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One word will sum this up very nicely, Louisville. Nothing else needs to be said.
Stupid decision? Yes. A young persons decision? Yes. Move along, nothing to see here.
Hey joe, the old saying of keeping your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool instead of opening your mouth and removing all doubt should have been followed. However, it is too late now.
As a Ky fan, I want all the SEC schools to be good. It is good for every team in the conference for all schools to be good. However, I do not think Florida would be happy with the Bennett guy. His style of ground and pound is not particularly pleasing to watch and recruit for. Just a thought.
But they made sure they got all of the big flop, I mean big 10 teams in and their collective garbage teams.
This just in, all of vanderbilts team flopped on the way to the locker room and the SEC refs determined that it must be a foul. My gosh, they flop more than Duke.
Dear Rams; hands off,and please, look elsewhere.
Regardless of the decision, this has not been the best days for Auburn. Every coach in the nation will use this situation against Auburn.
Speaks well of our program that we are attracting to top notch players, and coaches. When other programs start seeking your coaches, your program is beginning to rise. I have always been so impressed with Saban and his ability to lose top coaches and replace them with top coaches on a yearly basis. Speaks volumes about the level of the Alabama program.
Very funny, not. When you guys hang some banners that say champions, get back with us.
Serious question; is there a coach the Auburn boosters could all agree on and be happy?
For all the rhetoric, accusing , defending, and circumstances about who did what; Jimbo now has to perform. Performance will be remembered long after the words.
These coaches somehow just cant grasp the the notoriety they bring and the negative they bring to the themselves, and the university. I hope he gets help and grows out of this adolescence.
Lets look in two years when free agency, I mean the transfer portal, takes many of these kids to other schools, and then grade the classes.
Any coach would be a fool to go to the dirty birds. The place is a dumpster fire without a president, athletic director, and now a coach. Run as the place where people go to flame out.
Those of us that watch the SEC on a weekly basis, understand the gap between SEC schools and the pretenders of the other conferences. Some of the lesser teams in the SEC would be winning 8-10 games in the other conferences. Watching last night just furthered this belief, as the players on that field were beyond good.
Ga and Al have made it very difficult on the rest of the SEC, but they are deserving of their stature and the rest of the SEC must step up. I dont have a rooting interest on who wins, but know the SEC will be the champ, again. Hoping officials are not involved and replay is non existent. Let these kids play, they have earned it.
How is Wan'Dale Robinson not on this list?
Mr. Paschal, thank you from BBN and all of college football. You being a great football player is secondary to you being a great man. So proud of you as you dealt with cancer and the class you have always been. Go get them in the NFL.
Kanell is a hater and haters are going to hate.
Those are games my cats have lost for years. Over the past several years, they have learned how to win games where adversity hits them. Down that many players on both lines, and they found a way to win.
Would be a perfect place for a slime like meyer to go and unpack all his raunchy baggage and create more raunchy baggage.
He has all the time he needs, until the first game next year. Patience will not be in the gator nation dna.
For Napier, the clock for instant success starts today. The fans of the gators will demand instant success, and it may come, or he too will be a casualty of the coaching wars that is the SEC.
He appears to be a good guy, and a good coach. Going to Florida is a big step from where he is as the expectations start at day, not 3 years to reload. Can he endure the scrutiny of expectations? Time will tell, but he has zero honeymoon time.
Auburn team and fans, From bbn, your performance today was inspiring and flat out outstanding. Props to those kids and coaching staff.