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Obviously, this kid didnt know someone or transferred to the wrong school. The NCAA once again proves their ineptness.
Heck, if we are going to have bold predictions, I say they go 13-0 and win the national championship. Now that is bold.
The media will fondle all over the big 10 at the expense of all other conferences. It is disgusting that their conference, as a whole, is at best weak and they get props for beating Rutgers, Indiana, Northwestern and these worse that also rans.
Being a UK football fan has had many, many lean years. They are more talented at every position and have depth at those positions like they have never had. That being said, tradition of winning often produces winning. Stoops has done a great job of winning games that in years past they would have lost. Now it is time to start winning the games they should and winning games against the upper tier of the SEC. With Covid, who knows.
Give it up for the Big 10, they made themselves the laughing stock of college football. They apparently believed the other conferences would follow them and stop and now look at their foolishness.
Georgia will be good with or without this young man. However, quitting on your team 3 weeks before the season is not good.
If Kansas St could field a punt, Mississippi St would be in trouble.
I will be shocked if Kentucky doesn’t win.
Class young man that all of us in BBN are pulling for. He is still a major part of our team.
Hey Bulldog fans; from KY fans for your gesture to the Ar.St coach, as many thumbs up as we can give. What a classy thing to do for a devastated man. We all have been touched by this dreaded disease and for you guys to give him a show of support is heartwarming.
You may be shocked at the o-line and the final score.
I don’t know if your confidence is in your team or you don’t believe in my team. I think you may shocked at how good the team in blue is.
No, even after my blue team beats the gators, he is not on the red magma.
Duly noted, wrong, but duly noted. Getting pushed around for 300 plus yards is not learning a scheme, but getting your lizard tails pushed out of the stadium.
All SEC type of line? This line is better than the one that pushed the lizards out of the swamp last year.