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According to Steve Ensminger, Canada did not make the coaches feel like they were a part of the offense. He stated that he has a different attitude and will make sure that the coaches feel that they are a big part of the offense. Canada did not have time to pacify a bunch of over paid and under achieving coaches that are suppose to be professionals. You should not have to convince them that they are part of an offense when their jobs regardless is to coach offensive positions. PATHETIC!
Since we now have a new OC, as fans we will have to wait until this Fall and see what happens. Do we actually have a choice in the matter? All I have to say, this change had be a good one but when you look at an offense that has no star running back, will have a quarterback with very little game experience and an offensive line that again will be questionable, it does not look like LSU will have much of an offense. The tigers have trouble defeating teams that have equal talent or above and they play Auburn, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. That is at least 4 losses. Texas A&M has Jimbo Fisher now and if he can put a good defense on the field that is yet another loss and when you add Miami to the loss column, you are looking at 6 probable losses. Even after this type of season you may give Orgeron another year but I do not think the fans in the stands tolerates another year.
LSU has won three National Championships with quarterbacks that were not 5 star talents. Your chances do become better but it is not a requirement. Matt Mauck and Matt Flynn were good quarterbacks. There are other factors on a team that determines whether they can win it all and that 5 star quarterback is absolutely not needed.
A Les Miles and Freeze package would be spectacular if only Miles will let Freeze come in to run his type of offense. Miles would still be the LSU coach had he hired a legitimate OC like Freeze to come in and change the tigers offensive culture. He could not do that so this is why he finds himself trying to get back into coaching. Miles has to pretty much convince a school that his attitude on offense is no longer what it was while at LSU.
Aranda will continue to be instrumental in maintaining LSU's football tradition of excellence on defense. A great day for the LSU football program.
Miles deserves another chance at coaching but I would have the questions ready in the interview process as to what his plans would be on offense. Does he seek out an offensive coordinator that will be given the go ahead to put together his own offense? Does he bring someone in like he did at LSU and tell him what he wants to run on offense? Miles would still be at LSU had he hired legitimate OC's to run the tiger offense. As we all know now this move did not benefit his longevity or success at LSU.
I do believe that Dave Aranda feels the love, respect, trust and appreciation that LSU fans has for his energy, intelligence and the expertise he provides as the tigers defensive coordinator. Texas A&M hopefully now knows that it is going to take more than money to persuade Aranda to move to Texas A&M. If Dave Aranda goes anywhere his next stop will be as a DC with one of the NFL teams.
They say that Matt Canada may be on his way out at LSU and Rodriguez if he would be interested would be a great replacement. However Rich Rodriguez is not a type coach that is going to run another coach's offense. The year that Tommy Bowden coached at Tulane, Rodriguez was his OC in a year that the greenies won 12 regular season games. He would be quite a difference from Eddie Gran which I am hearing that Orgeron would like to hire because he coached with him while at Tennessee. A hire like Rich Rodriguez would be job security for Orgeron. A hire of Gran or Ensminger or equivalent will result in a search for another head coach as soon as next year. This will not be good for the LSU football program.
OFFENSE! Coach Kelly's expertise on offense has now defeated the tigers two times against Miles and Orgeron where each one of these coach's have no expertise in either facet of the game. That is why Notre Dame won at the Music City Bowl two years ago and once more at the Citrus bowl this afternoon. When most programs are hiring coach's that have an expertise in one or the other, LSU continues to employ coaches that cannot adequately provide guidance in either facet of the game. Not good for LSU football.
You think it is bad that programs are going after LSU coaches, just wait next year as Louisiana once again will have an abundance of talent. What LSU does after this game will certainly dictate what will happen in recruiting for 2018. Alabama is already trying to pull away Sustrain from LSU and already telling him that they have a need at the position he plays and as "little" Nicky shows those NC rings, well that is hard to resist. Again the future success is in Orgeron's hands and he can be a hero or just another unsuccessful LSU coach that let his big ego get in the way.
Enjoy this offense while you can in this bowl game because next year after several games the tigers are going to have a good number of empty seats in Tiger Stadium if Canada is fired. The offense for what ever reason has been a problem at LSU decades upon decades. We have had only two outstanding offensive coordinators at LSU the last 35-40 years. Both later in their careers won national championships. Mack Brown and Jimbo Fisher. Before these two, inbetween and after the LSU offense has very seldom dominated on that side of the ball. The LSU defense has just about always held up its end to keep LSU from drowning in its stupidity on offense. GO TIGERS!!
The media does not always get the full story, so by getting parts of it creates chaos. Up until today it almost sounded as if Canada's departure would be his decision. This report almost seems as though he may be fired. If so, this is very disappointing for the LSU football program. As to Orgeron many fans have believed for months now that he actually learned from his mistakes at Ole Miss. I guess not because he must be able to continue to feed that ego. Well if my observation is right, then I see his demise taking place in his third year as head coach. Unfortunately by that time the tiger football program may be at the level it was before Coach Saban. How can you convince Louisiana talent at that point that you have a stable successful program that will compete at the higher levels of college football? Very disappointed!
LSU has experienced the same problems in its past programs where the head coach could not bring someone in to fully take over the offense because he to had an agenda offensively. LSU will never move forward and defeat teams with equivalent talent until they change its culture offensively. Ensminger who I think performed very well as OC last year is not the answer to the tigers year to year problems on offense. This is not good for the LSU program. If you cannot maintain your coaches, you lose the stability that it needs to be successful. As far as Coach Orgeron when he hired Canada last year, he should have already known what he was getting in a OC. You will not find one coach out there that is going to take on a oc job without being able to put his own offense on the field.
You gotta love Coach Orgeron but he is wrong by not allowing Coach Canada to materialize his own offensive scheme. Sure Coach Orgeron is the coach and he should create what he likes to see happen offensively and defensively. This has been the problem in the past with head coaches having a certain offense he would like to run and most of your very aggressive and ambitious coordinators want to come in and run their own shows. Obviously Coach Orgeron did not make this clear with Canada before he accepted the job at LSU. Not good!LSU has lost many games over the years because they cannot seem to develop the passing game. This requires changing the culture at LSU by balancing off its ratio of run and pass. Over many decades it has been near 70% run and 30% pass. This does not give the offense the opportunity to be successful because all defenses finds it easy to predict the plays. The tigers need to work towards a 55% run and 45% pass. However you have got to give a coordinator full responsibility and not interfere with his changes he wishes to make to be able to improve. GO TIGERS!!
A year to year consistent offense is exactly what LSU has always needed. Traditionally the tigers have been consistently very good at defense. Developing a modern day offense at LSU requires changing a culture of rushing the ball most years at a tune of 70% of the time. When you run the ball that much it gives the offense a disadvantage and is very predictable to defenses. A 55% to 45% should be LSU's goal and with their abundance of great backs in the past can still maintain dominance but it will allow them to become more unpredictable. This year the yards rushing to yards passing was about 51% yards running the ball and 49 yardage on passing. Outstanding! However this does not do anything for improving unpredictability of plays. It takes time to change a culture and will take a lot of patience not only from our fans but the head coach as well. Hopefully the tiger coaching learned something after this season, that you cannot simplify a new offensive scheme after several games into the season just because of certain problems. GO TIGERS!!
LOYALTY. We can learn a lot from coaches like Jeff Grimes. Grimes could have easily left early for Brigham Young University but he has stayed on not only to recruit for LSU but to be a part of the tigers bowl game against Notre Dame. This coach is a strong role model for his players and in this day and time we have few that can match this characteristic. I am sure that his players not only learned very valuable offensive line skills but more important has learned even more about life. We wish Coach Grimes the best of luck in his next job as the offensive coordinator at Brigham Young.
In the case for Jimbo Fisher, this season he showed just how good of a coach he could be by not being able to recover from losing a quarterback due to injury and obviously having to deal with a very weak defense. What was the best solution for himself? Play on Texas A&M's desperation, especially after going 5-6 at Florida State, and relieve himself by not having to do the work necessary to place the seminoles back into a championship mode. Jimbo showed his true character by departing the school that gave him his first opportunity to become a head coach and as he quietly left Florida State, did not even offer his players a simple goodbye. Therefore money over the human spirit is equivalent to evil. Texas A&M probably does have the better coach out of the other SEC hires but what a scumbag of a human being and his agent, Sexton, can also be placed in that same category.
The conference championships should be replaced by a 8 team playoff to be scheduled when these conference games are played and then when the teams are down to four, the regular schedule as it is today applies. It is not right for a team like Alabama to sit home, heal their wounds and be able to study probable opponents if they get into the playoff. This is a disadvantage to those teams that must play these tough conference games. This solution eliminates this problem and makes the playoff's more meaningful as well as exciting for the fans of college football.
This tells you a lot about Jimbo Fishers character. It tells you how much he cares about the relationships of the Florida State players. It is all about the MONEY. Relationships are secondary on his priority list. Surely glad he did not come to LSU. He actually did the tigers a favor.
Absolutely! Also the SEC office that has been located in Birmingham, Alabama for decades should be relocated and shared by those locations that you mentioned at least every ten years.
"Greg Studrawa's offense"? Really! You mean Les Miles offense. From the Miles National championship to his firing after the Auburn game last year, the offensive plays never changed and this is why LSU was losing games they should have won against Ole Miss, Arkansas, Auburn, etc.. This placed LSU at a disadvantage on the offense because SEC defensive teams always was familiar with those plays. No element of surprise. Wow boy did that change this year and one point the head coach wanted to simplify its offense. Canada coming to LSU had his work cut out for him because he must change the LSU offensive culture. The tigers have seen decades upon decades of a 65% to 70% ratio of running the ball. There is no balance and even after this year tigers are far from making this conversion.
Orgeron already was knowledgeable as to what type of offensive coordinator he was hiring in Matt Canada. Canada a energy guy much like Orgeron, a very ambitious coach and one that wants to be able to do the job he was hired to do. You cannot tell a coach that is installing a new offensive system to simplify it. The LSU culture is all about the run and from decades upon decades has been rushing the ball 65% to 70% each most games. It takes patience and time and you have to allow your coach a year or two to change the culture of a dominant rushing game to one that is more balanced. The tigers have always had great backs and you still want to run rather than pass the ball but a 45% pass and 55% run is what LSU needs to accomplish. This is one that would be unpredictable from play to play and should place your players in a position to win the big games against Alabama, Auburn, Georgia as well as other top programs nationwide.
Many like Finebaum look at Orgerons first coaching job at Ole Miss and judge him. They overlook the fact that Ed Orgeron has now taken two teams, USC and LSU, as the interim coach and won convincingly at both schools. As head coach in order to win at LSU he must have great coordinators and let them do their jobs. Recruiting must be as good as the Saban and Les Miles era. Orgeron is a great at recruiting and this part of the program will continue to be excellent. I look for Finebaum and company to eat their words in a couple of years from now. GO COACH O & GO TIGERS!!
Although I do not think that Miles Brennan should be given the starting position as the tigers quarterback , I do think that he should get some significant time to play in the next three games. Experience in games are priceless because a freshman quarterback needs to continue to become more acclimated to the speed of college athletes. Playing a quarterback for four quarters without giving others at this position an opportunity to play is poor judgment by college coaches. However I do think that Coach Orgeron will make a change if Danny Etling is not making progress in the game. Most coaches will not take their quarterbacks out if they are playing poorly.A game should never be placed in the hands of that one player to win or lose a game. This decision is not fair to the team or the fans that wish to see their teams win.
If LSU started Miles Brennan the next three games SEC defenses would eat him alive. This very young quarterback that may be part of LSU's future is not yet acclimated to the speed of the college game. He also does not know the plays well enough to play an entire game. So Miles Brennans future can wait and what is most important to the LSU program is to win its remaining games. You do this with Etling behind center. GO TIGERS!!
LSU's advantage has to come from a team effort of not only great offense but defense as well. One player whether it be running back, quarterback or other positions are not going to get you wins with that one player. There are 10 other players on offense and eleven on defense as well as those playing special teams. LSU was defeated by Alabama because they have more talent (18 five star athletes on its roster) and the tigers secondary played its worst game of the season. Jalen Hurts also could not be stopped for the second year in a row. Alabama's punter placed the LSU offense in a hole for a large portion of the game. Therefore don't blame Etling for not winning this game because there are multiple reasons why the tigers did not win.
Just as the tigers defense neutralized last year Louisvilles Heisman Trophy quarterback, they will have to do much the same against Hurts. Jalen Hurts quarterback ranking is #26. Guess what? LSU's Danny Etling is #14 or #15.
The key is not only great play from the offensive line but a strategy that places the offense in a position to be successful. Last year and previous years the LSU offense was predictable and you cannot place them at a disadvantage. Canada also must recognize the importance of mixing running and passing plays up from first to second down. LSU did not throw its first pass on first down until late in the second quarter. When you tell Alabama that you are going to run the ball on first and second down 95% of the time, you are giving the Tide defense an advantage. Canada can be successful against Alabama's defense but he will have to do it with a unpredictable offense and a little creativity. GO TIGERS! DEFEAT ALABAMA!
Buggs probably did get a few negative remarks from fans. Where is the proof? How do we know that these are LSU fans sending nasty messages? Isaiah is a very young player and needs to grow up and understand that this is going to continue at one time or another even into his pro career. Sad but true. Good luck to Buggs against the tigers. GO TIGERS! DEFEAT ALABAMA!
Danny Etling talks with much experience and maturity. He will definitely put forth his best effort Saturday evening against a very good Alabama defense. Danny does not have to do anything fancy but game management is what he is best at doing as the tiger quarterback. Etling nationally has a quarterback rating of #15 and Jalen Hurts rates at #26, not bad either, especially for a second year quarterback. This may not be a battle of which team is better at offense or defense but which one has more determination and endurance to play a sixty minute game. GO TIGERS! DEFEAT ALABAMA!