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Would be a perfect place for a slime like meyer to go and unpack all his raunchy baggage and create more raunchy baggage.
He has all the time he needs, until the first game next year. Patience will not be in the gator nation dna.
For Napier, the clock for instant success starts today. The fans of the gators will demand instant success, and it may come, or he too will be a casualty of the coaching wars that is the SEC.
He appears to be a good guy, and a good coach. Going to Florida is a big step from where he is as the expectations start at day, not 3 years to reload. Can he endure the scrutiny of expectations? Time will tell, but he has zero honeymoon time.
Auburn team and fans, From bbn, your performance today was inspiring and flat out outstanding. Props to those kids and coaching staff.
Obviously, a tough place to coach. Expectations from the university, fans, and players is a good thing. I know, I am a Ky basketball fan and those same expectations are here. It takes the right person, at the right time. Will the next coach be the one? Only time will reveal this decision.
If the Florida leadership were to hire Meyer, they deserve the baggage that comes with him and the new baggage he will pack.
As a big blue fan, you cant have him. He has done an outstanding job with our Wildcats. He was given time, resources, and now, the rewards. Obviously, LSU has a better history than Ky, but who knows if he wants to step into that hornets nest called coach of LSU.
For the most part, every game in the SEC is a rivalry game. With the competition being so tough, you have to come to play every game or you will get beat.
Hey UT, just claim you are North Carolina and you can get away with anything.
The only thing worse than lawyers, are lawyers that are politicians. If he was fired for cause, let them sue. Sounds like Prewitt, and the lawyer, are trying to extort money. Go pound sand.
I dont believe this was just because of officiating. The dude with the golf ball had one goal in mind when he dragged it to the stadium and he fulfilled that goal. I have been to countless college football games and never once thought. I better get my lucky golf ball to carry.
I dont believe this addressed the problem. The fans paid zero dollars for their actions. This is a small amount for this infraction.
Still lots of football to play, so need to heal during the off week and get ready to go play the cowbells in 2 weeks. 11-1 sounds really great.
Dan Mullen is available , or could be. Even could bring grantham with him.
The big orange turned in to a big embarrassment to themselves and the league.
Acutally, our best d linemen is ready to play. His name, Josh Paschal. He has a wonderful story of overcoming cancer and now, he is a beast. We are missing a couple of D linemen, but we have kids that are pretty good stepping up.
It appears that many media, and fans, do not believe Ky is really good. Many still cant get past that we are Ky and we have never been really good in football. We are now. Good enough to beat Ga? Yes, we are. Will we beat Ga? Stay tuned and find out tomorrow.
Actually, Churchill Downs in Louisville. Will we win? We will find out tomorrow. However, we have many great players and I dont think you are giving our kids credit for being really good.
Yes, we have a chance as we have a very good football team we cheer for. Better than Ga? Probably not, but, fortunately, they dont play the game on the message boards. Our program has risen to the point that we are now playing relevant games and that makes us proud. Here is hoping for a great game and zero injuries as I believe both programs have had enough of that.
I am sure most of the media, some fans, and obviously the betting line, believes Kentucky is still Kentucky. While our team may not be as talented as Georgia, they are still pretty good. Good enough to win? Put on the pads, lace up the spikes and go find out. It would take several things going right for this to occur, but they said the same thing about TAM last week versus Bama. Stranger things have happened. Go big blue.
Our team is very physical, but so are most teams in the SEC. Stoops has done more with less, but now, we have a lot very talented players. Equal to GA, Fl, Al, no, but we have great players at a lot of positions and great players backing up some of them. Our recruiting has increased greatly and Stoops, and staff, is very good at developing kids.
The Cats are very good, and Ga is really, really good on both sides of the ball. I am so proud that our Cats are in a position to be very special and Saturday is a huge opportunity for them. Can they beat Ga? If Ga makes mistakes, they havent so far, and we have some big plays, which we have had. I look forward to Saturday, and being able to line up against the bully of the east, with a very special season should they win. Hopefully, trainers can take the day off and no kids get hurt, or even dinged. Too much of that already this year.
That is a good list, and probably could have had more, but they dont want to give too much credit to the SEC.
The neat thing about this, you must line and play. Now, we may wish we did not line up and play Ga., but what an opportunity for our Wildcats. National TV, College Game Day, SEC Nation and playing for first place in the SEC East against a dynamic football team in GA. Lets all pray for zero injuries. I have seen enough of that from all teams.
Dang, hate to see any kid get hurt. That kid is the real deal. Get well soon young man.
Three titles in 21 years puts LSU as one of the "bluebloods" of college football. They still have talent on that team, but seemed to be out of whack. Ultimately, that falls on the head coach. Can O fix that with good coordinators? Sadly, for him, it appears he will not get that chance. I believe the man is passionate about the LSU brand, but lost some great coordinators and replaced them with weak ones.
So sad to see any kid get hurt. He was playing really well in place of McCall, who was playing well. Next man up.
I have no delusions that UK is on the level of Georgia, or Alabama. However, I do believe they have made great strides to get equal with or in some cases, surpass, many of the other teams in the SEC. It is thrilling for me, as a fan, to see my Wildcats going to Athens, GA to play a great team with the SEC division lead in the balance. You never know how the ball bounces, so lace up the shoes and go play. Go Wildcats.