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Wishing a well and speedy recovery to Austin! Having experienced back issues personally (herniated discs and osteoarthritis), I know how painful and difficult it can be. Get well soon, and all the best, Austin!
Far from a Tide fan, but I’d love to go to those games against Texas. Went to Austin this past season to watch the Tigers play the longhorns and that environment was great. Can’t even imagine how the environment is going to be against those two!
Ah, I’ll admit to being wrong then since I’m not worried about this debate lol. Both are great backs in the NFL and that’s all that matters now.
He’s not wrong on the McCaffrey stats. I don’t know where this writer got his stats from, but here’s what’s on ESPN for that 2015 season for both of their rushing stats: Henry: 395 Att 2,219 yds 5.6 Avg 28 TD McCaffrey: 337 Att 2,019 yds 6.0 Avg 8 TD People will make cases for either player, but it’s all in the past now. I like both and it’s enjoyable to see them both succeeding in the league.
Wow, a friendly reply from a Dawg to a Gator. That’s not common lol.
That and athletes can die on their respective field at any given time.
Seeing what he did at Clemson with Boyd and the fact that he’s going to be under Gus, I still think there’s plenty to look forward to. He’s definitely not a bad QB coach and OC.
Just three of their big road games last season were brutal.
Or Kansas City lol. It’ll be fun though, can’t wait for the season to get here again.
It’s going to be pretty open. Not sure how open the East will be between Florida and Georgia (sorry East friends, I don’t pay too much to what goes on inside y’all’s programs lol) but I think Alabama will be the favorite to win the west. I love Coach O and everything he’s done and I think he’s going to good things in the future, but we will definitely find out how good he is at replacing staff members. It’s obvious that Saban is incredible at doing that.
Exactly, nothing left to prove and no reason to risk any injury.
If they’re going off of career passing yards, then first would be Tommy Hodson with 9115 compared to Burrow’s 8565. But like they said, Burrow only played two seasons and Hodson played four. Hodson also has less touchdowns, more interceptions and a lower completion percentage. So I’m guessing they’re basing it only on career passing yards? Who knows lol.
Some people aren’t as good at public speaking as others. I’d have a complete brain fart in front of the media.
It’s definitely possible, but if he had been at LSU this whole time when they were running the Stone Age offense, I’m not completely sure haha. Both have very bright futures ahead of them.
Since Jimmy Carter was president at the time in 1980, let’s go out on a wild one and say his son, James Carter. Lol.
You can tell how great his work ethic and mentality is. I don’t think anyone will be able to convince him, but he’s accomplished so much at Bama and it’s ridiculous.
Total YPG - 295 Pass YPG - 194.2 Rush YPG - 100.8 PPG - 18
What an insane and amazing season it has been! So proud of this team.
I will never bat an eye if a referee gets wrecked on the field. I wouldn’t mind seeing more get dome checked by quarterbacks.
Paul Finebaum a.k.a “Shlomo Shekelstein” will never be the “Mouth of the South”. Oy Vey!
Right? Who gets this emotional over a “way too early” pre-season rankings?
The military unit I was in has a solid strength coach and one year a few of us had the opportunity to travel to Baton Rouge from Ft. Benning and take part in one of Coach Moffitt’s clinics. Very solid man who knows what he’s doing and LSU is a phenomenal school for people to go to if they want to become strength coaches.
Definitely no argument there, it is weird seeing Mizzou in the East in terms of geographical location.