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That's rough. Good kid, loves LSU, helped recruit some players to LSU. Hope he makes a full recovery.
Michigan might have to be 12-0, because I'm thinking LSU will be 11-1.
Looking forward to LSU's 20th consecutive winning season. Geaux Tigers!
Knock Miami out of the top tier. The mighty Hurricanes have become a nice breeze.
Well, at least they know Divinity played Edge last year. They should try to follow teams more closely if they are going to put out preseason All-SEC teams.
Probably a lot of cramping in this heat. Players seem to be taking turns at missing practice.
Jimbo probably just wanted to cut out and have a couple of beers. I've had days like that.
Jacob Phillips probably will start, but word is he's in a competition for his job, and no one has been named the starter yet.
Don't know. I can believe Kary Vincent is one of them. Kid's a track star.
There can be a big difference. I think Bama is better than Georgia, that's all.
Crazy. This guy must despise Bama even more than I do.
The cowbells are a nuisance. Nothing good about them, unless you're a MSU fan.
I think Florida covers. That Miami team sucks.
I agree about Ja'Marr Chase. He started to show his potential toward the end of last season. I'm not so sure that Emery gets 1000 yards this year, but I think it's possible.
Because different is the new better. They just can't leave well enough alone.
On a veteran team like this, some players don't need to scrimmage. Burrow does.
Someday, probably long after I'm gone, the LSU-A&M rivalry will reach the point where Aggies fans pull for Texas over LSU.
It's not the self-reported stuff they have to worry about. If the NCAA investigates, they may find much more than what was self-reported.
I don't know why everyone is making a big deal out of the LSU-Texas game. Yes, it's in Austin. Yes, Ehlinger is a decent QB. But he is surrounded by newbies. You can't seriously expect a bunch of newbies to beat a top 5 team. I'm telling you, this is going to be like the Miami game last year.
I'm thinking Tyler Shelvin and Siaki Ika alternating at NT, which means, yes, Fehoko and Logan will alternate at DE. Unless Lawrence is injured again, in which case Fehoko and Logan both start. I'm concerned about Lawrence. In that now-famous run by John Emery, Lawrence was pancaked by Damien Lewis and got up limping. He has not practiced since then. At LB, Divinity is starting inside, Phillips and Queen are competing for the other inside spot, and Chaisson is in his outside spot. The fourth LB probably will be Thornton, but he won't be on the field much. I doubt whether Fulton will be "overshadowed" by Stingley, but QBs might choose to pick on Stingley, which would give him more opportunities than Fulton.
But they are not good enough. This is one of the good LSU teams, and Miss State can't handle a good LSU team.
I guess if you are determined to find a 2nd loss, Miss State is the best you can do. That's weak.
It's not losing to Alabama. It's losing to someone else. 11 wins would be expected. And the 1 loss would be expected. Beating Bama would be a pleasant surprise.
Todd Harris (33), Eric Monroe (11), Jacob Phillips (6), Michael Divinity (45), Ray Thornton (43), Breiden Fehoko (91), Rashard Lawrence (90). Definitely not the scout team. It looked like #2 offense vs. #1 defense, but it also looked like 9 on 7.
Okay, my bad. They were 1-10, not 2-10. That was 1998. Then in 1999 they were 0-11.
South Carolina seems destined for mediocrity, which is better than what they used to have. I can remember when Carolina would win 2 games and lose 10. Auburn is tough to predict because we don't know what that QB is made of. Gus is in a rut, but if he gets the kind of QB he likes, Auburn can be very tough. I think Kentucky will drop off a bit this year.