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Just another one exiting the pipeline. I'm ready for LSU 2017.
Great news for LSU fans, although I couldn't blame him for sitting out.
LSU should do it anyway. What are they gonna do, kick us out of the conference? They might fine us, but the beer revenue would pay that off in a few months.
2016 was a down year for the SEC, so he's right. 13 of the 14 SEC teams sucked last year, to varying degrees of suckitude. (Should be a word, if it isn't.)
I get the impression that Canada was just spinning his wheels in this one. We were led to believe that the offense dominated the defense in previous scrimmages, but we didn't see anything to convince us of that. What was different? The only thing I can surmise is that the play calling was vanilla, at least by Canada's standards. At least, that's what I'm hoping. There must have been a reason why the offense dominated all the closed scrimmages and fell flat in the one public scrimmage.
Agreed. I realize that Canada isn't going to show much in a spring game, but that game left me wondering how the offense managed to dominate the defense in previous scrimmages. All those jet sweeps and naked bootlegs, surely Canada knows those won't work in the SEC. It seemed like a waste of time. The secondary looks good. Lose Jamal Adams and Tre White, and simply reload. But, yeah, the QBs suck, even though the secondary was all over the receivers. I find myself hoping that one of the spread QBs really steps up in the next few months.
I'm not too concerned about the secondary. If Ed Paris is good enough to keep guys like Monroe and Stevens out of the line-up, he must be pretty good. I thought Stevens might be another Jamal Adams, ready to start immediately. But even Adams had to wait his turn. Corey Raymond will have these guys ready.
The defense was ready last September, right out of the gate. It was strong all year. If you are talking about 2015, that was mostly on Kevin Steele. If you are talking about the offense, that's a whole other can of worms, but hopefully it's on the right track with Matt Canada in charge. This year's defense should be ready. Aranda knows how to use the talent he has, and it will be a good defense.
It's hard to complain about a top 5 class, but the bulk of LSU's commits so far are on defense. They need to get it going on offense.
I'll just echo what the above comments noted. LSU lost a ton of starters, and the two most experienced d-linemen are not participating in scrimmages this spring. Arden Key is out. Christian LaCouture is still nursing a knee injury. Plus, some of the backups on defense have been dealing with injuries, so depth is a problem. The defense is at a disadvantage so far, and hopefully that situation is only temporary.
It's a promotional deal Bama made with Coca-Cola. That bottle is always there.
Academic problems and way behind the LSU receivers learning the offense. That means he's not playing. Good luck.
Should have been Newton, hands down. In my opinion, it's an easy choice.
I think Adams is the most complete player LSU has in the draft. I would take him over any other LSU player.
I'm surprised some people have him projected as high as top 5. That's regardless of what he weighs or how fast he runs. Guice has better vision and is quicker in cuts. The only reason for Fournette to be drafted so high is because he is a great physical runner. They will have to work with him on his vision or else put a FB in there to lead the way.
If it helps with recruiting, I'm for it. DBs want to come to LSU because LSU successfully develops them and sends them to the NFL. It's a success story LSU wants to promote because it helps with recruiting.
That's rough. Best wishes to him. He should get drafted anyway, and if he doesn't he can always go free agency.
But I'm guessing it will be the same basic offense he used at Pitt, no matter who the QB is.
I'm not sold on Etling either, but they have to make a decision soon. If Canada's going to build his offense around the QB, it would help if he knows who the QB is.