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Yes, I'm quite certain students get paid in books and tuition. Cute. But I'm also certain that players now receive a stipend in the thousands of dollars. People with "pAy the pLaYeRs" agenda typically neglect to bring that up. How so convenient.
That current App State coach is in his first year at App State. The previous one was hired away this past offseason.
How are administrators not held accountable for their countless dud hires. And when they are held accountable a 'friend' of theirs will pick them up as some gimmick "associate AD" elsewhere to keep the money churning. Coaching is eerily similar...buddy buddies they have created somewhere down the line will pick them up to hold jockstraps for 150K a year. The system is too infiltrated and watered down. Now, Arkansas is on the hook for 21 million dollars due to poor hires and then horribly constructed coaching contracts. It's crazy. They'll be shuffling out 500K a month for 5 years due to administrative incompetence. Yet, the circle keeps going. #joke.
Douche. Bag. This man, at best, is a egotistical, condescending prick. I wish these social media 'journalists' would just stop showing up to his pressers. Leave them with empty seats. He begrudgingly goes out of his way to insult people's intelligence on a regular basis, pressers and national television. Only Paul Finebaum, once, had the cahones to truly challenge him. And of course, in Paul Finebaum fashion, he brings that up pretty frequently as if it's some nerdy trophy he won.
Well...Until police are given back their authority to police violence and gang activity will continue to reign. Observe and report is not a police tactic and needs to be buried immediately.
Can't hire a more proven coach?? Mike Leach was very, very interested in that opening. Would he not be considered far and away more proven? Let's face it...Fulmer hired a dud after he coaxed himself into the AD position by currying and manipulating John Currie out of his seat. The administration is a joke, and Fulmer is not a proven commodity in that role. There is human error in all facets of that administration.
Yeah, and Tennessee looked horrible vs GA State. What's the point? LSU took care of business. Tennessee looked miserable. AU's defense and/or Oregon's 2nd half ineptness play calling, whichever you prefer, won AU the game. 13/32 177 yards vs what many SEC fans call a "weak conference" should have AU fans worried. But that doesn't fit the narrative yet because it was an OOC opponent. Therefore, AU "fought back" and won. The Pac-12 sucks narrative out of the SEC will reign soon enough, it just can't happen this week since one of their own struggled vs a PAC team. Convenient.
SETHEE! SETHEE! SETHEE! Fellas, this conference was literally almost sub .500 on opening week 0/1. Two plays literally made the difference in a 7-6 opening weekend. And a few of the other games could've easily went the other way and made it a, dare I say it, 5-8 opening weekend. Might want to get your clubs in order. It's also funny when you go on the road and have to play outside of your bubble...Ask Ole Miss and Missouri. They more than likely win their games had they been in the convenience of their home stadium. Welcome to the life of a manmade term, "G5". Always having to go on the road and try to compete with all of the chips stacked against you.
Fromm is not a "great" QB. Not even close. He is a bump above serviceable. Decent arm, not great. Great accuracy and pretty good decision making. Though his decision making is easier than most because he stands behind a really good OL, and his accuracy is great because he throws off of PA a lot. Aesthetically speaking, I would give the nod to a lot of QBs in the SEC alone over Jake Fromm.
Because that was when league expansion and an actual conference championship game both happened. Up until then, it was whoever wanted to claim the SEC title as theirs could practically do it. Much like how Alabama claims 137 national titles, but only 6 of them are in the modern era.
SDS needs some older writers. The what-have-you-done-for-me-lately narratives they all write with, particular when writing on history, is dumbfounding.
That won't last. They have just piled up recruits...I believe 3-stars across the board. They will drop back down into the 70's and 80's rankings before it's all said and done. I actually believe their per commit composite average is actually slightly lower for this upcoming class than it was for last year's class. KU is a football fiasco, and not much is going to change that.
One of UGA's finest. Or probably just the state of Georgia's finest. We know most nimwits that root for sports teams usually have no vested interest in the actual university or degree on their wall. I think the correct term is: T-Shirt Fan.
This is horrendous. Oh, and let's not throw rocks in a glass house.
LSU back ups? Lest not forget that the QB position is without a doubt the most important offensive position on the field. And their best QB on their roster, without doubt, did not play. A significant drop off at QB did play and still managed 32 points vs LSU, back ups or not. The need to diminish UCF's accomplishments come off as smug and elitist. Let's not. And I could give 0 cares about them. That is all.
You, like most SEC fans, didn't see it coming because you can't see outside of that thick SEC bubble. TT is a solid team.
Mond and Heisman do not belong in the same sentence. This "writer" is thirsting for storylines. Go do your job such as getting actual information from these SEC towns and report your findings.
Troubling? No. Not even remotely close. He's controlled the controlables and kicked off a highly touted player off the team. He told the CB that left UF that he would move rooms for him when summer comes. If an athletic department kneeled for 1 player request they would have to kneel for them all. And believe me, these requests are an on-going thing. Dan Mullen has done nothing wrong since being at UF, nothing. His 1 blemish, on or off the field, has been getting beat pretty badly by a mediocre Mizzou team. That's it. There is nothing troubling. Just media frenzy picking at a very small scab. That is all.
Because you're an AU fan and the bias is located in your initial post, first sentence. I think Auburn beats Oregon should read I hope Auburn beats Oregon because that's really what you meant.
And there's nothing wrong with it IMO. If ULM doesn't like it, then they should have done it first. The only reason LSU or their fans won't or don't like it is because they think it shifts power away from them (in name only) and they can't be having none of that. They have to make sure that the rest of the state stays oppressed from a resource and financial standpoint so they can reign supreme. It's a weird dynamic, and it happens in a lot of states. The better politically and monetarily support schools need to either 1) Break away from the rest and solidify themselves in their own category or 2) Create systematic inclusion, monetarily and politically, for ALL 129 D1 FBS programs. They won't do 1 because they want to fluff up their schedule with 1-3 games per year. They won't do 2 because they are afraid of losing power/money. If they're all as great as they think they are, no sweat. Right?
It's not any more justifiable. But I use logic. The Duke is using bias. I have no dog in the fight. I am just pointing out an unbiased opinion being that Oregon should be favored. And, yes, QB's aren't the end all be all. But chains don't move themselves. And AU has literally no idea what Bo Nix is going to do under the bright lights. That's a big spot to step into. But, whatever.
ULL has started calling themselves Louisiana to some degree. That's been going on for a few years.
I'm not a UCF fan. For the record. But I have no problem pointing out issues when I see them. SEC is butthurt, or was butthurt that someone was taking a little bit of their spotlight away.
How do you say that? What is justifiable in that comment? We, like you, have no idea what Bo Nix is and what he will offer. I call this game an Oregon lean because at least we know what they have at QB. Some fans are too blind to reality.
Well, for starters, Charlotte is better than say Murray State that is slated on the 2019 Georgia football schedule. They are on level ground and in a better conference than say, Arkansas State that is slated on the 2019 Georgia football schedule. Or how about East Tennessee State University, on UGA's 2020 schedule. ULM on 2020 schedule 2021 - San Jose State, Charlotte is in the same conference as your 2021 opponent UAB. 2022 - Kent State. That's a tough. Don't throw rocks in a glass house.
Unless, of course, one of those "smaller" conferences have a slated tie-in.