw as many jump balls. He'll try to fit more accurate passes into tight windows instead. Here's hoping he stays healthy and focused.
Coaching. Mullen, the QB coach, takes a QB who hadn't started a game in years and makes him the best returning SEC QB. Malzahn, the run-first coach, takes a 5-star QB and, well...
Yeah I know, right? Florida has the 2nd best coach in the East (after Stoops), possibly the best QB in the SEC, and plenty of returning talent. Only thing stopping them is blind luck.
USC was good. I wish we could have had that LSU-USC game. Following Oklahoma's loss to Kansas State, I don't think we would have had anyone crying because Oklahoma was left out of the championship game. As for who deserved to be #1, it probably was one instance where the computers got it right. LSU had the better resume', slightly. Who would have won the game? I would have picked LSU. In those days, great defense trumped great offense.
Interesting theory. It does serve the team's interests to catch the bug and be done with it before the season starts. Let's face it, most of these players will have no symptoms or a slight cold.
I's move Kentucky up two notches and A&M up one.
I think the Bama game will be the toughest. It's funny that he mentioned A&M will have something to prove. Bama doesn't want to lose to LSU two years in a row. A&M should be used to that.
Florida was more successful than Georgia on offense against LSU, but the defenses were a wash. Both good SEC defenses. Both eventually folded against LSU. Steele had the best game plan against LSU. Keep everything in front of you, and force them to score from close range. LSU rolled up some yardage against Auburn, but screwed up close to the goal line. I do agree that Kirby's idea of not rushing Burrow was dumb. Didn't matter anyway.
I know one thing. When you can't find a place for someone like Marcel Brooks, you've got a good defense.
He wants to be a starter. If he really wanted to be closer to family, he would have transferred already. He's testing the waters and testing Orgeron and Pelini. When Pelini was hired, I immediately asked what's he going to do with Brooks. Because he doesn't fit Pelini's defense. He would have to gain at least 20 pounds to be a 4-3 LB. I'm sure Pelini and Orgeron would prefer to keep him, but he wants to start. Where can he be a starter? They didn't bring Cox in to sit the bench.
Could be that he follows Aranda to Baylor. As for LSU, I just don't see where he fits in. He can't start at safety, he has little to no experience there and LSU is loaded at safety. At MLB, Clark has the inside track. Brooks is good, but he's not that good. Wish Pelini could find a spot for him, but I had my doubts about Brooks when Pelini was first hired.
Yeah, I saw that they moved him to ILB. A sort of Ali Highsmith type maybe. But he was OLB in high school, so I thought maybe he wasn't going to start. I see Damone Clark starting in the middle.
Yeah, but it's still a drag. I'm thinking not big enough to be a starting LB in Pelini's defense, and not experienced enough to start at safety. Tough break.
I think if everyone got tested, we would all be shocked at how many of us have the virus and don't know it. The fact that these football players are being tested for the first time and showing positive just underscores how easily this virus has been transmitted.
I like the chances of Florida, Oregon and Penn State getting to the playoff, but Iowa State? I mean, isn't a bet for Iowa State also a bet against Oklahoma? Not that I think Oklahoma belongs in the playoff, but I wonder whether any Big 12 team belongs in the playoff.
Monroe is a good one. Depth chart is just too stacked at safety. Several good ones all in the same class or eligibility group. Can't play all of them.
I guess LSU will have to ban neck again because it is sexually abusive... to tigers.
Thanks. I'm a rock fan. If you mention Tame Impala, Fiona Apple, or Beach House, I know who you mean.
Kind of esoteric. I've never heard of those people. They are people, right?
Looks like more attrition. They were thinking about moving him to OT. I guess they have the OTs they want.
I can handle Rodgers and Tebow. At least they know football. I can do without Finebaum. I'll miss Spears.
2010. No one saw Cam Newton coming. And he didn't have much of a team around him. We knew he was good in juco, and we expected him to have some success at Auburn. But we underestimated him. He took that team on his back and beat some very good competition. The Superman thing was appropriate. A lot of fans despised him for that, but when you're that good...