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The best CBs in the SEC play at Alabama and LSU. Burrow has burned all four of them.
Tua couldn't keep up. He was 21 for 40 and threw a pick. His QBR was 48.8 to Burrow's 91.9. Don't try to tell me he kept up with Burrow.
LSU fans have been down that road before, on the losing end. Alabama was the better team in 2011. We didn't think it was fair to have to play a rematch. We beat them, at their place, in the regular season. Why should they get a mulligan? But the two best teams in the country played that championship game. Now it's the best four teams. LSU is one of them, but beating Georgia will remove all doubt. LSU's players and coaches see this as a must-win game. They don't even want to think about losing it. They are going to win this game. I absolutely believe that. For what it's worth, I agree that you should have to win your conference. But the way the system is set up, ... well, we know how it's set up. If LSU loses and gets into the playoff, they are not going to say no.
I can remember Georgia fans calling for Bobo to be fired. Never understood why. I understood why they wanted Richt fired, not Bobo.
The problem with offensive linemen is singling out just one to be MVP. They work as a group. But I guess you could give the award to an entire offensive line.
For weeks, people have said that LSU is in even with one loss. Why not Ohio State? That's a very good team, going by the eye test. I think Ohio State should be in at this point, win or lose. This committee does seem to be manipulating the rankings in order to achieve a final four that pleases everyone. You can't do that. Pick the best four teams. I think Ohio State is one of them.
Probably looked at all those underclassmen ahead of him and realized he wasn't going to play.
No, it doesn't. But he doesn't need a map. Tiger Stadium is on campus.
Even Auburn fans admit that LSU screwed up and left points on the field in that game. Same mistakes are not likely to happen again.
When the All-SEC teams are released, Edwards-Helaire will be 1st-team RB. He's had a much better year. Maybe Swift will be better in the NFL, but I doubt it. Edwards-Helaire can catch passes, pick up blitzes, run for 7 yards a pop, and return kicks.
Rushing only? Edwards-Helaire has more yards on fewer attempts, and he has 16 TDs to Swift's 7.
Edwards-Helaire is 10th in the nation in all purpose yards. Swift is 42nd. Who has the best RB in the SEC?
LSU was in the Fiesta Bowl last season. I'm sure they would be welcome again, but it's been a while since LSU was in the Peach Bowl. Ironically, last time LSU was in the Peach Bowl was against Clemson. Lost by 1 point.
SDS probably limited him to 5. It's refreshing to see some realistic Georgia fans. Georgia will have future opportunities. And LSU won't be this good every year. But this year, Georgia is going down.
That was good. I would say thanks to Auburn for knocking them out, but LSU would have beaten them again.
I thought Franks was a good QB, and in a way it's too bad his career ended the way it did. But I also thought Florida was a better team once Trask took over. It is what it is. Good luck to Franks.
SDS has to try to make this an exciting match-up to watch. Of course, Georgia fans have to think they have a chance. Truth is LSU is much better. Georgia won't be able to keep up. Yes, I realize that may sound like homerism or a bold prediction. LSU is going to win this game, and win easily. Yes, I will be here after the game is over.
I'm thinking LSU covers the spread, whatever it is at kick-off.
I see some mismatches in these projections. Alabama vs. Memphis? Seriously? Also Florida-Virginia and Auburn-Minnesota.
This is the same guy who said LSU had no chance against Alabama.
You keep saying it's a done deal. I'll believe it when I see it on
Notre Dame finished 47th, so I'll give you that one. Auburn and Florida both finished outside the top 50.