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Don't use "a" before "myriad". That's like saying you have a several brainfarts.
I would recommend zone coverage.
I can say you are spot on about LSU and Miss State. I didn't watch much of the other games. I saw most of Florida's game, and they look good. After the LSU game, I was in a funk and didn't watch any late games.
I was a homer. I thought 8-2, maybe 9-1, but really hoping for at least 8-3 including the bowl. Looks like the streak of 8-win seasons is in jeopardy. Still can keep the streak of winning seasons alive.
Agree about Florida. They're going to be hard to beat. We expected Ole Miss to be good on offense, so I'm not holding that against Florida's defense.
Agreed. I've been harping on this for years. I've always been on the side of the players, and I'm glad to see them getting more input and a little more freedom. It makes no sense that coaches can jump ship and players can't.
Never thought I'd see the Ragin' Cajuns ranked higher than LSU, but I think they deserve it.
This article should have been about LSU's defense. Miss State usually has a decent defense, but LSU's offense did much better in this game than in the 2018 game, due largely to the change in scheme which was made last year. The offensive scheme should continue to serve LSU well. Yes, Brennan had first-start jitters, but no worse than could be expected. His first start was better than Burrow's first start. I think the 2019 season made us all forget the problems Burrow had in 2018, especially early in the season. We forget that LSU ranked last in the SEC in 2018 in sacks allowed. In 2018 vs. Miss State, LSU scored 19 points. Burrow was 16 of 28 (57%) for 129 yards, 0 TDs and 1 INT. Yesterday, Brennan was 27 of 46 (59%) for 345 yards, 3 TDs and 2 INTs. Brennan's first INT was caused by a Miss State player hitting his arm as he released the ball. His second INT was a last-second desperation pass to the end zone. In 2018, Miss State sacked Burrow 7 times. Yesterday, Miss State sacked Brennan 7 times. In 2018, Burrow averaged 4.6 yards per pass, compared to Brennan's 7.5 yards per pass yesterday. In the 2018 game, LSU averaged 2.5 yards per rush. Yesterday, LSU averaged 2.1 per rush. LSU's offensive line problems from 2018 are being revisited in 2020. We just have to wait until the line starts playing better as a unit. The protection was good on some plays, and Brennan was often reluctant to throw the ball. I get that. But the stats still show a better first start than Burrow had. In 2018, Burrow threw it away several times, rather than forcing it into tight coverage. As the game started to slow down for Burrow, he found that he could trust his receivers more and thread the needle more. And the pass protection gradually improved. I think Brennan will be fine as the game slows down for him. The glaring difference in this game was Miss State's passing offense, for which LSU's defense had no answer. State ate up chunk yardage numerous times, mostly on crossing routes but also on the edges. When you allow 600 yards passing and only 9 yards rushing, your pass defense has problems. That's stating the obvious. Their receivers were getting separation on crossing routes too many times. LSU's secondary was clearly the weakest link yesterday, followed by the offensive line. Yet, this writer wants to talk about Brennan. Articles on QBs get more clicks than articles on DBs.
It was his first start. In Burrow's first start, he was 11 of 24 for 140 yards. Brennan hit 60% for 345 yards and 3 TDs. No comparison. When the game slows down for him, he'll be fine.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a simple offense that doesn't need much prep. But, still, an SEC passing record! LSU has a lot of work to do.
Offensive line and defense. I think that's what it boils down to. Brennan was okay for a first start. If someone told me he would hit 60% for 340 yards and 3 TDs, I would have said that's enough to win. But the line couldn't block and the pass defense was pathetic.
Well, that was embarrassing. Kudos to KJ Costello, he's good. We could have used Stingley out there. He might have slowed down the onslaught.
Trask and Pitts picking up where they left off last year. They look good, but keep in mind the defense they are going against.
Everyone outside of Louisiana doesn't know what to expect from LSU. The talking heads are all over the place with predictions. At least one thinks Miss State will pull an upset. Others think LSU will roll by three, four, even five score margins. But I'm hearing a lot of people say they just don't know. So I guess that means Miss State won't know what hit them.
As soon as they hired Kiffin, I posted on here that Plumlee might want to consider a transfer. Kiffin wants a QB who can pass.
Incredible that some people have put LSU on upset alert.
Everyone knows what LSU will be wearing. Don't need no video.
MSU over LSU? That's kind of a stretch, too. LSU is 18-2 vs. MSU this century, the two losses coming against Dan Mullen. Mullen's not there anymore. I like Leach, but he's not Mullen.
Don't know what makes you think Ole Miss can beat Florida. I agree with your other picks.
I agree. But they probably won't be a factor in the playoff picture.
Ready to watch the Tigers kick some arse. Geaux Tigers!
Brennan is a 60% passer at LSU, so far. He could do better than that, but he's not going to match Burrow's percentage. That means less production. The scheme is very QB-friendly, and that will help. The line has to stay healthy. Probably gonna lose to Bama. Might lose to Florida. Should be competitive against the others. I just hope they can keep the 8-win streak alive.