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I've always said that I'd like to see an eight team playoff, power 5 champs, highest ranked group of 5, and two by committee.
And this is why no one likes Florida fans.
Foley should have manned up last week and moved the game to a different location, or Sunday/Monday of wouldn't have to deal with this bull.
And I'm sure the would have done the same for Florida.
If he's not a whimp he'll hit the next one twice as hard.
Though there's still only about a 15-20 minute difference between my house in Golden Meadow and Larose.
Just to mention it, you got the towns backwards. Golden Meadow is the furthest south, then Galliano, Cut Off and Larose being the furthest north.
what about the Independence Bowl?
Its not the Avocare Independence Bowl, its the Duck Commander Independence Bowl!!
well, its also about teams that will get the fans there, so being that S. Car. is so close, a bad season could land them there.
I'm sorry to tell you, but if you haven't noticed, all east teams are one lose teams BEFORE SEC play (for the most part). To me, we need to see a big turn around before the east gets the respect you think it deserves