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I read an article where he said they asked him to step down and he refused. Not a good look for Bama in my opinion.
They can’t get the picture of Bowers standing beside Gronk out of their minds.
He does understand that she plays for Iowa doesn’t he?
If Stoops will leave him alone, he will probably be just fine.
All I heard last year was, give him one year. He has the number one recruiting class coming in. Well here we are, it really doesn’t matter who he brings in if he can’t coach them up.
Agree, it’s been a long time since our offense has put any stress on a defense. Stoops needs to leave the offense to his coordinator.
All I can say is, when does Spring Practice begin?
Only in your feeble mind would one game make you a daddy.
It’s impossible to recruit when your OC has his bags packed and is ready to leave town.
It may be brutal but I’m so glad he is gone. In the long run, I believe we will be better for it.
I’m not concerned about losing Coen but it does concern me that we may lose some of the recent transfers. Stoops needs to move swiftly and accurately.
After Saban’s first season, I was in Birmingham and asked the dumbest question of dumb questions. I asked a local if he thought that Nick Saban would ever do anything at Bama. I guess I got my answer.
I haven’t seen anything else but I know I would have never rehired him.
Was that the same Clemson team lost to South Carolina? I was just looking at some numbers from the last 7 years and Tn has a record of 47-39 and 24-34 in the conference. 8 of those wins were vacated but I will still count them so you won’t feel bad. Meanwhile UK is 54-35 and 27-31 in the conference. Both teams have been mediocre with your main claim to fame is beating us.
Who has Tennessee beat besides Alabama in 2022 in the last 10 years that was a worthy opponent?
We have a 7 year player next year ourself which is ridiculous.
The headline should have read, ESPN announces the starting time. Sadly, ESPN controls college sports more than the NCAA.
I done a little internet searching on this one and there is absolutely nothing coming out of Ohio St with a mention of Liam Coen. Every article that is mentioning this is giving a reference to what Matt Jones said. This was something that he manufactured and for what reason, who knows.
I’m betting he won’t even garner an interview with them. Matt needs to forget reporting and try selling more chicken wings.
That’s exactly where that came from. I hate that we are unable to post the whole meme.
We were in dire need of an OT. Hopefully, he can fill the bill.
There has been a lot of crying about Florida St not getting in but you will never convince me that Georgia wasn’t one of the top 4 teams this year.
I bet he has already heard from us. We are in dire need of a right tackle.