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These rankings are mystifying. Do you draw names out of a hat?
I still think McElwain is a good one, he's just having things go wrong this year. I think if the program and fans stick with him, he will do better.
So it was Lindsey's idea to throw at Donte Jackson four times late in the game? That was dumb. Jackson should have had a pick six on one of those. I don't imagine that was Lindsey's idea. I'm sure Jackson didn't mind. He's been bored all year because the smart QBs don't throw his way. Stidham woke him up.
I think the SDS guys are just having a laugh. They can't be this stupid.
This time I'll agree with you. LSU gets an "A". That's a good Auburn team they beat. High marks go to Dave Aranda, D.J. Chark, Russell Gage, Danny Etling, Donte Jackson, Devin White, Greg Gilmore, and Arden Key. Nice team effort. As Key continues to get back into game shape, Guice heals, and the freshmen keep improving, this should be a decent team by the end of the season.
It is getting kind of funny. They seem determined to repeat it.
I agree with Alabama and Georgia 1 and 2, and I agree with Tennessee 14. The others are kind of difficult to rank.
Technically, LSUMC is correct. If both LSU and Auburn win out, LSU wins the West tie-breaker over Auburn. But we all know it's probably not going to happen. Neither team looks capable of beating Bama. So Auburn does not control anything, especially Tiger Stadium.
One of the worst LSU teams of the century, but the rest of the SEC is so bad that it's plausible for LSU to go 9-3. Two weeks ago, I thought LSU would be lucky to get to a bowl game. Now that it seems the freshmen have bought into the program, it will be fun to watch them develop.
Good to see this outpouring of negativity. Maybe, if we're lucky, Nike will get out of the uniform business. Or, better yet, maybe Nike will realize that classic colors are called "classic" for a reason.
I have an idea. Why don't we just skip the rest of the season and go straight to the Iron Bowl. Right, John?
It's hard not to see their point. LSU limped into this game with several injured players and a bunch of freshmen. Auburn was supposed to be the much better team. But I think LSU deserves a little credit for shutting down Auburn's offense. It's starting to look like an Aranda defense again.
Side note: Florida's uniforms look like crap. How does Nike manage to talk teams into their crappy uniforms?
Damn, these kids are growing up fast. I gave LSU no chance in this game. My mistake. Nice job, LSU.
That's a damn shame, teasing the Vols faithful like that. Gruden has no sensitivity. Probably have a good laugh about it on Monday Night Football.
I want to see effort from LSU. When they fell behind Miss State, some of them quit. Don't want to see that again.
I think A&M will beat Florida.
In other words, LSU has to be perfect and hope Auburn screws up. Thanks.
I'd say Auburn is elite, and don't ask me why he named LSU in the same sentence. Later in the article, he takes Auburn minus the 9 points. Go figure.
This is ugly. Probably uglier than anything Oregon ever tried. But the worst uniform of all is Arizona's neon red.
Devin White is playing lights out this year. He should get at least some consideration for All-SEC.
John, You are borderline hysterical. Grab a few beers, watch a high school game, and remember that football is fun.
Georgia probably will be the underdog again this year. Looking forward to the game, should be a great one.
The blocking scheme is good. The problems are in execution. The younger players seem to be getting it, but there are tougher defenses to come. Another problem is Guice isn't 100%. He's obviously a step slower this year.
Auburn and Georgia are on a collision course. That should be a very enjoyable game. It's always fun to watch, but this year it's shaping up to be a rare treat. Personally, I think Auburn is being disrespected by the media, probably because the media has looked bad after overestimating Auburn in the past. It's ironic.As for LSU, I think 7-5 might be more realistic. The depth issues and the nagging injuries are not going to be fixed this season. On the plus side, all these freshmen are learning how to play SEC football, so that bodes well for 2018.
I think the SEC is shaping up to be better than it was last year, mainly because Georgia and Auburn are looking much improved. A&M looks much improved as well. Last year, it was Bama, then everyone else. This year, it's a little more crowded at the top, as it should be. Unfortunately, we still have several weak teams below that. But any time you go into the second half of the season with some doubts as to whether Bama will win the SEC, it's a good sign for the SEC.
Okay, Maybe I'm mistaken. I thought Florida was the better team going in, and I was surprised that LSU won. Maybe LSU is better.
I do think Florida is the better team. But this was a gut check for LSU. The team meetings, the senior leadership, having their backs against the wall, all the negative press after last week. It all served to wake up the kids. LSU wanted it more than Florida.
Agreed. Most of the problems still persist, but it was a tough game and a gut check for LSU. And some of the kids grew up a little bit. Good sign for the future, hopefully.