38 years old, work for US Dept of Justice, married with 2 kids and love the hell out of LSU. NOTHING like A Saturday night in Death Valley

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Agreed. No one has been able to beat Bama, so no way this should be held over him.
I'm NOT a Brandon Harris fan, but it's not all him. This probably the worst O-line since before 2000. LSU coaches cannot develop a QB. You get 3,4, 5 star QB recruits and they flop from 0 development. Offense DOES NOT adapt. I'm by no means a football superbrain, but you don't have to be to see LSU needs a coach/coordinator overhaul. Harris wasn't getting job done Saturday, they should have Etling in for at the very least 1 or 2 series. If I was a QB recruit, I'd go to JUCO before LSU
LSU's passing game needs development from QB and WR's. For some reason, Harris has trouble with timing his long passes. And the WR's have dropped passes that should have been caught with eyes closed. However, for the most part, LSU has a way of making it work when they need to. What really concerns me is special teams
By star runner I mean no Hilliard
You may get your wish to run around with a flag protruding from your arse. I am a lifelong LSU fan through the good, bad and ugly years. I am also a realist. I also know no matter how good, or bad, either team is LSU Vs Arkansas is one of the best games of the season. The Arkansas has come together the past few games, paired with the extreme climate change and LSU is without a star runner, I think it looks good for Arkansas tomorrow.