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Having the Haslam brothers involved in the search will lead to the same turmoil they have had for the last 12 years. Peyton, swings a lot of weight with a lot of people.
Never is a long time, so to say they will never be elite is a stretch. However, with the programs that are already elite in the SEC, the task will be much greater. The university has done a great disservice to the football program over the last several years with the constant turnover of coaches. Good luck UT in your efforts to find the coach to right the ship.
From SEC fans, thanks tide for rolling the acorns back to the big 10.
Congrats to the tide. Dominant performance and well deserved win. Alabama versus LSU team from last year? Who knows, but one thing I do know, the national championship goes through the SEC, again and again and again.
Fulmer has had one goal since he left the sidelines, get back on the sidelines. He will do whatever it takes to coach UT again.
I believe Saban has already cemented his place in history. What happened 60 years ago is history and the level of competition, in my opinion, is considerably greater now than then. With that said, Roll Tide.
Pruitt, like those before him at Tennesssee, are trying to live to a standard that few coaches can achieve. Can he succeed at Tennessee? Time will tell, but changing coaches ever 3 years will keep Tennessee in the searching mode for years to come.
With the NCAA, who knows. If they are still mad at North Carolina for their decades long cheating, they may hammer Tennessee and Georgia.
As a UK basketball fan, you learn to deal with the hate as a mark of honor. They dont hate you for losing. Alabama is no different. If they were losing, they would not be hating on them. For Ohio St., the media, mainstream, will always love on them because they are close to the media center.
Well deserved. The young man is an amazing player and more importantly, seems like a great young man. Go win one more game now.
He appears to be attempting to alienate everyone at the university and his own team with these comments. The pressure may be to great for him and he is trying to get out.
I meant literally not show up. You guys will destroy Fl. My bad on not being clear about that.
if Alabama does not show up, physically, Florida may pull it out in the fourth quarter.
They can be at their best and still get hammered.
I lost a brother to the same type of cancer. Bluntly, cancer sucks and that is something that all of us can agree on as all our families have been touched by this dreaded disease. God bless his family and thanks coach for your dedication to these young men. You made a positive impact and oh if we only had more of this.
The kid that scored the touchdown and then had his ankle broken almost made me puke. Gosh that was ugly. I hope the young man makes a full recovery.
Off the current subject, but how is the receiver that looked as though he broke his ankle on the TD catch?
Looks like the NCAA is still made at North Carolina,Kansas, Arizona and others, so someone had to pay for their sins.
All of Butch Jones recruiting classes were in the top 20 and all of Pruitts classes are there. Where is the talent gap?
Agree. Smart trying to poke his players a little to raise their performance. Always loved when Georgia played here in Ky as many came and spent tons of money at Keeneland and were always fun to be around. Covid has kicked that to the curb as well.
I can only hope their 'glaring weaknesses" extend through next Saturday. Even with those "glaring weaknesses", they will be more than a plateful to handle. Go big blue.
Thank you Vol nation for the tribute to Chris Oates. Class.
Under the bus went Brumbaugh. Now who in their right mind would want to take that job? Four games and gone. Seems like rocky top is grasping.
Pruitt throwing a coach under the bus to show the fans/administration that he is doing something.