If Tennessee was playing Afghanistan then I'm Afghan all the way!!!!

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"This is our years, this is our year" UNLESS the injury bug don't get us lmao tenn fans are pathetic! If you beat us or don't I still have jus as much fun watching your program crash an burn every single year! BTW this year has made me a huge fan of South Carolina!
Vanderbilt! Now with that bein said, take your justin bieber lookin a** back to 2nd period and let the grown men talk!
I jus love it! You really Had vandy beating us and us only scoring 9, then we put 40 on you! That we have only done to New Mexico State lol I wouldn't jus say your Team is bad but maybe worst in the county lol
I would love to beat his dentures down his throat lol anybody know the exact location of this nursing home??
Paris10 I have never hit a mentally retarded incest hillbilly before but in your case I would! If you can please get back with me so we can make this happen, that would be great
Ranked #1 in the top 25 biggest incest states in America! Lmao
How is me saying uk is gonna beat a shi**y miss st team acting big?? Lol you had vandy beating us a couple weeks ago 12-9 lmao only had us scoring 9 at home, then had your pups beating Auburn 28-24 when really you got curb stomped 38-14, you'll see tonight that 38-14 might be the score here in Lexington with blue on top, this place is lit!!!!!
Paris10 nobody cares about your input, yes we are a basketball school, the best there's ever been!!! #1 in every category SORTA like your football program, wait, nvm your not in the top 5 in all time wins, barely In the top 10, ranked 8th in all time win percentage lol I don't bash your sorry excuse for a basketball program so why bash our football program? Make you feel good picking on uk football? Lmao do me a favor and get off McDonald's free wifi and go bang your sister
UK and State game will be ugly for you, yes you are correct.
Your going to loose, your team looks like the worst in the country, pathetic, and about 10:30 Saturday night I'm gonna tell you again
uGa by 3 TDs, this game will never be close. Carolina's defense looks like slow motion
Coozie you think we only put 9 on vandy at home? Lol remember you don't have DAK anymore and you also gotta come to Lexington, we'll beat that cow bell a$$
"Tenn is projected to beat Georgia by 6 points at home" lmao pretty sure this game is in athens, SDS where do you find these guys??
Re tard? Lmao I guess your trying to spell something? Anyway what reminds me of a RETARD is you failing 3rd grade English class. Nice try bub
They will loose, and it will be 3rd year Ina row! Empty or packed commonwealth stadium they still don't play very well here
Destruction is what florida is gonna do to you tm, Finally going to play a REAL team so don't get your feelings hurt to bad Monday morning when your not in the 25 anymore lol btw it's not 1998 anymore lmao
Tenn looses to florida AGAIN lol looses at Georgia, bama, at A&M, really can't see em beatin mizzou or Carolina lol but congrats you will more than likely beat us an vandy, really don't sound like the dream season to me lmao
I'm with you, VOL N TEARS get drilled tm night and a reality check that it's not 1998 anymore
Carolina can't move the ball, and they really do suck, we may only have 2 maybe 3 sec wins this year and the Carolina game will be one of em, 3rd year Ina row, maybe we'll make musCHUMP quit in the middle of the season like we did old man spurrier lmao
App state should win the National championship this year too! Considering the VOL N TEARS had zero offense against them
Lol we'll see ole buddy, thought that last year too in Columbia, packed house, rowdy croud, sayin the year before was a fluke, then ya got the hell beat out of you! Same team and same ole a$$ whippin the CoCks are gonna get
You have a strong case here, im not expecting a win in the swamp, if it happens it happens but as a kentucky fan I don't get excited about preseason hype and the potential upsets because it's hardly ever works out in our favor
I wouldn't get to crazy spurs up, no chance your beatin florida, tenn, or Georgia, I'm also pretty sure your not beatin us in Lexington this year either -3year streak
Yea your right, haven't been very competitive Ina decade or went to a bowl game since 2010, but we beat you the last 2 years and gonna do it again this year!