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11:00--Florida-SCarolina 2:30--LSU-Miss State 6:30--Texas A&M-Ole Miss Good line-up.
What LSU's offense did to Florida's defense is against the law in some states. Get your edge rushers back healthy, and LSU will get its defensive players back. And LSU will violate Florida again.
1. We have a running game. 2. We have a good defense, but it could be better. 3. We can outscore any team. We may need luck vs. Bama. 4. We need to get pressure on Tua. 5. We need to clone Burrow.
Interesting that the top markets for LSU-Florida were New Orleans and Birmingham, not New Orleans and Jacksonville. Some Bammers were checking out LSU, looking to see where their next loss is coming from.
Both Ja'Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson are better than Jerry Jeudy this season.
For some reason, Mullen does well against Aranda. He is considered Aranda's "nemesis". I don't know how that works, and I don't know whether his success against Aranda translates into success against other DCs. I know Aranda does better against other play callers. It quickly became obvious Saturday night that Aranda still hasn't figured out Mullen.
Is there a difference between 10-2 odds and 5-1 odds? I was fairly good at math in school, and I don't see the difference.
It would be cool if they ripped off the Philadelphia Eagles for a change. The wings on the helmet work.
Oh, you mean the years when they were on probation, had scholarship cuts and bowl bans. Golly, I wonder why they didn't win championships.
I admit I was one of those who doubted Ed Orgeron. I continued to doubt him through the loss to Troy. After that loss, LSU started climbing, slowly at first and then accelerating. Orgeron has remade the team on the fly while winning. Hiring numerous analysts was a very positive step. Hiring Brady was huge. Orgeron has won me over. He should be a strong candidate for Coach of the Year.
Yeah, but it also wouldn't surprise me if they run the table and win the East.
Fine with me. They bring LSU's average explosive plays down, because LSU was experimenting against them.
So, they're at it again. Let's hope they keep Kirby for a long time.
They seem to be regressing. Probably just a hiccup on Jimbo's road to SEC championships.
I think Ole Miss has a good chance to go bowling if they beat A&M (at Oxford), in which case A&M might get left out. I'm thinking Miss State is falling apart and won't make it. Getting blown out by Auburn, then losing to Tennessee, doesn't inspire confidence.
Yeah, LSU's defense is almost as bad as Bama's.
Brennan will play most of the 2nd half against Miss State, but LSU should beat the spread by halftime.
Not sure Auburn can hold LSU or Alabama under 40, but we'll find out.
It's quiet in here without the Georgia trolls.
True. I'd like to see more consistency from the defense, but the truth is no one can outscore LSU, with the exception of Alabama. And that game looks like a shootout.
If you're trying to get an argument, I got nothing. Maybe run defense?
So, I guess we're going to have another Game of the Century hype thing going if both LSU and Bama are unbeaten on Nov 9.
I was more concerned about Florida's pass rush than Auburn's. Florida still leads the SEC in sacks, despite getting none last night. Florida generated more pressure on Burrow last year than Auburn did. I don't expect it to be any different this year.
Preaching to the choir. I think everyone accepts it now.
Florida's offense was helped by Mullen's play calling. Aranda still has not figured out Mullen.
Florida should win the East. Georgia hasn't shown me much, but Florida has.