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It's true that Louisiana high schools generally don't turn out good QBs, but the main problem has been LSU's failure to develop QBs. 3-star Dak Prescott has the benefit of Dan Mullen's coaching and becomes an NFL star. 4-star Brandon Harris comes to LSU and goes nowhere. For years, I've been saying that LSU needs to hire a QB guru or QB whisperer or whatever you want to call it. Someone who can take these mediocre Louisiana QBs and develop them. Ensminger doesn't have a track record of developing QBs.
LSU is the only team that wants to beat Bama? It seems to me that every team would have Bama at the top of the list.
"Led by Mauck, LSU beat Ohio State in the BCS National Championship Game in 2003." That's news to me. Anyway, congrats to Moreau. He deserves it.
We know LSU football. Most of us don't care about the other teams. We saw LSU games last year, and we know what LSU has this year. And we are not buying the predictions of 6-6 or 7-5. If this LSU team finishes 7-5 or worse, Orgeron should be run out of town on a rail. By the way, a weak LSU team was still good enough to beat both A&M and Auburn last year. So you A&M and Auburn fans can STFU.
This would be huge for LSU. Fulton supposedly is even better than Greedy Williams, which is hard to believe. What's more, the CB spot opposite Williams is currently the only real hole in LSU's defense. With Fulton, the defense would be near perfect.
Both the offensive and defensive lines will be team strengths, and that's where you want the strengths to be. They also look strong at LB and, as usual, in the secondary. The defense will be Aranda's best defense yet. No worries there. A fairly mature QB like Burrow should be able to throw more TDs than picks, even if he's not as experienced as Etling. LSU is loaded with receivers. The run game will grow behind a good offensive line. I'm optimistic. If Orgeron manages to screw this season, he should be fired.
Lawrence and/or Moreau. Williams is an underclassman. White wants No. 40. In fact, White wants to start a new tradition of LBs wearing No. 40. So it's Lawrence and Moreau.
The defense could be enough to win it. This is the best defense Aranda has had at LSU, and that's something a lot of people are overlooking. If Burrow turns out to be a decent QB, that's a bonus.
I like the Florida rivalry more than any other. But LSU doesn't have an arch rival the way a lot of teams do. Every other SEC team , except Arkansas, has an in-state rival. LSU used to have Tulane, but not anymore. They tried to force a rivalry between LSU and Arkansas, but it didn't take.
Did you notice that UCF was unbeaten last year and beat Auburn?
It's a blow to the depth chart, because he might have been #2 TE. Foster Moreau is clearly #1 TE. Thaddeus Moss is probably next in line now.
This is good news. They should show a picture of Orgeron smiling. Maybe he can replace Edwards with a 4- or 5-star recruit.
Only a small fraction of Notre Dame fans are local. The vast majority of their fan base is out-of-state, and it is spread out from coast to coast.
Notre Dame is the only program that even qualifies, for the reasons others have mentioned here.
He's supposedly a recruiting machine, yet he keeps offering 3-star recruits. That's the concern I have right now. If he sees something in those 3-star recruits that will pan out later, okay. If his recruiting so far is the best he can do, it may come back to bite him.
I still don't like it. All those 3-stars last year. And so far this year 7 of the 12 commits are 3-star recruits. What's Orgeron doing? This program is turning into Miss State.
If there was ever a lock for LSU, it's Kardell Thomas. He has been busy recruiting other players to LSU. Doubt some of the other commits, but don't doubt this one.
Anything less than 8 wins is unacceptable. Miles managed 8 wins with his worst teams, and without a decent QB. If Orgeron is a step down from Miles, he won't last long.
Kind of a ridiculous article. Devin White is not Arden Key. Arden Key's problems last year were Arden Key's problems.
I'd be pleasantly surprised if LSU gets there in 2018. By my count, LSU has a total of 10 returning starters and a first-time starter at QB. Uphill battle.
Down year for Louisiana talent. 2019 will be better.
"Just before National Signing Day, LSU coach Ed Orgeron’s 2018 recruiting class took a hit on Tuesday night." You're kidding, right? This kid is a 3-star DB. I think the reason LSU offered him was that he seemed to be part of a package deal at the time. When his teammates committed, LSU didn't need him anymore.
From what I've seen, the major issue with that team is the offensive line.
For what it's worth, Greedy Williams was a red shirt freshman in 2017, not a true freshman. He was at LSU in 2016, he just didn't play. But I realize SDS is not interested in accuracy.
Gurley was 2 years before Fournette. It would have been Gurley and Jeremy Hill in the same backfield. Both turned out pretty good. Hill was from Baton Rouge, and LSU went with the hometown kid.
Peveto is a decent recruiter, but as a coach he's a freeloader. If you think your LBs suck now, imagine the same LBs without coaching.
LSU has numerous position battles to sort out, and it's hard to say which one will be the most heated. QB is quite a bit more important than RB, and although Myles Brennan is generally considered the front runner, we can't be sure he will win the job. So I'd put QB at the top of the list. Another heated battle will be the CB spot opposite Greedy Williams. The competition to start in LSU's secondary is always brutal.