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I've had a few of these. Watching Larry Holmes vs. Muhammad Ali. LSU getting shut out by Bama in the 2011 title game. LSU losing to A&M (and the officials) in the 74-72 overtime game. Probably the worst is watching Ali extending his career too far. He should have quit long before that Holmes fight.
I agree. I think Alabama and Florida should be the preseason favorites.
If it makes you feel better, you may have made the right call, and Gus may have made the wrong call.
I think there's a good argument for Spurrier being a better coach than Saban. You could ask how many titles Spurrier would have won with Saban's players. You could ask whether Saban would have gone 11-2 three consecutive years at South Carolina. We don't know the answers. But I would put Spurrier because he changed how SEC football is played. And because I think he was a better coach.
Herschel Walker and Steve Spurrier, then I'd have trouble with the other two. Not sure how you put Peyton Manning on there, when other SEC QBs passed for more yards and TDs. Unless you are doing it because of his NFL career, which changes the criteria quite a bit. In baseball, Eddy Furniss was the leader in career hits, until Jake Mangum broke the record, and Furniss still holds the record for career home runs. In basketball, if Maravich is not eligible, I guess I'd agree with Shaq. But, for me, it's really Walker and Spurrier, then everyone else.
I agree, and the programs could at least get the TV money. But I think this will be over before the end of summer.
Not many people remember 1980. I barely remember it, but I'm an LSU fan. I'm not going to list a Georgia moment.
I would put Alabama, Florida, and LSU ahead of Georgia.
It's hard to top the walk-off HR by Warren Morris, but I'm a football-first fan. Last year's total dominance by LSU in the postseason was so much fun. Even after the regular season, there were people who still doubted LSU. All they did was clobber Georgia, Oklahoma and Clemson to show everyone what kind of team LSU was. #2 is the walk-off HR by Morris. #3 is the win over Ohio State. After letting Ohio State take a 10-0 lead, a friend asked me if I still thought LSU would win. I said, "Yeah".
10 Alabama 10 LSU 8 Georgia 7 Kentucky 15 others
Joe Burrow. Before the season started, he told reporters LSU was going to score 40, 50, 60 points per game. I think almost everyone doubted him when he said that. I'm sure some people laughed. I don't think I ever saw a player more driven to succeed. That includes Tebow. I also don't think I ever saw a player more capable of running an offense. Put that drive and capability together, and you get 15-0.
Yeah, good for the Aggies, they finally won one. They should celebrate it. Reminds me of Ole Miss putting up a banner for being co-champs of the SEC West in 2003.
I take it you are unaware that Emmert and Saban are old friends. For Emmert to even investigate Bama, someone would have to come up with undeniable evidence of Bama cheating, then plaster it all over the media.
LSU fans already know how good Orgeron is. He beat four top 10 teams in 2018, before Brady changed the offense. The offense is in place. All that remains is for the players to execute it. Is it going to break records like the 2019 offense? No. Is it going to be better than any Les Miles offense? Yes. Remember, that 2019 LSU team didn't just win games, it blew teams off the field. This year's offense won't be that great, but it won't be much worse.
I think LSU is more likely to lose to Bama than Auburn. Auburn's home field advantage against LSU has dwindled lately, and I think LSU can beat them at Auburn. Bama coming to Baton Rouge is a different story. If LSU loses two games, I think it will be Bama and Florida.
You're a homer. The name of the game is passing, as SEC programs are beginning to realize.
After Chase leaves, Stingley will be here for another year. He didn't play like it, but Stingley was a true freshman last year.
I'm not going to defend him. He had time to shoot that stupid commercial.
I think it's an obvious choice. Biletnikoff winner, and rightly so. Holds SEC records. Chase is probably our best returning player. No slight to Stingley, but I think Chase is better.
Not sure Stingley will play on offense. There seems to be some question as to whether Orgeron was serious about that. Besides, LSU is so loaded at WR, Devonta Lee is moving to defense. Seems to me it would be irresponsible to move Stingley to offense, when LSU is not so loaded at CB.
Obvious choice. Stingley will get it after Chase leaves... maybe.
I don't expect LSU to go 15-0 this year. But the upgrade in scheme, compared to what we were doing before, raises both the ceiling and the floor for LSU. I think that's a reasonable statement, considering offensive scheme has been the main thing holding LSU back. Orgeron has a 17-7 record against ranked teams, including 12 wins against top 10 teams. And 4 of those top 10 wins were in 2018, before last year's perfect season. He seems to be a capable head coach.
Gump, two things wrong with that comparison. First, LSU is not Auburn. When Auburn has an off year, it's a losing season. When LSU has an off year, it's 9 wins. Second, with Chizik and Newton, it was clearly one off. Newton was just that kind of talent. Auburn had another good year using Marshall in the same scheme, but since then they haven't been able to use that scheme. The scheme Brady installed can be used with any pocket passer.
It's getting kind of embarrassing for Cowherd, even more so for Fox Sports.
I'm thinking Costello will have the best season among the three QBs listed. I like Franks, but playing QB at Arkansas is going to be brutal. Newman? Eh. Georgia's offense is an unknown, and he's probably the biggest unknown of the bunch.
Day 2 isn't all that bad. Better than free agent trying to get a contract. Someone will take him, and he'll get his shot.
Always fun to watch the East fans go at it.