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Canada's offense already presenting a challenge for Aranda's defense. What's it going to be like when Guice gets back? Seriously, though, the defense is hurting. If these scrimmages are 1s vs 1s and 2s vs 2s, the #2 defense doesn't have much of a chance. Too many players out.
I'd say give it to Newton and be done with it. He made a national champion out of an average SEC team.
That backfield was a three-headed monster. I hated that McFadden beat LSU, but it was a pleasure watching him anyway. Hell of a football player.
He was ineligible for the bulk of the championship run, but he did play a good game against Ohio State. Congrats to him on a successful NFL career.
That's tough. Now we know why they moved Thornton to Buck. Still no word on Martin's injury. Pretty much leaves Anthony and Thornton, until Key gets back.
Yeah. Throwing it accurately is a bit more difficult than catching it. Etling is intelligent, I'll give him that. LSU is going to need that. But his arm is not the strongest. Canada will have to recognize what Etling can and can't do, and game plan accordingly.
LSU should have offered this kid already. Damn, the one position we need more than any other, and here's a 4-star recruit.
Nothing against Dobbs, but I'm calling BS on comparisons to Prescott. Prescott was the best QB in the SEC for two years, so his success in the NFL comes as no surprise. If Dobbs does that, it would be a surprise.
I wouldn't say it's subpar, but it is the position where LSU was weakest last year. Subpar depends on what standard you go by. Nationally, Etling was in the upper half in passing efficiency and completion percentage. Still mediocre, but probably upper 50% percentile.
He hasn't covered the SEC for very long if he ranks LSU's secondary #6.
I'll take a wild guess at this. 1. Alabama 2. LSU 3. Auburn 4. Florida 5. Arkansas 6. Georgia 7. Texas A&M 8. Tennessee 9. Kentucky 10. Miss State 11. South Carolina 12. Vanderbilt 13. Ole Miss 14. Missouri
Well, he does look quick. Put about 25 pounds on him and he might make a good center.
The number 7 jersey is passed down from player to player, and it's about as significant as the 18 jersey. So, yes, Fournette made a statement in passing it on to Chark. The players are campaigning for FB J.D. Moore to get the number 18 jersey.
LSU fired Les Miles after a 9-3 season. Sumlin has had three straight 8-5 seasons. I agree that it's a stretch to say A&M doesn't recruit quite as well as Bama, LSU, or Auburn, but those are the only teams they should be losing to on the field. I think A&M should be doing better by now, but they seem to be in decline.
Well, without Les Miles to screw with their heads, they should be fine.
Ethan Pocic's primary position at LSU was center, not guard.
He should show some improvement in his game management skills. But let's face it, the game was different when Mauck and Flynn were here. Etling is not going to throw with accuracy 50 yards downfield when the chips are down. We'll have to trust in Canada's play calling, and we'll have to trust in Aranda's defense to give Etling time to win the game. With a game manager at QB, everything else has to work in his favor. With that said, Etling does possess the right mentality. I just wish he had the arm to go with it.