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I think they're 6th in average rating per recruit. Should pick up quite a bit this month.
Great news, and we'll probably get another one tomorrow. We're going to have edge rushers out the wazoo, although Womack is more of a traditional DE.
What? Nothing about Arch Manning? Come on, he gave you a half dozen articles to write, at a time when you obviously had nothing to write about.
Neutral sites? Meeting halfway? Build new facilities in Denver?
So much gloom and doom and eulogizing of an ideal that was always a fiction. This is the culmination of decades of nearly continuous realignments. Players being paid? Is that new? If you want the purity of true student-athletes playing the game for pure enjoyment, in a conference that has changed very little in 100 years, well, maybe you can find Slippery Rock games online.
Clemson will jump to the SEC in a heartbeat, for the money.
It's about money. Clemson will come for the money.
I agree with you about UNC. But I also think Clemson will be the SEC's first choice, and Clemson will welcome the move.
Maybe. Oklahoma State probably is the best of what's left of the Big XII. I think the ACC has better pickings.
I could see adding Clemson and FSU, maybe Miami. But UNC would bring a new market, for what it's worth.
Hard to imagine Notre Dame coming to the SEC now that USC is joining the B1G. The B1G just got the inside track in the race for Notre Dame, and they might be able to clinch it by adding Stanford. The SEC's best option now is to raid the ACC.
Stanford. If the B1G is serious about getting Notre Dame, adding Stanford would help.
Eli did finish in a tie for the SEC West in 2003, which Ole Miss proudly displayed with a banner in their stadium. LSU fans thought that was cute.
"Manning could only have 1 year in the conference his uncles and grandpa dominated." Dominated?
This is Brian Kelly inviting former Louisiana HS players to come play for LSU, their dream job. I don't know how much this kid will contribute. The 4 tackles for loss looks good for someone his size. I'm sure Kelly's thinking is these kids will give it every ounce of effort and might even come up with a big play now and then.
"A similarly aggressive approach that turns loose Ali Gaye (7 sacks last season) and BJ Ojulari (2.5 sacks in 4 games before being injured)" BJ Ojulari had 7 sacks. Ali Gaye had 2.5 sacks before being injured.
I agree they should join a conference, but if they join the ACC, they will get much better bowls than Shreveport or Jacksonville.
The fielding has to be better, right? God help us if it gets any worse. Hitting should be better. Pitching should be better. If they keep just half of the HS recruits (#1 class in the nation), look out. Gotta hand it to Jay, he is dead serious about building a championship team. I just wish he would put more emphasis on fielding. The SEC is full of great baseball teams. One weakness can sink you.
Some interesting takes. I'm not sure that some of these G5 to SEC transfers are as good as advertised, but it's possible. And I don't think Wingo will start at LSU this year, but he should be in the rotation, at least. I can agree with Jimbo in principle. LSU is playing Southern this year, played McNeese last year. It helps those schools.
Jay Johnson making some serious moves this summer. Welcome to Baton Rouge, Wes Johnson.
I agree with your last two paragraphs. Whether it's a great article is a question. The hit-and-miss nature of recruit rankings is common knowledge. Connor just put numbers to it. And because I agree with your last two paragraphs, I think entirely too much is being made of this recruit. I'm sure he would prefer not to have all this attention. But, as you said, he's getting the attention whether he wants it or not.
Oh, great. This sets us up for the next article, about all the possible transfer destinations for Arch. Never mind that he hasn't even enrolled at Texas yet.
Congrats, Ole Miss! I was worried Oklahoma might be a problem. Silly me.
It will be tough not having DeLucia. Hopefully Ole Miss can force a third game and DeLucia has enough juice to pitch a few innings if needed. Yes, this would be a good time for Elko to step up.
They both have good numbers and should contribute to the team. Welcome to Baton Rouge!
I agree. But it probably has to be a choice, because McDonald likes to talk so much. Burke would never get a word in. Burke doesn't say much as it is, so I question his value.