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Uh oh, another round for the Vols. The last one amounted to a slap on the wrist, this one, if guilty, may be a serious penalty.
You think SEC football is bad, until you watch SEC basketball officials do whatever they do.
I am talking about all the history of Alabama football. They have been in the upper echelon of college football for decades. Yes, they went through some rough patches after Bryant retired, but they always were Alabama and that name carries weight in the football world.
Alabama football was a big deal prior to Saban, but he took it to another level. Having watched a legend, Adolph Rupp, leave and somebody else follow, Joe Hall, the pressure was great for him to succeed. Hall had very good success because the program was already established. I believe whoever becomes coach will have huge success as well, because, well, it is Alabama.
As a Michigan hater, this sucks. Alabama play calling and offensive line were equally bad.
Amazingly, the first article in a couple of days outlining when and why Napier would be gone.
Replying to your last post; In the world of NIL, these kids must believe they have more opportunity to do better someplace else. You are correct, he was a starter for a national championship team and to transfer to Ky doesnt make sense. However, we will gladly take him. If you have others that want to transfer, we will gladly take them as to play at Georgia, they are good players.
I understand why you guys would question a transfer from Ga to Ky as your program is at the top of the food chain while Ky has been at best, average for decades. Great players havemade your program great and us getting a few may not make us Ga, but it does make an impact.
Speaking for BBN, welcome. Huge addition to the program.
Well that settles it as we are all officially concerned now as Paul has spoken.
These two teams need to play every year. Entertaining, tough, and helps your kids develop for the conference and tournament.
Fun game to watch and these games make your team better.
It just wouldnt be a day that ended in Y if there wasnt an article on when Napier would be gone or on the hot seat.
I can’t get enough of this. Thank this man for his service to our country.
Keep on going my friend as that is good stuff.
I bet Danny Kanell is losing what little mind he has.
The last 4-5 years have been a struggle to say the least. Back from that? Well, time will tell. I have been kind of disgusted with Calapari and his antiquated style of play, but so far, he has joined modern basketball. His rantings on the floor have been considerably less and that is a good thing. The grind of a very tough SEC will determine if we are "back."
Good luck, as he is going to need it.
My very bad Ky team just kicked the as$ of a team playing in your beloved conference championship. Might want to grab that cup of shut up juice and enjoy the mediocrity called the ACC.
It is because they play in a shi$$y conference with really bad teams.
Stoops is an old school coach that believes modern offenses won’t work. He is stuck in the 90’s and A&M just got rid of the guy that trained him.
As a Ky fan, I have seen more than my fair share of games just like this where undisciplined plays kill the team. I have no idea what the future is for Napier, but I sense the window is closing quickly.
Destiny? They were the recipient of a poor coaching decision by Auburn.
To say Ky has struggled is an understatement, but it does show the ACC is not good. Louisville is their championship game.
Very simply, Georgia is good at football.
I have not given much credit to Calapari in recent years as he has held on to the old style of basketball. If last night is any indication, he has changed for the good. It took Kansas having two guys with career nights to beat the blue and no guys in the middle. Great effort and great promise.
I notice mark stoops name was not mentioned. Shocking I say, shocking.
What we do have is calapari, and that aint good. Sorry for the poor english.