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As a UK fan, yes, we need to rush the quarterback better. Losing productivity from the secondary is a concern but, the young men stepping in will be very good players. Like all these predictions, they are just that, predictions. The proof comes when you line up and play.
We can only hope the kid grows up and decides stupidity is not the way to go through life.
As a Kentucky fan and a fan of kids that work hard, this makes me proud of this young man. This is a rare headline and one that should be shared in every college football locker room. Greatness is earned and this kid working toward that.
Good luck to him but, going to Michigan is not a step up. Michigan is a has been in the world of football and their slimy coach will not last much longer.
Welcome to BBN young man. Very happy with the recruiting and as we know, recruiting great players results in very good teams. See Alabama, Florida, Georgia, well, for the most part, the SEC, as results for great recruiting.
As an outsider looking in, I am embarrassed for this lady. The arrogance she has is an indication of many boosters, and their desire to run the school.
These kids have all this talent and do nothing with it is extremely sad. Has his chances and he is blowing it. Hopefully the kid matures, quickly.
Our record speaks for itself. 8 National Championships give us room to speak. Vandy has how many?
The media hypes this league every year, just like Notre Dame in football, and they get hammered. Sorry Bilas, they are overrated or they would not be getting thumped by teams.
The man probably wanted out of Knoxville so bad and would have taken any reasonable offer. It wasnt the best years of his life.
Dont know all of the details but, in the mind of this coach, it was a bad deal. High School coaches are a large part of the recruiting process and to start burning bridges is not a good way to start.
Whoever doesnt draft this young man will regret that decision. Simply put, the kid s really good.
Just throw the ball to the kid and watch him. This crap of being this size or that size is crap. The kid can flat out play the game of football at a very high level. Notice, this dude is a former scout.
Whoever is hired is stepping into a hornets nest. With sanctions coming and players leaving, the success curve is going to be long. Will the administration and fans want to wait for success or will the next coach be a 3 year guy and they are back to square one, again? Limited success in the Big 10 doesnt seem like a guy that would be high on the priority list, unless others have already turned them down.
Having the Haslam brothers involved in the search will lead to the same turmoil they have had for the last 12 years. Peyton, swings a lot of weight with a lot of people.
Never is a long time, so to say they will never be elite is a stretch. However, with the programs that are already elite in the SEC, the task will be much greater. The university has done a great disservice to the football program over the last several years with the constant turnover of coaches. Good luck UT in your efforts to find the coach to right the ship.
From SEC fans, thanks tide for rolling the acorns back to the big 10.
Congrats to the tide. Dominant performance and well deserved win. Alabama versus LSU team from last year? Who knows, but one thing I do know, the national championship goes through the SEC, again and again and again.
Fulmer has had one goal since he left the sidelines, get back on the sidelines. He will do whatever it takes to coach UT again.
I believe Saban has already cemented his place in history. What happened 60 years ago is history and the level of competition, in my opinion, is considerably greater now than then. With that said, Roll Tide.