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"Whoever the new coordinator is, the good news is that the bar is set pretty low right now." Wrong, Einstein. The bar is never set low. Pelini managed to go under the bar, but the bar has not changed.
That must be the case. I'm beginning to think Raymond just doesn't want it.
Interviewing a DB coach for the DC job, when arguably the best DB coach in college football is already in the building?
I was talking about 2019, you dumb bammer. You remember, the year LSU ended the game in victory formation in Bama territory with three kneel-downs.
Yeah, we wake up every day and wonder how a dumb Cajun could beat Saban and win a natty. Incredible. I mean, Saban is like God. Even with a bunch of scrubs, Saban should have been able to brush Orgeron aside. He had better recruits, he had his "Process", and everything. What happened?
The offense has the potential to be one of the best in the nation. The defense is one big wild card.
Oh, there are options all over the map. Just have to wave some money at them.
That's 19 returning starters. I can't remember the last time LSU had 19 returning starters, including the entire offensive line and entire defensive line. They lose SS JaCoby Stevens, OLB Jabril Cox, and TE Arik Gilbert, assuming Gilbert changes teams. All three are good players, but getting the other 19 back more than makes up for the loss.
Jones had some decent classes at Tennessee. It means it's still possible for them to recruit high-level talent. They need a better coach than Jones who can recruit as well as Jones.
Actually, he held back a bit in his assessment. Tennessee is not in the same orbit as Auburn, either, although Auburn may have just hit an asteroid.
Miles was a decent head coach for his time. Won a lot of games, won a natty and led the team to another title game. But he refused to upgrade his offense. Stuck in that "three yards and a cloud of dust" mindset. Many of us were screaming for him to be fired long before he was fired.
Saints are probably trying to bleed some cash out of LSU boosters. It's been a rough year for everyone.
Yeah, but what a way for Brees to go out. The Saints lose because Brees is ineffective. At least he knows it's time to retire.
124 out of 127 in total defense. 127 out of 127 in pass defense. It's splitting hairs. The defense was bad.
Yeah but Bayless stuck his foot in his mouth anyway. Apparently he was unaware that Myles Garrett was playing hurt. I thought Garrett played well, considering.
Nothing against Thornton, and I wish him well. But it seems kind of fitting that Texas is taking a player who couldn't cut it at LSU.
I'm open to hiring Nielsen as DC. Better than a tired wannabe HC like Muschamp.
True. LSU went into victory formation and took a knee three times in Bama territory to end the game. Would you have wanted them to score again? Because they sure could have.
I'm sure there will be an open competition. My prediction is Brennan will win the competition.
Interesting. Orgeron has hinted, if not flat out stated, that he is waiting for someone to be his DC. The only teams still playing are in the NFL playoffs.
That's what I was thinking. I'd be having problems too in that weather.
Probably just assuming it will be Brennan, because he is the better passer. Personally, I think Johnson has to show improvement to beat out Brennan, but that doesn't mean he can't do it.
Everything I've read points to Brennan, but if Johnson proves good enough to win the job, so much the better.
A forgettable year, overall. The best thing about it was several true freshmen getting experience and actually playing fairly well by the end of the season.
Statistically, LSU put up more of a fight against Florida than Georgia did. Shoe toss or no shoe toss, LSU was in the game late in the 4th quarter. And LSU returns 19 starters. How many starters will be back for Florida?
Don't kid yourself. A veteran LSU team is dangerous. I expect to see a 10-win team. It's another odd-numbered year. LSU will get A&M, Florida, Auburn and Arkansas at Tiger Stadium.