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LOL @zoucat....... Who schedules an SEC opponent for homecoming? LSU of course, when it's the kittens from Mizzou, who aren't much more competition than Southern Miss as evidence of the 42-7 beat down handed to them by the REAL Tigers of the SEC! The SEC shoulda invited Ark Pine Bluff to join before Mizzou.
The author is saying "how dare anyone throw shade at Mr. Saban". SDS will not let anyone talk about the home team from the state East of Mississippi. SDS is all about Bama or Auburn whichever is winning.
He would definitely play behind Guice next year & share carries @ LSU, but after next year it would be his show. Maybe he can run for more than the 284 LF7 ran for on the Black Cubs defense. I'm sure he'd love to go Ole Miss & start for a team that's fixing to get hammered by the NCAA & with that pathetic defense they have to throw the ball all game just to stay around in games. He'd be better off at Miss State than Ole Miss.
I couldn't agree more man..... I love me some LSU, but that was a very stupid statement. He might be on his & knees begging a good coach to come to LSU if they read that statement. King & Alleva need to be shown the door Miles & Cameron walked through outta Baton Rouge.
LSU’s Leonard Fournette must wait one more year before entering the NFL draft, and he’s not interested in the ultimate insurance policy of not playing another season of college football. So he’s instead going with the next best thing; according to Dennis Dodds of CBS Sports (via CFT), Fournette has acquired a pair of $10 million policies. One covers him against a career-ending injury, the other pays benefits if an injury results in his draft stock falling by a predetermined amount. The cost of the premiums has been estimated at $160,000. The money comes from the player borrowing against future earnings.
Record #6 paying all that money & nothing to show for it.
LSU athletics was never in financial trouble. Nice try though Rebel, Land Shark, Black Bear, whatever y'all are LSU athletics is a self-sustaining unit of the University, and it is one of the few athletic departments in the nation that receives no state funding and no student fees. The LSU Athletic Department has committed to transferring $7 million annually to the academic side of the university. Maybe if Ole Piss football didn't spend so much money on recruits, with ABSOLUTELY nothing to show for it, they could share with the school