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What amazes me is regardless of how much and how many times critics see what LSU has done to other teams they still try to find a way to give the other team false hope. The only way OU beats LSU is in fantasy football. LSU has too much offensive fire power & Uve seen what their defense did to uga.
Get it 2gether Aranda. U r abt 2 play sum offensive scorin machines. U might hold uga @ bay, however, Clemson & OSU is a different story. Dnt put the offense in a position 2 carry the load alone. We need tht trophy n our case bcuz this is the year of the Tiger. Geaux defense.....Geaux Tigers!!
The elephants only has an edge @ home field advantage & coaching. However, LSU gets the win if Burrow is protected & no turnovers/ excessive penalties. A close game but LSU will remain #1. The elephant might play again in final 4 if it get passed the other tiger, Auburn. Geaux Tigers!!
King Negan must b a UGA fan operating in fantasy football. The Dawgs is lucky if they win 1 more game.
Well said MLU Totally agree 100% Bama is not the team of 2018 and neither is LSU. Perfect play calling, no injuries and no turnovers LSU will capture this win, matching talent for talent. The 2 keys to this one will be scoring in red zone and defense playing it's best game.
How can LSU lose to Troy and still be ranked in power polls above Ole Miss? Ummm