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Come on, Ed. Your offensive line coach is not recruiting well and not developing the talent he has. This was our best offensive line recruit of 2020 so far, and his loss actually boosts the average grade for the class.
The weakest link on the team last year was the offensive line, and it probably will be the weakest link again this year. Coach O gives lip service to recruiting linemen, but his track record is not good. He brings in a lot of 3-star linemen who never see the field. What I am insinuating is this: Alabama gets premier linemen; LSU does not.
I hate to spoil the party, but LSU needs to do a lot better in the trenches. Four interior linemen in this class so far, and they are the four lowest rated commits. One 4-star and three 3-star linemen. Not. Good. Enough.
I don't know. They say the "SEC speed" is in the defensive line, mainly. But the man coverage might be what got to Giles more than anything. Big 12 teams don't know how to play defense, especially coverage.
The University of South Carolina puts "Carolina" on their jerseys, and I don't have a problem with it. I'll call them Carolina if that's what they want. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette puts "Louisiana" on their jerseys, and I don't have a problem with that, either. So I'll start calling them Louisiana. Also, that's where I went to school, so I'm a bit biased.
LSU fans of both football and baseball are also looking at whether Maurice Hampton goes pro in baseball. He says he plans to play both sports at LSU, but he's projected to be a 1st round MLB pick. He plays outfielder, and he's a 4-star CB in football. He is also the first player in Tennessee to win Mr. Football and Mr. Baseball in the same season.
I think they're expecting Florida to improve in Mullen's second year. Imagine that.
LSU has had success recruiting North Shore HS. Hope that history helps.
The SEC should start dictating game times to CBS. CBS is going to pay for the games anyway. The SEC can dictate all the terms they want. I'm tired of CBS telling LSU they have to play afternoon games.
Everything I said was true. I read Kramer's book.
Stony Brook again? I though we were finished with them for all time.
Lombardi's Packers were a bunch of misfits, except for Bart Starr. He was the teacher's pet, the one player on the team that always was on Lombardi's good side. He was boring, but he was the definition of a game manager.
I'm not sure LSU should be hosting, but I'm glad they are. The team has been very inconsistent.
Don't be a fool. I was leery about Coach O for a while, but it's clear he has LSU moving up.
Spurrier was 70 when he retired from Carolina. He should go in that group with Paterno and Bowden. He didn't want to retire, but recruiters were using his age against him. Which, I suspect, is happening to Saban already.
Rashard Lawrence is technically a DE.
I prefer to believe winning the SEC is what enabled LSU to win the 2007 natty. Virginia Tech was wildly overrated that year.
I expect Georgia, LSU, Clemson and Florida to take care of business. Auburn? Who knows?
Nice. Primetime in Austin. Big night for recruiting Texas talent.
No brother named Jesse. They have older brother Andreas, younger sister Johanna.
The odds for LSU are still too low, but it's okay. Better to fly under the radar as long as possible.
Chris, I don't know what makes you think Texas will beat LSU, but whatever. It's similar to the disrespect LSU got last year before the season started. Some people are just blind to what LSU has coming back.
Just be glad your sorry team doesn't have to play overrated LSU this year.
I don't have first-hand knowledge, but it stands to reason that recruiters are going to start using Saban's age against him, just like they did Spurrier. It's a shame, but it's a dog-eat-dog business.